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What Happens if You Memorize Answers for F1 Visa Interview Questions

answers for f1 visa interview questionsF1 Visa Interview – MS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering – University of Colorado Denver – Submitted by Simran.

PS : This is how your interview could look if you memorize answers for F1 Visa interview questions.

Enter Simran:

My interview was scheduled at 9 AM I was bit nervous during F1 Visa interview.

Me: Hello

VO: University name?
Me: University of Colorado Denver

VO: How many schools did you apply?
Me: Four. University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, CSU, Fresno, Florida Institute of Technology, University of Colorado Denver.

VO: Why this university?
Me: This school is best out my admits and moreover the projects carrying out by Dr. Deng in the field of prognostic and health management is quite interesting. Also the students, which already working under his guidance have done their brilliant jobs. For example, there is one student named Mia Chen…….(VO interrupted.)

VO: How did you come to know about the University of Colorado Denver?
Me: I have searched on the net.

VO: Have you memorized the speech?
Me: No

VO: What about your academics?
Me: I have done my Bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and has secured CGPA 8 out of 10.

VO: You are speaking too fast. What did you say?
Me: Repeated the same.

VO: Talk about your family?
Me: My parents live in Italy. My father is a supervisor in a farm and my mother is house wife.

VO: Have you ever been in Italy?
Me: No. I love my country my city.

VO: Have you ever been in any other country?
Me: No

VO: Any relative in US?
Me: No all my brothers, family in Italy.

VO: So in India where are you living?
Me: I have been taken care by an uncle and aunt. Actually, I have been like an individual since my childhood.

VO: What plans after MS?
Me: In forthcoming years I wish to open my institution in my city as I belong to rural area.
(VO interrupted………..)

VO: You are not qualified for a visa.
Me: ok Thank you.

Now, I am going to appear again for interview in the next week. Please suggest me improvements.

Please suggest me the right answer for the question: What have you been doing since then?

Comments About Your F1 Visa Rejection

It was obvious by reading the first few lines of your experience, that you are not going to get F1 visa.

In-spite of the Visa officer asking you, if have memorized your answers, you are looking for an answer for others in public forums? Why is that?

  • Your Answers – Looks memorized
  • Lessons Learned – I don’t think you still understand why your visa was rejected.
  • Chances of Getting the F-1 Visa next time – Difficult (with what you have described and how you have written)

Here’s what I can’t understand about your story. Your parents are in Italy, but you have never been to Italy. Did your Aunt and Uncle Adopt you? If not, why haven’t you visited them? Why your brothers and sisters are in Italy and you are here?

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  1. In my own opinion, i think the vo acted funny. their are instances of little or no question and visa is granted. Also, there are instances of much questions and visa is granted and much question visa is not granted. Just be urself and answer ur questions. the vo just make selections and not full competence

  2. The reason why she got rejected is becos she said she from childhood she lived individual and she did not show strong family bonds in India

  3. hai simran.
    i am sorry for the rejection.
    As far as i have observed i somehow feel you spoke in a manner that appeared to be too fast for the vo. That question on why this university clearly says that he expects a genuine answer from you but here it appears as though you have memorized it and giving out a very mundane answer. just keep it simple and in points while answering. be confident and just answer to the point.lastly when he asked what after ms , please give out a practical answer to that. he knows that after a huge cost burden of studying in the usa you wont be able to come back and open some institute all by yourself right?
    finally don’t loose hope, be confident, do some groundwork, speak slowly and answer genuinely.
    good luck

  4. Hi,

    Firstly you need to improve your confidence . You have good acads, your university is good then why worry? Even I was feeling a bit tense before the interview but as soon as I saw the VO’s face all my tensions evaporated. He was such a smiling and friendly looking guy. There was no way that he was going to reject me. My interview went like a friendly conversation.
    VO: Good morning,
    Myslef, smiling: Hi Good afternoon
    VO: Laughing, Oh it is nearly afternoon isn’t it
    Myself:Yes it is !
    VO: Why this univ? I barely asnwered 2 lines, but whatever I said, I answered slowly and confidently. I said: The research at this university is really good in my area of interest. I have also heard a lot of good things about the coursework,when he didn’t stop me I continued it is a good mix of theory and projectwork.

    Thats all there is to it. You shouldn’t think of the VO as some imposing person who is going to stop you from realizing your dreams. Instead he is just a layman who is there to check if you are a genuine candidate. You are a genuine candidate , aren’t you? Then why should be scared? Just speak briefly and don’t venture any more information than is warranted. Also try not giving answers that are out of the ordinary. To the qn, what after MS, it would have been more prudent to answer, I would return and work in a leading.
    Cheers! And All the best for your next interview!

