F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F1 Visa Rejected Twice for Bachelors – Low SAT Score

F1 visa rejected twice during June 2011 for Bachelors Degree.

First  F1 Visa Interview

Me: Goodmorning Offcer!
Vo: Goodmorning How are you?
ME: I am fine(with a smile)

Vo: which university you are applying?
Me: Norhteastern Illinois University

Vo: what is your undergraduate percent? (he misunderstood me that i am going for masters but I am going for bachelors)
Me: my percent is 78% and I am going for bachelors in computer science

Vo: sarcastically Bachelors!!! going for Bachelors in computer science (started typing )
Me: yes

Vo: why you are applying to this university?
me: my principal advised me to go for this university, it is accredited to North Association of Central colleges and universities. According to U.S. news ans world report it is the most ethnically diverse university in the midwest.

Vo: (interrupted) what is its ranking according to U.S. news and world report.
Me: rank is not published ( as i saw on internet)

Vo: why like that let me check (started typing)

Vo: Is it accredited?
Me: yes it is?

Vo: Let me check ( started typing)
Vo: how many universities did you apply what are they?
Me:Northeastern Illinois university , Gannon Univesity and Oklahoma City university

Vo: why did you apply to those univesities
Me: my first priority wast northeastern illinois univesity and…( Vo turned his face and started seeing in computer that’s why I stopped)

Vo: how much is your SAT
me: said 1270
Vo: out of
Me: 2400

Vo: Is it not good right
Me: yes

Vo: How will you pay your self
Me: my father ( here I did the biggest mistake I forgot to say that I having a Loan of ___ lacks and I am having ___ lacks in my saving bank account.

Vo: (started typing ) You do not qualify for the visa later you may apply for your masters.

Second F1 Visa Interview

Me: Goodmorning sir (with a big smile)
vo: goodmorning can I have your documents

ME: (gave all the documents)
Vo: which university you are applying

Me: Northeastern Illinois university]
Vo: why this university?

Me: My principal advised me to go for this university, It was established in 1867 and is one of the oldest univerities.
Vo: (interrupted and started speaking rudely and said)what happen if it is established in 1867 does it have your program since 1867?

Vo: how many universities did you apply what are they?
Me:Northeastern Illinois university , Gannon Univesity and Oklahoma City university

me: yes as it is an old university it is experienced and specialized in computer science

Vo: do yo apply to any universities in india?
Me: no

Vo: why?
Me: I am keen in studying in US.

Vo: what does your parents do
me: my father is =—-and my mother is home maker

Vo: what is his salary>
Me: my parents annual income is …..and my father is sponsoring me through sanction education loan ( I said loan because last time I forget to say i don’t want the visa officer to reject me with same intention)

Vo: what is the change when you apply last time and this time why did you apply again.
Me: I am keen in studying in US as US bachelors in equivalent to Indian masters after completion of bachelor I will get a good job in India. I can directly walkin to the multinational companies like Satyam , Infosys and wipro situated at various parts of Hyderabad.

vo: (started typing in the computer and seeing like tensed into computer while scrolling the mouse and went in and came back after 4 minutes and tear me HDFC bank receipt and gave me back the passport and said )you do not qualify for the student visa your grades are good but your sat score is low , you can do bachelors here and go for your masters or you can take SAT again and go to any good school.
Me: yes I am having 78% in my high school and I got 79 in toefl the univesity accepted me with this profile .

Vo: smiled
ME: (left from there after smiling back to him)

Please suggest me, it is difficult for me to take SAT as the next SAT date is in October i will miss the fall intake, and I have not apply to any colleges in india. I am very confused. I want to go fall itself or for january intake.

F1 Visa Rejection

VO made it clear your SAT Score is very low in first interview. Looks like you applied to universities via some consulting company (just by looking at the universities).

Key to getting visa is preparation and learning from others mistakes.

You should have never appeared for second interview without improving SAT score.

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  1. Hey guys,
    I have accepted for Oklahoma state university.I have SAT score 1400/2400 and Oklahoma state university do not require TOEFL scores for admission(in case of India) i have 76% in 10th and i am studying in 12th now can i get VISA

    1. Hello Prathmesh, You can definitely get a student visa. Be confident about your choice of University and the programme.
      As to me you should take scores on TOEFL. In case University has waived off this requirement, you should have a written proof for the same from the University Officials to produced at the time of visa interview. Else you need to furnish TOEFL test scores.
      All the best!

  2. Hello! Sir,
    This is Shivam Soni and i’am right now pursuing my 12th grade here in India and i want to pursue my bachelors degree in India and for that i gave SAT exam without any preparation and i got a score of 1360 , i have 85.45% in my 10th and i’am very good in sports,i also have a loads of work experience so can you please suggest me some universities i can apply in and get a good amount of scholarship and have to pay a maximum of 5,000(excluding living expense).
    I will be really obliged if you can help me with this.
    Thank you!

