Visa Approved After 221(g) Green Slip at Mumbai Consulate

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I had gone for visa interview on 7th June, Mumbai 7.45 am

There were 2 officers wearing suit had arrange all the people according to their visa category in line.

Then we had told to be prepared with our I20 and passport only in our hand. Then we had taken to the first building for security check up.

After check up I had directed to next building. Where token number given, finger print taken and told me to wait till my number came on the LCD screen along with the window number where

I had to report for my interview.

Then my turn came, my visa officer was young lady

VO and Me Simultaneously: Good morning (with smiling)

VO: Your I20 and Passport
Me: here it is

VO: So why US?
Me: For perusing my PhD degree.

VO: You have done your masters?
Me: Yes

VO: When did you have finished your masters?
Me: June 2011

VO: What were you doing till now?
Me: I was doing job in ABC Company

VO: Which University you are going to?

VO: Why this University?
Me: I am very much interested in work going on at the lab of XYZ professor

VO: Did this professor have talked to you?
Me: Yes
(Then for about 5-7 min she was typing and looking in the screen, at this time I was scared and praying because my mom and dad had green card and my mom had filed petition for me and I did mention that in DS160)

VO: Who is funding you?
Me: University
VO: Ok,
(Again she typed some thing in computer)
VO: Everything is OK but for administrative purpose please submit this documents via email.

(She had given me my passport, I20 and Green 221(g) slip containing list of documents that I need to email with detailed procedure I need to follow for doing this)
221(g) time track.

I had emailed the documents on 11th June

My barcode case no appeared in online case status report.pdf on 27th June

Submitted my passport at nearest VFS on 28th June

Yesterday I got my passport with visa stamp

Many thanks to HSB.


  1. Ola!

    i had gone my visa appearance yesterday, i was happy because it was approved by the consulate then a minute after she called my name she gave me a green form of 221g. and told me that i need to send an updated date of my training program together with my passport. im so worried. what would be happen next?????

    need help.

  2. Hi,

    I received a green slip after my interview two days back. I am asked to submit additional documents. But, my status has been Refused in the online status check from the date of interview. It was last updated on interview date itself. Is it common for the status to be shown as Refused during this period? Please help.

  3. Hi All,

    My name is Johar Abdulwehab from Ethiopia. I received my passport next with visa stamped on it : )
    Case creation August 23 2016
    Status updates August 24 2016 which i attended interview at US embassy consulate Addis Ababa

    VO hold my passport Issued 221(g) and said case needs additional administrative processing. I had job offer letter from my company.VO sends 3 fraud management teams to my company to confirm my company assured that I am thier employees through letter

    Jan.12 2017 status changed
    Jan.13 2017 my status changed to issued.
    The reason for the delay is due to technical problems on delivery of the confirmation letter for job offer from my Company

    Please let me know if you need additional details.

  4. my name is Johar Abdulwehab Zuber from Ethiopia.i have been interviewed August 24 2016. the consular asked me some questions then wrote something from my I 20 to his computer finally he holds my passport(my passport is in the hands of the consular “and gives me 221 (g) says”Admin processing -will be contacted for further instructions /notification of visa pick up / so please share me your ideas what does it mean.

  5. hi, i might be late but I have encountered the same case, what is your department?

  6. Even I have received the green slip!
    Can you please mail me rough drafts or formats for the docs. required!

  7. Hello, ev1 I have received 221(g) green slip!!
    Please help me as to how should I draft the required documents..
    Thank you

  8. hi. I know this is a late question. But what documents were you required to submit for 221g?

  9. Hi im from Morocco and I got accepted in nova community college in virginia , and it was the only one that i have applied to , my brother is sponsering me and he is in Usa , my interview is in two weeks and i really need to know what r my chances to get my visa

  10. though she shivered u , at last u won , congrats bro……………………..

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