F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F1 Visa Refused After 20 Minutes – Karachi US Consulate

Here is the detailed conversation which held at the Karachi US consulate.
Please guys advise me should I re apply for the Spring 2012 session or not. VO didn’t look at my docs at all.

F1 Visa interview in Karachi

Visa Officer: Hello
Me: Hello Good Afternoon Mam

VO: Sorry for making u wait for so long (I was the last one to be interviewed)
Me:Not a problem mam

VO: So Mr W Why do u want to go 4 MS when u r currently on a job?
Me: I feel that I will find a much better job after doing my MS from USA. Especially, in my job in XYZ Company, our work is mostly on control systems and since my specialized field is also Control Systems.It will help me to get a good command in it.

VO; Show me your GRE and Toefl scores?
Me: Shown

VO: Why are the schools listed here are not ur applied ones?
Me: It is because I didn’t decide at that time where to apply so I picked schools randomly

VO: How was your results in University (she ws half sleep by this time….it ws very hard for me to hear her)
Me: I got very decent scores especially in the final 2 years

VO: How many schools did u apply to ?
Me: I applied to 6 . 5 accepted me and I got rejection from UT Dallas.

VO: Name the schools where u got accepted?
Me: Wayne State, University of Houston, Wichita, NYU poly , UTA

VO: Why did u select UT Arlington?
Me: It is in Texas which is relatively cheaper than other states and its engineering programs are ranked higher too

VO: What does your father do?
Me: He works in a leather based firm in Karachi

VO: What work?
Me: He is in the accounts dept

VO: So who is sponsoring u?
Me: My sister is my main sponsor . Apart from her my brother can also support me as well as my father

VO: Where is your sister?
Me: She is in US

VO: What is her Status?
Me: She holds a green card

VO: How did she reach US?
Me: Her husband was in America so he invited her to America. She is a doctor by profession

VO : So, her husband worked there?
Me: Yes my brother in law works at a bank

VO: For how many years has she been living there?
Me: Three

VO: Where did the marriage took place? (She was continuously typing something in her computer)
Me: It took place in Pakistan.

VO: Where are your other siblings?
Me: My other sister is in Karachi and my brother is working in UK. He is a British citizen

VO: What is the age of your sister who is in Karachi and is she married?
Me: She is 28 and yes she is married

VO; Where does your brother live and his occupation
Me He lives in Reading and works in a telecom Company

VO; What is the status of your parents ( A crucial one)
Me: They live in Pakistan and I live with my parents

VO: Where are they now
me: They are on a visit visa to US to see my sister

Then she typed some thing for 2 mins and said……..
” I am afraid Mr W, You don’t qualify for the student visa.”

By this time, my whole world was shattered but i asked her in a very low tone : ” Why mam what was the reason being this denial”

She said : “Academically u have good records and I have no doubts about ur qualifications but its just that u have no strong ties with Pakistan . ur brother is in UK .. ur sister is in US ..ur parents are also there on a visit visa and ur other sister is also married and you are single. You can get settled very easily . I am sorry”

What went wrong? I’m waiting for your replies. Please Tell me where I went wring? Should I apply again or not for student visa to USA?

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  1. Best thing to do would be to ask your parents to return to Pakistan and then apply for spring and during your interview,you can confidently tell VO that your parents reside in Pakistan and your Dad has a permanent job and also you should not have mentioned about your brother.They will reject any possible immigrant,so you can apply provided you show them that you will return back to Pakistan after MS.My advice would be to say you are planning to have a start-up in Pakistan where blah-blah is less and my business with my partners here would also grow …etc

  2. You already have the answer. For F-1 visa, you need to prove that you do not have intent for immigration which was somehow doubtful since you already had sister settled in US. I think the final answer about your parents nailed it b’coz she thought that you might get into US on F-1 and then stay there permanently with your parents and sister. Applying again is not going to change much since you cannot show ties to your country and as she said earlier; for you, settling down is easy in US and thus immigration intent.

