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F1 Visa Rejected Twice for Bachelors Degree – I’ve Got No Options Other Than To Die

I’ve been rejected twice by the US Consulate at New Delhi for  Spring.

I wanted to pursue B.S. in Computer Science.

I got admission with a scholarship worth $10,375 per year. But things didn’t turn out as expected on both F1 Visa Interviews.

First F1 Visa Experience 

Me: Good Morning Sir! (Smilingly)

VO: Hey, A very good morning.

VO: So what program do you wish to pursue?

Me: Computer Science, Sir.

VO: Ok, so which university are you planning to attend?

Me: Lindenwood University, Missouri.

VO: Which all universities did you apply to?
Me: Montana State University, Cameron University (Oklahoma) and Valparaiso University (Indiana).

VO: So why Lindenwood?

Me: Sir, this university is the best match for my profile in terms, of course, curriculum and finances. Plus, I’ve been in touch with some of the faculty members.

VO: Sorry sir, I cannot issue you a visa today

Me: Thank you, sir.

All my hard work and dreams came down crashing in less than 1 minute.

Second F1 Visa Interview Experience  

Me: A very good morning, ma’am! (Cheerfully)

VO: (A rude lady in late 40’s)- Good morning. *scans my DS-160* You’ve got prior visa refusals, right?

Me: Yes, ma’am, but only once.

VO: Where did you apply at that time?

Me: Here, in New Delhi.

VO: Which school are you going to attend?

Me: Lindenwood  University, Missouri, ma’am.

VO: So were you going to the same university at that time?

Me: Yes, ma’am.

VO: Which course?

Me: Bachelors in Computer Science.

VO: How old are you?

Me: 18, ma’am.  *typing on the computer*

VO (abruptly): Even today I cannot issue you a visa. Probably this explains the reason. *Hands me over the same 214(b) paper*

Me: Would you like to see my documents, ma’am?

VO: No, we don’t see any documents. Please leave and thanks for coming.

Me: Thank you ma’am. And I’m utterly upset now.

My parents were stressing it out big time in preparing documents, applying for an education loan, making arrangements for the funds. But all their efforts went in vain.

They were so upset but they didn’t blame me for this, instead, they were cheering me up. I’m feeling pity for my parents.

I don’t think I’ll be issued an F-1 Visa even if I apply for the Fall term with a different profile. Seriously, I’ve got no options other than to Die.

F1 Visa Rejection Analysis

Sorry to see that visa is rejected twice, but getting US visa rejection is not the end of the world. Please cheer up and God’s will have a better plan for you for now.

After reading your F1 Visa interview, Happy School’s reader (& mom) wrote this just for you – My Son’s Journey to the USA took 3 years to F1 Visa.

Here’s the key to getting F1 Visa Approval.



h4 to f1 visa rejected reasons


If and when F1 visa is rejected, please don’t go back to your F1 Visa interview without deep dive and analysis.

You have to know “exactly” why your visa was rejected. There’s always more than one reason.

My guess, you did not realize the reason for Rejection in your first interview could be low quality or generic answer you gave.

VO: So why Lindenwood?

Me: Sir, this university is the best match for my profile in terms, of course, curriculum and finances. Plus, I’ve been in touch with some of the faculty members.

And, when your visa interviews is shared in the form of text, it doesn’t give insights into your communication skill. Maybe, your answers did not convince the Visa Officer.

I know the pain you must be going through after F1 student visa had been denied twice. But, remember, life throws challenges at us to make us stronger.

This is a challenge and you should get stronger to face bigger challenges in life. Don’t give up hope.

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  1. Can I have details of any us student visa experts? My brother applied twice continuously and twice it got rejected ed. Should he apply immediately. Please help us

  2. Hope you are doing fine now. I guess in first interview, telling that the selection is based on finances could be wrong option. You can tell curriculum and rank wise its the best option you have among selected univs. In second interview VO says its due to your age. You cant do anything for that. Please don’t get upset. You are going to have a great fortune somewhere else. Or you might already have tried another interview by not revealing your age. Just take it easy. There are infinite reasons for you to live than your one reason to die.

