H1B Visa 2015 Receipt Numbers and Processing Updates : May 7, 2014

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There’s still hope to get receipt numbers from H1B Visa 2015 lottery.

I will be publishing H1B Visa 2015 Receipt Numbers and Updates, News  in this page day by day (sometimes multiple times per day).

Tracking H1B Visa 2015 Receipt Numbers and Updates

May 7, 2014

When you guys were giving up hope, on H1B Visa 2015 receipt numbers, here’s come a refreshing update straight from USCIS

USCIS said they may be issuing Premium Processing H-1 receipts till 21 May and non PP till 30 May or so. via Twitter @immigrationcom

May 2, 2014


Official news :USCIS announced today that data entry of all FY15 H-1B cap petitions has been completed. USCIS will now begin returning all H-1B cap petitions that were not selected in the lottery. U.S. businesses use the H-1B program to employ foreign workers in occupations that require highly specialized knowledge in fields such as science, engineering, and computer programming.

April 28, 2014

USCIS Started approving H1b applications. First comment was in approval came today.

April 23, 2014

Update from Attorney : AD/Regular processing snail mail receipt was post marked April 10, 2014. Receipt was received last week. This changes the who processing math we had so far.

April 22, 2014

  • Premium Processing – Advanced Degree – Notification complete or almost complete (email notification)
  • Premium Processing – General Cap – Notification complete or almost complete (email notification)
  • Regular Processing – Advanced Degree – Receipt coming via snail mail
  • Regular Processing – General Cap – No Updates

Above is my observation based on receipt notices updates posted by readers.

April 21, 2014

  • People reporting receipt numbers for Advanced degree – Regular processing via snail mail ( no email ).
  • No updates Non Advanced Degree – regular processing.

April 17,2014

  • USCIS alert that on 4/28/14 it will begin premium processing for H-1B petitions subject to the FY2015 cap, including H-1B petitions seeking an exemption from the fiscal year cap for individuals who have earned a U.S. master’s degree or higher.

April 16, 2014

  • USCIS is notifying Premium Processing Petitions selected in lottery
  • Both Advanced Degree and Regular Cap Applications have received updates.
  • I haven’t seen non premium processing notifications yet.

April 11, 2014

April 10, 2014

April 7, 2014:

April 5, 2014 : 

  • I searched around for latest updates and none found.
  • Bye Bye Vancouver. We are driving to Seattle in next 30 minutes.
  • Went to university of British Columbia yesterday. Campus was Beautiful.

April 4, 2014 :

  • No updates from USCIS on H1B Cap Count Numbers.
  • Second petition can be filed if affected by delivery, but it should reach USCIS by Monday. (AILA).
  • Updated from Vancouver, Canada

April 3, 2014 :

Following updates is from AILA.

USIS informed AILA that due to the reported courier delivery problems with FY2015 H-1B petitions, USCIS will accept a second H-1B petition in certain limited circumstances. Specifically, for cap-subject petitions that were timely filed, if, upon inquiry, the carrier indicates that there may be a delivery delay or the package has been damaged, the petitioner may file a second H-1B petition with:

  • A new fee;
  • An explanation as to why the second petition is being filed, with supporting evidence (such as the notice from the carrier); and
  • A request to withdraw the first H-1B cap petition.

USCIS will return the withdrawn petitions with the fee, even if they have already been receipted.

Petitions that do not include the above-referenced items will be treated as duplicate petitions and will be denied or revoked, and USCIS will not refund the filing fees. Please also note that if the FY2015 cap is met within the first five business days of April, USCIS will reject all petitions received after April 7, 2014, including duplicate H-1B petitions filed in accordance with these instructions.

April 2, 2014

  • There is no update from USCIS.
  • Overnight Delivery companies reported to have delivered large volumes of applications.
  • Some H1B applications packages could have been damaged or delivered but not scanned. (AILA)

April 1, 2014

  • No Updates from USCIS

Immigration Attorney’s should have mailed the H-1B Visa package on  Monday (March 31, 2014) to California and Vermont USCIS service centers.

FedEx and UPS should have carried thousand’s ( over 100,000) H1B Visa applications to respective USCIS service centers for delivery today.

It’s not easy to process so many applications by USCIS in a single day. Typically private contractors are hired to handle huge volumes of H1B visa applications on month of April.

USCIS will give an update about

  • Number of General H1B Application Received
  • Number of Advanced Degree Applications received
  • When Quota was reached
  • When H-1B Visa lottery will be conducted

Last Year – Regular Processing

Last year, USCIS sent notices for Regular Processing only in June 2013. That’s 3 months wait time to even know if H1B petitions was selected in the lottery.

If you need an earlier update, then convert the application to Premium Processing.

Sometime early next week. Till then we will be in dark.

I’m sure if you have applied for H1B Visa, your hearts will be pounding to know the results of H-1B Visa lottery results.

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    1. Is there a way to check whether USCIS received my petition? I am not taking about lottery at least they received? do they give any acknowledgement letter after receiving petition?

  1. Indians spoiled us matket. In future they will scrutinize and make the market as Uk. I think the time will come soon

    1. Your name looks like an Indian Name and if you are a indian too then you might have seen the Namste london movie or do i have to repeat the dialog ?

    2. What else could we do? We are the precarious race.. Think if British didn’t rule us… Could we even apply for H1B?? Although these are hard to digest but Truth.

      1. JD, Don’t know about entire race but you sound pretty dumb to me. If British didn’t rule Indians then Indians might not have cared to apply H-1B.

  2. Hi Raghu,

    I have a question – my employer said, they sent my H1 application on Friday. I am not sure when it would reach USCIS, but what happens if it is delivered to USCIS on March 31st?


    1. The petitions which reached USCIS before April 1st will be rejected. Your employer might have send it throught the regular mail.

        1. Thanks Laxmi and Raghu for the response, I appreciate it. I hope my employer sent through regular mail – 2 day delivery.

