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H1B Visa Interview Experience – Mumbai – Jan, 2013

I got my H1B visa approved today, Jan 15, 2013 in MUMBAI. So just wanted to share my H1B Visa interview at Mumbai experience with you. First appointment at OFC was on Jan 10, 2013 at 10 AM. Reached OFC at 9:40 AM.

Outside the building there was a security person who checked my OFC Confirmation (DS 160) and PASSPORT. He ticked all my details on the confirmation and directed to go inside.

After going inside there is a security check, after that a person checks the DS 160 again and sticks a barcode on the passport.  Finally your photo and fingerprints are taken and you are done.

H1B Visa Interview at Mumbai – 2013

On the day of the H1B interview, I went 45 minutes before my H1B interview time.

Initially security check was done. This time they said the belt is ok, don’t remove it. Other belongings we scanned. After that, I was made to sit in an open space, where row wise seating arrangement was nicely made, with a shed on top of it.

While waiting there, a person came and checked my Petition Copy, Appointment Confirmation and Passport. Returned it back to me.  Another person came and handed over a booklet which stated RIGHTS AS AN EMPLOYEE while working in US. Just go thru it once.

After 35- 40 minutes I was let inside (where actual interviews are conducted). I was made to stand in a queue and then issued a token number (which they stucked to my passport. My number was 559)

After that, I had my left fingers scanned again (on another window) for confirmation and then off to a waiting area where i was waiting for my turn.

(it was 482 number going on, unlike breach candy waiting area, at BKC,there is a screen where token numbers are displayed along with the window number, glad to see that)

I took a nescafe and was enjoying every sip of it, (as I wanted to divert my nervousness while waiting for my turn). Then after waiting for 30 mins (approx), I saw 558 on screen and my heart started pumping, and then next number : 561

(my brain started processing, is my number there? did they add my token number to their list? etc. etc.)

But after that I saw my token number and I prepared my files and went on to a window (like Munnabhai…remember the dialog which CIRCUIT says to parsi doctor – “darne ka nahi re, aise confidence ke sath jaane ka”)

H1B Interview – Questions and Answers

ME : Good morning officer, how are you?
VO : Good, how are you
ME : I m fine, thank you

VO : My machine is not responding, give me a minute

VO : Can i see your petition?  (He just saw first page of the petition and said)

VO : OH you are working for XYZ?
ME : Yes

VO : For which client are you going to work?
(Returned the Petition bunch to me, As his machine was not responding he took a break and asked me to wait)

VO : I am sorry give me a minute, I ll be right back
ME : OK no probs.

VO : Alright, are you going to work on clients location?
ME : Yes, i will work at client’s location in ,

VO : What are you working as?
ME : I am working as Computer Programmer Analyst. I will be responsible to coordinate between my client and offshore team here in India. I will also (VO asked next question)

VO : Whats you US Salary ?
ME : USD XXXXX per anum

VO : Are you married?
ME : yes

VO : Did you get this booklet? (Referring to a booklet attached to a bulletproof window – RIGHTS AS AN EMPLOYEE)
ME : Yes i did get.

VO : Ok, I am issuing you a visa, it will take 2 – 3 days bla bla bla. Have a nice stay and all the best.
ME : Thank you officer

VO : Have a good day
ME : Thank you. have a good day.


This is short, quick and standard H1B Visa interview experience. Thanks for Sharing.

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  1. Congrats. The difference between OFC and actual interview is 5 days? Wow, so you had to stay in mumbai till that time?

  2. Thanks for your sharing your wonderful experience.

    Can u let us know whether it was directly for your company in INDIA or you had searched your job in US directly & if so , how ?

  3. Thanks for your experience.

    Can u let us know whether it was directly for your company in INDIA or you had searched your job in US directly & if so , how ?

  4. hahahahaha lol, buddy i’ll give you 100’s of people holding h1b and working in india ,,,,poor jobless america.

    1. No one said here anything about job prospects or job security in USA; the author was just sharing his experience. Your useless comment adds nothing to the discussion.

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