  3. Please suggest me …
    My dream is study ms in usa, after completing my graduation i knew that 16 years of education is required for ms so i did mba to complete 16 years of education and increae my acadamics.
    Im planning for spring2014,so can u please suggest me if vo asks why you wanna do exactly another master? What should i say???

  4. My visa has been rejected twice in between the month June and July.The orientation month of my college is in August so do you think that if i give this attempt with more preparations i will be approved??

  5. My visa has been rejected twice in between the month June and July.The orientation month of my college is in August so do you think that if i give this attempt with more preparations i will be approved??M really depressed right now…i dont know what to do…

  6. Don’t worry boy just find some expert who can help you out in such situation.Don’t feel bad.Despite of rejected many times,I finally managed to get the visa.keep some patients.All the best .

  7. Thanks a lot folks for your support. Finally, I’ve decided that I WON’T GIVE UP AND GIVE IT A GO ONCE AGAIN!!! I re-applied to 3 universities (University of Wyoming, Alabama State University and South Dakota State University) and I’ve received I2o’s from all of ’em. Now all I’ve to do is schedule an appointment and appear for the visa interview. And I’m sure I’d come out with flying colors this time… 🙂 Cheers!

  8. I heard they make a decision before you’re even interviewed, by checking your papers, so if you tend to have any family staying illegally in the States or anything that can incriminate you, that can be the reason.

  9. Hey and why the hell u want to die , I would just like to ask you have you seen here the life in USA , If you a are dying because you are not getting USA visa and you wont be able to experience USA life i think its not worth it .

  10. My advice to the student mentioned above is try either Australia or Uk for undergrad. Later you can easily go to Us for graduate if put total effort in your undergarduate education. Almost 15 years back , I have had excellent scores in SAT and TOEFL (1560 and 660) and full funding for four years at univ of penn but before that i had two years gap (didnt enrol in any college) so i was refused a visa out right. The visa officer only kept asking why don’t you study in India and then go for graduate studies. , why you ddin’t join any college last ywo years blah blah…..of course, later I was even rejected visa to australia as prospective immigrant and UK refused me saying bank statement not perfect.

    Ironically, later I got HSMP for UK and immigration for australia. but didn’t after being in both the countries for a year or more ,realized I didn’t want to be there and returned home to india.

    I am even afraid of applying for a visit visa to US even though all my family is settled there because what kind of a..h..es the VO are. they will be more than willing to give you a visa if you have a conceret plan to be a terrorist in USA. If i had stayed in australia and got citizenship would have gone to us without hassle but decided never to go to USA anyway.

    USA is not the end of the world. They didn’t allow Modi now they are crawling at his feet. take a leaf from his book and proceed in life.

  11. I sincerely doubt that those were the only questions asked….I think the OP carefully cut out other questions posed to him that he messed up….because none of the questions from either interview contained questions about future plans, what his parents do, etc.

  12. akki.bhardwaj10 —– really wanted to help you answer your question for being rejected.

    Did you check the orientation dates for all the universities you applied for??

    The thing is never ever never favor one university in front of the VO saying why this university suits your needs. For them all universities are good. Give a reason that does not sound bias.

    I got rejected the first time cause my answer was favoring one university. I forgot the main reason why I chose this particular university. I got it the second time as I told them that the other universities I have applied to are starting on the same day i was interviewing…and it was a fact for me. Don’t know in your case.

    Hope this helps.

  13. Hey dude, time for some tough talk. If you ever say your only option is to die because you did not get a god damn visa to the god damn USA, I am going to smack you hard. Listen up kid, millions before you have been rejected a visa to US, not because they were stupid, not because they were ineligible, not because they did not do their best; but because the VO did not like their sight, or because he had a fight with his wife in the morning. They did not die, their life did not come to an abrupt end, their dreams were not shattered. They just found a better opportunity, and moved on.