  3. Reposting the same again by ticking the checkbox for notifications
    I am not sure if my employer filed my H1B with the signed copy of Client Invite letter. I am not getting proper answers actually as all this was done at the last moment. Will my application be considered for now?

    1. Author

      If selected in lottery then USCIS could ask for the letter via RFE.

  4. Do you know How many Advanced Degree applications USCIS received last year?

      1. From where did you get this information? USCIS never revealed how many masters cap petitions it received.

  5. The H1B 2015 cap has reached, but USCIS will wait till April 7th, Monday to stop taking more petitions. The random selection will take place on April 7th. The USCIS will send notifications to the employee representatives in batches ranging from April 8th to April 15th. The premium processing will start immediately on April 7th, even though the current USCIS webpage says that it starts on April 28th. The premium processing adjudication will be completed by May 12th at the latest. Regular processing will start thereafter, and depending on your file number, it might take anywhere between one day to five months.

    1. Author

      Last year regular processing notices were sent in June 2013. Premium processing for this year will not no later than April 28. Since there were delivery issues and USIS is accepting second H1B petitions, there could be further delay for lottery to be conducted.

      1. You are right.. They still are not sure about lottery as they just announced.

    2. GGN U
      Are you trying to say, all attorneys will be mailed about selected applicants by 15th april no matter whether its premium or normal ?

  6. hi,

    My team have filed my application today Monday April 7th and not sure if the courier reaches USCIS on time.
    What if the scanned copies doesn’t reach there, will appliation be valid for lottery?
    please suggest..

  7. Waiting to hear the lottery results until june is really a long wait 🙁

  8. Hello,

    Did anyone came across a scenario, where an employer gets none of the petitions selected. It seems almost all employers who filled single petition in last years always gets the petition selected.

    Pls confirm.

  9. dude april 7 th is the lottary date i hope..you may get the results soon..ask your employer to status

    1. Uscis just announced that they are not sure when they will do lottery given the high volume of petitions this year.. You can the official website for exact news.

  10. USCIS announced today that it has received a sufficient number of H-1B petitions to reach the statutory cap for fiscal year (FY) 2015. USCIS has also received more than the limit of 20,000 H-1B petitions filed under the U. S. advanced degree exemption.


  11. USCIS announcement that it has received a sufficient number of H-1B petitions to reach the statutory cap for FY2015 for both the general category and the advanced degree exemption category and will close the filing period after 4/7/14. A random lottery will occur at a later date.
    AILA Doc. No. 14040740.

  12. USCIS announced that H1B cap reached and Due to the high number of petitions, USCIS is not yet able to announce the date on which it will conduct the random selection process.

  13. I have a query related to Lottery. My Employer filing h1b for only 30 candidates. What will be the chance of getting selected in lottery for these candidates?

    1. I think the chances are 1 ^ 4 / (113 * 3 /30) = 0.0867% chances for them to get picked.

    2. I think the chances are 1 ^ 4 / (113 * 3 /30) = 0.0867% for them to get picked.

    3. As far as I understand, it doesn’t matter to you if your employer filed 30 or 3000, what does matter is the total number of petitions USCIS received, accepted, and subsequently entered to the lottery. Then, it is matter of simple math.

  14. Was the cap reached today or was the announcement made today ? If the cap reached today, does it mean USCIS got the the 65000 + One more petition today ?

    1. Author

      USCIS will accept petitions till today (7th). But, they have received sufficient petitions to make the announcement.

    2. This means that there are sufficient number of applications to approve 85,000 visas. As a general rule, the “sufficient number” usually means the threshold of 111,000. But, in reality the number will be much higher. The random selection process will choose around 111,000 applications for adjudication, and the rest will be rejected outright.

  15. How come commentor ‘GGN U’ had the exact same update on April 4th where as the USCIS update was published on April 7th?
    Good Luck everyone 🙂

    1. The random selection occurred last night. But the USCIS will wait for a couple more days for error checking. The “delivery mess-up” rumors have been circulating since yesterday, but there is no official confirmation yet. And this “mess-up”, so to speak, is limited to one or two employers, not general courier services. Expect to hear the application pool numbers from USCIS by Thursday at the latest, given that the “mess-up” doesn’t get cleared up. Also expect that your employers will receive email confirmations of the “lottery” followed by hard documents in the mail. The USCIS’s random selection program will choose around 111,000 applications for the 85,000 cap.

        1. GGN U:
          Who are you, and how do you know this info?

          Will receipt emails be sent by Thursday to regular processing applications as well?

          1. Author

            Regular processing receipts will take a while.

        2. Regular processing hard-copy receipts might take a while, but what about the checks being deposited and email receipts being sent out immediately (as GGN U said: on Thursday)? Surely everyone is sent an email receipt, and all the checks are deposited immediately, right?

  16. The random selection occurred last night. But the USCIS will wait for a couple more days for error checking. The “delivery mess-up” rumors have been circulating since yesterday, but there is no official confirmation yet. And this “mess-up”, so to speak, is limited to one or two employers, not general courier services. Expect to hear the application pool numbers from USCIS by Thursday at the latest, given that the “mess-up” doesn’t get cleared up. Also expect that your employers will receive email confirmations of the “lottery” followed by hard documents in the mail. The USCIS’s random selection program will choose around 111,000 applications for the 85,000 cap.

    1. I am pretty sure, this comment of yours is going to be true as well. So, the total number of applications received this year are around 111,000??

      Do you know how many in advanced degree category specifically?

      1. The total number of applications received are much higher than 111,000. Expect between 140,000 and 170,000 total H1B petitions. USCIS will randomly select about 111,000 applications to be adjudicated. Out of those 111,000 selected for adjudication, they will approve 85,000 and reject the rest. The mere win in the “lottery” does not imply that you will be approved for the visa. The exact number of total applications will be shared by the USCIS in less than two days.

