F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F1 Visa Interview for MBA in Financial Management

VO is not dumb.”

You will see why this interviewer made the above comment.

Hi guys, my US F1 Visa was approved just two hours back. This website helped me a lot to conquer the Visa interview despite of a low TOEFL score which is 81.

Here is the interview experience for F1 Visa Interview for MBA in Financial Management at Pace University

I: Good Afternoon Sir
VO: Good afternoon Mr. Deepak

VO: which course did you apply for?
I: MBA in financial Management

VO: Which college/university?
I: Pace University, Lubin School of Business

VO: Why only Pace? Why not any other university?
I: Pace university Lubin school of business is well renowned for it MBA program in finance. It has real time trading floor and provides you real experience rather than just theoretical knowledge. There are only a few Business Schools ahead of Lubin School when it comes to MBA in Finance. Business School ahead of Lubin School in MBA Finance ranking is Harvard, Cornell, Columbia, NY Stern, Rochester Simon Business School.

VO interrupted me and said “Ok”
VO: What is location of your school?
I: It’s in Westchester but it has two more campuses in New York City & Pleasantville though Pleasantville is not for graduates.

VO: Which universities did you apply?
I: mentioned 5 names.

VO: Did you get any acceptance from them.
I: Yes, I got acceptance from three and mentioned X, Y, U with scholarship amounts.

VO: What do your parents do?
I: My father is a Haryana Govt. employee and mother is a housewife.

VO: Where are you from?
I: Haryana

VO started looking into my file on the computer and I asked him for a query.
I: Sir, I have to say something. Can I?
VO: Yes, sure

I: Actually, I forgot to mention some important information in my DS-160 so I filled a new DS-160 form which you have with you.
VO: That’s ok, no problem. Your Visa is approved.

It’s pretty easy if you prepare in advance guys. Even if you have low scores or your duration of course on I-20 is more than the normal program length, it’ll not hurt your chances of getting visa.

Only thing is that you should know how to justify your low scores.

One more thing, VO takes a great concentration on your information that you have provided into DS-160. Fill your DS-160 with great care.

Some guys complain that VOs are dumb and they reject visas without any reason. Well, VOs are well trained and have vast experience. Just by looking at your DS-160 they can tell about you.

Here is one example:

In DS-160 one question is “How long do you intend to stay in US?” You answered “36 months” in DS-160.

If your course duration as mentioned on I-20 is 24 months.

Now during Interview VO will ask the same question in different style.

The question might be like this “Will you come back to India as soon as you complete your course?”

Most of us will say “yes for sure”, but guys what about the answer which you have provided in DS-160. (It was 36 months)

VO is not dumb.

He has your whole profile in front of him during the interview and he is looking at the same thing at that time. The moment you said, “yes for sure”. He will say only these words’ “Sorry, we can’t give you a visa” because you’re lying. In DS-160 you’re saying you’ll stay for 36 months and now during the interview, you’re saying that you will come back after 24 months. VO is smart enough to find this.

So fill all forms very carefully and answer questions in DS-160 after thinking 10 times. Even if you’re planning to go to US one month before your course commencement date then include it in your intended length of stay.

I hope this information will help you.

F1 Visa Interview for MBA

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  1. I also make mistake in my DS-160 while filling it instend of 5yrs I wrote 6yrs, what do u think I can do because my interview is tomorrow. Pls reply nw

  2. Hello Deeepak,
    Thanks for sharing your experience! I need to ask you one thing. Does your I-20 exactly state that your are majoring in MBA in financial Management?
    I look forward to hearing from you soon!Thanks!

  3. Hi,
    I submitted a DS-160, setup an interview and later realized a mistake in my DS-160. The VFS people asked me to print a new DS-160 and add this to the original during interview. Did the same case happen to Deepak from the original article? Was the DS-160 Deepak provided during interview different from what was used initially to setup the appointment?

  4. Hi!

    I just filled up my DS160 and reserved my interview date for the 17th of July. Now the problem is that, after reading around a bit , i realized that i have not mentioned my bachelors degree in the “Education” section.
    But i did mention in the next section that i am a student at the University.
    So should i go ahead and fill out another DS160 application?
    Or just go ahead with the current one?

    Also i have applied to only one university, will that be much of an issue?

    1. Hey! Don’t worry it won’t be an issue. I had my Visa interview yesterday and mine was approved.
      Just make sure you have a very convincing answer for the following question –
      Why only this university? And why this course at this university and not any other?

      The interviewer asked me the following questions, I had applied to Academy of arts university, San Francisco only! For MFA Game Design –
      Which university? Which course?
      Where did you do you schooling from?
      What does your father do?
      What course did you do for your graduation?
      Any work experience?
      What will be your duration of stay?
      What will you do during your OPT period?

