F1 Visa Interview Experiences

Two F1 Visa Interviews – 11 & 15 Backlogs – Both – Rejected

Sometimes, the odds are stacked against you.

It tough when you have double-digit backlogs.

F1 Visa Interview – 15 Backlogs

  • Visa Type – F1 Student Visa
  • Shared by – Rachit
  • Date – April 13
  • Semester – Summer
  • US Consulate – Hyderabad
  • Result – Rejection (214b)

F1 Visa Experiences Hyderabad

I had my F1 visa appointment for the summer 2011 intake on 13th April at 9:45 am the hyderabad consulate. By the time i went in and done with all the formalities and ready for my token to be called in, already a couple of hours passed away from my actual time of appointment. So this is what happened with the visa officer.

Me: Hello sir. How u doing?

VO: Good. How abt u?
ME: Great

VO: Had a glance at my I-20 and asked me so Biomedical engineering
ME: yes sir

VO: which university?
ME: wayne state university

VO: How many univ did u apply?
ME: 4

VO: when did you grasuate?
ME: 2010

VO: What is ur percentage?
ME: 58%

VO: How many backlogs?

VO: 15…. with so many backlogs the rules of the US immigration laws does not allow me to issue you the student visa and gave back my passport and other documents stapled to it and a letter 214(b) mentioning why my visa was denied.

ME: thank you sir and walked away

What should I do now?

My classes begin on 9th of May.

Is it advisable to go again in a weeks time or should I differ my I-20 for the fall semester intake and apply for the visa early at that time?

But I want to go anyhow for this intake itself. Any suggestions would help me out for sure.

F1 Visa Interview – 11 Backlogs

  • Decision : Rejected
  • Consulate:Hyderabad
  • Date: 27th December
  • University heading to : Cleveland State University
  • Program: MS in Computer & Information Science
  • Cost on I-20: $28416 for 9 months out of 12.
  • Funded/Unfunded/Partially funded (details): None
  • Financial Summary : personal savings + parents savings
  • Work Experience : NIL

It’s totally my mistake and VO manipulated by answers.

ME: Good morning sir
VO: No reply

VO: Why USA?
ME: USA Has very flexible education, I will have freedom… (STOP)

ME: 11 Sir, Actually I have involved in Social responsibilities, sports, and I was unable.. (INTERUPTED ME)
VO: Do you have any girl friends to feel responsible for?
ME: No sir, None.

VO: Sorry sir, you are not qualified…

I was scared actually. My words went wrong, what I want to say is totally distracted, but I said some thing like Social responsibility. then the vo caught me and asked what responsibility?

Do u have any girlfriend to feel responsible for?

Really, I was scared about the people in the row, who were rejected in a line, and the one before me had 13 backlogs and 3 years of work experience, and he got accepted.

Really, I forgot these

  • Eye Contact
  • Zero Confidence
  • No expression in my face

F1 Visa Interview with Backlogs


First Interview: Here’s the reality.

With 18 backlogs, the Visa Officer thinks that you will not be able to study in the USA. You are lacking academic ability.

I don’t recommend applying for F1 visa without significant improvement in your academic profile.

You may have to complete a degree in India or maybe in Canada. Then try for F1 Visa for Ph.D. or second masters degree.

Second Interview: 11 Backlogs

There is nothing much to comment. You have already listed your mistakes and try to avoid such mistakes during US Visa interview.

If you don’t practice, you are going to make such mistakes.

Can you walk straight into the exam hall without preparation and score top marks?

Same applies to US visa interview, you have to practice answering the questions in front of the mirror or have someone ask the questions.

Above all, you have to be responsible for failures. It’s ridiculous to say that you took part in extra-curricular activities and you failed the exams!

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I am B.Tech 2012 passout currently working in an mnc.I want do MS in USA now.My question is i have 3 backlogs during my first semester and i cleared 2 of them in my first attempt and 1 in 2nd attempt and i am having 72% aggregate.am i going to face any problems during my interview becoz of those backlogs?please help me…

  2. good mrg sir iam degree student with five blacklogs its possible iam attend visa interview plz give me any sugesstion and ihave 44% marks

  3. Is being absent a backlog ?

    I completed my BSc Computer Science in one single semester after my course duration was over (My course duration is 2006 to 2009 but I completed all my papers in 2011 in a single sitting. This was because I have been working and I did my Bsc Computer Science through distance education) and I got 56% overall.