  3. sir i have got 1700/2400 in sat nd toefl 82. which univ shjud i apply (good univ) for mechaniocal aerospace eng.10th state board 89.92% and +2 cbse 78%

  4. yaa hsb there are very few interview regarding bachelors so its quite dissapointing for undergrads
    i have 99 toefl,1540 sat ,83%in 10th and just 60%in +2 i have been accepted for 3 univs and i’ve chosen cameron university oklohama. i have a 6000 scholarship n my yearly expence izz 13000 after scholarship..m confused wid da reson to say for the marks difference betn 10 and 12 plz help me i have an interview on 25 th of july . what are my chances 4 visa???plz rep soon hsb

  5. Thank you very much HSB for posting a Bachelor’s VI Experience. Many students aiming to pursue Undergraduate level of study also visit this blog. I cannot tell you how much happy I am to see this experience here.

  6. oh what am i gonna do, i really want to study in the usa,but nothings going right. i’m so depressed and upset.going to cry

  7. Hi All,

    here are my details

    * GRE Score – 1040(730Q + 310V)

    * TOEFL Score – yet to Take on Dec 2011, hope to get >90

    * Class 10th – 69.05%

    * Class 12th – 73.52%

    * Engineering Aggregate – 72.5% (up to III year and 2 sem left and with 4 backlogs)

    * Semester Planning to Apply – fall 2012

    * Department and Major – Electronics&Communication, planning to go for MIS/MS in VLSI or EMBEDDED SYSTEM or TELECOMMUNICATIONS

    * Work Experience – NIL

    please let me know the good Univs which I can apply for my score.also please suggset me more universities since i would like to do my major in electrical engineering and with full financial aid low cost of living and job facilities. and I am adaptable to any climate

    Also looking for a budget which is not more then 20 lakhs. In a state to take bank loan

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Dear all,

    The students those are trying to go to USA for Bachelor’s, generally very good universities i.e. top two hundred universities.

    with out SAT score also somany students are getting admissions from good universities as well as VISA’S without rejections.

    So university selection is plays a lot of role in getting Admission as well as VISA.

    I thought of you applied through the consultant, who spoils your VISA chance because of low profile universities he applied for you.

    Next time take care while applying to universities.

    In USA majority of universities are looking for Under Graduate Students from In dia as well as from all other countries.

    Plenty of Universities in USA for Bachelors in Computer Science.

    Goto website: http://www.usnews.com/college
    for list of Universities for Bachelors in Computer Science along with Rank and Accept Ratio.

    VISA will automatically sanctioned to you by seing at University and SAT Score.

    All the best for your SAT Exam and Applying to Good Universities.

    Contact removed- admin

  9. hi brother,don’t worry. At present i’m in USA to do my Bachelor’s degree.I came here last 2 months ago.I to have less SAT score.So,I decided and I applied for community college,then I will transfer to University after 2 years.It is the good process to get Visa for Under graduation.All the best for next time.

    1. Hey bro I’m also applying visa for community college can you please tell me how was the interview 🙂

    2. which program you are enrolled into and is US bachelors tough. or easy many people say that US bachelor’s is really tough

  10. Please I applied to Virginia Commonwealth University for an MSc in Anatomy. Is this a poor choice and is it a low ranking school? Please respond.

    1. It is a nationally ranked university, but it depends on what program you are going there for. The department itself might not be ranked. You have to check for both university ranking and the corresponding program ranking. Do your own research here – http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/vcu-3735

      I also urge all students who want to go to the USA, please do your own research for universities. Just google them, and here are some sites that will help you alot.


  11. I would say it’s not strange you get rejected two times. There’re two problems here.

    First you don’t know how to answer the questions. Each time the Vo asked you about the university you did it the wrong way. You never tell anything about the professional level of your major there, or anything like professors or your interest. The establish year doesn’t make any sense and the accredited level is low. You can not even find the ranking on US News. Together with your low SAT, surely the Vo would think you are not qualify enough so you applied for such a university.

    Second, your SAT is too low, which can cause your rejection itself immediately, and you Tofel score is not high enough, too. You should do more before you apply.

    There’re other small problems, too. But the two I mentioned above are the most critical ones. Your situation changed nothing when you go for the second interview, so surely you get rejected again. Now it would be hard for you to apply for F1, unless you get a better SAT and Tofel.

    Good luck!

  12. I would suggest that you better apply for spring semester for the universities like san jose state university,kansas state university these are the two universities which i know that grant admit without SAT scores and also they have a good name.just give a try for one last time before sept 30.If you were rejected even for spring semester,don’t worry we in hyderabad have many management seats available for engineering where eng. classes will start in oct. first week 🙂

    1. Dear friends ,

      I got admitted in US Institute with TOEFL and my academics but due to family pressure I gave SAT without preparation as it was not the university requirement.I got 1050 / 2400 😀 , i knw its tooo low :D.if VO ask me my SAT what answer should I give to him as university requirement is only TOEFL and Academics , If i say that i have not given SAT would that make any difference or is their any way that he can know that i have given SAT as In my i20 it is not written about SAT nor it is the Institute requirement.

      pplz reply fast thanks .