        1. You’re awesome. The count is so close. So what next ? Waiting to hear 🙂 I hope u r not speculating 😉

        2. Nith: You should expect to hear from USCIS with your receipt number very soon. If it was filed with PP fees, then you or your employer/representative should get some sort of confirmation with 2 weeks. If its a regular processing, then the wait could last anywhere between one week and 3-4 months.

          1. GGN U
            Somewhere your previous comment say that attorneys shall be informed about picked up applicants from 8 to 15 April. So do you say if I don’t get mail till 15th ,I’m not thru in lottery ?

          2. I would say that the latest to get receipt number for PP is around April 24th.

    2. Hi GGNU,

      So does that mean that the applications that were selected in the lottery, the checks for premium processing in those applications were withdrawn? So if no activity in my bank account, is that a bad sign?

      1. Author

        Slow down. Things take time. How will uscis deposit check if lottery might not be done. Things take time.

        1. I am a little confused as to when USCIS notifies the attorney/employer if their employee was selected in the lottery or not.
          Does USCIS notifies all the candidates at the same time or does it first notifies the candidates who have selected Premium Processing?

          1. Author

            Regular processing cases got notified in June last year.

    3. GGN U,
      Seems he is guessing the things or does he really aware about the news.
      What-ever may the case, his statement was correct on last week. So can assume this is also correct.
      So, here you are saying there will be two sets of Lotteries? one to pick 1,11,000 and then 85000?
      If that is true, then what is the purpose of having 2 lottery sets, and what is base of picking 1,11,000?

      1. Sudha,

        There is only one lottery process to pick roughly about 111,000 applications. After these applications are chosen, then the USCIS adjudicates each of the 111,000 applications. You must understand that just because your employer submitted the H1B petition does not mean that you will be approved. Let me repeat: there’s only one “lottery” procedure, not two. The second step is the adjudication (the actual process of looking over your documents, and coming to a judgement about whether you deserve to be approved based on the documents provided). Sometimes, the petitions carry errors, or missed information, or forged documents, and in those cases the petitions get rejected. USCIS keeps this extra cushion upto 111,000 because they account for the fact that some of the applications will be rejected. If they only select 85,000 applications via lottery, then a lot of visas will go unfilled.

        1. Author

          Lottery is 2 step process right? One for advanced degree cap and petitions not selected there will be added to general cap for second lottery.

        2. Raghuram, I would consider the 20,000 and 65,000 “lotteries” as one, even though they happen separately. They do happen right after one another. Its not really a two step lottery. It might seem so for petitions with advance degrees, but if you think about it, the pool becomes one after the advance degrees are selected for the 20,000 quota.

        3. Then, what if 100,000 applications met all the requirements, would the actual number of approved visas be 100k rather than 85k?

        4. I asked the question corresponding to GGN U point. So what I understand from his comments, it is one lottery to select 111k and then looking into each application to see if it meets the requirements, so what happened to those applications selected in the 111k lottery but after accepting 85k and still meet the requirements?

          What am I here?

          1. Author

            Only first 85,000 gets visa.

      2. GGN U,
        I have not heard this process of picking 111k and dropping 26k, during app validation time.
        There is fair chance even Master degree (US) apps also go-out even though they have given priority in lottery (got 2nd chance those not picked in 20k case).
        or they validate both Normal and Master degree (us) apps separately?

        So, if the above is true, then if all first 85k apps are correct then they will not check remaining apps.. this is not fair deal (even after picking lottery)…who knows there might very good applications (good academics from top institutions and proper exp)..at last USCIS want to place right candidates in US for better prospects of US.
        Only god knows what is exact process they follow (or else they dont want others understood how the selection is happening)

        1. I was pondering about this randomselection algorithm myself. If it’s really random computerized process as they claim then they may end up picking bunch of fresh graduates with ms from mediocre unis concentrated in one industryand leave some great human materialout of the game. Unless that’s the result they are seeking is really scary and dumb

  17. by when will we know if our application got selected or not any strict/mandate date and how do we know (i mean email/site etc)

    1. Last Year – Regular Processing

      Last year, USCIS sent notices for Regular Processing only in June 2013. That’s 3 months wait time to even know if H1B petitions was selected in the lottery.

      If you need an earlier update, then convert the application to Premium Processing.

      Sometime early next week. Till then we will be in dark.

      I’m sure if you have applied for H1B Visa, your hearts will be pounding to know the results of H-1B Visa lottery results.

      1. Author

        I’m trying to find if petition can be converted to premium without receipt number.

        1. “At the AILA Spring CLE conference on April 12, 2013, Donald Neufeld, Associate Director of the Service Center Operations (SCOPS) Directorate, informed the audience that data entry for non-premium processing cases will begin after the premium processing cases are entered. Data entry for non-premium cases will likely not be completed until sometime in May, and rejection notices for petitions not selected in the lottery will be sent out after that. Please note that when the cap was reached on the first day in 2008, USCIS not complete data entry and receipting for non-premium processing cases until late in May.

          Non-premium processing cases can only be converted to premium processing after a receipt notice is issued.”

  18. Hi , Please tell me when we will get H1B case number once it is filed or after the lottery?

    1. I think after lottery. After lottery every employer will be informed about all his employees via email & letter whether picked or not. And both email and letter will have case number.

  19. When will the lottery take place? What are the total number of applicants in Masters or Higher degree quota?

  20. Does anyone know when the checks from premium and regular process are cashed? Are the premium app checks deposited immediately, and then regular is deposited three months later? Or are all checks deposited immediately?

    I’m just trying to figure out the earliest possible date that I’d know whether or not I was selected in the lottery. Don’t want to wait for a hard-copy receipt in the mail – that’ll take 7 – 10 days; will wait for email receipt instead.

    Masters applicant/regular processing

    1. Immediately after conducting Lottery USCIS start cashing checks. However, First all Premium ones and then the regular ones. In all cases, USCIS has encashed all checks before April except the ones in Waitlist.

    1. The cap is already reached. No new petitions are being accepted now.

  21. I have an question. Is there a way to found out whether my employer has successfully sent my application for lottery.

