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F1 Visa Interview for Undergraduate in USA : Approved in 59 Seconds

F1 Visa Interview for UndergraduateAvanish Mishra write about his F1 Visa Interview for Undergraduate degree in USA .

It was June 11th 2013. It was a very important day for me. Here is my F1 Visa interview experience.

  • University- Virginia Tech
  • Date- 11 June 2013
  • US Consulate- Kolkata
  • Attempt- 1st
  • Status–Approved
  • Counter-6

I had a 10.00 am appointment at the US Consulate in Kolkata. When I reached inside the consulate, it was full of Visitor visa applicants.

When I lined up, found a another student, who was going for his Masters degree in in University of Pittsburgh.

He had his visa rejected. It was because, he was answering those question which weren’t asked.

The VO asked why this school to him and he started saying about his bank loans and his family income.

F1 Visa Interview for Undergraduate

I was sad to see him rejected. Hoped it was not gonna happen with me. Then my turn came
ME – Wished properly. Good Morning Mam, how r u doing.

VO – I am Good. Pls Pass me your I 20, DS 160, SEVIS fee receipt.
ME – Passed over the documents and made an eye to eye contact.  (She had a glare at the I 20)

VO –  How many schools did you apply?
ME – 8 Schools.

VO – Can you name it?
ME – Harvard, Princeton, UTexas at Austin, UCB, UMich Ann Arbor, Columbia, VTech, Cornell

VO – Admits?
ME – Mam, UMICH Ann Arbor, Virginia tech and UTexas at Austin

VO – Why not UMich Ann Arbor? U are going for Bachelors in engineering and it is a good school?
ME – Mam, cost is a big factor involved. The tuition fees at UMICH is $39,000 pa, at UCB it is $33,000 and UTexas at Austin is $29,000 pa. While at Virginia tech it is $25,000 pa.

I felt that I will be getting the same quality of education with better cost effectively.

VO – Suddenly, Ok I’m approving you visa, Study Hard and enjoy your stay in America.

My suggestion would be to be confident and trying to apply at good schools. I feel if one applies to good school he is almost certain to get a visa.

Thank you HSB. 😀

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  1. Will my visa approved for undergraduate program in computer and information science from COLLEGE OF SAINT ROSE .? Is this college good by view of officer?

  2. I am going to face inerview for studying in US for undergraduate.hw may i convience the cosunlar to approved the visa.

  3. what are questions asked at f1 visa interview for undergraduate bachelors.are those questions same as graduates doing there masters.thanking you.

  4. hi, Good luck. But i have also noticed that some persons whom were fortunate to get their visa approved attribute it to their level of preparedness for the interview. I bet it maybe a factor but it is not just correct to feel or think that those whom visa got rejected were not all confident,or ill prepared for the hard priced visa interview. Please we should learn to use the correct language and be remorseful to those whom after the difficulties and amount spend got their visa declined.

  5. Seriously dude? You skipped UMich or Texas Austin? Over what, a few thousand dollars? To tell the truth, I have no knowledge about your financial condition, but I am pretty confident it would have been worth it.

  6. If these postings are to be helpful to other aspiring applicants, you should give complete information. The VO’s decision is based not merely on your confidence, but also on your scores in various standardized tests and your performance at the Higher Secondary school level. So, first of all which Board did you take for your Plus Two, CBSE, ICSE, or State Board? How did you do in your SAT Reasoning and SAT Subject Tests? Since you are applying to engineering programs, did you do SAT Physics, Chemistry and Math Level I or II? Did you take ACT with writing? What was your English competence score? This information will give some idea of the correctness of the VO’s decision. It will also be a guide for others preparing for undergraduate admission to US Universities. Good Luck at VTech.

    1. i am also sick & tired of reading these vague interviews where ppl post like this;

      Vo: What is ur GRE socre”
      Me: said……..

      Vo: Which universities you applied:
      Me: said……

      Vo: what is ur father’s occupation
      Me: said……..

      all guys, if certain important info like (info about ur test scores, applied univs, admits, financial statement info, Qs about family, backlogs, extra curriculars) u gonna wrap under a single word “said” does that interview give any intelligent output? NO! it becomes garbage!! and comments like ‘congrats man!” etc become meaningless!! if u want to be anonymous, you can opt for posting under an alias ID!
      at least 99% of visa interview exp are like this…”said”!!!
      i feel “said” about all this!! 😉 and more so for Raghu for keep posting such a garbage!

      1. Few years back, i had attended visa seminar conducted by Indo-American Society & US ambassador jointly. Ambassador said, contrary to all visa goer candidates try to infer from what failed or successful visa holders tell about their visa experience, decision to accept or reject has its own extremely different set of rules that are always constantly discussed/debated/modified within these officials. only thing that matters in any visa interview is being candid & not doing anything fake (fake documents etc)! rest is pre-decided !

        FYI: all those years till the 9/11 happened, so many ppl (majority of the total applicants) got visas on their fake bank statements and successfully completed their education & got settled in USA (there were even published self-help books on how to get sufficient funds on paper) but in the age of internet and global village and post 9/11, it has become very rare case!

        btw: there is also a quota system in US embassy, means one or two officials of all VOs will be given responsibility to “reject” so many applicants to meet the target, if u hit that particular counter, chances of getting visa are bleak despite u being most eligible candidate!

      2. I have over 300 interviews that doesn’t provide any value. Each interview that is posted here has something unique.

        In this experience – what was interesting is the 3 lines of experience about another student in front of him.

        1. i was not referring to this interview in particular. i was talking in general and after reading the above comment.
          btw, i understand u add visa interview posts which has some unique info, but i have one suggestion, why dont you prepare a standard visa interview statistics framework where certain inputs a poster should give like
          Toefl Score= XX,
          GRE= XXX,
          Universities applied=XX,
          Got Admits=XX
          UG Qualification=XX
          Additional degrees=XX
          Extra curriculars=XX
          USP of a candidate=XX
          Me: Good morning Sir!
          VO: GM……………………………….contd….

          i had suggested you to see how http://www.PagalGuy.com works, where CAT applicants give such statistics in the beginning of GD/PI experience, and THEN give whatever unique is, it gives more uniform and statistically unique info which gives readers more detailed analysis and can help them to a greater extent.

          My aim is not to criticize ur blog for no reason, i am looking from a Quality Enhancement point of view. dont take it in a bad spirit.

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