  3. First of all the first reason of denying you a visa to is that the consulate feels that you would not be coming back from the United States due to the inconsistency in your family each member of your family did not come back from any country that they visited or they have not came back your sisters married and she’s in the US your brothers in UK and he’s a citizen your mom and your dad are in the US to visit that’s a strong indications that you’re not coming back as well

  4. AoA, I have given my Student Visa Interview at 21st November, 2012. In the end of the Interview (after 35 minutes of Interview), VO gave me 2 papers. 1 is a form to enter Siblings name Only and the other one is the explaination letter that this stage is not confirming that I have got a Visa because it is a Procedure Period and etc. VO also kept my Passport and said that it takes 3 to 6 weeks for the process of issuing Visa so I have to wait. It is my third week which will be complete on 12th of December 2012. In average how much time it will take to have Visa as my classes are going to start from 12th of January 2013. does any buddy have Idea?

    1. salam.this is Qamar Siddiqui From Karachi.i would like to have some words with you as i am also interested for the same.please could you Text me ur contact.mine is 0300-

    2. Dear Ghufran, Since you did perfect and submitted required information. Please note that the USA either embassy or Consulate conducts its administrative process for common names. my passport is pending for the last nine months even i was approved by the VO. So dont worry, the USA consulate is searching and scrutinizing your name and finger prints with millions of people, so it will take some additional time. but make sure your visa is 100% guranteed. We have also gone through this process and waited for even one and half years for USA visa from Pakistan. Please further note that the USA is very much liberal and no discremination has been followed just like the European. Americans are great and always doing great with visa applicants. So will get visa after 185 days inshallah.

  5. sorry for your denial. i have been trying to get myhusband to usa for a long time but he has beenrefused 3 times and we see no hope . they dont give any good reason exce ..no strong ties . people from all over come here so i dont understand why some cant . good luck

  6. I will apply for F1 visa this week. My main problem is that my sponsor is my uncle who is a green card holder in USA. And my sister has been studying in USA for 2 years. She will be graduating after 2 years. She has been maintaining her GPA. I am up to states for my bachelor degree. Will I get rejected??? Any suggestions? Please HELP..

  7. I had my interview on june,12 and surprisingly the VO just ask some question about the university where i got admission, why you selected this university and about the other uni’s where i applied.He also asked about my sponsor and father occupation and some other general questions but surprisingly the VO didnt ask about any of my documents not even single one.At the end, he wrote about a minute on his computer and then said that they have got a routine process of administrative processing and it take about 60 days and according to my joining day mention on my I-20, I have got sufficient time but if i didnt get any response with in this period so then send email one the address that is mention on the form 221(g), which he has given to me, since then it has been 13 days and till now i have not got any response from them, i am bit worried about it, what do i do? Can any one guide about this process, who has gone through this same process??

  8. hi is there anyone studying in stratford university? iam planning to join in that university 2012 summer..if anyone is there plz reply me…bcoz i want to come from newyork ..if anyone is travelling from nyc plz let me know how ur travelling?

  9. Hi Guys

    Me and my mother and father are Permanenet Residents of Canada , My Brother has Green Card holder and living in US , we want to apply for Visit Visa to USA from pakistan and on Pakistani Passport , Whereas while applying for the USA visit visa ( non -immigrant category ) DS-160 form they have only asked information only about my father although we mentioned that we are applying as a group , do we need to apply separately for me and my mother or there will be only one application ID in which already my father credentials are present . please help me about all the procedures and details regarding how to apply for USA visit visa , for me ( 27 years old ) and my mother and father ..because on the website their is a lot of confusion..Thanks …

    1. hi i am married to man in algeria . we are having a hard time getting together for life . i was in algeria 3 mon but had to come back to usa . i am trying to get him here for visitor visa then i will go back to algeria to live with him . he was turned down with visa saying he didnt show enough ties to his home country . i also tried spose visa and again denied .
      we only want him to come see my country and culture then go back to hos country to live . does anyone know how we can get his visitor visa to come take me back with him ? thank you

      1. The Consular Officer explains it explicitly.
        “Show me a strong tie outside the US. then i will issue you a visa”
        If you are a citizen of Algeria. Then make photo copy of your passport and copy of your marriage certificate. if you or your husband owns a property In Algeria take them the deeds of all properties. if he works in a company get a letter from them. and if you have a job in Algeria you should take a latter from your company too. and you both should them him/her about your future plans in Algeria.