      1. Hi,

        Does it make any sense?? What if employer provide any fedex receipt no. it will only authenticate that they sent doc’s.. not associated applicant.

        1. my lawyer said that we should not expect any updates for 2 – 3 weeks!!!!!!!!! I wonder if I should just relax and have the “whateva” attitude else I am gonna damage myself big time?

  22. Now that no one has filed for my H1B and I am in India what should I do now to work in USA. Worked in USA for 8 yrs on H1B visa. Came to India for vacation.It has been difficult to find an employer from India willing to file an h1b unless we work for them for 2-3 yrs and it is not even sure they will file. What should I do to work in USA now.

  23. Employer has updated me as your case has been failed, what could be the reason behind this. How could they say this even when the lottery dates are not announced. Can some one tell me proper reason for this.

        1. Author

          Yup or they didn’t get approved LCA on time to file h1.

  24. I just got to know from my spouse employer that there is no response to them either. They mentioned, if everything goes fine they will receive confirmation on Friday or Monday.

  25. Finally I got my H1b receipt number today. My employer filed in PP and I converted L1b to H1B.

    1. What does it mean ? Is it the tracking number you are talking about or the case number after lottery ?

    2. What does it mean ? Is the tracking number you were talking about or the case number after lottery ?

    3. so the lottery was held already but US CIS keeps outer world in dark :(and only lucky ones get their receipts

      1. calm down guys. it’s a transfer. does not fall within the cap category. that’s separate. exempt and transfers work separately.

        1. This is not true. Conversion from l1b to h1b is not one of the excmptions

          1. Author

            Yes. L1 to h1 is counted in cap.

        2. No, SS. L1 to H1 is as same as F1 to H1, or whoever is applying for H1. There is no exception for L1’s. Ashish’s statement might be true. We can’t do anything unless every individual gets their case numbers.

        3. It wont be counted in the cap if the job is a cap exempt h1b job. maybe thats what ashish is talking about.

        4. I got the EACXXX number from employer. I dont think my employer is cap exempt, they are chemical producers.

      1. well then, congrats on getting picked. Hopefully the rest of us hear something soon!

      2. is it just you with a reciept no.?
        what about your peers…which service center and place of work.

      3. Ashish.. Can you share the receipt #..
        How can this happen when everyone is saying the lottery is yet to take place.

        Not doubting you but just curious

      4. Ashish, another question– have you had H1 before your L1 or is it your first time applying for H1?

        1. PS: i really hope you’re not joking/lying because it’s really in poor taste. Lots of ppl here are checking this website for legit info. Please don’t create unnecessary confusion that’ll add to ppl’s stress. thanks.

        1. Author

          While you are waiting for cap count, follow @happyschools in twitter.

    4. My Company Filled like 5 applications Change of status from L1- H1B on Premium

      Will keep you posted if any gets selected

      1. Hi Saran,

        L1 to h1 or F1 to h1 they will file change of status is that same . I see some receipt number says

        Theser receipts are l1 to h1 ?

    1. How can you conclude that ? USCIS had confirmed in their website about lottery, though they haven’t produced any date for random selection process.

  26. I went through some of the comments and got confused 🙁
    Is the lottery already done ?
    If yes , what is the earliest possible notification anyone can expect ?

    1. Sorry to disappoint you. Nothing yet. Instead keep refreshing uscis website. Atleast they would know so many souls like us are waiting for the update. Chalo… lets bring USCIS website down.. 😉

  27. I completed MCA, will i fall under MAster’s Quota [20,000 cap] as in the Evaluation document it was said that my education is equivalent to US Master degree. Please clarify

  28. Guys “ggn u” is somehow wrong. They select only 85000 petitions after checking all of the petitions to be correct not duplicate etc.
    In case some people with 2-3-4 employers were chosen several times and some visas went free, they do next lottery as it happened to 4 of my friends from my uni last year (they got visa after they received email they weren’t chosen).

    1. Author

      USCIS selects more than 85,000 in 2 separate lotteries to accommodate for rejected, duplicate and withdrawn applications.

  29. My husband is working on OPT with a company A, and his OPT expires on June 30th 2014. If the H1B gets approved via premium processing, can my husband switch jobs after H1B approval and before the OPT expires in June 30th? Or he can not change jobs because OPT expires before October? Please let me know. Thanks in advance

  30. Update from USCIS – USCIS received about 172,500 H-1B petitions during the filing period which began April 1, including petitions filed for the advanced degree exemption. On April 10, 2014, USCIS completed a computer-generated random selection process, or lottery, to select enough petitions to meet the 65,000 general-category cap and 20,000 cap under the advanced degree exemption. For cap-subject petitions not randomly selected, USCIS will reject and return the petition with filing fees, unless it is found to be a duplicate filing.

    1. Let’s try to keep things matter of fact and see how things turn out as opposed to blaming the system because we may all not quite know if there’s anything that really warrants change.

      We live in a non-ideal world

      1. As a matter of fact system sucks. There are ways to design the process better if they wanted

    1. This number is something below expectation, we were expecting 200,000+ petitions for FY 2015. So, we have a very good chance of random selection which < 1:2 ratio. Let's hope for the best, guys. Good Luck everyone (including me).

        1. Yes of course, Raghu. Many people would be affected if it is their last chance for H1, especially Master’s and PHD students.

        2. The number of petitions USCIS received is INSANE!! Whoaaa! I can’t imagine … it is less than 50% chance for getting selected..A coin flip would be better than this lottery!

        3. Ridiculous system and no lobby to change it! 85,000 cap for 300 million + population country does not make any sense!!! 🙁

          1. Author

            Where are you based? India or USA?

        4. I am talking about the US. I am neither Indian nor American but does it matter? I am in the same boat with everyone else who applied for H1B. The cap system sucks. I wish they did a temporary increase as they’ve done back in FY 2001 – FY 2002

          1. Author

            I have seen so many lotteries for H1 and see this frustration every time.

