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H-1B Petition 2010 Check Encashed = H-1B Visa Approved?

Many H-1B 2010 visa applicants are still waiting to receive their receipt numbers.

If you haven’t received your receipt number, here’s one way to get the H-1B Receipt Number by calling USCIS.

It looks like the USCIS writes the receipt number on the back of the check when depositing the check. So, by looking at the scanned image of the deposited check, you may be able to get the receipt number.

Check Debited = Approved H-1B visa

When looking at some of the comments in the blog posts and forums, you will be amazed at some of the information (actually, rumors) that many people believe in.

Some persons writing their comments claim that their information is absolutely true, when in fact theirs are only half-baked truths or are certified rumors only.

Anyways, why did you give your personal check to the employer? Your employer is supposed to be the one to pay for your H-1B visa processing.

That’s one of the reasons why the USCIS have stepped up the security of its H-1B processing and approval processing to better guard for any fraud.

Maybe if USCIS have stepped up its security earlier, most of these incidences of fraud could be prevented.

Anyways, since you gave money to process your H-1B to your employer, that’s precisely the reason you have access to the scanned copy of the check.

If you still believe that USCIS encashing your check equates to a guaranteed H-1B approval, you are totally wrong. The H-1B approval processing is different from a check being encashed.

There are also some situations where checks are encashed but still the candidate hasn’t received their receipt numbers.

You can see H-1B 2010 FAQs link displayed above most blog posts here. All important articles related to H-1B Visa 2010 have that link from these similar posts.

But despite the presence of the FAQ link, there are still at least 100 comments asking for answers that are already answered.

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  1. I agree checks encashed is not a guarantee for approval. But it indicates prima facie qualify and it is approved in most of the cases, except in rare cases where it is rejected for furnishing wrong information, if sponsoring employer lacks credentials etc

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