      Just make sure you speak very very confidentaly. No matter what! !! They just check if you really know you are doing and getting into.

  5. HI,
    I have only one I-20 because I applied only one university.Will it be a problem for me in my Visa Interview?

  6. hey, i completed my interview on 28th in mumbai nd gt rejected whereas the questions asked to me were very basic. However, u say dat DS-160 provides info abt us to the VO but apart from few contacts and addresses there isnt much to know in that. then pls suggest hw better can the DS-160 be put forward for better appeal?

  7. Hi Guys,
    I just came across this site and i believe it has helped so many student well i will be having an interview pretty soon and i will really like you guys support anyway you can and also those that has gone to the embassy and has experience please share with me.

  8. If some one is apply in a single university only & get I20 from that. What are the chances of getting VISA?

  9. sir i am studying in kits 3rd year.my doubt is that ‘ i will write gre exam in third year ending.so can apply i visa 4th year

  10. I had filled up DS form stating that I don’t have any relatives in the U.S. Now if I go to visit my maternal uncle in another state would it be a problem at the immigration(port of entry)? Please suggest.

  11. people who do not have backlogs defenetiley can get the visa. Its is a cake walk for them
    1 question …Do u have any backlogs
    if( Ans == ‘NO’)
    100% for sure u will get a visa
    u will have to show case yourself

  12. Hi there,

    I was wondering if you could help me, I done my interview for an F1 student visa and after it all the vo told me that that everything seems good and to enjoy my time of study in America, he didnt deny me on the day he also said to “expect my visa within 3 working days,
    Does that mean my F1 visa was granted?

    many regards,


  13. Hi,

    I would like you to help me out here in a query.

    I currently intend to apply for a F1 Student VISA on basis of my admission received from San diego state university and Rochester institute of technology.

    I currently want to let you know that i have the following sources of finance.
    1. Self finance and savings which will account for 40 % of my study at this university. about 6-7 lakhs INR.
    2. Finance from my Sister(cousin) living in San Fracisco California holding a permanent resident status in USA. (She intends to take responsibility of rest of the expenses)

    is this financing safe will i get a VISA?

    Please comment on how can such a finance be documented for VISA puposes.
    I have gone through the I-134 and !-864 forms on the embassy website.
    Can you please throw some light on this query?
    This would be of great help.
    Thanks once again for your guidance in this matter.

  14. dear sir,
    greetings for the day,
    i have applied to the 5 different universities to get admission into 5 different programmes.what should i say if vo asks which are the other schools have you applied?
    kiindly provide your valuable suggestion sir,
    thanking you,

  15. hi deepak, thnks for your response, i have other 2 major questions and i need your help
    1. i applied to only one college because they requested my original certs before giving me admission, now if they ask me why only one, what should i say?
    2. i completed my high school in 98, and intermediate in 2002, what are my chances of visa? and if they ask me the years gap what should i answer? i really wanna learn computing and i have strong financial support. best regards

    1. Hello, is ok don’t send your original copy to your university, only what you can do is to make a copy of the original and to your school or magistrate court in your area to satisfy it with blue ink and stamp. then they will accept it.

      1. Hello, is ok don’t send your original copy to your university, only what you can do is to make a copy of the original and send to your school or magistrate court in your area to satisfy it with blue ink and stamp. then they will accept it.

        1. thank u very much worlu, i almost made the first mistake.. i will do exactly that . am still organizing myself well before i will appear there to face interview.

  16. hello
    actually I got the i 20 paper but there is no presence of middle name.I am in bit confusion what should I do?I already consult with the University but they reply me that the Middle name does not bring any effect during the process of getting visa.I would like to know that if the embassy of US really need the middle name or not? I have my passport including my middle name.
    waiting for your reply as soon as possible.
    thank you.

    1. Hi Chinta,

      Middle name is not mandatory while filing DS-160. However, as far as I know your name on DS-160 should be exactly same as on your passport. If I were and had enough time, I would ask the university to correct the mistake and send a new I-20. However, if I did not have enough time then I would call/email US Embassy and inquire about the issue before I register for an interview date. I hope this helps.

  17. hi DEEPAK , thanks for the wonderful job u doing on this site, u deserve more than anything and u need to be awarded . am planning to apply for F1 visa and i have been following HBS for the few months now, i want to gather all the tips before appearing for interview.
    my quetion is, am from Africa but work and live in Caribbean, i want to go for f1 visa , so what are the necessary things i need to do before appearing there. please i need your advice, best regards

    1. Hi Oassi,

      Thank you. All you need to do is collect all your documents and put them in order. You need to make sure that your name, date of birth etc. are same as on your passport. Furthermore, read all blogs on HBS, analyse interview questions based on your situation, and prepare your answers (do not try to copy answers from other people’s interview experiences because everyone has different work experience, education and credentials thus others’ response may not apply to your situation). Finally, analyse your responses, see if there is any loopholes, and correct them. After 3-4 rounds you will feel confident about responses and then you can go ahead for interview.

