F1 Visa Interview Experiences

2 Incredible F1 Visa Experience in Hyderabad. Rejection and Approval.

Number of students seraching for “F1 Visa Interview” is way higher then other cities in India. Consular Officers at U..S. Consulate in Hyderabad will know about ways students cheat the system.

They (consulare officers) know about

  • Fake Bank Statements
  • College Degree Certificates
  • Fake TOEFL Scores
  • Fradulent Admission agents

In the page you can read about two F1 Visa interview Experience in Hyderabad.

  • First Experience – Rejection
    Second Interview – Approval

These two interviews will give an example of how not prepare for the US visa interview and how to answer questions with confidence.


f1 visa interview experience hyderabad


F1 Visa Interview Experience Hyderabad

Following is an incredible F1 Visa experience was shared by Dhanush.


  • Name: Dhanush.
  • U.S. Consulate: Hyderabad
  • Time: 8:45 AM
  • Counter: 14
  • Course: MSEE
  • Verdict: Approved.

Following is an incredible F1 Visa experiences in Hyderabad is from Dhanush.

  • U.S. Consulate: Hyderabad
  • Time: 8:45 AM
  • Counter: 14
  • Course: MSEE
  • Verdict: Approved.

I reached U.S. Consulate in Hydrabad by 8:10 AM. And finding parking was difficult. I had to shell out Rs 50 for parking in a nearby lane.

It was 8:30 AM in the morning when arrived at the U.S. C after parking my car. After a short security check, I entered into the consulate building.

Then I walked about 100 meters. Then another security officer verified the DS-160 Visa Applicaiton form. Then I went to counter #4.

At counter #4, Indian lady checked my photos, DS160 form, I20, appointment letter and stapled them.

She asked me to go to counter number 9. There’s a line at counter #9. About 20 people were already waiting. I then joined the back of the line.

This line was for finger printing. ( These days Finger Printing is about 1 or 2 days before the day of the interview).

Outside the counter there was a person helping us take fingerprint scans. After finger prints, I wenr to the interview waiting hall. I could visualize America in here. I’m so close. Just one more step. A guy gave me a printed slip showing token number E28 and stapled it to my documents.

There are restrooms, refreshments, and lots of chairs in the interview hall.

There were other interview candidates waiting here. By observing them, I concluded that student visa candidates get E series tokens.

In the middle of the hall, there’s two LED displays showing the token corresponding counter numbers.

There were only 2 counters calling E series (13 and 14). I was hoping to avoid the notorious “Big Boss” of the Hyderabad U.S. Consulate.

Then my turn came at counter #14.

I saw the consulare officer, young American female about 25 years of age. There was another candidate in fron of me. I must say that he wasn’t good with his answers.

Looks like he wasn’t ready to attend the interview at all. He strugglled to answer the basic student visa interview questions.

I head the the following from his Visa Interview Experience –

VO: What is your academic percentage?
He: 65%

VO: Do you have backlogs?

He: 4 Mam

VO: What’s your GRE score?
He: ten- ten mam /* he meant 1010 */

VO: What is your GRE Verbal score?
He: 270

VO : When did you graduate?
He: 2012

/* The way he was saying those numbers with his nasal tone irked me, VO’s face expressions said it all. */

VO: Why do you want to study Masters Degree?
He: It will increase my value in my home place

VO: I cannot give you F1 Visa Sir.

The will of Gods must have been with me that day. I realized what an incredible opportunity I got here. Even if I performed average I would shine in a marvelous bright light before this guy.

I did a special Ganesh pooja at the insistence of my dad that day morning.

My Visa Interview Experience at Hyderabad :

VO: Next
Me: Good morning to you mam (with a pleasant expression and eye contact; passed passport and documents)

VO: Which university are you going? (typing)
Me: University of Oklahoma at Norman

VO: Which universities did you apply?
Me: I applied to University of Southern California, University of Florida, University of Colorado, Clemson university, Texas tech university.

VO: What about university of colorado?
Me: I did not receive admission that university. I applied to 10 universities and have admits from 3 universities. I have admits in Rochester.

VO: What is your percentage?
Me: I have an GPA of 7.28 with 4 backlogs which I cleared in the next term. I have a final year GPA of 8.3

VO: What is your GRE score?
Me: My GRE score is 1380 with 800 in quantitative and 580 in verbal sections.

VO: What is your TOEFL score?
Me: my TOEFL score is 103

VO: How are you financing your education?

Me: my parents are sponsoring all the costs for my education. My father is a civil surgeon. We have a total savings of 64L of which 20L.

Vo: Thank you Sir. You will receive Visa in 5days.
Me: Thank You mam.