    Now, don’t inflate yourself too much, your university selection is damn poor, and had I been the VO, I would have rejected you. Hell, probably even you sitting in that seat would have probably rejected yourself. The $10K “scholarship” you are bragging about is essentially worthless, it is a tuition waiver that is routinely offered to almost every student just like the round-the-year 50% off discounts.

    Don’t cry yourself hoarse over this, you probably did your best. Even if you didn’t, you can’t really change that now. Get into a good university here in India, complete your bachelors with a good GPA, and try again 4 years later. The major reason you got rejected twice was you did nothing to improve or change any god damn thing between the two attempts. Give yourself four years, make those changes, get admit from a good university, walk out with your F1 visa, and look back on your younger self. I am sure you would have a hearty laugh.

    Now, get back to studying before I kick your tiny little arse, punk!

  14. oh common bro…! i got my visa rejected 4 times ( 2 times for fall 2012 and 2 times for spring 2013).. even though i had a better scores and good percentile from my secondary education to the under graduation level. i got first class with distinction in my b.tech without any backlogs… i got an admission from moderate state universities… still i m finding my self to do better and crack visa for the fall 2013…. so don’t be emotional ..it’s jst a part of life in ur way to success… try again but don’t loose ur confidence…be confident with wt ur having and wt ur saying infront of V.O even though u have less score and low ranked university admission.

      1. You should try…..Get a BEST visa counselor available in the city…look for flaws in your case…I got visa after 6 rejections…Nothing is impossible if you have time,men and willpower…it takes courage and attitude to face real challenges…

  15. There can be reason for the first time,because for just knowing the professors there, should they give VISA to u…….

  16. You university selection raised the red flag. None of the university that you applied is of at least a known one except somewhat Montana State. But still, and your answers were just abrupt. You are trinyg for bachelors program. rejections tend to be highest for bachelor programs. and your age 18. All these factors lead to rejection. Even when all these was alright, you did not have a vision of what you are going to do in the states, what is your plan , how that education will help you to do something meaningful in life. Just getting an admist in medicore university is not a big deal. You have to prove lot more on that. So just just stay in India finish bachelors there get good grades in your degree and apply for masters or PhD after 4 years. You will be mature till then enough to have the vision as I described.

    Good luck and be cool and enjoy life in India and have a solid plan for at least 4 years now onwards!

    1. With all due respect, I’d like to apprise you of the fact that your point doesn’t hold water. It’s absolutely preposterous I should say. F-1 VISAS DON’T HINGE UPON THE UNIVERSITIES. Your statement reflects that IVY LEAGUE universities or high priced universities are going to fetch one a visa. Come on man…! You gotta be kiddin’. Let me assure you I’ve seen people getting their visas denied and they had admissions in University of Southern California, Carnegie Mellon University, John Hopkins University, Yale University etc. On the other hand people admitted in Community colleges like Northwest College (Wyoming), Norwalk Community College (Connecticut) got their visas approved. Acceptance/denial clearly depends upon the psyche of the Consular Officer. Are they gonna recollect the names of the top 100 universities while interviewing the candidate??? They’ve got nothing to do with your universities in which you’ve got admission.
      Pardon me if my way manner of helping the realization dawn on you was too brusque.

      1. I don’t know if that was a reply to my comment. If it was then I should explain my point. I didn’t mean to say that this guy’s visa was rejected because of mediocre university selection. That was just a part of it. There were whole host of factors that I explained in my comment. Read it carefully and then come back at me. University name is not the only aspect they are looking for but its the important one that decides if the applicant is a serious student. At least a state university with nominal reputation is fine. This guy is/was going for bachelor program and he is 18 and he accepted at mediocre university and applied only three. So If I was the visa officer I would get suspicious that he wants to immigrate to the States. You have to think on visa officers point of view. Criticizing others is just shows immaturity. I hope this clears.

        1. With all due respect, your comments are just baseless. Merits of a University do not count as long as you are able to present why you plan to study in that particular university. I got my visa approved on 7th june for graduation at Troy Univ, AL. The VO didnt even knw about it unless he check it in the SEVIS. I was just asked what made me take up journalism and believe me or not I had gone through NO mocks. You should just know your profile from A to Z and answer confidently and well. That’s just more than enough. Hope I was not rude at all.