  18. Hello friends,

    My name is Anuj and I am from Mumbai. I have got an i20 from ITU, CA for MBA in International Business (as it is cost effective I applied for it). BE: 64%, TOEFL 99. Can anyone please tell me whether the US Consulate will issue visa for me for this University or should I change it?


  19. I am reading this thread after a very long time and I found that almost everyone is wondering what they should mention in Intended Length of Stay column. There is a section in your I-20 that says, ” The normal length of study is 24 months/30 months/5years.” It means your university expects you to finish your course in that duration (until and unless you speed up by taking more courses in each semester or slow down by taking only minimum required credits to fulfill F-1 status). Now, you can include your one year OPT into the duration in your I-20, making your intended length of stay one year longer than what is mentioned in your I-20. But better you do not mention your intended length of stay shorter than the duration mentioned in your I-20. However, it is good to include your OPT period into your intended length of stay because VO knows that almost nobody comes back without doing OPT. Therefore, in my opinion, the best answer for intended length of stay is = normal length of study mentioned in your I-20 + one year OPT. Remember, the duration mentioned on your I-20 does not include your OPT duration. My current answer may contradict my previous answer but that’s fine.

  20. hi every one ,
    I m bhanu rekha.i am worried about my visa acceptance.i have good gpa i.e 3.8/4.good acedamic background from the childhood.my passed out year is 2010.after that i joined in JNTU MBA program its a collaberative program with CMU in USA.for getting i20 they need tofel/ielts and gmat.i tried for gmat score but i didnt get it.i got 6 in ielts.i m planning to change my course that is MS IS in the same university.i got conditional i20 from the university.now i m going to aplly for visa on nov 25.my friends told me that for usa they required gre or gmat along with ielts.but i dont have time to retake my exam.can i frankly say like this after my graduation i joined for mba but i didnt get good score in gmat.so i changed the course in the same university.

    plz reply me.

  21. My actual course duration is 4years and it states 5 years on my I-20. Please what should I answer to duration of stay? so I say 4yrs or the 5 yrs mentioned in my I-20?

  22. Hello, I just received my I-20 to major in Electrical and Computer Engineering and on my I-20 it says Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I sent an email informing them of the “error” and asked for a new I-20 but I was told that while the school calls my program Electrical and Computer Engineering, there are other programs at other universities similarly called Electrical and ABC Engineering. So the SEVIS system created a generic name- using Electronics in place of Computer- just to encompass more programs.
    Please I need help in filling out my DS-160, should I put my actual course name for the school or the SEVIS generated name?
    Also, I do not know any one personally in the USA, what should I put in as my contact person with the school address? PLEASE I NEED HELP URGENTLY!!
    I am 16 and have a scholarship given to me by an organisation to study in the US. Will my age be a problem at the interview? Please can I get some helpful tips?

  23. vo: good morning
    me:yeah,good morning sir
    vo: how you doing sir
    me: good sir
    vo:why u.s
    me:To pursue my masters in computer science
    vo: which univ you selected
    me: monmouth univ sir
    vo: why only this univ sir
    me: sir,This is one of the good univ out of my two admits and the course curriculum of this univ is quiet impressive reason why i selected this univ.
    vo: when you completed your UG
    me: in 2010
    vo: why this one year gap
    me: sir, in my UG through campus i got selected in a company
    vo: what is your percentage
    me: 55%
    vo: how many backlogs you have
    me: 10 sir,
    vo: oh 10
    me: slient n calm,But guys i forgot to argue with vo in this reason bcoz i have a valuable reason………..
    vo: sry , i cant give you a visa as you have a low academic percentage and its possible if you gain some more experience in job …..
    me: calm

    1. hi…
      i am also planning to the same university….will they ask our TOEFL scores in the interview.could u please give me some more data about the interview….thank u….hope u will reply…….

      1. Hey me too planing for the same uni. can you please tell me the success rate of visa for Monmouth uni.
        Thank you.

      2. yes the VO may ask u about the TOEFL and GRE scores if u have a low academic percentage .
        But guys i belive that the sucess rate of monmouth university is low .

  24. Hello,

    I'm from Vietnam. Now I'm the first-year university student. Actually, I intend to study at College of Southern Nevada in USA in May 2011. I read this page that is a really useful one. I intend that I will transfer to a 4 year univerisity after graduating this college. But I don't know how to answer the question: How long do you intend to stay in US? . Should I answer 3-4 years?

