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Q&A: How Do I Get into Top 20 Universities with GPA 3.0?

Ashruta Asks:

“Hello, I have my GPA around 3. If I were to choose 1 among the top 20 universities, what should be my probable GRE score. I’m planning for Fall 2010 semester, which I would complete 2 years of my work experience. I want to specialize in computer science, and I have completed my BS in computer Science. I wanted your suggestion about GMAT. For my profile what do you think would help me Master’s in Technology or in Management. I’m even interested in management, but i want to go into a field which will give me a good lift up in my company.”

GPA Around 3.0

I would definitely like to know how you calculated your GPA with your degree from India. Unless your school observes a GPA system, it’s simply impossible to convert percentage grade into GPA on your own.

Having said that, I should note that U.S. universities have their own GPA Converter formula.

Admission in Top 20 Schools

To get college admission into the top 20 schools for master’s program, you will need to have research experience, which students from IIT, NIT, etc. have.

These would include recommendation letters from professors who are renowned and have knowledge about professors in U.S. schools, strong resumé, innovative project implementations, out of the box thinking and proof for these qualities/experience.

GRE Scores required for Top 20 Schools

I would bet GRE scores above 1,300 are safe ones. Since the GRE score is considered along with other factors, like paper presentations, projects, statement of purpose, resumé, etc., it’s hard to really determine exactly what is the minimum GRE score required.

However, you can find the minimum GRE scores required to get admission within the computer science program at the department’s admission page.


There are many schools in the US that consider GRE for admission into their MBA program. For instance, Stanford University is accepting GRE scores for MBA admission.

So it’s good to know which U.S. schools accept GRE for MBA if in case you want to take up MBA. Check how to find GMAT Score from GRE Score.

MBA or MS?

Well, all I know about you are the above 4 lines in the question you asked. Each person is unique and it would be a mistake from my part to suggest that MBA is good for you or maybe a master’s in technology is better.

At end of the day, you are going to work and earn money. If you are not happy with your job, then life will be difficult. So please take considerable time to decide which field of study will be your best fit.

Also, you can come to the U.S. for MBA but if you don’t like it, change into MS or vice versa. So, I will let you decide which you would take, an MBA or MS. All I can do is guide you with key information.

Minimum Admission Requirements

All U.S. schools have minimum admission requirements. If all the minimum admission requirements are not satisfied, then the student will be given conditional admission status.

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  1. Hie. I’m very thankful to your blogs. They are really very helpful for students aspiring to study in USA. Right now m in 7th sem of Electronics and Communication dept. My GRE score is 1380(800+580). My pointer till 6th sem is 7.14/10. I have not done any big projects, have not done any paper presentations. M planning to apply for fall 2012. Can you suggest some universities which matches my profile..I’m taking up my TOEFL on 16th oct n expecting above 105/120 score in it.

  2. I m a btech 3rd yr studnt frm anna univ.i wud like to tke GRE, but i m intrestd in gtin into a bschool through it rathr thn do an ms.what min mark shud i gt inordr to gt into top 20bschoolz?is work experience needed?or cn i jst go wid it aftr i graduate?is thr anythn xtra tht v mst do rathr thn wrkin hard n gtin gud gre scorz,?i mean smthn lyk projct wrkz or smthn?plz do tel me hw shud i strt ma preperation.

  3. Hallo all,
    I am looking for PhD programme in drug regulatory affairs in the USA, Canada and UK
    I am German and in final phase with my MSC. in Drug Regulatory Affairs at the University in Bonn Germany. I am biomedical scientist by profession with many years experiences in microbiology laboratory. I would wonder and be grateful if anyone can help me to trace any Prof. interested in such field.
    Many thanks

  4. I was wondering how the universities evaluate a candidate's GPA. for example a 9 point GPA from IIT would be extremely rare whereas a 9 GPA from other institutes is a little easier. Same thing with other colleges. Its quite difficult to get an 8 GPA (B avg or 3.0 according to US system)in certain institutions. Does that make them ineligible for admission?

  5. Hi!! I am a student of B.Tech bioinformatics ,2nd yr and I am planing for GMAT.. When I went through the websites of many universities and found out the requirements and criterion for getting admitted into the MBA programme,I found a common sentence in almost everywhere that they are looking forward for a person who is extra ordinary,the one who has done something which is unique,but none of them mentioned what actually they want and expect from a candidate.. plz let me know what I should do right from now onwards in order to get into Universities like Harvard..what is that I should do which would make my resume look good and enhance my chances of being accepted by the best university like Harvard and plz do mention me those extra curricular activities in which i should get into,apart from paper presentation and certificate collection tasks!! please clarify me!!

    1. If you are looking to get into Harvard you have read the requirements right. You mush have extraordinary skills and don what others have not done. For example, you are studying Bioinformatice and want to do Phd in Harvard. You have to invent something in filed of Bioinformatics that was not done before.
      Say you find a new pattern matching algorithm which is much faster than existing one. Thats something unique.

  6. i want to know what step we should take to become a top b-school .what all amendment we would have to take to bring a college in top rank

  7. Hello,

    I want to take admission in one of the top 20 universities and want to pursue my MS in Renewable Energy Engineering. Apart from that i want to join a univ in fall season of 2010. I have already taken GRE and my score was 1250. My aggregate is 71% and my profile includes training in solar, hydro energy, and clean development mechanism in which i've done a project too. I have other certificates as well. What are my chances of getting admission? Please reply to me.


  8. I am a BE(CSE)graduate with 75% what is the chance for me to get in MBA university like Harvard business school,Stanford business school,Columbia Business school.And how much should I require in my GMAT and how many experience I need to show for getting the these business school.

    And Do they see the 10 and 12 marks also?

    what will happen if i have low % in 10 and 12.Will I be able to make into these schools?

  9. Its all overhyped.

    It doesnt matter what you have done or how much percentage you had or if you have work Ex. or no ….and even if your college is reputed or Not.

    JUST give GRE get arnd a 1300 or plus.

    Easily ull make it to the top 20's Im saying this with experience so dont worry.

    1. hey dude thats the coolest comment i've read of over 200 comments on this blog ..it really gives me immense confidence….as i did my b.e.(mechanical)with 58% ,that too in 5 years ….now i aim at a gre score of about 1350+ ……………u said that u r writting from ur personal experience …..so can u please let me know that do i stand a good enough chance in a top 20 university (for m.s. )……

      i know that this is too much to ask with marks that i have but is there any possibility of financial aid for me ??

        1. hey thanks buddy for ur advice …. as per the final year project i did a very good one as it was aicte approved project …paper presentation – none , well as u said that top 20 is tough …can u advice a good enough gre score for top 20 as now that is the only thing that i can work hard for … nd can i think of some financial assistance after that undergrad. marks ?? i can get some very good recommendation letters if required ….

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