    2. Change your sponsor..never ask a person from america to sponsor for ur education…

      1. For everyone who trying to get F-1 visa , in order to get visa , you should for example state that smth important you are leaving in your home country . It can be your mother , father or smth else. or even it can be you home , car , your business , etc . It is crucial for this type of visa . Moreover , for people who are from my country (uzbekistan ) if you are reading that , try to arrange a date of interview after summer season , as in this season many consulate is used to deny students . I hope I could give enough info . Good luck and all the best !!!

  10. i am trying for student visa and my sister is in us and she got married and she is green card holder and while filling ds form and sevis fee payment i click on no sibling in usa and in my family relationship certificate me and my father and mother photo are attached can i get chance to get visa does the denied what shall i do then?

    1. You should mention about ur sister….its not a crime to mention ur siblings there (infact some of the VOs appreciate this fact)….dont ever lie about ur family in front of them because they have each and every record with them….they will ban you if they found you lying….

  11. I am the person who posted this experience and I am glad to tell u tht my visa has been approved today…Thanks to the HSB for the great help. I have been given a slip to collect the visa along with passport in the next week….Thanks for the suggestions. it worked for me..But thinking about leaving my family leaves me into tears…

      1. Hi waqas
        Congratz for your VISA.
        I want to know is that your second interview in which you got it?
        Please let me know with the details of questions asked by the VO because i was also get refused under sec-214b ,my brother is also there.
        Please let me know how you face the answers in second interview.
        Reply soon

          1. HSB please give me email address of waqas,or any other contact ,i really need to talk to him.
            Please help.

          2. hi waqas did u get ur visa and tell me in which program did u choose for study ?

          3. Waqas, Khan Imran, or anyone that has had a F1 Visa interview at KARACHI CONSULATE! PLEASE EMAIL ME!! PLEASE!

  12. hey,
    I have a question,kindly give me a sincere opioin,
    well I am going to take my F1 visa interview after few days.The problem is that my brother is in US,he holds green card.Few months back my parents applied for visit visa but it was rejected.Now i am wondereing that if i would mention my brother,it my be a negative impact and incase a wont mention him being there,it ll be considered a lie, as they would have details of my parents visa request in their record…………..What should I do????????

  13. Always Mention sponsor from Pakistan no matter how financially weak he is. Strong Sponsor from USA cause more chances of rejection then from Weak sponsor from Paksitan

    1. i don’t agree, i am in USA (originally from Pakistan), came on F1, now i have a GC, and living a prosperous life by the grace of God. At the time i applied (about 6 years ago), both my parents were in USA with Green Cards, my sister was a US citizen and my sponsor was in USA too, a distant relative. My interview went like a breeze, but remember, my professional experience was amazing, but I will still say i was blessed to get the Visa anyways 🙂 My interview was simple. How are you, why you select the university (i did not say that i randomly selected my university). I just applied at one university and i knew a lot about the faculty, when i was asked why, i shared names of professors and their qualifications. This kinda approach gives the impression that you are not fooling around and you are focused. That was my 5 cent advise 🙂

  14. your bad man,you shouldn’t have said that your parents are in the u.s. on a visitor visa.an your brother lives in uk and the most important part is that your sister is a u.s. citizen an the other is married.that simply shows that you can go to the u.s.  and settle there.                                                               as my opinion you could told her a lie are something like your parents is still in your home country your brother lives with you and you shouldnt have mentioned that your sister holds a green card.she could find you a wife and can settle there if you understand what am saying so next time keep that in mind for the next time ok.hope this help you

    1. Wrong.
      ALWAYS be truthful. If he had lied, he could have gotten banned for life.
      They have the information on their computers, anyway.
      The strong ties to the home country are the important things. For an F1, the person has to have the intent to go back to his or her home country after finishing the studies.