    Please give me an advice,


  25. sir am parsuing b.pharm final year i'll completed my cource by 2011 apr, i'll be get 62%definetly with 6 backlocks along with main cirtificates(7), if i atend the vissa intervew will i get stamping are not my cirtificats will affect in my vissa intervew

  26. hai friends i got i20 few days bak nd i am looking further for my visa…. nd my age is 28 years nd i got i 20 for mba program in concordia university without gre and toffel……… i had work expe of 5 yrs in public relations agency ……… which type questions i may expectd wen i am facng us consulate? plzzzzzzzzzzz help me ……….

    1. Sri…

      Did you join Concordia university for MBA ?
      i am on h4 and wish ti join for the one year MBA program on F1 please let me know if you joined or if you have any friends studying in the same university ..


  27. In DS-160 form for the question “How long do you intend to stay in US?” i have mentioned 36 months as it was mentioned in my I-20 form, so does VO will reject my visa?

  28. Hello guys. I had some questions. i will be very thankful to all of you i f you can tell me

    1. I want to apply for f-1 for masters .My maternal uncle is an american. If he is my sponsor for my study expenses.Is it okay? ( i asked this question bcz i think it will intend that i want to immigrate)

    2. My academic performance was not so good, i have 2.66/4 gpa of my engineering. so without having a high class gpa, can i get f-1 visa?

    Thanks . will wait for your replies. Bye

    1. @Meera plz tell us about ur details………….Where u from,which consulate u visited,wats ur GRE score, ur edu background etc etc…………….

  29. hi friends , i have appointment of visa on 16 sept 2010 and i had failed in undergrduate in india after 12 th 2 years gap and now i applied for usa first esl and then undergraduate ..and my spounce is us citizen ..and i got i 20 along like that …so how much chances for getting visa for me ? plz help me fast ..i am .really tense friends!!! plz need help deepak and hbs

  30. hi friends , i have appointment of visa on 16 sept 2010 and i had failed in undergrduate in india after 12 th 2 years gap and now i applied for usa first esl and then undergraduate ..and my spounce is us citizen ..and i got i 20 along like that …so how much chances for getting visa for me ? plz help me fast …really tense friends!!!

  31. Hi, am Sammieh. Would it be wrong if at my interview I mention that I would stay for 1 or 2yrs after my graduation to attain US corporate life experience in one of the companies, while in my Ds-160 I av indicated that I would stay for only 4yrs as what the course requires from the I-20 as the period of study. Your kind response will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

    1. @Sammieh yea i want to know the same thing,but as it is said,say only the truth ,similarly ill apply for MS and i want to know if ill say i want to stay there for 1-2yrs after my MS,what will VO say?( "perhaps everybody wants to stay there more")

  32. hi

    i m amir from pakistan my interview was 12 aug 2010 and i was got rejected.so now i have go another interview .my reporting date is1 sept 2010.anyone give me sum information if he asked me ur reporting date is near and u come for interview … i m very upset bcoz my english is not so gud.i done Becholar in commerce in 2007.i accepted from mountain state university.west virginia ………….

  33. hi,
    i have an interview on the 30th of this month.however due to some personal reasons i have dropped the idea of going to the usa this year.is it possible to cancel this appointment and take another appointment next year using the same hdfc reciept. i purchased the hdfc reciept in the month of june 2010.

  34. sangam pangeni
    u dun need to worry . m also an undergrduate . gave sat in dec 2009 .. i also dint recieved d SAT score card .. just take a printout from ur login account .. dun worry everythng will go fyn ..

  35. I have my interview on 30th july and I have applied for bachelors in forensic science…I need some guidance on how to work on the questions for interview???? I have heared that undergraduates are rejected .Is that so???

    1. hey kruti… dun worry.. visa rate of acceptance of bachelors is pretty gud. just keep up ur confidence level high

  36. dear sir

    i have applied to tru universuty and i got accept from this university

    if the offcer in embassy ask me do u apply for another universty?

    what i answer for him because i applied just for this university

  37. Dear Friends,

    i have an admit from San Jose State University, CA for MS Mechanical. I have Graduated in 2007, After tht i had secured a job in AL, Italy. Later worked for Mahindra for 1.6yrs. Guys i got infected with Malaria and Dengue and was later forced to quit my job due to my prolonged hospitalisation. Guys i vent worked since then for lik 8 months coz i dint get a decent job. In the Visa Interview how do i cover up for the past 8 months. i have the work exp of the previous companies, but i m not sure about how to answer for tht particular questions. Plz help.Thnx

    1. Its always a better work to go through the consultancy. So that they can give u the correct information regarding the problem you faced…////

  38. hello guys, its a panic situation for me on 12th july i gave my visa interview at mumbai consulate and my case is pending since then , i was handed a yellow form (221g) …can any body tell me how much time it takes ..as i hav to report on 24th sep at my university.

  39. my brother studying in kansas,i applied same place but other university,i only got admission in this university between 5 ,what i will answer if they will ask why same city as your brother?also we are not living in our country we are expat,what i will answer if they ask what garanties to return back to your home since i live in middleeast?thanks for reply ?