      2. @akshay agree with you. Rejections are not based on what universities you apply for whether big or small. The thing is to sound confident about what you want and why you want.

      3. @Rohan, @sachi- I completely disagree with you guys… In one of the seminars given by consulate guys themselves, 1 guy said that the % of rejections to Ivy League candidates or atleast candidates for reputed universities is very very low as compared to some 3rd grade universities. He also said that ” We do know the fact that most candidates never come back after their studies, but we atleast try to make sure that only genuine candidates get through rather than some pedestrian.” Even I agree that luck plays a very important part, but c’mon dude, a Southern Illinois University candidate is bound to be grilled more as compared to a candidate for CMU….

  17. Try to pick reputed universities.But you may not get funding.The VO sees you as someone who wants to get into the USA someway.

  18. Aditya,

    In your description of the second visa interview you mention that you were handed (once again) a 214(b) when the visa was refused to you. Per US’s State Department 214(b) usually relates to a non-immigrant visa applicant’s (which an F-1 applicant is) inability to establish an intention to not “immigrate” to the US. In other words, if you failed to suitably convince the consulate’s visa officer of your “ties” to home country, you may/will be denied a non-immigrant visa.

    Having said that, I am still surprised that you were denied a student visa even though you’d already secured a scholarship.

    In any case, like many other commenters have said, this is not the end of the world – not by a long shot. I’d go so far to say that this may actually be a blessing in disguise. For the reputation of the school that you go to matters as much in the US and other western countries as it does in India, if not more. You seem to be very worried, or atleast anxious, about the fact that your family left no stone unturned to arrange funds for you to be able to go study in the US. If that is really so, then you should of this visa refusal like this: the amount of money that you’d have ended up spending on one year of 4-year undergrad in the US will be more than sufficient for you to complete your engineering degree from a decent engineering college in India, even if you were to get a paid seat.

    Moreover, like a few others have said, there are other avenues to explore – you could/should apply to universities in other countries. I’d suggest Canada. There a few good schools in Canada. Also, Canada’s immigration policy is in flux and they increasingly seem to be inclined to “retain” the engineers that they are training in their universities. One can get a ‘work-permit’ right after completing ones degree and stay back in the country to find a job and subsequently work. After obtaining a degree from here and working for a year, one is eligible to apply for Permanent Residence (PR). Actually, something similar is in the works in the US too! But no one can confidently predict when that’ll happen. The politics of it all in the US is too fickle.

    Don’t get disheartened Aditya – the same goes for other prospective international students who are looking to pursue studies, be it an undergrad or a graduate degree, from a western country.

    So, do not be afraid to explore other avenues. There are many other avenues that one can/should explore. IMHO, the importance of an undergraduate and/or graduate education is decreasing with every passing year – it is especially of Computer Science and related areas. Increasingly, the employers are looking for people who are good at doing stuff and do not necessarily care about the letters of the alphabet that are suffixed to your name. Just keep your head down, but keep your chin up. Alright?

    All the very best.
    – aman

  19. Just after two rejections life is not finished…Not At ALL…I have gone through multiple rejections…but as of now I am doing masters in comp Sci in California..get a good consultant n look where u went wrong…..Believe me everything is possible if u r determined n ur approach is right…

  20. Try going to US consulate at Chennai for the interview. Those guys are fair and if you deserve it you will get it in Chennai.

  21. Aditya,

    I dont even care to read through you experience, the title itself makes me mad. Dont you think you need to change you attitude toward “failures” to achieve anything in life? Well change your attitude and trust me things will change for better. Second, I have seen people claim/announce to ‘die/sucide/blah’ do that to get more attention and sympathy , do you think that will help you at this stage? Trust me , analyzing the situation and getting some expert advice will definitely help.

    As for the visa rejection, I am not an expert and whatever I wanted to said.