Walked all the way back smiling. I later came to know that boss was at counter 13.


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  1. guys my name is sai teja from hyderabad
    it was afternoon
    VO: Good Afternnon
    me:good afternoon madam
    vo:wats ur gre score
    how many universitys u applied?
    wat r they:vo
    VO;y this university
    me:fdu has the circulum ,which is my area of intrest and i also consulted my professor in my deggre and they also recomemded this university and also
    i said i got scholraship
    (i think she asked me again) same question i said same then
    she given me the 214b form
    sorry sir i cant give u visa

    next i booked slot again in mrng and can u tell me were i gone wrong

  2. Hello . I am applying from a third country Italy for US f1 visa, Please give me some advice too. I have been accepted to community college in san francisco.

  3. please tell me somebody whrn we gave interview then there is window between our and vo, or there is open two chairs like norman sitting interviews

      1. bai can u please tell me were I should give interview hydrabad ot chennai? please tell me I am confused ‎

        Sent from BlackBerry 10

  4. Incredible experience at US consulate Hyd for F1

    Give passports, I20

    what r u doing now, ( i have 5 years job exp)
    which college for under graduation in india
    took left hand prints. that’s it. visa approved.

    kept my passport and i20 and returned later.

  5. hi guys ..am rajender reddy , i got i20 admit from southeast Missouri state university .
    my profile :
    10th :79%
    10+2 :84.5%
    Btech : 75%
    GRE :284 (Q:142, V:140)
    IELTS : 6.0

    MY QUESTIONS ARE. does my low gre score reflects negative remarks ??

  6. Hi im from Morocco and I got accepted in nova community college in virginia , and it was the only one that i have applied to , my brother is sponsering me and he is in Usa , my interview is in two weeks and i really need to know what r my chances to get my visa

  7. Hello HSB. I have been reading this blog ever since I got my US consulate appointment date. And would love to share my experience in Jeddah- Saudi Arabia

    Vo: Hello, Good Morning! How are you? (smiling)
    me: I;m good and what about you? (Smiling)
    vo: Ok, So you are going for Masters in Public Health ( he already went through my I 20)
    vo: Where do you wanna work after doing Public health program?
    me: I wanna in any public health org., community clinics, pharma company, red cross
    vo: Where did you do your undergrad from?
    vo: ohhhhh, so since when are you living here?
    me: Ever since I was born, I was born here in jeddah, went to India for studying and got back here.
    vo: Ok, so do you wanna come back to jeddah or India to work?
    vo: who is sponsoring you?
    me: my father and my uncle
    vo: is yr uncle here?
    me: yes
    vo: Can I see his financal dox?
    vo: where does he work?
    me: told

    He typed something for 1 min and told me congratulations! You will recieve yr visa in 1 week. San Diego is a beautiful city 🙂 Actually he knew I was going for National University, San Diego. (Saw my I 20 but din’t ask me during my interview)

    Me: thanks 😀

  8. very good experience boss ,but i thnk u performed smartly there b4 her and could u plz say some more known conversationz to u whch am asking n expecting from u that it should makes me confidential and treat ths as a favour …………..

  9. Dear HSB,

    I got an admit to Study BS Electronic Media & Film for Spring, 2013. I don’t have TOEFL, SAT or GRE. I Have a Bachelors Degree in Linguistics. But would like to go for this Bachelors. Please, my visa interview is October. I from Nigeria, would like to know my chanced of getting a visa.

  10. can we defer our admission. after getting admission in winter and do not apply for visa and then we plan to go in spring (april).

  11. hi, i have been a sodlier and quit my job to study in the usa. i have received an i 20 for fall 2012 and tending to book my interview early august. what do i need in order to be issued with a visa?


  12. This is a normal interview. My first interview was so lame that I mis spelled my parents name. It was tupid of me. Second time, I was all set prepared. I went there but they didn’t ask me much excpet where else I have applied blah blah and told me to submit the passport. @ Shanti don’t worry try it again and this time be confident and have reasonable reasons just like what HSB always says.

  13. bro….what do u mean by gundu boss ? ,i think u were so curious abt him, i’m interested to know what made u so curious abt knowing him ??, i mean that whether he rejects F1 students,is it…………..???????????

  14. Wow ! Nice explanation of your VI 🙂
    Congratulations for getting the visa ! 🙂
    Btw what do you mean by Gundu boss ? 😀 Just curious !

    1. That notorious gundu boss/ (cue ball + french cut) in counter 13, has rejected visa(F1) for 4 applicants standing in front of me. I was able to leave the consulate with a 221g. I nearly had my heart in my mouth.

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