  40. Hi all πŸ™‚

    My interview is on 20th of July. Its like the duration of course mentioned in my I20 is 36 months. But I am not sure whether i gave 24 months or 36 months in the intended length of stay column in I20 form (to my knowledge i mentioned it to be 24 months) will they bug me if i tell it wrong in the interview??? Also my sponsor is my family friend (for liquid cash) and bank loan( which is 20 laks, though i need only 15 lakhs for the first year).. will this affect my chance of getting VISA??

    1. its not a problem regarding ur length of stay in u.s.beacuse they refer your i-20 first.and dnt think much of it.just go as if you had provided all your details correctly.and be confident in answering you will definetely get visa…ALL THE BEST.

  41. hello folks

    i hd visa interview on jun 29th…

    i was given pink slip…

    currently status is "pending process"……..

    can any1 tel me wt vl dey luk for during administrative processing???????????

    am worried…..

    pls reply……

  42. hi,

    can date taken for visa interview be changed.if yes,what is the procedure for it. and also would the vo be asking as to why the date was changed.

  43. Hi all,

    i have my inrvw on 19 july…frankly saying i have completed my b.tech in 7 years with 25 back logs…my gre score is 950…what should i say if he ask me about backlogs…is there any chance to getting visa. plz..can any one suggest.

    1. hai karan,

      i have the same problem about the backlocks,if u get any suggetions please suggest me.i wait for your seggetions.

  44. Hi my USA VISA got rejected 5 times under 214(b) from new delhi ! i am applying for 6th time with Troy university. No problem with funding wid me ! I am planning to give Mumbai Consulate this time ! not from delhi , what are the chances ? please help me !

  45. Hello, many thanks to HSB for sharing Deepak's F1 Visa interview experience with others; this will go a long way to boost the confidence of those of us who are preparing for such interview. Congrats Deepak.

  46. hi,i filled up the ds-160 form mentioning the university i plan to attend.but now i want to change the university and the course as well from mba to ms.can i do that without having to pay the fees again.plz reply its urgent

    1. u can edit the ds-160 form as many times as u want, bt it shld b done some 48 hrs before ur interview date…

      also do carry ur old ds-160 forms as wel as d new one to the interview….

      1. thanks rajath!also i i wanted to ask if it leaves any negative impression if one changes the university and more importantly the course in the eyes of the visa officer.would i have a lot of explaining to do.

        1. I think it should not give an negative impression but VO might ask about it so you need to explain it. Prepare a good logical answer.

          1. thanks ! you guys are life savers. just one last thing, for filling a new ds-160 form again, would the procedure be the same and do i have to mention any where the old bar coded no. which appeared on the final page.

          2. notng to b mentioned abt old bar code…..

            nd regardng change of course, the VO might ask u y ur changng, be reaqdy to ans him…. give proper reasons,tat wud satisfy him… if nt ur visa might b rejected…

  47. I gained admission to a university in the United States . The university has granted me a full scholarship to cover my cost of attendance and living expenses.

    I had 3 previous interviews and refused on all attempts, with no reasons given for my refusal except being given the usual denial letter.

    Could it have been my affidavit of support from a cousin in the US??

    Can anyone advice me on what to do next…??????

    1. check out ur univ bro…
      i guess ur univ is not accredited or is a private one..

      thts why univ ppl are giving u full scholarship so tht students come n study in it as they have to complete their student quota.

      n ya VO knows all these stuff so they are not giving u VISA.

  48. hi…. i hd my visa interview a couple of days back….

    i ve applied for specialisation in DSP…

    every thng went out well, @ end D Visa Officer said ” i ve granted ur visa” den after 10 sec he said ” V need additional time ,for ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING” nd gave me pink slip…

    i knw wt pink slip is, nd heard its now a days given for Electronics students just like me..

    bt my question is ” WT WILL DEY CHCK OR VERIFY IN ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING??????????????????????????????/”…

    apart frm my resume , no other document was asked by dem….

    nd how long will it take for me to gt my visa, ive tro report to university by AUGUST 5TH…. before tat time vl i gt my visa???????????????????????????????…


  49. Dear sir

    i aplied just for try university for master

    can i make interview if he ask me

    how many apply for the university?

  50. sir, I had applied to only two universities. and I got admit in one… will the small number of application be a problem.

    1. hey i too have the same problem i have applied for 1 univ only bcoz the deadlines for the univ's are over,is this a major problem during visa

  51. email for happyblog.com


    i'm going to face my f1 visa interview for undergraduate course in 29 june 2010.

    i succesfully complete my SAT with 1660/2400 + toefl also.

    but………my problem is that,i've still not received my original SAt report in my given address. ( my SAT exam was in dec 2009 )

    sO what can i do in this type of condition.