    Good Luck “Fail Fast , Learn Fast”

  22. Don’t be mad at me but anyone can get a funded admit in a US university. However, there is difference between getting admit from a California State University, Florida Intl university VS Georgia Tech, MIT, Penn State university, Princeton University and many more.

    The University you told is not even in top 100 !!!

    And Friend for your kind information, Visa for UT Dallas are rejected in bulk which is in Top 100.

    Getting a funded admit from a third class university does not makes you eligible for a Visa (Read Embassy Website! ). Even a 14 year old kid can get funded admit from a US University of low stature. My words might sound harsh but that’s the bitter reality.

    No Visa interviewer will care a damn if you don’t have a single penny in your pocket and you have unfunded admit from Carnegie Mellon University, Stanford and you would be INSTANTLY granted Visa.

  23. hi aditya,this is harish.It is easy for all to soothe you or give some advice about refute of visa.I know how harder it is to make our mind precise from that heinous incident.I also got visa rejected for two times and iam n a same position as you.But the suggestion i give is to change your profile.That means to retake gre or sat or toefl and go for next time.So dont prefer for studying in aus,canada or any countries.Try for us or study in india.Hope for better

  24. Hi Aditya
    First of all i got visa rejected 4 times ,so what that’s not the end of the world ok buddy . Try for alternatives you have many other countries than US ok . Try Canada or Australia .You have lot options only thing is you to wait for few months tats it ok .You said you are applying for computer science tats good unlike me, as i am in health science related field which many countries have strict rules and pre-requisites. But for you its easy to get admission yaar. See if you wanna die for 2 rejections then i should die twice by now. so don’t ever think of giving up as it hurts your parents than their labor done in processing your visa papers. You have many options ok. If you know how to use google just give a try you will get the answers . Bye buddy

  25. The taught of wanting to die shows how immature you. Please do not take this as an insult. US consulate officers knows how challenging it is to study in US. Assuming you are in US, and encountered a tough situation, you will think of dying. Maybe they saw through you. You have to be strong and fight to survive in this ever dynamic world.

  26. Hey Friend cheer up man ! don’t get tired you’ve just need sort out the oddness. compare your session experience with the one’s posted in HSB and have conversation with people who’ve got visa after 2nd or 3rd attempt. soon you’ll get the clue…There is only one difference between the greatmen and ordinary – thirst for ambition. Hope you have it.


  27. It is unfortunate that your visa got rejected twice. But, you want TO DIE. SERIOUSLY? Don’t act absurd. US is not the end of the world. Try for other places in Europe, or even Singapore. Computer Science is really good in Germany too. There is certainly something better in store for you. My friend got two rejections for F1, just like you and he was disheartened. But, he went to Germany in a good university and is now really doing well. So, restart your search for colleges now!

    1. aditya i agree with menorca USA is not the end of the world………..if u ask me i would still suggest bachelors in india because u have great univs in india for bachelors which i say slightly better than US univs(i am saying into the standard involved)……..i would still consider taking masters in abroad due to the fact of the indian system of education for masters in technical is not in par with the true standard…………………….now coming to ur rejection guys in the consulate have no idea why they are rejecting u they have a quota eachday for selection, second point policies are stringent and lastly everyone opts for USA……………….let me tell u oneting guys go to USA due to fancy jobs(no one knows the true scenario) but europe is way ahead in education better than US, germany offers free education, at the outset if i ask me europe is way better than USA please apply there……………………………..i am sorry that u have been rejected twice stay positive and think patiently dont panic and ur thinking of USA being too good(ur mistaken……..since lakhs apply there they have the liberty to reject but if its other way round scenario will change…well i guess we indians dont change when it comes to usa) s think about it and all the best

  28. Your situation is definitely complicated but it does not mean the end of world in any way. Difficulties are always going to come, even after you manage to land in a foreign country for your education.

    With regards to doing your Bachelor you have got pretty good options in India. If you are inclined to do it overseas, then you can also check out Canada, Australia, Germany, UK and France.

