F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F1 Visa – A Lesson About Confidence and Hard Times

> Following post was shared by Mahendra Woken up at early morning 4:30 and booked cab from merucabs online and gave them time at 6 o clock pick in madhapur near my room. He called me at 6 o clock and I got into cab and reached around 6:20 to the consulate. Nobody was present, went to one office building and sat on the steps for some time by biting nails. After 7 :30 few formed line, so I joined them and then near the main gate they verified my passport and appointment and sent me inside one more person readied the barcode and sent inside then security formalities done and then sat on chairs one guy came and pinned my passport and i20 in one and ds 160 appointment in other, he asked me to go to counter 4 where the verification of appointment is done and then again went to verification of thumb prints and from then again inside, a person came and given me token number and asked me to sit in the waiting hall. Got my token number displayed and I went to counter 15 and there are already 2 persons waiting, first an H1B applicant from Cognizant was there and his VISA got approved. He is a Project manager. He already went to USA by H1 VISA 8 years back. He just nailed it, as a software employee I can say he is a perfect guy. Second person is a student and I haven’t listened her university
but she haven’t done well, she is taking breaks in between and unable to communicate, VO gave many chances to her but she was unable to use them, so she got rejected, from this I found this
VO is a good guy and in mind I am thinking I am going to get my VISA approved and then he called next

Me:Good morning sir.
VO: yaup Good morning man How r u? Me: I am good sir and how r u? VO: yaup I am good (he completed drinking coffee),so which university and please pass me u r passport and i20 Me:
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
VO: Why University of Louisiana? Me: Sir the department in University of Louisiana at
Lafayette is one of the best CS dept in USA,it is known as CACS means The Center for Advanced Computer Studies. They offer wide range of courses in CS specialization, particularly in the field of DBMS and Programming languages. The first ACM chapter was established in ULL and according to NSF it ranks in top 100 for its R and D activities.
VO: What’s u r UG PERCENTAGE? Any backlogs?
Me:My UG percentage is 80.No backlogs sir.
VO: that’s great; can I see u r mark sheets?
Me: yeah sure sir here they are.
VO: ss when did u passed out
Me: 2011 sir. VO: then what r you doing all these days!!Done any courses or certification?
Me: No sir I am working as software engineer in HCL from June 2011.
VO: Oh good HCL hey woah wait my CPU is HCL is it the same?
ME: Yes sir but that belongs to Hardware section which is under HCL info systems and we belong to software HCL technologies
VO: then why did u leave u r job andgoing for MS? By the way what’s u r GRE and TOEFL, pass me those docs.
ME: sir I would like to improve my Technical skills especially in the areas like programming languages, DBMS and cloud computing, so I have chosen MS sir and my GRE is 301 and TOEFL is
86 and here are they.
VO: Ok decent score, did u write u r GRE while working in HCL only or else u did when u r in UG?
ME: While I am working only sir this year June I completed GRE and completed TOEFL in August.
VO: (checked the dates of exams) what other universities did u applied? How many admits
ME:SUNY Binghamton,Northern Illinois University, Texas state university San Marcos.All the four accepted
VO: What will you do after your masters?
ME:I would like to come back and get into middle level technical positions in organizations like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google etc.(VO kept all the documents aside)
VO: Please give me u r file; I would like to see them.
Me: Gave him the file. (He referred all documents)
VO: everything is perfect and I am very un happy to see you applying to average to above average universities, I am not expecting u to apply for ivy leagues ,u can get in like SUNY stony Brooke, TAMU college station at least u could have applied also makes me happy, Ok any way do u have any comments
ME: sir you are correct but , I looked only for courses who are offering courses like Advanced Optimized SQL Query related theories, advanced up to dated Programming languages, so I have short listed those 4 four universities
VO: ok fine and then did u go to any consultancy because everything is seemed to document perfectly.
ME: No sir, I asked my seniors to provide the check list for VI, they have sent me an email and based on that I have prepared the documents
VO: aha.hm then who is sponsoring your education
ME: my father sir
VO:where is he working? Is he an employee?
ME: Yes Sir, He is working in INDIAN RAILWAYS sir, He is senior supervisor.
VO: yes mahendra good, I am approving your VISA, congratulations.
ME: Thank you sir,Thank you sir, Thank you sir
VO: you will get your passport in a week time. Have a nice day Bubye
ME: thank you so much sir, have anice day bye.

Got happy tears don’t know why,
felt very happy, went to fast food center and ate Ghee idly and
there I haven’t found any 1 rupee coin boxes to call my mom and dad
as I kept my mobile in my room itself, so reached mytrivanam and
found 1 rupee box and called them and from then came to office.
Even the time is worst and not working for you. the only option to
face is that keep up you confidence high you will get fruitful

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  1. Hello friends! I got an admit from wilmington university,new castle delaware. the classes starts from sept’ 2nd. but my visa got rejected on 8th aug at mumbai. I don’t know why she rejected, and gave me 214(b) form. so can i book my visa again in next week. few of my friends are saying that this is the peak time, so we may not get approval. is it true? r does applying at this time can effect the visa status?? please provide me guidance and does vo check the eligibility of the candidates profile according to the university? as many students are transferring to this univ. rather than applying directly. awaiting for your early response.

  2. Hi friends its my VI exp, sorry for punctuation’s and use of words.I drafted this right way after my Vi and posted the same.
    Check list is same every consultancy gives you.

    The tittle “its hard and confidence” when VO asks your file and checking every part of it.I guess you guys will be knowing everything what many of us do.
    Talking about universities and commenting why dont u go to better universities questions may screw.

    1. Hi Mahendra,

      Congrats on your success. And its natural to get happy tears when you have worked so hard for so long and it has finally paid. As you said you had a list of the documents needed from your seniors, i was wondering if you would be able to share that list with HSB readers? It would be really helpful for future aspirants.

      Thank you

  3. i only have the sat result .is that ok for me or will i be told to go and write the gre or toefl because my interview is pretty soon.

  4. No Offense . But I don’t see any hard time during the VI.. Yes, confidence is necessary in every aspect not only during the VISA but during your regular activities.

    Lastly, Congrats for the VISA approval. 🙂

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