        5. I really don’t know what to say or do. There is nothing you can do about this system. Just regret you ever dared participating in this mess.

      1. I was not expecting this number. that’s A LOT of applications. there is a very real chance that more than half of us might not make it through. Good luck everyone. Prayers all around!

      2. Also i wish they said how many advanced degree and regular. Atleast we could calculate a probability for Masters ppl. Stressful, man.

  31. Here it is guys – “USCIS received about 172,500 H-1B petitions during the filing period which began April 1, including petitions filed for the advanced degree exemption. On April 10, 2014, USCIS completed a computer-generated random selection process, or lottery, to select enough petitions to meet the 65,000 general-category cap and 20,000 cap under the advanced degree exemption. For cap-subject petitions not randomly selected, USCIS will reject and return the petition with filing fees, unless it is found to be a duplicate filing.”

  32. USCIS received about 172,500 H-1B petitions during the filing period which began April 1, including petitions filed for the advanced degree exemption. On April 10, 2014, USCIS completed a computer-generated random selection process, or lottery, to select enough petitions to meet the 65,000 general-category cap and 20,000 cap under the advanced degree exemption.

  33. uscis updated that it has received 172500 applications, and already lottery has been done.

      1. on another forum, there are hundreds of Recipt number . For E.g. one is WAC1413250506

    1. WAC1413250506 receipt number got selected yesterday and this case is being processed in California Service Center. So this is correct info.

      1. This receipt is from the last fiscal year. First two digits are the fiscal year

        1. Dude. This case is for current year. First two digit represent current year.
          This guy has applied for FY2015 which starts from oct 1,2014.

  34. No more updates needed from this site or other. Now the only cure is your lawyer.

    1. Even the lawyers are in a limbo right now. I wish they’d said something about notifications.

      1. Couple more days if not weeks of painful waiting and that’s gonna be it 🙁 I gave up mentally already

        1. Author

          Did you know it took 3 months for some folks to get receipt number in regular processing. Good luck.

        2. According to an attorney it might take several weeks for USCIS to send out receipts.

          But if a case is not accepted, USCIS will return the entire package, but typically this happens after all accepted cases have been assigned EAC numbers

        3. I am masters.Not sure which type yet as my attorneyhasn’t confirmed yet but judging from the previous correspondencewith him my guess is premium. On April 1 they sent an email saying not to expect updates for 2-3 weeks which corresponds to premium more or less.

      2. USCIS had announced that they would begin premium processing for H-1B cap cases no later than April 28.

        Looking back at last year’s timeline some premium processing cases were approved as early as April 15, 2013 and rejected packets returned to the attorneys starting May 1st week. It appears we might have a longer timeline this year

  35. Does anyone know or guesstimate how many Advanced Degree Petitions were applied ?
    Raghu, I like to hear it from you please.

  36. Author

    Submit your questions you have about lottery. I’m going to be talking to an attorney tomorrow morning.

    1. Could you ask what the timeline looks like? Now that the lottery is being done, when can PP applicants expect to hear back. And do we hear back either way or just if you are accepted?

    2. Hi,

      The check deposit should also indicate whether or not the petition was picked in the lottery. When would this take place (approx)? Appreciate your response

  37. Hi,
    Mine is filed under PP.
    When can I expect to hear anything from my emp or attorney..

    1. U will know within this month i think going by last year status my friend got on April 17 last year for PP

  38. Hi,

    Please check how much time will it take to reach unselected filings to employer as lottery happend yesterday as per UCSIS


  39. Hi
    My employer sent me fedex reference on 31st march. I noticed that there was a name spell miss in my name. When I ask him , he says this can be ammended once my application is picked up. I agree to this as it makes sense to do only if its picked up. But what are chances of RFE or rejections in this case. What is the procedure for amendment ?

  40. Hi Raghu,
    You are doing a Excellent job here 🙂 !!! Its been informative & helpful for ppl like me who are applying for first time.

    Could you please tell me what will be the processes post getting the receipt number ?

        1. Raghu, any chance you can give us the link to the page which has info for last year’s master’s cap?

        1. Author

          They have published this in previous years. I have record of that in several posts here. They haven’t published it last and this year.

          1. Wowthisreallydetailed.Theyseemtobedoingthatonlyforyearswithoutlottery

  41. There are people on other forums who’ve started receiving receipt notifications. good luck everyone!

          1. it was received on 2014. filed on april 1 and accepted yesterday– so it is this year’s H1B receipt.

          2. read US CIS website on how to decichiper receipt codes. First two digits represent fiscal year. that guy just posted receipt from 2014fy.

          3. I have recieved my receipt number as EAC1413152794- Premium Processing Receipt

    1. Receipt notifications for Premium are underway to attorneys via email… Regular way to go… Best scenario end of month worst June.. Based on FY2014. If you are on advance degree… Get with your DSO after April 28th

  42. I’m in Masters/PP for this year. I’m being offered another client position through the same employer (the one that filed H1). Any thoughts?

  43. My lawyer received the reciept number this morning and shared with my employer and me. Thanks to Almighty.

  44. Receipt is coming out!!! I heard from my friend that he got his… Lucky guy… Let’s pray for us now…

  45. Hi Ragu,

    My employer applied H1B last year and Unfortunately it didn’t picked up in last year lottery. Again this is applied for me and I hoping this year it got picked up in the lottery.Does USISC will give any preference to the persons which are not picked up last year?

  46. Hi Raghu, I hear PP under AD applications are getting receipts. have you heard anyone under AD regular processing get receipt?

    1. Yes they are. AD regular, and even non-AD regular. They’re not doing it any particular order– maybe because they have time till the 28th for PP.

    2. Mine is PP AD, I din’t received receipt number today, do I have any hope or all PP AD’s will get receipt number today itself, my friends are saying who din’t get receipt number today means they din’t get picked up :(, don’t know what’s my application status :(.

        1. Does that mean who didn’t get the receipt no today they didn’t get picked up ? I am not able to open up the link

          1. keep week time buffer even my friend havent received hopefully in a week we shld get keep me updated

  47. Author

    Would you prefer a commenting system to like, dislike comments, sort and vote?