    In Germany there are lot of good institutions both public as well as private. In all the public universities, you pay no fees or relatively negligible fees. At the same time you get world class facilities and possibility to be part of top notch research work especially in the TU9 (like TU Munich, RWTH Aachen). Check out DAAD Inida website for more preliminary information in this regard. Additionally, there are a lot of dedicated research institutions here where you can work as student assistants. I think you can still apply for 2013 session to German universities.

    I gave you more information about German universities as I know more about them since I am doing my MS here.

    Take a break and clear your head of this negativity.

      1. Hi Amin

        First please check the DAAD India website for a start. You can find a lot of information there.

        For Master’s there are lot of options and quite a lot of them only need TOEFL or IELTS. Requirements are different depending on the universities. Also check out http://www.StudyinGermany.de.

  29. Dude.. give it a try once again.. If thats all you want, go for it..
    I was rejected the visa 3ice… got thru in 4th.. Dnt give up..ATB..:)

  30. Hey

    Your situation is definitely complicated but it does not mean the end of world in any way. Difficulties are always going to come, even after you manage to land in a foreign country for your education.

    With regards to doing your Bachelor you have got pretty good options in India. If you are inclined to do it overseas, then you can also check out Canada, Australia, Germany, UK and France.

    In Germany there are lot of good institutions both public as well as private. In all the public universities, you pay no fees or relatively negligible fees. At the same time you get world class facilities and possibility to be part of top notch research work especially in the TU9 (like TU Munich, RWTH Aachen). Check out DAAD Inida website for more preliminary information in this regard. Additionally, there are a lot of dedicated research institutions here where you can work as student assistants. I think you can still apply for 2013 session to German universities.

    I gave you more information about German universities as I know more about them since I am doing my MS here.

    Take a break and clear your head of this negativity.

  31. I can suggest another option, Get admitted in an engineering college in India, complete 3 to 4 semesters and then apply again to transfer to an US school with credit transfer , you can save both time and money and at the end you ll get a degree from us school.

  32. Hello lil brother!,

    calm down..you are too young (I am 27 years old and doing my MS in EE, lived in India for 26 years of my life) to think anything too seriously. coming over to US may not really fetch ALL that you want in life. So, dont think like, you lost everything. you just lost 2 Visa interview chances. nothing more than that. I would suggest this for you, even if you are trying for Fall-2013 admission in the US, you should keep options open to do you Bachelors in India too or in some other country of your preference. Its not advisable to be dependent on a single option.

    Good Luck!
    Be Brave! 🙂

  33. Hi adity,
    I am not here to tell you that you should have done this, you should done that,you should have gone for consultancy all that stuff.After all if we know that we would get rejected doing few things why would any one do that. But,one thing I want to tell you for sure is- the thought to die just because you got rejected is very wrong.Such thought should never come to your mind.I totally understand your situation as i was denied visa in my first attempt and I was going through the same phase.I personally know how much money,time one would have spent on this and I also now how parents feel for us. Infact Same taught had crossed my mind at the time I was rejected and that’s why i am here responding to this post.But you need to take this as challenge and come back.It’s not the end of the career not life. I should here mention about one blog and the developer of the same i,e HSB which helped me to overcome that.They showed me other doors for success in career/life which boosted my confidence levels.There are lot of visa experience posted from which you analyse where you went wrong and try to avoid that next time.I had consultation with HSB & did all that i could do in one month,took all the test again improved my profile in every way I could and finally,got my visa for the second time.Have faith in your self and you will soon achieve success and the next term is not far.Almighty wants you to spend some more time with your parents & family before you leave to usa next term.The more you are relaxed the more your parents will be happy.

  34. Lol are you kidding? End your life??? Your parents are loving. What more could you ask for? Degrees/US and stuff is just a fad, nothing great. These things aren’t important dude. Your parents love you and will so whther you go to US or in study in India. Anyways if you still want to end your life please take some politicians along with you as well. It would be very helpful. 😛

  35. Hi ,

    I can only see one reason that you were rejected for your visa. You need a really convincing answer to prove that you are interested in pursuing higher education in U.S.

