Your Input Counts : Getting Hired (Job Opportunities in USA)

getting hired

I’m putting together a new course  – Getting Hired in USA – Job Search Guide for F1 Visa students.

You may have read that Rocky applied for 500 internships and received not even a single offer (Q&A : Job Opportunities for Mechanical Engineers in USA).  Students reading such experience from India are having doubts and they are second guessing their decision to Study in America.

So, I’m creating this course – Getting Hired,  that will show the current job market in USA for several fields and how to find a job without going through a painful process.

I want to create the course based on your inputs and suggestions.

Here is the overview of  the course content. Can you suggest what other section do you like to be included in this course?

Getting Hired – Course Outline

Job Types

  • While in College
  • Internships
  • Full Time Jobs


  • Importance of Internships
  • How to find internships
  • When to apply for internships
  • What if you don’t get internships?
  • F1 Visa Rules and CPT

 How to find a job

  • Overview about Job Search Process
  • How to prepare for job search
  • Campus Placements?
  • Several Job Search Methods
  • When to start searching for jobs
  • How long to find a job
  • OPT Rules
  • OPT unemployment period
  • When to start applying for Full Time Jobs
  • How to find job without work experience


  • What is branding
  • How to build brand
  • Online Reputation
  • Why branding matters


  • Why social networking
  • How to use Social Networking to your advantage
  • Which networks to use?
  • How to use LinkedIn like a Pro
  • How to use Facebook
  • How to use Twitter
  • Other Tools


  • Resume Format
  • Resume Page Length
  • Resume Crafting
  • Resume Review

F1 Visa to OPT to H1B

  • H1B Overview
  • H1B quota
  • H1B Application process
  • Full Time Employer vs H1B
  • Consulting company vs H1B
  • OPT Extension – STEM

My Experience

  • My job search experience(s)
  • My lest job search lasted only for 2 Days before I got a offer
  • How I got a job without even applying for a job
  • Job Search organization

Your Suggestions?

I like to improve the course contents based on your feedback.

Leave your suggestions in the comments section below.  Thanks.

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  1. Hi,

    Could you please add about job opportunities for MBA students? Is it advisable to do MBA from US universities as it is said that MBA job opportunities are more open for US students only than foreign students and MBA cost is almost 2 times MS cost?
    I am about to complete my MS and my husband wants to do MBA.
    He has about 9 yrs of work experience in software industry. So ur thought would be appreciated.

  2. hey raghu,
    i am a 2012 graduate and wanted to opt for GRE but the problem is if i take gre then i will not be getting admission in any university sooner then 2014 and that will add 2 year of gap in my resume without any job experience.So i need your opinion on whether to take gre or not and if i somehow get any university, then what will be the effect of the gap i have mentioned on my job expectations over there.Based on that i will decide my further preparations and all.
    plz do help..

  3. Hi raghu, it seems many had already commented about healthy constructive changes should be brought on your course. Go ahead with full fledged spirit on enlightening students. kudos to you.

  4. Thanks for the effort Raghu ! I feel this compilation will help all of us potential graduates immensely… it would be nice if u could add job opportunities, internships and placement opportunities in the Telecommunications Sector… Thank You ! 🙂

  5. add job opportunity for MS in Computer security/information assurance / network security / cyber security

  6. So it looks like this is a pretty useful compilation but I’d like to emphasize that not everyone who comes to the United States to study is an engineering, medicine, bio-chemistry student. It might help to add an outlook of the job market for other sectors like – media and communications, environmental sciences, wildlife biology, liberal studies, political studies, economics, social sciences, forestry, etc.
    Also – an unfortunate fact about jobs in some fields is that they require U.S. citizenship. For example, jobs at NASA or with the U.S.Fish and Wildlife Service have a citizenship prerequisite.
    And finally – I’ve noticed a lot of employers appreciate volunteer experience. So if it’s relevant, don’t hesitate to put that on your CV.
    – that’s just my 2 cents.

  7. Hey raghu,
    Could you include a section to explain the difference between the diff kinds of job permissions like opt, cot, etc and how to utilise them, their validity, usefulness and how to maximise potential using those?

  8. Raghu,

    There are many popular job search websites. Some of them are monster, indeed etc. Post their links so that students from all disciplines can search respective job opportunities. And I’ve heard about many job fairs which are focussed towards individual programs of study.

  9. Kindly Someone explain regarding the H4 Type VISA!

    Is H4 to H1B Possible?

    Is H4 Visa holder can have a work permit?

    What is the Impact of H4 Work Authorization after the New BILL PASSED on 2013??

    1. Is H4 to H1B Possible? YES

      Is H4 Visa holder can have a work permit? NO

      What is the Impact of H4 Work Authorization after the New BILL PASSED on 2013?? We need to wait first for the BILL to pass. Right now it is in House of Representatives. Then we will have to read the language of the Bill. There is no such guarantee that House will pass the Bill in exactly same language. Some compromises may be there. It is also possible that Bill dont pass at all.

      1. Hi,

        Thanks for your Response!

        You say it is possible to transfer H4 to H1B.. Could you please be more specific about it, like how it is possible?

        And moreover, Can yu please explain more bout H4 type VISA please…

        Many Thanks in Adavnce!!

  10. 1. If you could please classify job opportunities as for freshers and experienced graduates, it could be of great help.

    2. Request to also add opportunities for Chemical Engineering.

  11. Please add details regarding:
    1) job and internship opportunities in chemical engineering.
    2) job and internship opportunities and scope for MS graduates (and just phd graduates).

  12. hi raghu
    how about including solutions if not through with a job?
    what to do if there is no job opportunity to land upon?
    should i go for a job in a not so relevant field ?is “something better than having nothing” works in the usa?

  13. Please go ahead with it. It would be great source of info. and I am sure would be well received

  14. Hey Raghu,
    I am going to be doing my masters in cell and molecular biology. It is part of biotechnology but is a specialization . It would be great if you could include job opportunities for molecular biology as well

  15. I have done my Bachelors in Aeronautical engineering. Is it possible that I do a Masters in Mechanical or Automotive engineering, and have the same opportunities like others who had a Mechanical undergraduate degree.
    I thought this because Aeronautical and Mechanical engineering students study closely related subjects. But, Mechanical engineers have a lot more oppurtunities than us.
    Please include this idea. There may be people like me. Thanks in advance.

    1. Ok. I will add job opportunities for Mechanical, Aerospace, Computer Science, Electrical, Biotech.

      1. Hello Raghuram,
        I want to come and do my Masters in Computer Science/Software engineering in US. Please let your information about job opportunity, CPT, etc also cover this area.

  16. I would like for you to cover information as to how the system is in place for the disabled. Especially the Hearing Impaired (HI). We all know, the first round of filtering is the phone calls, sometimes even multiple rounds on the phone. A HI candidate having an average or above average profile, you’ll be passed up at the CV check itself?

    What are the organizations that help with this? or what are the alternatives for such candidates in the US.

    I would like some information on this. Thanks!

    P.S: I am subscribed to your blog. So, do I just follow your blog to get info about this or am I supposed to register somewhere?

  17. I would like to know if it’s possible the learn the design programs, AutoCad, Solid Works or ProE, outside the school campus.

  18. Some fields do not have jobs for immigrants.Like rocky said there are no jobs in energy sector which sponsor the international students.Discuss on this

      1. Please add job and internship scope of chemical engineering as well (specially for ms graduates).

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