      1. I would suggest you to say I haven’t attempted SAT because your score is very very low.I’m not sure it would make much difference since the VO’s usually ask like have you taken SAT.If you have a very good toefl score then you should have no problem getting visa 🙂

  13. Hi

    Read your interview and both the time its looked like you are not at all prepared. You want to join a university because your principal said so, and its established in 1867. Come on dude atleast you could have recherched something good about the university.

    Those visa officers are not sitting there to reject you rather they just want a good and a genuine student.I will only suggest be confident , do lot of research , practice interview.

  14. Hello,

    There are many reasons for your VISA rejection:

    1. Poor reputed University. If it was Harvard, or even Texas A&M or North Carolina State University, you would have been never rejected. I am trying for Master’s so can assure you that.

    2. Ethnically diverse?? You going there for that or studying..Lack of purpose clear..

    3. Low SAT score

    4. Why US, you answered ia m keen to study there?what was that…The answer should have been it is technically sound, live projects, highly qualified prof.

    All these points are clearly screaming lack of concentration, dedication, purpose making you a strong case of Immigration.

    1. I completely agree with your first three points but I contradict with the second part of the fourth statement.we choose our major and we did not perfect it.
      What make’s you think that bachelor’s visa is the toughest?

  15. If you are really interested in Indian IT companies like Satyam , Infosys and wipro etc, I don’t think so you need Bachelors from USA and it will not add any value to your profile. If you do MS in USA , there is bright future in getting jobs ( with good salary) in US itself.
    I would suggest you to get into some good universities in India itself which has campus recruitment from these companies..

  16. I really dont understand whats this fuss about just going to america
    if someone really wants to go to america they should atleast study in a good university otherwise they would be wasting all their parents hard earned money
    and with a SAT score like that i dont think you will find a good university
    studying for a weekend a person can easily manage around 1600 score in SAT
    what do you think you will do there after graduating i am sure the college must have advertised about 80% to 90% getting placed but did they tell you that most of them are emptying waste baskets or selling McChicken

  17. dude, why do you want to go such a terrible low ranked university and waste money?
    better study at some good indian university?
    If you are so sure that you are incompetent and can’t get through any good uni in India then you can get paid seats at private unis in India.

  18. i am agree with Arvind…Bachelors from India is globally well reputed ?
    okay its your personal decision so up to you, but i will give you one advice that do not depend on Visa ,I know guy who applied for Visa four years back…consistently rejection…he is still hoping for it and he wasted four years at home even he had good marks to get good college in India for Engineering. So dont do that mistake …always keep Plan B

  19. why are u so serious about studying in the USA for a bachelors program that is not even ranked. dude if placements are your top priority, study in a good university here in india.

    1. you scored just 1270/2400. This is too low. I f you seriously study for SAT for just 20 – 30 days, can easily score 1900+. U didn’t mention your SAT II score & if someone applies in US university for B.S(engineering), he must take at least two subject test i.e. Physics or chemistry & mathematics level I or level II. U didn’t mention your SAT II score. You have low SAT I score…its ok…but if u shows high score in SAT II(subject test in PHY. or CHEM & MATH LAEVEl I or II )…definitely it was easy to convince VO. If you really wanna go to U.S. for UG study. Just work hard for 40-50 days. U can easily score 1900+ in SAT I & 700+ in each of the Subject tests(SAT II). Next time apply in top most Universities.
      3.5 yrs back I’d taken SAT I , SAT II(PHYSICS & MATHEMATICS LEVEL II) & TOEFL. I scored 2100, 720, 750 & 103 respectively. Actually I was intended to apply as a transfer student in top most U.S. universities bcoz I was interested in Aerospace Engineering. But due some internal problems of my university my session was running late by 2.5 months. Finally I was unable to send my transcript at time.
      Now, I’m an electrical graduate & soon will apply for M.S for spring intake.

      PLZ..PLZ..PLZ..Next time whenever u meet VO. Don’t reply him in some nonsense way. Show him ur ambition & motive. I f u don’t do that & again show you foolishness ….For GOD sake…that time think about your country …you are insulting your country in front of VO….with your nonsense response…..
      ..So be careful..

      1. hey guys…..

        i’m applying for spring. I have planned to do Bachelor in hospitality and tourism management.. the colleges that i;m applying does not require sat… bt i have already taken the date for sat on 8th October….. i’m not hoping to get good scores …… if i’ll get low scores, does it will affect the visa…..
        i have keen interest to do the mentioned major and i have also done “flair bartending” course which is unique and is a part of the major…
        plz give me suggestions….. I’m frequent user of hsb, and this is my first comment…..

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