  15. Don’t worry Ali , You will be rejected for sure no matter what you show to them as far as i know they are not giving out visa to pakistani’s at all 😉 . that’s the truth if you wish to keep spending money on again and again sure reapply after getting 214 b form and if you get the visa please share with us thanks .

  16. Dear friends ,

    I got admitted in US Institute with TOEFL and my academics but due to family pressure I gave SAT without preparation as it was not the university requirement.I got 1050 / 2400 😀 , i knw its tooo low :D.if VO ask me my SAT what answer should I give to him as university requirement is only TOEFL and Academics , If i say that i have not given SAT would that make any difference or is their any way that he can know that i have given SAT as In my i20 it is not written about SAT nor it is the Institute requirement.

    pplz reply fast thanks .

  17. Hi, I m from Morocco and i was refused a visa to study in a english centre and after persue my study at the university , my visa was refuse cuz my sponsor wasn’t close to me, anyway now my father is sponsor’s me and i applied for another english centre but i still want to complete my study in the same university i hope u can give some help i really need it , thanks in advance

  18. Well, I guess you shouldn’t have mentioned that your brother and sister are the one who are going to sponsor you. Instead you could have mentioned that your parents have good savings for you. May be she wouldn’t ask you so many questions related to your family backgrouond.

    1. Thanx but even if I change sponsors while applying this time. Whether it will be of any use? dont really know how to convince them that I will come back.

      1. W , when u went to american express for paying the fees in karachi , after how many days was your interview or it depends on your choice when u want and how much was the visa fees.
        waiting for your reply.

  19. i am from karachi and also rejected from Karachi us consulate . looks like they are not giving visa’s to pakistani students from karachi as i have came across lots of guyz who got rejected lately . So i think they open in karachi to make money 😉 as simple . How can you convince someone ? can USA convince us that they gonna leave pakistan lol . its just all game planned On media they said we are increasing the number of visa to the student and on other hand the rejection rate is that much high . Better to look some where else to pursue the career .

    1. tell us ur experience , what question were asked and what u answered.
      i will be going for interview in karachi in the first week of july and have you noticed any student which got the visa easily.


    2. very right. acha btw what clause became the basis for ur visa refusal..214b? You are right …but i personally know guys who have just got visa from isb embassy ..even with 2 mins interview…is it possible tht we can try our luck at the isb embassy….any idea?
      one thing which i noticed is that they are looking for reasons to refuse us…

  20. Hi,i have not yet started my visa processing,but a small thing which i noticed is, “U have prominently shown that ure a potential migrant” ,this is the only reason that u got rejected.May be u must ask ure parents to get back to ure mother land before u reapply and u must be able to change ure sponsor’s name.That is u should not mention that ure sister is settled in U.S.until they ask u about it dont ever mention it.If u can do these things,may be there is a 75% chance to get u in.The weaker point is,like as they mentioned,”u have no ties with pakistan”.Hope u find this post useful.Cheers!!

  21. Hi, i have appiled for 5 university i got condition admission in 4 but i’m planning to go for stratford university , virginia. i have low score in gre and toefl its 900/78.
    and B.E 68% i’m yet to apply for visa. does my visa gets rejected because of the stratford university?

    1. @ shilpa


      hope you are doing good… In which 5 universities had you applied and got admission? Basically i am also applying for spring2011 for MS. so i need some information from your related to admission. i had take my GRE and next month i am taking toefl.

      waiting for your reply

  22. hey bro, when she is keep on asking about ur family, u said that ur whole family is in usa and bro is in uk. so she got an impression that when ur whole family is in usa then why do u come back to karachi…

  23. any advise for me i will be going for my visa interview on june 23rd and i have been refused b4 on april 07th 2011 due to my WAEC result the consular said it was fake and the result was collected by an agent not knowing that it was fake the agent brought for me and after my refuse i went to WAEC office my self in collection of it and now i am with the original result hope i will be given a visa this time arround. pls comment back quick.