    To the question why this university , there is no need to unload a barrage of informatio

    1. Thanku so much…. nithin..
      recently I came 2 knw abt dis site…… since den i’hv gone through d 50+ experiences of the students….nd i’hv started to work on my shortcomings…….nd really dis site helped me a lot. ….thanx……

    2. please tell me ur opinion abt d answeres:
      Q: why dis Uni?
      Ans: dis is one of the finest school especially w.r.t. to electrical and electronics research. Is it ok or to add some more lines……????
      Q: Why US?
      A: To persue my master in electrical and electronics engg. Moreover, the Professors over there in US hv very good industry experience. And there is greater demand of specialized professionals here in INdia.
      To persue my master in electrical and electronics engg. The education system in US is more practical and application oriented. moreover the academic world in US is more diverse in terms of people, resources,programs & ideas……
      WHICH ONE IS BETTER……??????
      Plz rly soon

      1. Hi,

        To your first qn, Why this univ ? I do not think the answer -it is one of the finest schools for EE will suffice. “Finest” is a relative term and can lead to further questions such as , How do you know that it is one of the finest? What do you mean by finest?

        Instead you can say that it is a really good school for EE . Then follow it up with “the research here is really good, the courses are good-some variation of that. Don’t memorize that answer. Just have a rough idea, then when the VO asks you, pause for a moment and speak.

        To the question, Why US ? Both are good points, but your second answer is better. The diversity in US is an important point, and the coursework being practical oriented.

        Also be prepared for the question, do you know why your visa was rejected the first time?

        1. @nithin
          hmm I knw why my visa got rejected:
          1. lack of confidence
          3.speaking too fast due to nervousness
          4. and most importanat – my parents is in italy so i think dey realise dat m a potential immigrant as i’hv no strong family bonsds over here in India…..

  5. I think You “must” only speak what asked . Just that . Maybe one line . If they ask more or give you definite pauses /gaps – Then speak more .
    For Example : For the Why this univ. Question: Simple and crisp answer is :I prefer this univ because of the research work and courses. Offcourse you have to add some spice to that , But dont extend it to such a level that it looks rehearsed.
    Also : An Interviewer can cram his questions , But an Interviewee must always act spontaneous , pretend spontaneity ; even though you have an idea of the answers you need to give . Don’t cram them word to word.Wont help

    1. @pb u r right….. me olso thought dat my answeres should b straightforward……. not in details…………

  6. Your visa application was rejected probably because of your godawful English. I don’t believe, like a lot of people in this country, that if you don’t speak English well, you are dumb. If you went to a rural or a Municipal Corporation school, chances are that you were not taught well. But, if you are planning to study in an English speaking country and you know that you have to overcome obstacles like a visa interview from a probably unsympathetic interviewer, shouldn’t you at least make an effort. A number of instructive posts about improving your English has been available on this blog site. Please follow them before you submit yourself to another visa interview and further humiliation. A blog post by Aditya Nag on this site gives you valuable advice on improving your English skills. Take a crack at it before your next interview. Good Luck. Don’t lose heart. If you can do a degree in EEE, learning English is a cinch.

  7. I appeared for the f1 visa interview last year got rejected twice.
    1st time
    vo: which university
    Me: Texas A&M
    Vo: visa rejected

    2nd time
    Vo: u got ur visa rejected a month ago
    Me: yes
    Vo: Why?
    Me: you guys rejected it u know it better.
    Vo rejected again.

    Applied to Australia
    Monash University
    Job in IT company while i study
    Really grateful to both of the vo’s for rejecting my visas.
    I can work outside the campus.
    I make enough i can buy anything I like.
    Very stable economy.
    no restriction of grades.

    1. I am in agreement of studying in Aus or Europe, specially for those who have no financial support. I am in US, did not do my home work properly. I never knew we can’t work outside the campus. Struggled here for one year then found a job with in the university. Do not apply for US untill and unless u have got financial support.

  8. Hi I have a similar problem. My father is LPR of US and my elder sister is US citizen. But my father works here in india and we have no income from US. Will this be a problem for me to get f 1 visa if yes please give me some suggestions as what should I do about this.

    P.S. – please reply soon as my interview is on 28 June 2013

    1. I dont think That is going to be a problem. Just be truthful and confident and you will get your visa . provided your acads/scores and university selection is good.

  9. On what basis do you say that the answers to the questions are memorized? The only thing she missed (that I feel) is that she didn’t address the VO properly, like Sir/ Mam…

    1. In my opinion, you are Wrong! In my interview, I did not address the VO at all. I did not smile at him either. My interview possibly lasted less than a minute, before the VO approved my Visa, though my circumstances were obviously very different from most of you.

      Smiling and saying Sir/Ma’am is not going to qualify you for a visa. If anything, it would sort of unqualify the interviewer from being an effective VO.

  10. I don’t think there is anything wrong with memorizing answers. VOs themselves memorize questions. If the VO asks whether you have memorized the answers, just say “I have done my homework?”

    However, one problem is, you memorized and replied with too many details. Memorize KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid!!!!

    Lastly, I don’t think that was the reason why you got rejected, so don’t dwell on that. Most probably, the VO actually said that you don’t Qualify (instead of not Qualified) for a visa, so review the questions regarding your family, background, education and future plans, etc.

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