  4. Hi everyone greetings of the day, I know your time is important but can you help in with a situation I am facing;
    VO on 13 June 2011, New Delhi
    Session Applied Fall 2011
    Admit :5
    Reject :2
    Univ. planning to Attend: Lamar University(LU) MS in Industrial Engineering (got $1K/year scholarship and out of state tuition waiver from LU)
    GRE 1st attempt 1220(Q700+V520+AWA2.5) & second attempt 1290(Q740+V550+AWA3.0)
    TOEFL 98
    B.Tech in ME ; took 5 Years to complete (2005-2010); B.Tech % 59.4,Uttar Pradesh Tech Univ(UPTU).; in one subject I was Passed with Grace(token of Disgrace); Total Backlogs 7 (2 in second sem(I did not study well partied a lot)+ 4 in 3 rd sem(suffered from Chicken pox at the time of examination+1in 5th sem as I had to clear 3 sem back papers in 5 sem only or I could have cleared that in 7 th sem as in UPTU you can only give odd sem (1st ,3rd ,5th and 7th ) supplementary paper in odd sem only same goes with the even sem also )
    I want to be honest with the VO with reason I of my shortcomings but I guess that won’t help to convince VO so can you people suggest me reason I should say in front of VO

    Vaibhav Chauhan

  5. First I would like to thank HSB, it helped me a lot to improve presenting myself in front of VOs, I was interviewed April 4, it was my second trial and it was my second rejection; the interview has gone like this:

    Me: Good Morning sir, How are you?

    Vo: I’m fine thank you (looking on the computer)

    Vo: Have you ever visited the US?

    Me: No

    Vo: What is your purpose of your trip?

    Me: My purpose of trip is getting American degree from XYZ university in the field of Computer Science.

    Vo: What field? (looking the I20)

    Me: Computer Science

    Vo: What is your length of stay?

    Me: 4 years

    Vo: How did you came to know about this university?

    Me: Sir, I was very focused and clear about the field in which I wanted to do my degree, then I checked on the internet and found out that XYZ is one of the prestigious University found in the US which has variety of programs and courses offered especially in my field of interest which will help me to fetch hignly respectable job on my return to Ethiopia.

    Vo: Do you know someone living in the Kansas?

    Me: No

    Vo: So how did you came to know about this University?

    Me: I did a good search on the internet and also I read articles published my current University.

    Vo: Are you still learning? (I’m accepted for undergraduate program and I’m going to transfer in to that US university)

    Me: I have been studying February 21 this year.

    Vo: How many years did you study in your university?

    Me: 5 semesters

    Vo: 5 semesters?

    Me: Yes sir

    Vo: What any other admits do you have?

    Me: I have reviewed some other universities but I only applied to XYZ.

    Vo: You reviewed other universities?

    Me: Yes sir

    Vo: But you only applied to XYZ?

    Me: Yes sir

    Vo: Can you show me your high school transcripts?

    Me: Showed University Transcripts.

    Vo: Your high school transcripts?

    Me: Showed high school transcripts

    Vo: Who is going to sponsor you?

    Me: Family

    Vo: Tell me specifically

    Me: A brother of my aunt’s hasband

    Vo: Can you show me his documents?

    Me: Showed

    Vo: Where does your sponsor live?

    Me: He is in Annandale Virginia

    Vo: What will you do after graduation?

    Me: Once after the completion of my studies I will be a person with a great knowledge, so I will work with a well known organization to get my knowledge more practical and skillful. Then after getting experienced I will set up my own IT Company. (I think the problem is here that I didn’t express coming back to my home country)

    Vo: Aly I’m afraid to tell you that I’m agreed with the previous consular officer. Giving me the 214(b) and my documents.

    Me: Can you please tell me the reason?

    Vo: Firstly I’m not sure your sponsor is going to pay your tuition (I showed triple of my tution listed on the I20 and also I showed him the Affidavit of Support)

    Secondly, you have to show that you are a credible student (I have a CGPA of 3.16 in 5 semester stay at my current university also my high school score was more than average and the university is state university but I didn’t take TOFEL assessment)

    Thirdly, you told me that you are going to set up your own IT Company. But I’m not sure that you are coming back to Ethiopia)

    Me: Okay, Thank you and have a nice day.

    Vo: Thank you.

    So where do you think the refusal comes from??

  6. Hey, why did you tell them you had so many backlogs ? Was it mentioned in some documents which you could not hide ?

  7. Acc to me my friend dont apply for visa again. They will reject it again. Their first question will be "Why your visa was rejected first time?". I've also rejected twice. Actually I didn't have any backlog or % problems but only due to potential immigrants. My brother lives in USA. So if you want to go to USA then apply in any Canada university and after completion of first year their you can transfer yourself in USA university. I got admission in 7 universities on USA but unfortunately rejected. Now I'm working in Tech Mahindra as a software engineer.

  8. please i need an advice…. is it wise to tell on the ds-160 if one has a relative in US. if the relative in the State as file for the person and is still in progress or i should state that i don't have any relatives there…. please i will your advice

  9. I am in US and I have seen a lot of MS students and their difficulties in getting an admission and getting a job after MS. There's nothing great in doing MS for a job in US. If you really want to excel/improve your knowledge in your field of study, only then apply for MS. If you still want to do MS, doing a job at least for an year would really help. I have a friend whose b-tech is 59% and GRE 960 something but got an admission as he has 3+ years work experience.

    One guy here suggested you to apply for IIT-GATE, that would be a better idea. If you can get a job, do that, you can still apply for MS or any other masters degree in India later, even after years.

