F1 Visa – Twin Brothers – University of Texas at Arlington

Ihad my student visa interview scheduled today and it went really well.

The following is my experience : i had my interview scheduled at 8:30am . I reached the embassy at 7:45. when i went for the security checks along with my brother, they were surprised to know that we both were twins.

I guess you always get a special treatment if you are a twin. Then i went to the waiting hall where the visa officers were taking the interviews. Along with my brother waited in the room patiently while many students and those who applied for other visas were getting rejected.

One of the guy spoke really confidently , and got the visa. One of the girl was speaking very fluently , and confidently but she was rejected, I guess because she gave some contradicting answers. She pleaded to the officer to let her convince him but no chance was allowed.

Then there was a guy who was speaking so fast that the VO asked him why are you speaking so fast. His reply was that that’s his style. I think he spoke more than what was required, finally he too was rejected, maybe a bit of over confidence .

Then came my brother’s turn Samir. He spoke concisely and confidently, and got the visa. One of the questions he was asked was if he had any siblings . He answered that he had a twin brother who is also applying for his visa today.

He asked the name and according to my brother, deliberately called me next by putting my file after my brother’s. After my brother’s successful interview, I was very confident. My turn came and no surprise, the same VO who took my brother’s interview called me. I went to the window with a smiling face. this is how the interview went.

F1 Visa Interview

me: good morning sir
VO: good morning

VO: so how do i distinguish between you two? (he was talking about my twin brother)
me: i guess you have to find it out yourself( with a big smile)

VO: so do you play tricks with other people utilizing your being a twin?
me: (gently laughing) not that much

VO: who is better among you two in studying?
me: actually both of us are almost equal in that aspect but in terms of academic results i scored slightly better than him.

VO: what are you plans after graduation , job , master’s degree, business?(this was the only serious part of my interview)
me: i have not thought about my master’s yet. after graduation i plan to utilize my OPT period to gain some experience in my field of study then probably come back to nepal and work in a research center. also there are lots of scopes in the field of biology these days.

VO: (he turned the papers of my file and found my SAT score report). Your scores in maths are same to that of your brother?
me: i guess that is a ….. ( i missed the word co-incidence due to excitement .anyway he didn’t care about that)

Then the VO began to staple my I20, at this point I was almost sure that my visa would be approved. As expected i heard those golden words ( you do qualify for the visa) he told me to go to another counter to pay the issuance fee and i did it.

My F1 interview went really simple. I wasn’t nervous at all because my brother had done all the hard work and got the visa. So i guess being twins does helps sometimes.

So if you are a twin and your brother/sister gets the visa you can be assured that you too will get the visa .
It’s not so often that students are twin so if you are not, my suggestion is be confident, have a good university on your side, good scholarships and academics helps and documents are secondary, however you need to know what are basically the documents you have presented about.

One more point if you are from a developing country like mine you do need to have credible sources of income otherwise they won’t believe you. One last thing the scholarships are very very important if you are from a developing country where the per-capita income is less because they usually don’t believe in the income source if the tuition cost is high.

Good luck.