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H-1B Visa 2011 – News and Cap Count

Get the latest information and frequently asked questions about H-1B Visa 2013.

BREAKING NEWS – The H-1B VISA 2011 CAP had been reached as of January 26, 2011. Now you have to start planning for H-1B Visa 2012 FY.

The H-1B Visa FY 2011 cap season had started on April 1 this year and the number of visa petitions received until December 10 is as follows:

  • General Cap – 52,400 (out of 65,000)
  • Master’s Degree – 19,100 (out of 20,00)

The USCIS website issues updates on the H-1B quota very week. There are many reasons why the H-1B cap is not yet full.

H-1B Visa 2011

There are several reasons why the H-1B visa cap count is very low compared to previous years. To name a few:

  • Economic recession (not many jobs are available)
  • Neufeld Memo (came out in January)
  • RFEs on H-1B petitions
  • USCIS cracking down on H-1B fraud
  • H-1B visa Fee Up by $2000

The H-1B Visa 2011 Cap Count and Processing Time Tracker table keeps track of H-1B cap numbers as published by USCIS.

Approval Time

Looking at the comments of those who have applied for H-1B visa, it looks like most of them are taking about:

  • The 2.5 to 4 months to get approval in regular processing.
  • Around 2 to 4 weeks for premium processing.

Here is a comment from a reader who had applied for an H-1B Visa 2011.

Center: Vermont
Master’s Quota
Received date: April 9, 2010
Approval Date: August 13, 2010 [Sample H-1B I-797 Approval Notice]

The USCIS is taking considerable time in approving H-1B  Visa petitions due to increasing fraudulent activities discovered when submitting visa petitions for approval.

Consulting companies are asked to produce project related details from the clients. Because of this new requirement, many consulting companies became unprepared to apply for H-1B visa.

It was a completely different scenario compared to the last 2 years, but things can get back to those levels for the H-1B 2011 season if the financial market makes a turnaround.

Last year, the visa cap ran out in December, but at its current pace (about 1,300 H-1B Visa petitions per week, you can expect the quota to remain open until March 2011).

H-1B  Case Status

Many H-1B visa applicants have reported that the USCIS site is not updating the status of petitions. A few blog readers had received their approval notices, but still, online status shows the initial review.

You may want to check with your attorney/employer if you have been waiting for your H-1B approval for over 3 months. To get your status from the USICS, have your employer or attorney call the agency.

One other way to get a faster H-1B approval is by changing to premium processing by paying $1,000 in extra fees. You should get to know about your H-1B Visa approval status within 3 weeks max.

Fee Increase

H-1B visa fees were increased by $2,000 last August 14 and it will affect the number of H-1B visa petitions that will be submitted.

Small consulting firms with less than 50 employees will not be affected. But if H-1B employees are over 50 and 50% or more of them are under H-1B visa, then fees goes up by $2,000.

Estimated H-1B Visa Cap Run-Out Date

At the current pace, the master’s cap will be filled-up by the end of this year. The general cap will be filled-up between January 2011 to February 2011.

Students graduating in December will have enough time to find a full time job and have their employer apply in their behalf for H-1B visa within FY 2011.

How to Apply for H-1B Visa

Follow these steps when applying for H-1B Visa

  • Find a job and employer (who will sponsor your H-1B visa)
  • Make sure your employer is not banned from applying for H-1B visa 2011
  • Usually, your employer will hire an attorney, who will then process your application.
  • It takes about 2 to 3 weeks to file an H-1B Visa petition.

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  1. Hi, i have 6 years of experience. till now i had worked in 3 companies. my current(4th) company is a MNC. my 1st company got closed and my 3rd company was a freelancers company that is also closed now.
    will US counnsulate will do any background check of old employment if my current company processes my H1 or L1? what to do if they are unable to contact my old employers?

  2. i have 6 years of work experience. r worked in 3 companies tilll now i m in a MNC from past 2.4 YRS. my 1st company is closed and 3rd company was a free lancing company that is also closed.
    will the US counsulate do any background check? what to do if they r unable to contact my old employers?