    1. I would prefer to see newest comments. I see on the top the total # of comments but it’s difficult to go through the thread to figure out which of them are new.

        1. Hello Raghu,
          Just a suggestion: With nested comments, it becomes a little difficult to type in as the text shrinks. Well, I should be much more worried about my H1 right now…lol. anyway…staying positive!

          1. Author

            I can reduce nesting level but that affects conversation.

  48. Petition filed for PhD/PP. Yet no news…staying positive..
    Congrats who got selected 🙂
    Be Happy.. It’s Not the End of the World!!!

  49. My friend just got an email from our lawyer , she got her Receipt no but I didn’t get mine. We both are working at the same company and our lawyer is also same. Mine is also PP. Please help me. Thank you.

    1. Neha, are you AD PP?

      I applied as AD PP. My friend got email but me and other 3 members are still waiting. So there are people like you.

      1. Yup, I applied under Advance Degree/ Premium processing.

        My friend got receipt no. email from USCIS via our attorney on 11th April, 2014. But attorney hasn’t received any email confirmation from USCIS for my file.

        1. keep a week time buffer even my friend havent received hopefully in a week we shld get keep me updated

        2. Hey Mine got picked today, Surprisingly, Vermont center is working even today. I got my email at 8.31AM 4/13, AD/ PP.

  50. Did anyone revived reciept number for general cap…

    Or is it AD what they have started notifying…

  51. Raghu and friends need your thoughts on this.
    Does uscis lottery distinguishes between a large mnc and a small desi consultant while assigning h1b to them. I heard from a friend that there are more chances of small consultants to get picked in lottery.

    Because if the uscis system just gives h1b based on simple probability then big mnc will get more quota.

    Eg one company files 100000 petitions then by simple math they should get 42000 h1b this year. But uscis does not do that and will not give so much h1b to single company.

    This is same as they assign green card to specific country not by population or any other parameter

    Please confirm if the above theory makes sense. Thanks

    1. Author

      Random selection doesn’t give preference is given to company or degree or skills. Roll the dice and pick the winners.

      1. Raghu, they say it’s random.. But do u truly believe it’s really “random”? I doubt that.

        1. Author

          I don’t think it really matters. Applications are not delivered in order. Lets hope its’ random.

      2. Companies with a high amount of H1b applications have to pay more.. That suggests that they already sort the companies based on number of applications. I think they conduct multiple lotteries.

          1. Companies with larger number of employees pay higher h1b fees.

          2. Author

            Nope. If they have over 50% of employees in h1 they used to pay more but I think that expired.

          3. The rule still holds. Companies with more than 50% workforce with H1B visas pay a higher visa fee.

    2. 1) Processing fee still depends on the size of the company
      2) The lottery is truly random, if any regulation favored one company over another you’d see a lot of law suits against US gov from companies like MSFT or IBM GOOG VMWare or FB and believe me they’d fight.
      3) Find me a company that can find 100k reasonable candidates (that fill the criteria) and that is willing to pay something around 300M$ for processing fees and then around at least 7B$ in salaries (70k$ each employee). Even if it’s outsourcing company I doubt they’d have that much resources. Look at the biggest H1b’ers MSFT only tries for 1k as well as IBM.

  52. Hello ,
    Anybody had receive their receipt number for general category.

  53. Hey Mine got picked today, Surprisingly, Vermont center is working even today. I got my email at 8.31AM 4/13, AD/ PP Vermont

    All the best to others guys.

    1. Wow Sweet Congrats ! There seem to be only updates from the Vermont center looks like they got a bulk load of applications.

  54. Anyone from the Advanced degree via non-premium processing heard anything from the California Center yet ?

    1. Even m waiting for the same news.. Do post as soon as u hear anything. Mine is also AD/regular processing through California center

    2. Same boat, even I have AD/Regular processing via California center. Do post if you get any updates .

  55. I applied under AD , PP Vermont center. I still dint hear anything from uscis . should I consider mine as rejected/not picked ?

    1. Same boat. I think they are still working on it and have only send out around 1000 on Friday (from each service center). hang in there. There’s nothing else we can do right now 🙂

  56. Does any one get reciept numbers from california service center ?
    If any, Kindly update..

  57. Gentlemens,

    Any body received the receipt number from Non AD(Non Master), Premium processing from Vermont center? I just want to know whether vermont has released it for Non AD people or not. Please help us if you get to know from your friends or colleagues. Please post

  58. Chance of getting selected for regular application is:

    1. Author

      58000 might be higher. We don’t know how many unused h1b1 got moved to this year. So you can say 38% to 40%.

    2. istn’t the chance 65k/(172,5k-20k) ~~ 42.5%
      or am I missing something. They’ll definitely use all the cap this year and SG Chile cap is apart from regular 65k cap.

    3. if you read 38% selection seems somewhat encouraging..however if you say 62% rejection then it is more disappointment…only 38 people out of 100 here are selected. you need to be damn lucky to get in it.

  59. Hey guys,
    I got my receipt number from vermont center yesterday. I hold a master degree and in premium processing. This website is really useful, thank you and good luck.

  60. Can anyone confirm if the checks for Non-AD/ Non PP cases are started to be cleared.

    Pls share.

  61. Got great news today morning from attorney. AD. PP. Vermont. Keep praying. God will never let you down. Going to temple right now.

    1. Congrats!

      When was the email generated from USCIS? was it this morning or over the weekend? please advise.

  62. Yes, I got picked up already on April 11th. My attorney informed me after 3 days late on April 14th. Ehh last 3 days were really crazy days..good luck friends!!!

  63. Any news/update from California service center? if receipts started delivering.

    1. yeah, i think Cali is in full swing today. Heard more people getting receipts from there than Vermont. Check Trackitt. they have a case tracker and almost all the new ones for today are from Cali.

