F1 Visa

F1 Visa Fall 2012 Approved. USA, Here I Come.

Hi first of all thank u HSB a lot of tips from this blog made my day.

Why this college ?

i answered that i had corresponded with a senior (i had all my emails from her with me) &she had given me the names of the faculty .I had even corresponded with the faculty &they informed me of 2 researches which i mentioned .&guys because of this correspondence i was offered a GA so everyone go ahead &correspond THEY always reply positively.

Who will fund your studies?

My parents

What do they do ?

Father a physician, mother a dentist.

Any immediate relatives?

What will you do when u come back?

I shall use this degree ( MIS) & the experience to get an offer in a MNC in India cause the IT industry is booming &i have an edge cause my degree has a global compatibility

Ok you have your visa

Thank you

Guys do go well dressed with formal wear. I saw a lot of boys dressed very casually.

There were loads of rejects & I was damn nervous but i answered her confidently.

But it was scary believe me specially when u see almost 10 rejects just before you.

Thank God & thank Happy Schools Blog had read the 100 F1 interviews from your blog.
My classes only helped me for GRE to some extent rest they promise you the earth but you have to do everything yourself.

They only promote the colleges that they have some tie up with.

I had done my own search & applied to good colleges.

Do not rely on the classes they mislead you. [Admission Agent’s False Promise, Truth About US admission consultants]

There is no need of a Ca certification. You can make your own summary of assets..

They really do not have the time to see .there were about a 1000 people in the line outside the office

All the best to you

USA here i come !!!!

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  1. Hi All

    Please anyone that has recently attended interview in view of Fall2012 semester?
    My interview date is fast approaching, am nervous. And i applied to go alongside with my son.Any possible question in this area and guidelines on answer?

    I appreciate comments

  2. I had my interview on the june,12 and VO just asked me some question about the university, where i got admission, He asked why this university? Afterward, he asked about the other universities where i also applied.He also asked about my sponsor and my father occupation but surprisingly, he didnt ask about any of my documents. At the end, he wrote about a minute on his computer and then said that they have a routine administrative processing and handed me 221(g) form and told me that they take about 60 days on this processing and if i didnt get any response in this period then i can contact with them on the email address mention on the 221(g) form.Now it has been 13 days and i didnt get any response, i am bit worried about all this process, what do i do? can anyone help me out?

    1. Hey ahmed I’m also facing the same scenario now.as of nw did u gt ur visa?how much tym did it take?? Plz reply it would help me.thankq

  3. hi guys , this will be my first time applying for a f-1 visa , im quite nervous , i plan to pursue a bachelors in aerospace engineering from oklahoma state university . can anyone give me some advice . i have my interview on 3rd july. please help

  4. hey guys, i hv my interview on 12th june 2012. i hv passed out in 2010 but i hv applied for fall 2012. in this gap i hv worked for 4 months wid a pharma company. n den resigned as i had to gv my GRE n TOEFL. if the VO asks me abt dis gap, what should my answer be???

    1. wht r u planning to study further? n wht r ur qualifications?
      if u hav completed ur bachelors n r goin fr ur masters thn c to it tht u manage to bridge in d gap. may b u cn gt an exprince letter frm a relative or a friend (make sure the u knw abt ur profile and duties. Also c tht it matches ur qualifications)
      D way i undrstnd u passed out in 2010 and r applyin in 2012. A gap of 2 years.
      Out of which u can say tht u took “x” nmber of months to prepare fr ur examinations (GRE & TOEFL)
      Generally thy do not check much of ur documnts, bt if ur day is bad thn they mite. So bettr b safe thn sorry…
      All The Best…!!!

      1. hi..i hav the same problm..pls..help me..i have put fake experience in a pharma company…will they enquire about my background if i am issued 221g..pls let me know..m worried a lot..i hav my interview tommorow

  5. i plan to do my bba nd den mba from US. But for getn a master’s degree i.e mba in my case, i suppose a minimum of 2 year work experience is mandatory. So if d VO asks me my future plans, what should i say?? Should i tell them dat i intend to “Work” in d us for 2 years after completing my bba??
    im afraid that any allusion to “work” or employment might harm my application. But what can i say if they ask about my future plans? i cannot just tell them that i’ll end my education at an undergraduate level and then return home.
    please help…. 🙂

    1. Never talk of work nd stuff in an US visa interview……. U can be stamped as an potential immigrant and rejected…. So dont make that mistake.

    2. I MissParna Sen gupta(a health Mg mt professional) want to do PhD i n Heath car arena from any Reputed institute in USaA.I could get pooportnity to study n Boston on last quarter of 2012. I have pot experience of 6 yrs in academics..Please provide me he info regarding H1 visa at he earliest

      I will be sending my c.V & testimonials in a short-while..Regards.

  6. Congratulations and All The Best…
    could u mention where had u applied (which counsulate) and when?

    1. Mumbai on May 4th .u can apply 120 days before the date stated on the i-20 .but u can enter US only 30 days before .but apply soon cause in case u have a reject (pray to God a that u dont ) u can apply again

      1. U r quiet lucky… must say… my visas gt rejected on d same day fr summer intake… wishin u ALL THE BEST… GOD BLESS U

  7. Thanks. Share your experience when get there. All blessings to u. Help others if u can

    1. Thanks for the blessings .&sure i will help others .i used to ask lots of seniors their experience which helped so i too shall do that

  8. congrats all the best for your masters.Can you say when did you applied and place of embassy..

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