F1 Visa Interview Experiences

You can be Successful in US, but F1 Visa is Denied – Oklahoma City University

I have applied for Oklahoma City University & got rejected on my 1st attempt in Hyderabad consulate.

My F1 Visa interview was very crisp & dint go too long. The VO rejected a student and a Dependent Visa just before me.

My interview went as below,  please suggest me on what corrections do i need to make for the next attempt.

Student Visa Interview

Myself – Hello Sir
VO – Hello

VO – Looks at my I 20 , how did you get to know about this university?
Myself – There was a fair conducted in Hyderabad , amongst all the schools i chose this & also the Uni Director , XXX had explained abt the Uni.

VO – How many backlogs ?
Myself – 7

VO – Whats your father ?
Myself – Works as transhipment Manager

VO – Transsss… ?? typing in the computer
Myself – Repeated slowly , Tran- ship – ment manager

VO – Whats your Fathers income
Myself – 6 laks PA

VO – But ypur I 20 says , 40,000 $
Myself – Sir , even my brother & mother work & i also saved for my education

VO – Work experience
Myself – 3 Years

VO – Where ?
Myself – XXX International Services

Myself – Smiled

VO – you worked as?
Myself – Customer resolution Expert

VO – Oh , That’s why your English is so Good
Myself – Thank you !

VO – How many universities  did you apply?
Myself – OU & 1 More ( I 20’s which I have ) also applied for 2 more for which am awaiting my admits

VO – Ok Mam , You can definitely succeed in the US , but it looks like you wanna go there to work & settle down but not study ( Handling the PP & White slip to me ).
Myself – No sir , i can also justify why i want to study , I wanna come back and work in my company

VO – Also . the universities you applied made me feel so . Am very sorry , but i cannot issue u a VISA , I can only suggest you to reapply
Myself – Thank you !!

Can you please suggest me , where went wrong?

What can I do to improve for my next Attempt?

Can I change any of the info told to him in the First Int ( backlogs , etc ).
Also am planing to book in different Consulate as am not getting any dates in Hyderabad. My university reporting date is June 23. Please advise asap.

F1 Rejection and Options

Visa officer gave you the reason for rejection. So, before going for next interview address that problem.

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  1. Dear Friends,
    I got Rejected for this University, but this University is good,one of my friend doing his MS CS in Oklahoma City University, I feel i got rejected because I was not confident n need to give much explanation and proper reasons

  2. Use Usnews and other ranking sites and at least apply to 6 universities. Top 2 should be the ones you know you won’t get into, but you want to get into. Middle 2 are good universities you’re pretty sure you’ll get into, and the bottom 1 or 2 should be a university that you can use as your worst case scenario place.

    Never get taken aback by the price tag of a university, most good schools give tons of merit scholarships, and private universities usually give need based aid even to international students. Look for better options, don’t pick a university just because the cost is low, and always pick a university from the NATIONAL RANKINGS, not the REGIONAL ones. There’s a reason they made it to the national rankings and you should research on that.

  3. frnds i too got rejected for oklahoma city university……..last month 31st……..

    But i went well with my interview i dont no why i got rejected…………………

  4. Dear All,

    Try to know about the Universities (Below Average / Avarage / Good / Best Profile) you applied for and I-20’s you got received.

    After Trivalley University (Low Profile) incident,
    Majority Visa Officers concentrate on the profiles of the list of Universities the students applied and the list of I-20’s they got received from the applied list.

    The profile of the University you are approaching the US Consulate plays a vital role in decision making on VISA by Visa Officer.

    So be alert at the time of applying to US Universities.

    Every student need to do research about the Universities and their requirements (% Marks, GRE & TOEFL) and their dead lines (Scholarships, Admission & Departmental) and the complete Application Process.

    So don’t fell into the traps of Overseas Educational Consultants, those who are unable to select the list of Universities according to your profile, while you are applying to USA Universities.

    For the average Profile students, So many state Universities are there having good chances in getting admission along with funding as well.

    Genarally the profile are evalutes as follows:


    AVERAGE 60+ 1000+ 80+ AVERAGE
    GOOD 70+ 1200+ 90+ GOOD
    BEST 80+ 1400+ 100+ BEST

    According to the profile of student, the selection of Universities are as well while applying to Unioversities..