    IS my printed SAT report for collegeboard.com worked?

    please, reply me very sooooooooooon.

  52. hey deepak, thank you so much for this post…. it gives me great confidence man! u know how much it means for me… πŸ™‚

  53. Hi Deepak,

    Thank your prompt reply and the suggetion. Please, I have one more point to be cleared about, my TOEFL score was 51 and Northeastern State university which I chose requires 61, though I received an i20 from their language school which is an intensive English Programm I will attend to make up my Toefl score and then gain full admission to NSU at this fall to study MECHANICAL ENGINEERING.

    Hitherto, on my i20 from The Language school, it states that: course of study is ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE.

    On the i20, the Programm duration is 19 JULY 2010 – 15 JULY 2011 and this is what the VO who conducted my last interviewed mis-interpreted saying that the programm was for one year but the programm director said Iam to receive class for one month to make up the 61 TOEFL Score, that the class is being run monthly should the student could not make the 61 mark, can re-take class again. It is also written on the i20 that, if a student could'nt make the 19 July 2010 class, i20 is still valid for 16 August 2010, and 13 September 2010. I don't know if this will prove to VO that the programm is done monthly.

    Moreo, in DS-160, I filled 4yrs as length of stay. Will it contracdite course duration on my i20?

    Also, NSU gave me a letter of conditional admission saying upon my completion of the Language programm, I shall be eligible to enrol in class at this fall.

    Please, I am looking forward to receiving your reply on what to say a I am due to appear on 29 June 2010.


    James Samuel.

    1. Salam…

      If anyone amongst you can inform me about what things are required to get admissions in US universities or else in the world. I am an ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING STUDENT doing my Becholars. I wanna the methodoligies to apply for 100% scholarship in unversities in abroad.

      Kindly do reply my issue analytically.

      With regards

      Muhammad Bin Tahir

  54. plz help me out guys..

    in my last interview i got rejected may be for hacing excess of backlogs in my engineering.. i.e., 17.. now the second time i want to bluff saying that i have a less no. of baklogs.. i know its risk if he checks my documents.. bt stil i want to risk.. my doubt here is, will the counslate note down what i've answered in my last interview?? if yes, then i wil not risk myself.. if no. il try this..

    plz guys i ve my interview tomrw mrng..!! plz clear my doubt asap..

    thanks πŸ™‚

    1. It depends on last visa interview. In you last interview if they reject the visa because of too many backlogs, they will make a note of it. they will mention the reason for rejection. So be careful about it..

    2. Hey dude ….. if u can don't lie …. coz while u lie u don't seem confident and since they have much more experience on dealing with every situation they will now easily that u r lying … so I better recommend u telling the truth … Good Luck

  55. I have appeared 4 visa interview in mumbai consulate on 15th June 2010. i will b sharing ques with u.

    Q.1 What is the purpose of ur trip?

    Q.2 Which school?

    Q.3 Why this university? Tell something abt research and try 2 name professors 2 show that u r a genuine student

    Q.4 Who is sponsering you? My ans was "my sister **** ****". (I m informing u that my sister is working in US on H1 visa.)

    Q.5 Why did ur sister convert her visa 2 H1?

    Q.6 From where did ur sister bring this money?

    Q.7 Is she working?

    Q.8 Was she working on L2 visa?

    Q.9 Is she working on H1 visa?

    Since Ihave work experience, she asked me about my job. She didn't ask about salary and experience but asked about my profile.

    She also asked me about my research experience in india and what i will b doing in us since i have RA. Don't consider projects as research exp. Then she gave me form 221(G).

    Hope this helps .

  56. Dear all, here is one valuable piece of information for those who specified the loan amount in their bank document for Visa Application. If anyone of you has specified the loan amount of over 15 lacs, then don't lie during interview that you're planning to come to India as soon as you finish your studies. Visa officer know that you can't pay this loan amount by working in India. They also know how many of us really return. So better say the truth that you intend to work in US for 1-2 years and then return to India.

  57. Dear All, I must say one thing to you that Visa Officer doesn't know anything about you except the information which you provide in forms (DS-160, Sevis, etc.). But if you provide contradictory answers in these forms then VO thinks that you're a potential immigrant/trying to hide some facts which leads him to reject your Visa application. Even if you provide incomplete information then VO thinks that you don't have require skills to complete the program for which you have applied.

    So first thing is to complete the forms accurately and then prepare answers for possible question which might pop up during interview depending upon your case.

    1. Hello guys, I had an interview just a week ago (I got an MBA program in one school … and my father will cover all of the expenses) and I was rejected by the VO, we were arguing on my transcript. I took 3 and 2 courses in different times but I am still a full time student (he suspected me I am a part time student and he also thought that I am going to be a part time student in the University which accepted me)….. after saying that he asked me this questions:

      1)Where is ur school … I said Virginia

      2)What other schools u applied, name them, did they accept u?