  24. Dear brother dont worry , be confident , u will get visa next time.now tell me how many students applied in karachi us consulate and how many seems to be approved or rejected as because Us karachi consulate is new and visa rate will be more compared to islamabad embassy , as I will be applying for interview soon.
    Waiting for your reply.


    1. Islamabad embassy has a much better visa rate as compared to karachi consulate. I saw around 10 students out of which 2 got the visa. Still if you have strong ties to Pakistan, its most likely that u will get visa

      1. W ,
        My Father died last year and my mother and brother is in karachi so that make a strong tie as i by myself saying that i will come back for them . All properties are in karachi and mother and brother is also in karachi so can this be a strong tie and my paternal uncle company is sponsoring me and can you please tell that actually why were they rejecting 8 students , you would have discussed with them so what did they reply.Strong TIES or some other reason for all of them.Waiting for your reply W.I will be thankful to you if you give me a reply.that will help me alot.

        Thanks brother.

        1. i did not get the chance to meet the guys who were denied visa. Its just tht I was sitting right behind so it was easy for me to figure out wat ws goin on.. Well, if u have stronger ties u dont need to worry at all. ur ties look strong enough but on the day anything can happen. Its my advice, dont expect too much ! The mistake which I did ws I didnt communicate my point of view to her even though I had each and every document with me. Talk what they want to hear !

  25. As everybody say u should not show that u have so many people u hav relatives over there in US. When u reapply for ur VISA show them that u hav some property in pakistan(if u or ur parents happen to own any) and also tell them that u need to come back to pakistan to work as u need to take care of ur parents.. This will give them an assurance that u would come back…
    All the Best!!!

  26. when u r especially applying for student visa even though u hve relatives in which country u r applying u shuldnt say abt them to the visa officer y because she r he may think that u may settle in the country itself b careful while answering questions in interview. better luck for nxt time

  27. hi brother see when u r applying for a student visa to us ,,,,, u must be very careful and u must understand the laws of f1 student before u going to interview,,according to us law f1 student must have a strong ties with home land ,,, u r interview gone good up to 9th question .. up to that the vo had some conformation to issue the visa to you ,,, but u didn’t prove that u had strong ties with u r home land ,,, and for further question u blasted a big bomb to vo that u had u r sister is in us from their she decided not to grant the visa,, to u,,,,, you shouldn’t tell like that,, and u self given chance to vo for rejection,,, u had been managed that u r getting funds from pak,,, u can lie to them,,, if u had managed that issue u had been created wonders,,,,,,there for that it entirely their decision I am so sorry for you, but there is nothing we can do except looking towards other career avenues, I am sure if you go to visa again…there is high chance of getting rejected if u get married u have 50% of chance ,,,So i would prefer other opportunities…sometimes it happens bro may be something better is out there for you, I am sorry..I know it feels bad but thats how it is…!!

  28. one n only reason ur sponsor should never be from the place where u r planning 2 do ur Masters from … make sure your father will be sponsoring and the rest you say that you will cover up by vouching for GA in the future… best of luck for next time Brada

  29. Well I would have rejected you the visa as well, since all but one of your immediate family is outside of Pakistan, and are settled in those countries. If your parents are still citizens of Pakistan, use them as your sponsor and not someone who is a permanent resident/citizen of a foreign country. But everything’s in their record anyways, so I don’t know if changing sponsors will help much.

    You mentioned cost before good engineering program for UT Arlington. You could have said they have a good engineering department, and my family can afford to fund my education the whole way, wouldn’t want to get stuck halfway through right.

    Good luck if you decide to apply again.