        1. I have heard only OPT candidates getting receipt from California Center. Any idea if receipts are received for regular quota ?

          1. I got receipt for OPT PP for Vermont center. But still not able to track status. But got receipt number.

          2. I work in California and my attorney applied for AD PP. I’m on OPT Extension. Haven’t heard anything yet.

          3. Author

            So this is your last try right?

          4. Singh,
            I too had the same problem. But my Sevis has been updated to H1B processing. My attorney said that there might be some glitches to the tracking site as it is maintained by third party customer.


  64. Hey, i am currently on OPT. My Employer did not file my H1B under masters quota because i did my masters from a Private University and i was not aware of the fact that i cannot apply in Masters Cap because my masters is from a For Profit/Private University. Therefore, i applied in Regular Quota. Anybody suffering from the same situation?

    1. Author

      This might not be true. Talk to attorney I have interviewed.

      1. nope. your attorney is true. profit universities do not come under masters quota. ur attorney did the correct one

    1. The fact you’re just afraid to go back to where you’re from doesn’t really sound as a valid argument, for me, for you to get the preference on the visa. The only argument that should be valid is that US economy will greatly benefit from your work. What you do is to try to discriminate outsiders from the american system of education. Unfortunately it’s better for the economy to get qualified workers from different educational systems. This way experiences, ideas, knowledge can mix. Also this way US economy can swallow the best professionals from different economies and thus the competition of the best companies will stay in the US.
      This petition sound almost like the guys crying that we’re taking the Americans jobs…

  65. Extensions are cap exempt. Can we expend to temporary lift the cap as in 2000-2001?

  66. Just wondering, why cant USCIS inform all the selected petitions through e-mail rather than regular mail for Non-PP?
    Sending email is much faster/easier/convenient than regular mail? Since most of the process is though online, they can send email to the employer/attorney than printing and mailing.
    Is it because they want to inform only PP first n fast because they paid more? or some administrative hurdle or resource crunch?
    Any thoughts?

  67. Guys,
    I just received my receipt number. Non-AD/ PP / Vermont.
    Good luck!!

  68. Does anyone who filed under Advanced Degree and Regular Processing got receipt number?

  69. Any idea if California Center started delivering receipts for PP in General Quota ??

  70. Hi Raghu,
    I am very cruise to know if USCIS will send applicant’s list to their employers for those whose application is picked in the lottery
    And another question is Normal processing applicant got their receipt numbers or any information about their lottery pickup..Pls help me on this

  71. some of my friends applying for regular PP are receiving numbers from CA just hours ago

    1. You meant regular processing got receipt number? was it through email or by post?

  72. Any AD/PP/VSC petitions selected today? haven’t seen anything today..

    AD/PP/VSC still waiting…not selected last year. Testing my luck again !!

  73. Raghu,

    Please let me know when i can hear about lottery result
    Regular proccessing…

    1. It seems they haven’t started for NON AD/REG. Let me know if anyone gets it.

  74. hi Raghu ,
    I got my receipt number on 04/12/14 , AD/PP Vermont center. when I put my receipt number EAC141335XXXX on USCIS case tracker , it says it cant recognize the number . do you know how long it might take them to update the receipt numbers ?

      1. ok , yes it works if I put wac141335XXXX. it says the processing is done from California center , but I received the email from Vermont center .

        1. WAC (West) is for California service center
          EAC (East) is for Vermont service center

    1. If you want to give this a kick try to spread out everywhere outside this blog (fb, twitter, other blogs). Now the signatures are collected slower than would be enough to get 100k by May 14

  75. I am still waiting for my approval. Its PP and AD. I haven’t got any news from my attorney.

        1. Haven’t heard anything yet for AD PP CA. Anyone who received confirmation please notify. Thanks.

    1. I just emailed my attorney and she informed me that she did receive some emails with premium processing receipts. However she did not receive anything in my case. I think I did not get selected. I’ve no clue what to do now.

  76. How will USCIS notify the attorney ? does it through email or documents ?

  77. I applied as NON-AD PP and have not received the receipt yet. Does that mean I was not picked ? nervous….it’s for my life

  78. Premium processing started in the sense, does the lottery was executed just for premium processing? Or Lottery for 80,000 is over and they started verifying from Premium filled people. Or all together Lottery will be performed latter?

    1. Hi Karthik – The lottery process has been completed for all. USCIS has started sending receipts for Premium petitions first (which were selected in lottery) via Email. Regular petitions selected in lottery will get receipts via USPS mail soon.

  79. Hi Raghu,
    Thank you so much for this… I have been refreshing this site every 10 mins.
    Could you please share a link or tell us what happens next after receiving reciept saying that u r application is picked in lottery?

      1. Thanks Raghu. When can we get approval notice ? I mean in which month?

  80. Do you mean that PP guys are getting their receipts or all the PP guys who were selected got the receipts ??

  81. Author

    Latest Update from USCIS on Premium Processing : See April 17, 2014 section in this article.

    1. If I did not get any mail regarding lottery selection till now,does that mean I wont be getting Visa?

    2. Hi Raghu,

      Same question .. Do the AD/PP will still get receipts till April 28th? It would be very helpful to get some details..


  82. Raghu, what’s the difference between today’s alert and the one they issued in the end of march about april 28 premium processing? Is there any new information/Does it indicate anything?

    1. Author

      They confirmed PP will being on 28th. Previous one – no later than 28th.

      1. I don’t think this means that everyone who was picked in the lottery has been notified. Does it?

      2. Hi Raghu, I think the alert says it will begin by Apr 28th. (USCIS to Begin Premium Processing of H-1B Cap-Subject Petitions by April 28, 2014). This alert is not different than the first one….please post the link where it said it will begin PP on 28th…thank you.

        1. Author

          This says will pp will begin on 28th. Check in USCIS / news / alerts.

