H1B Transfer Without I-797 Approval Notice

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Question from Anshul

  • My H1-B was filed using I129 in November, 2011.
  • Got an Approval Status on March, 2012
  • However I left my employer who had filed my petition in February 2012 to join a new company
  • Can the new company utilize my approved petition?
  • I only have the receipt number with me.

H1B Transfer Without I-797

After reading few forums and Immigration Attorney Questions and answers, looks like you can apply for H1B Transfer (in reality its New H1B Visa application, not counted towards the cap) with the receipt number alone.

Your new company Immigration attorney should be able to answer this questions.

If you get your H1B from new company just by using the receipt number from previous approved H1B without I-797 approval notice, can you let us know if that worked?

Good luck with your H1B Transfer to new company.


  1. I got h1 b approval from company A and am in h1b transfer to company B and i got my receipt number from Company B and waiting for approval notice and my company A revoked my approved H1B and now i planning to transfer to company C is that possible to transfer to company C without approval notice

  2. Hi Raghu, I am in the same boat can I have a sooner consultation with you on this?


    1. Author

      Pick the Urgent Option and I will be able to talk to you in 24 hours.

  3. What was the result of applying for this petition? I am in the same boat

  4. Hey guys,

    I’m also facing the same situation. Whatever be the solution please keep us posted.

  5. Hi Anshul ,

    I have the similar situation like yours . Can you tell me what did your new company’s Attorney said ?? It will be of great help thanks ..

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