      3)Do you have family in US? … I said I have no family in US but I have one relative/he is my uncle

      4)where do he lives? …. I said Virginia ….

      5)Where do ur dad works? …. I said he works in US …. Sorry he works in UN …(here I panicked a little bit) ………..

      After this he told me that I am not going to learn in USA … and he said Sorry ur Visa is rejected and gave me 214(b) … which states that … I look like an immigrant and I have not tie to turn back to my country….I asked him what kind of documents to bring the next time…. And he said “nothing” … the problem is not with your documents … it is u didn’t convince me …. And since I was angry at that time I didn’t hear what lastly he said and I leave the interview by saying thank you sir ….

      To tell u the truth all of my documents are honest and I spoke the Visa officer with a good English … I even asked him freely …………

      So guys I have a plan to attend the interview again on July 19, 2010 … and as you know the problem with me is not convincing him that I will go to learn not to do other things and I will get back to home after graduation …. I got one letter from my school which will show that I am a full time student … hey guys I have 3 days … so help me what to do and say to the VO …

      Thank you

  58. Hello frnds………..

    In my I20, course duration is mentioned as 3yrs but in DS160 form, Intention of length mentioned as 2 yrs only am I going to face any problem?

    How should I give reply?

    1. Mr. Charan, I think I have replied to your query. You need to fill new DS-160, print the new confirmation page and bring two copies of new DS-160 at the time of interview. You need not have to cancel your Interview appointment. When you're called for interview then just before your interview starts tell Visa Officer that you want to use new DS-160 form and give him new confirmation page. There will not be any problem. I did the same thing at US Embassy, New Delhi.

      1. But don't forget to bring the old DS-160 confirmation page with you otherwise they will not allow you to enter into the embassy.

  59. hello

    i have a question regarding the duration of the stay in the US. some where on this blog i read, if asked about the duration of the stay we might say to VO that after graduating from the Uni., i m going to party hard or first i would like to get acquainted to the US corporate culture, gain an experience of 4-5 years and then return back.

    my question is, say i go with the option no 2 (obviously to gain exp and exposure). what should i write about the stay in the US or i should not bother about it as one has to get his visa changed from student to work permit. pls guide me through this.

    1. Mr. Apoorv, you can say either but you should have strong points to convince VO that whatever you're saying is truth and you will return to India. Like if you gonna say that you want to gain experience and exposure first for 2-3 years before you return to India then VO will definitely say that you can get the same experience here in India too. You should provide some unique facts to VO to convince him.

    2. Apurva, just say that u will work for 1 yr after M.S. In ur i20, course duration is 36 months which includes 1 yr opt ie. work exp.

      U can also say u will b working in vacations, but avoid starting new topics in ur visa interview.

  60. Can anyone guide?

    I’m around 40 yrs old engg graduate, have experience in IT industry (govt of India) for about 10 years. I quit my job due to family issues. I’m not interested in living in India but not getting job in US at present. Now I want to go for Higher Studies in US. Is it possible at this stage of life? If yes how to proceed?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Yes, It is possible u can convience the VO by saying dat u want to gain much more experience in the I.T field and here u have to select a good university and gud course curriculum were it really helpfull to u to gain much more practical knowledge and yes u can apply for U.S visa..
      The thing is you have to convience the VO..

  61. Can anyone guide?

    I'm around 40 yrs old engg graduate, have experience in IT industry (govt of India) for about 10 years. I quit my job due to family issues. I'm not interested in living in India but not getting job in US at present. Now I want to go for Higher Studies in US. Is it possible at this stage of life? If yes how to proceed?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. You can get MS admission at any age. US have no objections for it. Select a good university and try to apply for 3 to 4. If you find problem take assistance from consultancies. be confidant. I know one lady who came here for masters at the age of 52 . All the best…..

  62. Hey, plz help me out.

    Actually my father expired when i was in my 9th standard. frm there on my mom and brother in law making it up for my education. can i put my brother's in law pan card in hdfc bank. what ever it is? n will this bcom a problem during my visa interview. But we are having enough funds to study in usa. Help me out

    Thank you

    1. As long as you show enough funds to study and say valid reasons there will be no problem in visa interview…

  63. Hello HSB and Deepak ,

    It was good reading the experience of Deepak , Thanks HSB for sharing this which ll be a great help to many ppl . Keep going with the great job !!!

  64. Thanks to HSB and Deepak for sharing the most important question of all!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was looking for an appropriate answer for this question and Deepak provided it very well,but still i have one question regarding it that is if we directly say to them that we intend to stay for a year more after the course duration will that be ok bcuz they might reject our application filing us in immigrants.???????????