  30. Man u should never make the Visa people realize that you are gonna settle there…So please make arrangements…Am from india…If u need help do contact me..Plz no egos of pakistan and india …Njoy!!gud day

  31. VO: Why did u select UT Arlington?
    Me: It is in Texas which is relatively cheaper than other states and its engineering programs are ranked higher too

    This could have been the cause of problem.
    Is this the exact answer you gave ? The reason for selecting a particular college is faculty/reputation/facilities/research. You could have mentioned the cost factor after everything else.
    Is this a proper answer > Why are you buying a Nano and not a Skoda ? Because it is cheap….and oh…yeah it helps me move around.
    You can say – i need a car with good mileage and which is affordable too. So, i chose nano.
    Think of this the other way – why are you buying a merc – because its expensive ???

    Above all, your relatives are citizens of other nations and not merely working there – that will work against you. Unless asked, dont tell. Just say he works in UK – NOTHING ELSE.
    anyway, good luck for the next time.

    PS : I guess this is the only place where we arent at each others throats – nice.

  32. hi u should nt say abt them who were staying in us because they may think ur potential immigrant next time when u go dont say abt ur family members

  33. Hi,

    It seems that the VO was not convinced that you would get back to Pakistan after your plans of work in the US. They would need to be sure that you get back to some country other than US.

    Hope this helps. I don’t know any info. if you can try for the second time.

  34. Hi brother.
    Usually they look for very strong tie with your homeland as they want every student to return to their home country education. So if the feel that after education you have slight chance or interest to settle in USA they will reject you. In your case this was very clear.
    So try next time and you will get one. Only thing that you should not do is get disappointment. So cheer up what ever happens happens for the best.

    Krishnakant Thakkar
    USA based Indian.

  35. It is a matter of sorrow to hear the rejection. From the conversation it is clear that u tried to show all of ur family to out of Pakistan and is works against u.I think that the Vo talked for a long time to understand the situation of yours and got all of the answer negative. But he tried & got no other way to permit u. Oviously try again and wish better luck for next time.

  36. Yes, I know how you feel. You didn’t do any thing wrong, you were ok. It’s just that she deduced from your answers that you are a possible immigrant, why? because your immediate family are outside Pakistan except a sister. To the V.O. you don’t have what it takes to return back, and right now if you re-apply you may still end up with the same result.

  37. I guess she rejected your visa on the basis of possible immigrant.I know its not a good way but I think you’ll have to hide the fact that your sister is in US when you re apply and make your brother or your father who are citizen of pakistan as your main sponsor.

    1. BTW you cannot hide any of the facts for your next interview stated in this interview,as u knw she kept typing all the details u gv…

      wot u shld ideally do is state tat…u r the youngest one n close to ur mom day so u shld ideally tk them with u on a dependent visa…or tell them tat u want to finish ur studies in US asap n return back to pak as ur mom dad r alone…n they need u…n also can state that i m engaged to a girl n wuld come back n marry her…

      i think this would work…

      VO really gv u chances to speak out n prove ur PAK ties…but u failed by stating ur mom dad r also on tourist visa…which wznt required…

      1. Thanx soo much for your time! I will use your stated points(engaged with a girl, and will marry after coming and parents are alone in Pak) ..when I reapply for the interview so shud I defer my admission to a later semester and then can reapply. My mom and dad are on a multiple visa and are coming back after a week. The date of interview was poorly selected as well.. I should have taken it 2 weeks later. what more can I add in this regard?

  38. Obiviously she will reject when u say ur whole family is some part of world holding green cards…….. Cant help…….. Better luck next time

  39. your first impression was that you wanted to work rather than study as you said that you want to do ms to work in xyz company. Since you are applying for a student visa your main intention should be to get quality education not work. And also your family has lots of immigrants that made you also seem like a potential immigrant. In such case you have to ask yourself was telling the truth completely a smart decision? Good luck next time

  40. I feel sorry for u. But I think u digged ur own grave by saying that ur sister is gonna sponsor u. U cud hv avoided further ‘Siblings’ questions. Plus she is in US since 3 yrs didnt help too. u shld have sd tht ur father is gonna sponsor u. There was no need to show off abt ur brother being a UK citizen. That further nailed it. U shld always show good ties with ur home country. I dont blame the VO. U gv her plenty of reasons to refuse. Better luck next time…(Just hope the notes she typed in her didnt get saved…or the system crashes…..or u wake u from ur dreams….)