    “Sir, this university is the best match for my profile in terms of course, curriculum and finances. Plus I’ve been in touch with some of the faculty members” – seems too vague.

    If I was in your place I would have spoken about the research at the university by a particular professor or a particular subject which interests you the most and is being offered only at the university you have choosen.

    My suggesstion to you would be to defer your admissions for fall 2013 and meet a counselor at USEFI and see what they have to say about your status.

    All the best.

  36. Inadequate information posted by the administrator.
    What is this candidate’s TOEFL, IELTS, SAT scores?
    I can help this person out if he really needs it. Get the email from the admin. There is no such thing as visa expert and this blogsite is not helpful at all when it comes to Bachelor’s. I have figured it out three years ago. I feel sympathetic for that person. Anyway, things can be done.
    – Vignesh

  37. Dont select private universities when you are mentioning a public university and also mention about your finances.

    “…this university is the best match for my profile in terms of course, curriculum and finances. ” is a wrong statement to make and if you make you should explain each point clearly.

    Again selecting the same university for the same course for the second time only creates a impression that you are not a learner of mistakes in the mind of the interviewer and hence without asking you further questions he/she will reject you.

    Finally, yes, we all feel to die when it is bad but this is not the time to die, it is the time to overcome your problem. You need to be strong and confident (particularly in the interview) !

    All the best !


  39. Sorry, to hear it bro. But, as the admin suggested, its not the end of the world.
    There are other good countries too to pursue your masters like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK etc.

    These universities are equally competent and offer good courses too.
    You can always try these universities too 🙂

  40. follow your heart and burn your mind .
    You will make choices in life. Sometimes they wont all be right. control is essential but decision isnt your concern . life is living not thinking about living when you reach somewhere.
    do what you wont regret 5 years later. sit one night read all these posts and decide period

  41. These are the possible explanations I am looking at with respect to the VISA rejections-
    1. The university has to be really good with respect to your profile. Otherwise, it shows that you simply want to land here in US. As the university is not upto the mark for your credentials, you wil do well, get a job in US and settle in US.
    2. An embassy officer asks you for financial documents for three reasons- a) To establish that you have enough funds to pursue education in US b) Your parents have enough funds to take care of themselves (That’s why they don’t except the Pension and other funds as financial asset for proving sufficient funds) c) Another not so convincing point I was told by someone is that it establishes that you have strong ties with your country and are bound to come back.

    So, you screwed up on both the points- You said that it suits your finances. And the Visa officer outrightly asked you if you are applying to the same university.

    So, don’t look at it as end of life. Try to look at it as an event that led you to hate meritocracy.

    Go Blue!!

  42. Hi My Friend,
    I can see the disappointment in your post. The use of words such as “skindhead”, and “rude lady”. Is your opinion of them based on the rejection of your visa ? Did you do an analysis of your performance and profile before applying the next time. It is very obvious that if you dont make any changes to your profile the second time you cannot expect a different result than rejection. I know you are more gutted because of the chance of studying on a scholarship.
    One reason of the denial could be you being offered a scholarship. Another could be the profile of the university.
    You have to understand that there is a lot of resentment in the USA about foreign students getting scholarships. I might be wrong but this might have affected your chances. Unless you are an exceptionally bright student the VO will not be convinced that you deserve to go to college with a scholarship.
    It is one of those situations where nobody can be blamed. Now, whatever has happened is past. Stop thinking how much hard everyone did to make this happen. Lets look at some of the options that you have got.
    1) You could apply again but this time you have to change your significantly. I am not sure of the profile of the university you opted for, but if it is low then change it. If your score is low try another attempt at GRE and improve your profile. No point doing your undergrad from USA if it is not significantly better than what is offered in India.
    2) You could look at other countries. Australia and Canada are also attractive options.
    3) Loose the thought of quitting. You are 18 with numerous options in life. Do you really think that there is no other option in the world. Do you really think that you have given your best and you cannot improve further. Another thing talk to your parents. This helps every time. Tell them what you are going through as there is no shame in admitting that to your parents. Take some time off of this application process because you might be exhausted mentally and emotionally. You ll see the difference. Come back and analyse your options form a different angle. You ll be able to make a sound decision then. Remember there is but many ways to score a goal.
    I hope you go through each and every post here because these people take time off to help you. I hope you respect this gesture and take the positives from each post. I hope you succeed in all your endeavors.
    All the best.