  3. Hi my employer’s solicitor applied H1b visa in april 2011, till September not received any result, after that solicitor applied for premier process, and received denial application, our solicitor suggest that do re application as fresh, so we applied as new fresh application as on 14 November 2011 as a premier process, But still not received Application receipt number, can any one help me that whats going on with my application?? thanks

  4. Hi,
    I am working in an MNC in Bangalore.Recently I was offered a job in US by another MNC and my H1B VISA application was also started.But somehow the cap count got finished and my application was not processed.
    1)Is there any way by which I can join the job in the US company?
    2)I hold a B1/B2 Visa for 10 years.Can it be used by the time I apply for H1B for the next year.
    3)Are there any other Visa options that can be used for a period before applying H1B for next year.

    Thanks for the answers.

  5. I have found sponsor for my H-1. He is asking me to hire attorney and complete process on his behalf. Lawyer says this will not work and asking me to send him forward. Any solution?

  6. Dear sir,

    could you please sugget me if M.s (pharmaceutic) at North Eastern University better or M.S (pharmacology at Wright State University better? Both funding wise avenue wise and also subject and prospects wise?

    thank you

  7. My employer will be filing H1B visa for me. But I am bit confused as I have few queries listed below:-
    1) I am a legally divorced person. So want to know can i specify this in my petition. Will this be some reason of H1B get rejected.
    2) X wife has filed false complaint of 498a ie criminal complaint, but that has been settled and closed legally. So want to know do i need to specify this in the petition. Will this be some reason of H1B get rejected.
    Thanks in Advance.

  8. I have a International Passport, My GRE score 1300 and TOFEL Score 107 ,I applied for PHD course in Economics in different universities in USAin the session of September 2011. They have accepted my application. Only I need financial support for this course ,please can you help me in this regards I need confirmation within June ,because the session will be starting in September 2011.

  9. Hi,

    By february 2011 my L1-B visa application got rejected am i able to apply for H1-B now. I was litte bit confuesed about applying or not , Is it any chance that my L1 rejection will take in to count while applying for H1.

  10. i am a post graduate. i did mba in marketing . i wld like to know more details about how can i apply for h1b visa for 2012. please reply

  11. dear sir

    i havent apply for H1B visa but i am looking for applying for that visa

    thank you for your help


  12. I have filed my H1b Visa in 2010-11 quota but still haven't got any response yet…I am aware that the starting date of new H1b is April 1st, so I am wondering if I donor get any response by March 31st then what will happen to my case??? Pl kindly help me out So if I don't get a response by 31st march what should I think????Should I think it is rejected or still processing???

  13. I am having a job offer in Dakar, Senegal as a Marketing person. My friend is interested to sponsor me. I am a Graduate with public Administration, politics and sociology as core subjects. Can i find a

    job there with the help of my friend, who is a US citizen, How long can i stay there

  14. Hi,

    I got my case approved on 2, June, 2008, till them the employer not able to produce me the client letter.

    Luckily I got an employer now, I gave my case details to the new employer attorney.

    Any one has Idea how the new employer will process my H1, will they apply in 2012 or will they file my case under non-cap?

    what is the possibility of acceptance if filed under non-cap immediately?

    please help me.

    1. You have posted previous question asking for employer and here you have stated that you sent documents to employer… whats going on?

      1. Sorry,

        I got an employer, done with interview, I just gave them my case number, they are still verifying with their attorney, I was asking how they will file, whether they will file a fresh H1B for me or will they file under non-cap quota?

  15. Hi, my son got h1b visa approval in 2008 to october 2011,

    (i-797)but his sponsor not sending letter and current tax papers. please advice, can he stamp this visa. Is any time limit for h1b visa stamping? Can other employer transfer his visa & help him to give papers for visa stamping & job?

    eagerly waiting for your reply.

    1. Hi,

      I also have same query, do u have any idea how to do this if I can find a new employer ?

      please let me k now if u have any clues.

  16. hi my name is seth ventola but the name in my passport is Nana Boateng from Ghana.i only completed senior secondary so how can i be successful but i can also do a lot of work too.again is the payment after visa? bye hope to hear from you

  17. US story is by and large over. Even if you get H1b, you will be working a job that isn't all that great compared to what you could now be doing in this part of the world. The racist arrogant attitudes of Americans is something you wont have to deal with either!