  41. Well, it happened this way, DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED. Delay is never denial. U gave her the forum at first for long discussion. Always make your answers short and cogent. However, I think you have to prepare to tell them something strong about your ties back home. Don’t talk about starting a business in Karachi because they may recall you have stated initially of your sponsor being your sister over there. Perhaps you could try asking your firm to grant you study leave. Best regards brother. One thing for sure I promise you is that it’s crystal clear that you gonna write about your VISA grant on this site in less than 3 weeks. RE-APPLY …Good luck

  42. hey make sure next time u dont end up speaking too much about people in the US. This would make the VO feel u can easily settle in States…also, make sure u giv them a valid n a convincing reason to return back to ur country after ur education… hope it helps…

  43. clearly you are a potential emigrant and its obvious you have no intention of coming back.thats why your visa was rejected.

  44. Sorry for your bad luck. I think your interview session is the longest I ever seen on HSB blog. You know that had happened the VO officer was building her justification one after the other to deny you the visa and she succeeded to do so. You seem to be an immigrant than a student where no home ties have been shown, she said it all. You can re-apply but you got a lot of works to do to show VOs your strong home ties, kind of family business with funds coming from UK (from your brother) and the US where you will be in charge of that business, something like that. Good luck brother, but do your home work from now on!!!

  45. Waqas,

    Clearly your parents over there at the same time
    you applying visa made VO reject because it seems like your parents are already gone you will also not return. You could have managed your application time and your parents visit time so that you are interviewed when your parents already back. Im not sure how this interview and information will reflect in your next application but you should definitely apply again but be sure your parents are back by that time. and when Vo asks you about your parents you tell them that they went for a visit and are back to Pakistan.

    follow advices before showing your ties to youe homeland. As you all are on jobs which are relatively easier to leave and go compared to businesses. If you have some properties, or something you can talk about them

  46. sry to here dis…but i can say surely your first mistake is dat u said u r having siblings in US and the person who sponsered u also from US…

  47. D reason for your rejection is d VO last answer itself, as u had all your family outside pak., n no stronger ties with your home country made d VO think hard on your chances of settling in US. Even when I first read d article it just told me that u may have an ambition to settle in US., next time convince d VO hard that u’ll get back to your country. Main reason is your family is outside pak., n your second sister getting settled in pak doesn’t count bec she is married., if she was unmarried n still lives in pak den it would balance d patio of foreign/pak choice of yours, leaving your second sister that ratio is 2:1 now… Its hard in future too but its your wish to reapply..

  48. Sorry to hear that brother.
    I think it’s all clear from your interview that you don’t seem to have strong reasons for your ties to your home country . You should have explained something like I will come to pakistan and will start my new business or you could have said as my country is developing and I want to do something for my country. My point is you could have said more about your ties to pakistan by telling something like that and Yes , you should apply again but be prepare for that and can you add details about your GRE scores and masters you have applied to? And one thing more you could have selected universities in advance before your GRE test coz it more over saves your money as well..
    HSB has quoted it many times and I thing your english is good you should apply again.
    Good luck!

  49. Im not well experienced to say u buddy but
    she gav u d answer that u hav a chance to settled their rite,i think u should convict them that u definately return back 2 ur home buddy

  50. Its because many of your relatives have been immigrants(No offence) So the VO considered you to be a potential immigrant! You have so many relatives settled abroad! That sure is a problem! 😐 I don’t even know what are the consequences, the next time you apply! Because your information will be recorded! Anyways, All the best for your next interview ^_^

    1. …U created ur own worst world….
      Next time..whenever u go there 4 interview …there is high probability to get rejected again….so don’t leave ur carrier in this whirlpool.
      Apply in Canadian & German Universities….this is best 4 u..

      Good luck

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