F1 Visa Rejected Twice for Bachelors – Low SAT Score

F1 visa rejected twice during June 2011 for Bachelors Degree.

First  F1 Visa Interview

Me: Goodmorning Offcer!
Vo: Goodmorning How are you?
ME: I am fine(with a smile)

Vo: which university you are applying?
Me: Norhteastern Illinois University

Vo: what is your undergraduate percent? (he misunderstood me that i am going for masters but I am going for bachelors)
Me: my percent is 78% and I am going for bachelors in computer science

Vo: sarcastically Bachelors!!! going for Bachelors in computer science (started typing )
Me: yes

Vo: why you are applying to this university?
me: my principal advised me to go for this university, it is accredited to North Association of Central colleges and universities. According to U.S. news ans world report it is the most ethnically diverse university in the midwest.

Vo: (interrupted) what is its ranking according to U.S. news and world report.
Me: rank is not published ( as i saw on internet)

Vo: why like that let me check (started typing)

Vo: Is it accredited?
Me: yes it is?

Vo: Let me check ( started typing)
Vo: how many universities did you apply what are they?
Me:Northeastern Illinois university , Gannon Univesity and Oklahoma City university

Vo: why did you apply to those univesities
Me: my first priority wast northeastern illinois univesity and…( Vo turned his face and started seeing in computer that’s why I stopped)

Vo: how much is your SAT
me: said 1270
Vo: out of
Me: 2400

Vo: Is it not good right
Me: yes

Vo: How will you pay your self
Me: my father ( here I did the biggest mistake I forgot to say that I having a Loan of ___ lacks and I am having ___ lacks in my saving bank account.

Vo: (started typing ) You do not qualify for the visa later you may apply for your masters.

Second F1 Visa Interview

Me: Goodmorning sir (with a big smile)
vo: goodmorning can I have your documents

ME: (gave all the documents)
Vo: which university you are applying

Me: Northeastern Illinois university]
Vo: why this university?

Me: My principal advised me to go for this university, It was established in 1867 and is one of the oldest univerities.
Vo: (interrupted and started speaking rudely and said)what happen if it is established in 1867 does it have your program since 1867?

Vo: how many universities did you apply what are they?
Me:Northeastern Illinois university , Gannon Univesity and Oklahoma City university

me: yes as it is an old university it is experienced and specialized in computer science

Vo: do yo apply to any universities in india?
Me: no

Vo: why?
Me: I am keen in studying in US.

Vo: what does your parents do
me: my father is =—-and my mother is home maker

Vo: what is his salary>
Me: my parents annual income is …..and my father is sponsoring me through sanction education loan ( I said loan because last time I forget to say i don’t want the visa officer to reject me with same intention)

Vo: what is the change when you apply last time and this time why did you apply again.
Me: I am keen in studying in US as US bachelors in equivalent to Indian masters after completion of bachelor I will get a good job in India. I can directly walkin to the multinational companies like Satyam , Infosys and wipro situated at various parts of Hyderabad.

vo: (started typing in the computer and seeing like tensed into computer while scrolling the mouse and went in and came back after 4 minutes and tear me HDFC bank receipt and gave me back the passport and said )you do not qualify for the student visa your grades are good but your sat score is low , you can do bachelors here and go for your masters or you can take SAT again and go to any good school.
Me: yes I am having 78% in my high school and I got 79 in toefl the univesity accepted me with this profile .

Vo: smiled
ME: (left from there after smiling back to him)

Please suggest me, it is difficult for me to take SAT as the next SAT date is in October i will miss the fall intake, and I have not apply to any colleges in india. I am very confused. I want to go fall itself or for january intake.

F1 Visa Rejection

VO made it clear your SAT Score is very low in first interview. Looks like you applied to universities via some consulting company (just by looking at the universities).

Key to getting visa is preparation and learning from others mistakes.

You should have never appeared for second interview without improving SAT score.

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