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Updated Technology Alert List (TAL) for USA Visa

Here is the latest list of sensitive areas that comes under Technology Alert List (TAL), which would result in 221(g) Administrative Processing while applying for Visa to USA.

Following Technology Alert List for US Visa was posted in CMU.

It is possible that even loose associations with the critical fields indicated below (e.g., student studying in physics) will result in additional security clearances and delayed visa processing. Accordingly, visa applicants should be prepared to provide additional documentation regarding their area of study and research when applying for a visa.

Technology alert list
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  • Conventional Munitions;
  • Nuclear Technology, Physics, and Engineering;
  • Rocket Systems and Unmanned Air Vehicle;
  • Navigation, Avionics and Flight Control;
  • Chemical, Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering;
  • Remote Sensing, Imaging and Reconnaissance;
  • Advanced Computer/Microelectronic Technology;
  • Materials Technology;
  • Information Security;
  • Laser and Directed Energy Systems Technology;
  • Sensors and Sensor Technology;
  • Marine Technology; and
  • Robotics Urban Planning.

Why Technology  Alert List

According to the TAL information from Department of State, the primary program security objections are:

  • To prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and missile delivery systems;
  • To restrain the development of destabilizing conventional military capabilities in certain regions of the world;
  •  To prevent the transfer of arms and sensitive dual-use items to terrorists and states that sponsor terrorism;
  •  To maintain U.S. advantages in certain militarily critical technologies.

Role of Technology Alert List

You should bear in mind that while the TAL is a valuable tool for recognizing possible illegal technology transfer, it is not an exclusive mechanism for identifying such cases. There will be occasions where you have reason to believe that an applicant may fall within the purview of INA 212(a)(3)(A)(i)(II) despite his or her having no direct connection with a scientific or technical field included on the TAL.

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