    1. 1 yr is alright Deepak, in ur i20, course duration is 36 months which includes 1 yr opt ie. work exp. So, it won't contradict. Don't worry.

      1. Shilpa, in my I-20 course duration is not 36 months, it's 30 months & yes it does contradict. Read again carefully what I wrote.

        The two contradictory things are "your intended length of stay i.e 3 years" and "your answer at the time of interview i.e 2 years".

  65. Thank you for the good advice you are giving to we FI-visa Student. It has really be helpful.

    Pls. I have an F1-visa appointment for on the 29th June, 2010. I have been denied twice in Lagos Nigeria embassy both on the ground that I do not have sufficient fund to cover my educaation according to section 214(b) of the US immegration and nationality act. So, I spoke to an attoney who now interprete the above section to me saying that I need a notry public to certifer my documents and he took deposition(oath).

    Hitherto, during my last interview I was ask who my sponsor was and I responded he is my guardian and he has been there for since I was 4yrs old because I loss both parents at that time but the VO denied me visa saying it is not possible for a guardian to spend $17500 on my education.

    Pls now that my guardian and I had sworn a seperate affidavid before a notry public inregards to my gaurdian declaring to take full responsibility of my up keep and me declaring that I will return to Nigeria upon the completion of my studies in the US, of what help we this affidavid be ?

    Also, due to the fact that as at when I got my I-20, there were nomore appointments date open in Lagos embassy for June 2010, I deceided to apply at the Abuja embassy. Pls what do you think about this step?

    Iam looking forward to receiving your prompt reply.


    James Samuel,

    Lagos, Nigeria.

    1. Hey James, One most important thing is that VO never relies on affidavits. You need to give a solid answer to him during the interview that why your guardian is sponsoring you. Maybe like, after your parents death your parents property is handed over to him. He has been getting profit from all this. So now he is just returning some percent of that profit. Just think about it James, you will find a good answer.

  66. Hello,

    Congrats Deepak. Even my US F1 Visa was approved today. My interview was pretty straight forward as well. I had the same questions but my replies were different. My VO asked what universities I had applied to and I replied that it was so and so university. Then she asked me why did I select this specific university out of all of them to which I honestly replied that this was the only one I got an admit into. She asked me why do you think that happened( Making a face this time) to which I replied (as honestly and as objectively as I could) according to the rejection letters, there were too many over qualified applicants this time (She made a face again). This was followed by a question about my future plans and then she we seem to be ok here and your visa should be stamped in another 2-3 days if everything is fine and then handed me a orientation pamphlet.

    None of my supporting documents were checked either.

    I think the key is to keep it short, so that the VO has more obvious questions to ask, rather than getting into details(after all they have to make a decision in a very short time). Also rather than giving your opinions about what happened and why, just say things the way they are.

  67. Deepak, am rili happy for you and I must say a big congratulations for scaling that hurdle really. Just that, I would really love to know what you filled in ur duration in ur DS-160, with regards to the time u wud stay in the US, and also I wanted to find out, how long u ve gained work experience in that particular field..thanks

    1. Dear Sonia, In my I-20 the duration of course is 30 months and course commencement date is 08 Sep, 2010. But in DS-160 I planned to enter into US on 10 August, 2010. That makes my trip and intended length of stay equal to 31 months. That's what I filled in duration of stay. I have two years of work experience as a Mechanical Engineer in Manufacturing and Power Sector.

  68. Hello sir, I would like to inquire about something please ?

    I got a low score on the TOEFL, and I selected one university to work for with. right now I'm working with the university for getting I-20. In the interview, If the VO asked me how many universities you have selected what should I say ? and If he asked me do you have relatives there in the US ? what should I SAY too ?

    Kindly do an input, and thanks for any your nice TOPIC, it helps . good luck and have a nice trip to the states.

    1. mohmad just tell the truth if u have anyone like brother or sister or parents or spouse or child say yes otherwise say no.

      u need not tell abt. the univs. that rejected u but try 2 say 5 univs. at least. Large nos. show ur keeness in studying in US.

  69. Hi,, I applied for F1 Visa today from UAE,, VO has informed me that the Visa has been approved, but we cant issue it now,, we need some adminstration process?

    What dose it mean? why some student get their F1 within 3 days !!

    1. Jamal, maybe you have applied a bit earlier or they need additional documents. If they need additional documents they will let you know.

  70. OOPS ! That info regarding DS form was never been told by anyone.nice pick pal.good luck with your future…hey HSB hows it going mate !!

  71. WHOAAAHHH, i have been reading alot of visa interview experiences lately but i must thank you "deepak" . that info regarding DS

  72. sir, my gre score is 960 n i m starting to apply for univ's in ee field n my agre is 65%(2 bk logs)

    will dr be any pblm during visa time

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