  43. You should try to some other Uni and make some strong profile because both the time you were rejected after asking your Uni. Second you should try Canada. You’ll find reputed Uni as well as USA in lower tuition fees. At last what is your SAT and TOEFL/IELTS score?

  44. Hey, I read your Visa interviews.Believe me I had researched so much in Visa interviews.I can help you.I had seen guys rejected 7 times and accepted for the 8 th time.What I deduce from your visa interviews is wrong university selection bcoz in the second interview VO asked you emphatically about the Univ.The other thing you broached in your finances in Why this university question? It is the make or break question.I don’t know your SAT scores.If you can rely on me,may be I can help you to crack the third interview .Dont worry its free of cost 🙂

  45. Heyy buddy, search for a post in this blog where a guy wanted to do PHD and got that opportunity after FIVE LONG YEARS OF CONTINUOUS tries. C’mon man, you are so younger and you have a LLLLLOOOTTTT of time, prepare weel, find your mistaes, TAKE RAGHU’s HELP, He knows what he says. He can help youa lot. U R 18 remeber this. Just dont let that passion die in you. KEEP TRYING!!!

  46. get admit in any decent engg. college in India and prepare well for gre and get good score and apply to good univ. so that vo will be forced to grant you the visa .

    1. What do you mean by good GRE score? How much he should get at the minimum in GRE for it to be good and eligible for Top Univ?

      1. If you have above 60% least in engg. from any college in India.The more,the better. and GRE score above 1250+.You can get admit in universities ranking from 40 onwards depending upon profile.

  47. Dont take tension dude. I am an IITian and my visa was rejected twice for MS for Fall 12. Trust me, it can happen with anyone. Just improve your profile, there are very good engineering colleges in India also. I believe atleast 100 colleges are better in India than where you were going for BS, with expenses less than 25% of what you were going to pay. Do well in undergraduate, maintain a good GPA, get involved in decent research activities and then apply again for Masters. You are definitely going to crack a Top 30 this time. ATB

      1. IITians also get visa rejections/pink slips all the time. The brand only gets you that far. But the good part is that there is a decent chance that the VO knows ‘IIT’ and looks at your profile favorably and hence you can weave an answer in your interview. It happened to me as well as many of my friends.
        Secondly, to the author of this post: Friend, relax. Academic potential-vise you have a much better chance of developing yourself here in India than in the university you were going to. Secondly, when you don’t apply to a tier 1,2,3 university the VO has the liberty to assess this topic:’ What will an average american, because he also has a fair chance, do if he was given your position. How many job opportunities will it affect.’ It sounds lame, but this was told to me by a VO of 5 years who is currently working in the HR section of Cornell University. So don’t worry too much about this and look for a college and trust me getting an MS admission in America, even at fancy places, is a cakewalk these days.

  48. Hey hi dude,,,Thinking to end your life….Are you mad.Let me start by giving you examples along with verifiable data.Sideshwar Birajdar facebook link https://www.facebook.com/sidheshwar.birajdar?group_id=0 rejected twice or thrice NYU Poly from Mumbai.He took a job after rejection and prepared for CAT and got 97.xx this year.
    Another example Parichit Dev facebook link https://www.facebook.com/parichit.dev rejected thrice from NYU Poly.He was dejected and now currently pursuing MBA finance from IIT Mumbai by clearing CAT.
    Take my example rejected 4 times for NYU poly cat percentile 91.68.

    We people also are living.I agree may be you cant achieeve such high percentile,,there are many decent colleges in INdia.So chill and get the job.

    The reason for your rejection are bad selection of univ and luck factor too…So dude everything happens for our own good.
    So chill.

  49. Guys there were lot of very good options in life other than doing suicide.

    life teaches by pain and then we achieve.

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