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GRE and Salman Khan – Does Ek tha Tiger Contain Secret Messages?

Guest post by Mayank Batavia.

You may or may not be a huge Salman Khan fan, but in either case what is the first word that comes to your mind when you think of his movies?

Chances are you will either think of ‘fun-movies’ or ‘hit-movies’. In either case you are right: the fact that his movies are fun-movies ensures that they go on to become ‘hit-movies’.

Watching Ek tha Tiger (ETT), I realized it contained five very important tips for GRE aspirants. But the tips were coded, so they needed a bit of decoding. Here goes…

Code 1:

All his life he fought for his country; now he will fight for his love.

gre test salman khanThe Analysis: Be prepared for change. You may have studied Math or English in a particular way all your school and college life.

Suddenly you will now have to change everything. May be there is a change in syllabus, may be there is a change in the kind of questions, may there is a change in the format of the test….. Things change.

Be ready for changes. Expect surprise questions in the GRE.

The Message: Prepare different. Prepare wide.

Code 2:

The more you sweat on the training-ground, the less you bleed on the battle-field.

Analysis: We watch, in awe, Salman flex his six-packs and land powerful punches.

What we don’t see is Salman sweating 2 hours every morning of every day for the past twenty years. It requires a good amount of time and training to be a star, so don’t wait.

Start early. Start today.

The Message: Prepare early. Prepare hard.

Code 3:

You may prefer fighting with guns, but life often requires you to fight bare-handed.

Analysis: The GRE doesn’t test your best skills; it tests the skills it thinks are the most critical.

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Sure it’s possible that you are excellent in one area, but you cannot afford being just ‘OK’ in other areas. You need to prepare all-round.

A common mistake most engineering graduates commit is focusing on their classic strength – Math – and avoiding English. No. Don’t do it. Don’t neglect any particular area.

You’ll need good English even to understand a tricky Math question.

Message: Prepare all-round.

Code 4:

It’s easier when there are two of you.

Analysis: Of course that doesn’t mean that you will score more in the GRE if you have a boy-friend or a girl-friend! ? What it means is it helps to prepare along with your friends, or making friends while preparing.

A friend who is preparing along with you (let’s call him/her a test-buddy) ensures that you don’t lose your motivation.

A test-buddy is a nice complementary fit: you teach him and he teaches you. That way both of you stand to gain by helping and monitoring each other. A test-buddy is an especially good idea for those who have insufficient self-discipline (which means most of us!)

Message: Prepare together. Synergize.

Code 5:

While fighting, use every single resource available.

Analysis: Remember Salman using guns, landing punches, driving bicycles…? Use every resource in sight. And also the ones out of sight.

Use your kid-sister’s grade 8 Math text-book, your good old Wren & Martin Grammar, download apps, rummage through the Facebook, check out variety of blogs and popular websites, hang out at libraries, watch videos.

Start with a large pool of resources and soon you will see for yourself what all things are useful and what all are trinkets. But at least, start with a large resource base. After all, in today’s world, we are spoilt for choice!

Message: Prepare with everything you have. Then fight tooth and nail.

Of course the above write-up is simplistic (to say the least), but the idea is to keep looking around for even small ‘tipping points’ – tips that will refuel your prep and take you where you wish to go. Happy scoring!

Note- for folks from other countries this title will not make much sense.

Salman Khan is an Indian Movie Actor and Ek tha Tiger is name of his new movie.

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  1. i think he have used his analytical skill. that is necessery in the gre and toefl to crack the code . The effort in the preparation of the gre and toefl in the home make the exam effortless and can easily post the score of 119 out if 120 in the examination.

  2. guys if you cannot sow flower then at least dont sow thorns..,
    be innovative, helpful, and encouraging.
    everyone out here needs some kind of motivation,.
    do not belittle anyone..,

  3. Hello Mr Tunde, you are taking wrong turn! Nobody is discouraging Mr.Raghu at first place, dont misinterpret. Whenever Raghu posts appropriate and useful info he gets huge applause, just check this blog’s comments section first. Now, if you find some dirt in your favourite sweet fish made by the person you like most, would you eat it or remove?? (I assume you will remove the dirt). Same goes here! Some posts ARE boring, ppl express their opinions straightforwardly and thats good, it shows public taste without conducting a poll! Those who express opinions ARE most concerned about the health of this blog, they form the backbone of it. Nobody has any problem. Raghu welcomes all comments. members comment whatever is they find right, they get benefitted from the posts as much as Raghu earns revenues via this website, everybody is good. Its a win-win situation! And btw Raghu dont feel sad/bad/disappointed/dejected/discouraged etc. etc. seeing ppl’s opinions, he knows what he is doing and how to do it!
    Just relax and enjoy the grand Indian show without getting hyper-worried!

  4. This is highly disappointing to me,why cant you guyz appreciate what raghu is doing for crying out loud, im not an Indian but a Nigerian, but i think since i started following this blog every doubts are cleared about admissions into US ,to be candid d blog is highly informative.., information that are sold at an exorbitant prices are gotten here freely, fine, you might think what the author posted to you is gibberish,or call it any debasing adjective , but i tell you that piece of motivation as elevated someones spirit somewhere.if what is posted does not fall in good line for you ,then keep your eyes off it and let those that wanted it benefit from it rather than castigate .please lets be constructive here, and not destructive. HSB you are doing a good job, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown they say.

  5. guys do one thing pls ask ragu to post the analysis of gre sections and legible preparation fr the question types.further giving tips for agri sciences and life sciences students will help

    1. funny post!! i cant stop laughing !! i hope Mayank doesnt think “its time to get prepared for a big change in life” when his mom serves him different sabzi for a dinner….!! come on HSB this post IS ridiculous! by this measure one can derive motivation even while peeing or picking nose, why need Ek Tha Tiger???

  6. This is getting more and more ridiculous day by day . . first india vs usa , now salman khan .can we have some forums for SOP and profile evaluations or other relevant stuff like that? . . There is only one way in gre to study hard . .stuff like “study buddy” tend to waste time, get a book sit your ass down n read. There is no need to wax eloquent about the ways to study gre, it is only a means to an end. ( dont waste ur time slandering me. .i scored 328/340 and 118/120) . .. I used to love this blog before but now it has turned to gimmicks like aggressively promoting fairs etc. for popularity and raghu who himself used to mock consultants is now offering consultation (paid of course) . . look at edulix if u want to see what a real forum is . . . odds are that this comment doesn’t get published here either. .

    1. Pratik – consultation I offer is specific to you or others. I don’t get commission for referring any student to any schools, like typical agents do. How can you comment on type of consultation that I offer when you don’t even know the types of service or received consultation from me?

      For folks who are not aware, HSB is a registered business. At same time, I don’t have any tie-ups with school to get commission for sending them students and there will be no agreement in future as well. I get paid just like any newspaper or like Google by serving as medium to promote their programs. Its your choice to attend the fairs or browse the universities that are promoted here.

      First you have to understand the difference between a blog and a forum. HSB is not a forum like edulix. Not everyone taking GRE can score 328 (which is awesome score), have you seen GRE Score distribution in Bell Curve. If this post is not useful for you, then move on. It might be useful for others.

      1. I totally Agree with Raghu and thank You Raghu for such a good blog where we have every thing clear about GRE and TOEFL … I want you to please aware students more about USIEF (United States-India Educational Foundation) .
        Thank You

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