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10 Traits of F1 Visa Denied Students

What could be the top 10 Traits of F1 Visa Denied Students?

Several students have sent their F1 Visa interview experience. Over 75 student F1 visa interviews have been published in the blog.

More than 50 F1 Visa interview experiences are still in queue to be published.

After reading all the F1 visa interview experiences, I started to see a pattern among students  whose F1 visa were denied.

Of course there are exceptions, but reading unsuccessful F1 visa interview stamping, several traits stood out.

10 Traits of F1 Visa Denied Students

  1. Below Average to Poor English Language Skills
  2. Low GRE Scores
  3. Low TOEFL Scores
  4. Low academic percentage
  5. Failed Courses in Semester (backlogs)
  6. High TOEFL Scores with low GRE Scores (maybe fake score)
  7. Unable to follow instructions
  8. Fake documents (financial, bank statements, score reports, transcripts,..) to varying degree
  9. Lack of self-confidence
  10. Not enough practice and mock interviews

Do you agree to 10 traits above or did I miss any more points under F1 Visa denied traits?

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  1. do anyone have a real experience of how the VO knows if only university was applied. pls no assumption or speculation

  2. wat is the min criteria for doin MS..
    do they see the number of attempts and the academic scores ?
    my agg is 58% and i discontinued college for 2 yrs. i joined be in 2004 and finished it in 2011 i currently hav a back is it possible for me to do MS afterv i clear my back in DEC2011 ? o i’v lost the chance??
    n if yes wen must i start applyin for universities and wat must b my min score in gre and toefl??

  3. wat is the min criteria for doin MS..
    do they see the number of attempts and the academic scores ?
    my agg is 58% and i discontinued college for 2 yrs. i joined be in 2004 and finished it in 2011 i currently hav a back is it possible for me to do MS? o i/v lost the chance??
    pls help..

  4. Hello,
    I am accepted to SMSU for fall 2011 and I will have my visa interview in a week. I have read through the whole HSB website and found it really helpful. I have prepared my answers for visa interview but my consultant say it is not strong enough. Please comment me guys if you think my answers are good or not as I want to correct them before the interview rather than getting failed and trying again thanks.
    My profile:
    Going for BBA Management
    Working as a junior level manager in my family business for 4 (that is run by my brother now after my maternal grand father)
    TOEFL IBT Score 95

    Here are my answers:

    Why Study in US (And not any other country)?
    The educational standard in U.S.A is far better than the rest of the world and quite competitive than Australia, U.K or Canada. It is actually an international hub of education.

    Why SMSU?

    While I was short listing university of my interest, my friend recommended SMSU to me who has been a student of this university. So..I contacted professors of different universities of my choice. But, when I contacted a profess at SMSU, Toland Gerald, He told me there is that Students in Free Enterprise team that carries out real world projects every year and competes in national competitions and they have won several awards. They also have one senior level capstone course where case studies of real firms and companies are performed. I think these features will really help me improve my management skills and knowledge in our business.

    What are you expecting after completing this course? Why BBA?
    Being an intermediate, I am limited to junior level of management of my business only. Once I complete this course, I will have better skills and knowledge about the whole management field and I will be able to operate as a higher authority in my business rather than just being limited like to a junior level manager in my own family business.

    “What made you want to study again after taking a break of three years after your last degree?”
    Actually sir, being an intermediate, right now I am only able to work as a junior level manager in my business and I find myself quit limited in my skills and knowledge about management and administration. Once I complete my BBA, I will have better skills knowledge and ability to take over as a higher authority manager and help my family and brother grow the business further and better.

    These are my answers… please comment any guys that do you think my answers are good enough?
    waiting for response.
    Thank you.

  5. You forgot

    11. Not ironing cloths
    12. Not wearing shoes
    13. Not smiling
    14. Not showing up for the interview
    15. …

    the “10 traits” you mentioned are fairly obvious don’t you think?

    1. @Kar – Its fairly obvious to you and I, but thats not the case for everyone. World is not filled with like minded persons.

  6. Occasionally, I find that visa is denied if the candidates sent out signal to the effect that they were potential immigrants. How this signal was picked up by the visa officer remains an enigma given the limited/poor narration of visa interview details by such candidates.

  7. I need help, i applied for a cert/MSc program at vcu andmy I20 said I was coming for a cert program since that occurs in my 1st yr b4 my MSc. In my DS160 what am i supposed to fill in as my degree? Is the MSc or Post Bacc.CERT – which is what was written on my I20?

  8. Mistake in filling up DS160 form(Very Imp)
    Lack of sufficient funds ( Parents annual income)
    Lack of deep connection with home country(both family and profession)

  9. what about the minimum funds necessary? suppose i’ve gotten funding for a PhD programme (which generally happens) … even then would parents’ annual income cause a problem? – my parents are retd. senior citizens, naturally it will not be very high.

    1. Hi,

      I am also having the same situation. My father is a retired state government employee. Naturally his annual income is not high. Will it be a problem in getting visa? Please help.

  10. “unable to follow instruction” means what?? what type of instructions? like is it inside the interview?

  11. You forgot one – Plain Stupidity.
    Some go expecting that because they have admission(I20) from an university the visa officer is BOUND to approve. It could be due to misinformation but then that is also stupidity.

    1. Yeah the answers must b short n crisp.. remember U r not the only candidate being interviewed by VO….

  12. hi hsb,
    apart from those ten traits, there is one more that i would like to add. losing focus exactly when the visa interview is towards it end. the visa officer may not be looking at you, or may even be typing something into the computer. but we never will know when the next question might be asked. so we have to keep focused til the end of the interview.

  13. Another reason for rejecting the F-1 VISA which happened to a student standing in front of me was that he had applied to only one university. This the VO found extremely shady and rejected his VISA application on the grounds of possible immigrant even though the student had got into TEXAS A&M!

    1. Karthik…. 950-1100 is OK range of score in GRE..but if u r strong in ur academics n TOEFL n research n other stuff u can make it..anyways..

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