    For all the problems, Lack of awareness in the following ones:

    1. Right time to take coaching for GRE & TOEFL i.e. In 2nd year of your Engineering
    2. Right time to wright GRE & TOEFL Exams i.e. Holydays after 3rd year Exams
    3. Right time to Apply for Universities: One year before i.e. Agust-Jan
    4. Best time to apply for VISA i.e. May & June Months for Fall & September &
    October for Spring
    5. Best time to travel to reach Universities: Agust for fall & December for Spring

    Then you got received Number of I-20’s, then
    Finalize the University based on the following few factors:

    – Best Destination i.e. Industrial Analysis, Ex. For MS in CS, TX/CA/WA/NY are best
    States to apply for Universities in those states because majarity of companies
    related to coputer field are located in those state only
    – Funding i.e. Scholarships, Assistance ships & Fellowships etc.,
    – Course Curriculum i.e. Subjects going to cover / syllabus
    – Faculty i.e. the proffessors those who thought the programs
    – Labs i.e. state of art laboratory facilities
    – Industrial Tie-Ups
    – Research
    – Student to Faculty Ratio
    – Placement track record
    – Feedback from Previous years Students


    [email protected]

    1. Dear Venkat,

      I have began my application process. The course I am looking at applying for does not require GMAT or GRE. Even TOEFL was waived for me.. Kindly advise if this will prose any problem when given the admission during my VISA interview.
      Thank you.

    2. thz a huge amount of very gud info that u’ve shared,could tell me anything regarding univs offering bioinfo please

  5. It seems like they are trying to make you greedy for USA and they do not allow you to enter. Even I heard stupid answers from my friends. However, I do not know that it is right or wrong but one of my friend said that he has heard that student was rejected just because visa quota was full said by Visa Consulate Officer. In addition, vo also said that according to him, student was eligible for F-1 visa but because of no vacancy, visa can not be approved.

  6. Always Play safe. Apply for the goverment universities which will probably avoid unwanted questions by VO.If you are financially strong and can convince visa officer then u can apply to any university doesnt matter it is Stratford,Oklahoma City University or Silicon Valley etc..If you are not financially secured then it is better to opt for the state universities which has less expenses and fee that will reflected on ur i-20 .Scholarship is the plus point.

  7. Kranti

    Ya I am completely agree with Hari, coz I am studying in oklahoma city unvi n when I gave visa, VO asked me same kinda que but and I showed income just 4 lac and she asked me twice about coming back in India and fortunately I become sucessful in convencing her at 1st attempt. I think rather than university “coming back India ” is more important, coz unvi is not that bad as above some ppl stated. All the best for next time..n be positive everthing will go good.

  8. i think you went wrong here “i also saved for my education”, may be it altered the way of describing you by v.o

  9. Frnz, i too applied for the same university, pls suggest me how to face the interview, my appointment is on 22 of this month

  10. Hello Friend,

    I can make out easily why your visa was rejected. It is very simple to guess for the reason of ur rejection. The main reason which became the cause for your visa rejection is because of University which you applied for. Oklahoma City University does not have a good reputation not even in US or any where else. I have been to Oklahoma and this university doesnt have any sought of good reputation in the Oklahoma State too.There is one more university in Oklahoma which is among the top university in US(University of Oklahoma).The Second reason of your rejection is may be because of your working history. But now u cannot hide that in your second attempt.The thing you can do right now is select a state university i mean any goverment university and then reapply.Later on u can change ur university when u come to US. But mean while select such university which is owned by state goverment and has a good reputation.Dont worry in second attempt you will make it. Even I got my visa in my second attempt.
    Good Luck!!!

    1. Mustafa Farooqui: The Second reason of your rejection is may be because of your working history.???
      working history?

  11. same thing happened to me today even i applied for the same univ .. everythng went fine till he askd me about my dad’s anual income.. i told its 6.5 lakhs thn he typed some thing … and replied sorry i cant give u visa.
    1. why this univ?
    2.ur acads?
    3. backlogs ?
    4. sponsor / wat he does ?
    5.annual income?
    thats it..

  12. I think you should change your university.My friend who has got admit(B.S) from that university has been denied visa 3 times.There might be a problem with that university and the VO has also confirmed that.So,better change your university and all the best

  13. You seldom need to explain(indirectly) your strong ties in India! You were considered to be a potential immigrant! Convince the VO that you’ll come back to India after your graduation(for this you often need to speak out about your “come back to India” thingy’s) Hope this helps the next time your appear 😀
    All the Best ^_^

    1. Sorrry Guys……….Oklahoma is not a bad university and it is very recognised in the U.S!……….This year, the school was given the first university in terms of Masters programme in the Western region….Also, it claimed the 25th position in the Western region Universities……..Guess it was your luck and maybe cos it is a private University………….Sorry, but the school is cool!!!!!!!!

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