  18. I hold

    Bachelors in Engineering (Electronics)

    Masters Degree in Computer Science (Australia)

    work experience: 3 years (2 years in Australia 1 years in kuwait)

    Certificates: CCNA, MCSE, ITILv3 And Symantec Certified Specialist

    I have tried applying for jobs on web portals and also have contacted agents and employers.

    Keen in relocating to USA. Any suggestions please

  19. I will file my h1b for FY 2011 in november 2010. Will i be able to get my h1b approved? I have 2 yrs of experience before that i have two yrs of gap in my career after my studies. How can i fill that gap? Will h1b authorities find out if i fill my vacant time with a fake experience?

  20. I am working here as a teacher in H1B visa. I came here in 2007. Now my visa is renewed till 2013. My employer had just applied for my Labor Clearance ( first step for the GC process) last month. How long it will take for me to get a green card – applying through EB3 category. Is there any chance for concurrent filing for I140 and 485 now?

    1. Do you mine sharing what school system/state you were sponsored your visa? I am desperately seeking an employer to sponsor me. I have been here on a J1 visa for 5 years and I would like to change to a H1b but it is had to find a sponsor. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    2. Hi Could you please reply me how did u find a job for a teacher,I see many job requirements for Teacher but Does Department of Education does the H-1B.

      I have a Master's Degree with Math Major Could you please provide me more information .Are you placed through some Agency or recruiting firm,It will be great if you can provide me that information.

      Thank You Very Much.

  21. Hello Buddies,

    I am working in an MNC and my company hss applied for H1 petition .

    I got an RFE asking for client approval documents.However My company has submitted my petition as a blanket visa process,were i would be applying from a client with whom I may or may not work later once i get my approval.

    therefore i have not submitted any documents in regards to the RFE .

    So can anyone tell me the chances of getting my petition approved ?



  22. Hi,

    I am working in MNC. Today, my manager authorized me to apply for H1 visa. I will be filling in my details & documents in day or two? When will I get approval? When can I expect to get h1b visa? When can I plan to travel? Please let me know.

    Thanks in advance!


  23. hi,

    i went to us in 2007 on b2 visa and i got sponser there and got h1b visa approval in 2008 to october 2011,

    (i-797)but they put condition i have to stamp in my home country,but i dint come to india at that time. i naver be illigal there, i change my visa status to f1 i studied there. i came back to india in 2009, now my sponser need me now, he going to send letter and current tax papers.

    please advice me can i stamp this visa. is any time limit for h1b visa 2011 stamping.

    eagerly waiting for your reply.


    syed ayoob

    1. I know this too llong back you posted your query. However if you change your current status to another status then you previous status is no longer valid. Hence, your previous h1b is not valid for stamping because you changed your status to F1. I hope you got the answer

  24. Hi All,

    My employer has applied H1B visa for me.. I didnt receive any response from both the employer and USCIS. But my question here is

    "Is it enough if i just get an petition approved from USCIS…else some ppl confusing me that even if my petition got approved,thr will be an direct interview here in Chennai US Consulate and even thr they may reject it..is it true??

    whts the next step if get a news tht my petition got approved from USCIS???

    Pls advice me…i badly need some…:(

    1. After you get your petition approved, you got to go for visa stamping…dont wrry be confident and u will get visa…dont keep any fake!

    2. There will be interview when u go for visa sure…petition is one, visa (interview in person) is second..all the best

  25. My company applied an H1 visa 2011 for me this year. I haven't yet heard back anything from USCIS. Have they started giving out the H1's or is every one facing th same issue as I?

    1. Hello Pooja,

      Uscis updated the processing time for both service centers (California and Vermont) as of April 30 2010 : 2 MONTHS.

      If you have a receipt from Uscis (ask your employer for it) check the date and see if you are in this time frame (if you applied in April for example).

      Also with your receipt number, you can check your status online.

      Some people already got their visas, premium and regular processing as well so, be patient, you will get an answer soon.

      Hope this will help,

    2. Hi,

      I am also in the same boat.. My application was accepted on 9th April for H1B visa 2011.. Still no update (Vermont). My application is in the US Master's category and I am with no consulting comp… So, I dont know why so much delay.. My OPT is expiring soon… I dont want to waste another $350/- on the extension if I get an answer soon..


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