  10. Hey Hero, My visa is also rejected,simply. when VO asked what u will do after 4 years degree in US.I replied as follows:I will just utilize my OPT and I will,in just cut my sentence and He told me students intention to be student only, I cannot give u Visa. and he just returned my i20,passport.My college also starts on May9 . what should I do now?

    1. first of all u have messed up with every thing

      U have to tell tht ur only intention is to pursue MS in USA.

      your VISA is rejected only due to u have mentioned abt OPT

      1. hello
        i was mainly worried regarding one question only that is if the V.O asks you what will you do after your M.S what is too be replied???

        we all are going there to study and earn money, to do that we will need to utilize our OPT after we complete our study, but that we cant state that in front of them as they they may consider us a potential immigrant

        in such case what it too be mentioned??????

        can anyone please help

  11. hi

    what is a backlog? I've written 4 supplementary exams till my 3rd year and cleared all of them. So did it mean that i'm holding 4 backlogs at the end of 4th year?? plz do reply…

    1. yes absolutely that's what backlog mean. At present you are having 4 backlogs. Be serious about the backlogs it affects the visa.

    1. If you write 2 exams ( i.e. 2 subjects-Maths and Science ) and if you pass only 1, then the subject which you did not pass is a Backlog.

      Backlog=Supplementary=Arrears=Failed Subject

      1. i had a back in 1st year but it has been already cleared by 3rd year……….So, during the visa interview i should say that I had no backlog….Becoz I think backlog means the back that has not yet been cleared……….Kindly guide me regarding the same……….

        1. back = previous log = a list! thus backlog refers to a list of previous failed exams… Even though you have cleared the back logs, they count as one.. 😀

  12. I hv cleared all my backlogs…
    Will my backlogs will count?
    I m really worried…I will get the visa or not?
    Plz help

  13. hi

    currently m pursuing mtech but i wanna do m.s as well frm u.s.a

    is it possible?or wat r d problems which i hav to face?

    or i have to go 4 phd only.

      1. better to go for PhD because they will doubt that you are going for some other reason to US because you already have M.S. degree.

        Although if you are going to US for MS, you need to provide strong reasons for it. VO can ask you that why MS again in US? take help with HSB

  14. hi

    currently m pursuing mtech but i wanna do m.s as well frm u.s.a

    is it possible?or wat r d problems which i hav to face?

    or i have to go 4 phd only.

  15. Try one more time… Of course 15 backlogs is big number, but I heard of some Students got Visa even with 10+ Backlogs why to take chance? try one more time.. All u shoud have is confidence!

  16. Rachit, I recommend you to prepare for IIT GATE entrance and succeed in it. I had my friend with the same situation and he had 4 failed attempts because of backlogs. Now you have a remark on your passport. So its better you wait for 6-8 months or apply for another country like UK, Canada. There are some Canadian universities in World's top 100 list. You can do some research on them. Or its advisable to prepare for GATE and then opt PhD in USA or UK universities.

  17. @hsb

    y dont u add an option to LIKE or DISLIKE / THUMS UP / THUMBS DOWN for the comments written by users.

  18. hey i had 20 backlogs and i was able to get my visa in chennai consulate..All what you need is confidence and mainly the eye contact.just think of haveing some good reason for the backlog.!

    1. Was it real?

      I never heard of 20 Backlogs.. I am about to attend for my for my VISA interview.. I am Quite worried about my 7 backlogs,,

    2. hi rakesh,
      Thank You very much that u indeed mentioned here about ur 20, me 2 the same. I’m thinking of applying for the visa interview within a couple of months, can u say the reason what u’ve said to visa officer for the backlogs.

  19. Tough luck Rachit. I reckon you must have lost your eye contact and confidence. You should say '15 Backlogs' really strongly mate, so that the VO asks you, what went wrong ? Go ahead with ur next interview. All the best.

    1. I answered pretty confidently. I never lost eye contact and was ready to answer any question with high confidence. He just said that the US rules of the immigration laws doesn't permit him to give me the visa and rejected me. He didn't give me a chance to answer. What to do????

      1. Work in India for an year then apply. Btw what was your toefl,gre scores and which uni's did you apply for ? how many uni's did you apply ? how many I20's did you recv?

  20. OMG! 15 backlogs are quite huge! 🙁 You could've taken a letter as to why you got those backlogs! 😀 you could've get it stamped 😀 Anyways, next time go with full preparation… Take some proofs with you to show why did those backlogs come 🙂 maybe the VO will be convinced. Better luck next time

    1. hi…i had four backlog bt i cleared all…

      plus i falied in 12 th because of some medical problem.

      sholud i attach my medical certificate for that?

      1. @ nish Yes bro, do that! The VO will get convinced and theres some proof about why you got that backlog! So, getting the certificate is an advantage rather than just saying it 🙂 All the best

          1. hi hsb admins i need asuggestion from u guys i completed my m.sc biotech and i want to do m.s in bio medical enginneering in u.s i got 196 in toefl but i don't want to write gre . is there any possibility to get visa from the v.o

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