  83. Raghu,Does today’s update mean all the lotteries for PP candidates are sent receipts ?

  84. Based on the USCIS data tracker and some assumptions, I estimate that PP applicants will all have notified by Monday 21/Apr (assuming no processing over the long weekend). Regular petitions should start getting notifications thereafter and rejection letters will also start being sent. Some people (both PP & Reg) not selected may yet be waitlisted (20pc chance).

    a. EAC & WAC are processing at the same rate
    b. Both EAC & WAC select roughly equal number of petitions (42500)
    c. Ratio of PP to Regular petitions: 2 to 1

    Petitions notified
    10-Apr-14 WAC1413151000 1,000
    11-Apr-14 WAC1413252700 2,700
    12-Apr-14 WAC1413353600 3,600
    13-Apr-14 WAC1413453300 3,300
    14-Apr-14 WAC1413554400 4,400
    15-Apr-14 WAC1413654550 4,550
    16-Apr-14 WAC1413754450 4,450
    17-Apr-14 WAC1413854400 4,400
    TOTAL 28,400
    EAC (assumed same rate as WAC) 28,400
    GRAND TOTAL 56,800
    Less: Transfers etc (10%) 5,680
    New H1B 51,120
    Visa cap 85,000
    Yet to be notified 33,880
    Less: Regular 28,333
    PP yet to be notified 5,547
    No of days left for PP notifications 1

    Total petitions 172,000
    PP 114,667
    Regular 57,333

    Petitions chosen 85,000
    PP 56,667
    Regular 28,333

    1. u mean if it is pp we have more chance of picking or because of more pp we have lot of pp’s notified

    2. Less: Transfers etc (10%) 5,680

      Which Transfers are cap Exempted ? I think L1 to H1 is not..

    3. what will be the chances of getting recipt number , by this monday 21. and the application was done in premium processing..
      when you say regular, is it only the regular one, Those applied in regular processing) or Is it some thing that some one did not got selected in the first 20000, then they were moved to 65000 regular applications.

    4. With the limited info available this is a very good educated guess. Apparently California started notifying before the Vermont service so probably notifications will arrive until Wednesday next week, don’t you think?

          1. Author

            No official count available. So there’s not a lot we can infer.

        1. Does this mean, that roughly 50K petitions have been notified ? This blog updated on 16th april that petitions are being notified.

          1. He just assumed that till friday USCIS notified all PP applicants so on the average number of applications been reported in last week he calculated for both center and multiply with 2 and total number he minus from 85000 so remaining number is around 28k and he assumes as RP applications.

      1. We are also assuming that only 85,000 are picked. There is a good possibility that they have a buffer for both AD and regular quota.

    5. It means they are sending receipt no. on Saturdays and Sundays also..Are they working on holidays.I don’t agree..to this.

      1. Guys as far as I know None of Normal/Regular processing habe got receipt.As per my knowledge.How can we conclude 50k!

    6. By this logic many of normal regular processing should have got by this number but none have got as I know.So guess might be not so gud!

    7. QUANT your guess “PP 56,667” is NOT AT ALL CORRECT.
      Also, you say that on April 10th, 1000 applications notified is your guess.
      And also on 11th April, 2700 are notified.
      How can you say that all 2700 are PP only.
      It can be the case like among 2700 only PP applicants are sent email notifications/receipts.
      Don’t just look at the count at the end of the day and assume all are as PPs.

      Correct me if i’m wrong.

  85. Anyone received notification or Receipt number starting with LIN from Nebraska? If yes, please reply.

      1. Only Vermont and Califonia process H1B? then from where chicago area applicants will get notification?

  86. Hi Raghu,

    Does the message from USCIS means that they will also start AD processing from 28 April?


    1. Author

      Means all PP including AD and general cap will start from 28th.

  87. I fall under the Master’s quota and work for a reputed company. Other 2 employees from my company already received their lottery receipt numbers on Monday and I am still waiting. Does that mean, my application is rejected ? There are no updates from my lawyer or immigration department. It is unnerving

    1. Same is the case with me.
      Employees from my workplace got their receipts on Monday.. I am still waiting.
      Was your application filed under PP?
      Mine is AD/PP/CA..
      All the best and keep notifying.

      1. I am also AD/PP/CA, work for a reputed company. I also did not hear anything yet, till when we should wait? Hoping to hear soon!

    2. Wait till april end bfr u come to conclusion.Last time master PP got till may 1st week.Praying for u..All the best

      1. How long should I wait for the receipt number before jumping into any conclusion? Mine is AD/PP.

  88. Hello Raghu, Does USCIS lottery guarantees every employer gets least one H1B? Say for example X employer file Only One H1B petition does X employer’s one H1B will be picked up in lottery?

      1. If its the case…..then small companies won’t get selected anymore in this race

        1. since it is a “random” selection, size of the employer does not really matter here.

      1. I have also raised the same doubt on this blog last week. In my opinion uscis does takes this into consideration so that every firm has equal chances. Infact it sounds only logical if we file visa from small firms as it will provide more chances for winning lottery.

        1. The size of employer doesnt matter because if you assume that out of 172k application 72 k application is from top 5 company and 100k from small small employers so random selection can choose 85 which are from small small and the top 5 company s 72k can notake it thru lottery and at the same time it could be like otherway around.all 72 k from top 5 company can get selected and rest of 13k could be from small employers..so random selection or lottery can not make any benifit for top 5 company s 72k employee but yes there is always higher chance of getting more number selected from those top companys because total nber of their applications are high in number so probability of getting selected is also higher.but again lottery pr random selection doesnt have choise for top company and small company.afterall its all about the luck and every one get who deserve and who dont get selected means its not their time yet to get.nothing we can achieve before right time and more than luck.
          I was nt selected even last year lottery and this year also waiting AD/RP/
          So guys have trust have hope and passion.hard work will get back to us one day in any form if we have done it with 100% .

  89. Hi Raghu,

    Any idea when the lotteryz gonna happen for Non Premium applicants. My employer has filed my application alongwith thousands of other applications under the Non Premium quota of 65K. Well now the Master degree quota who have not been selected during the 1st round of lottery, will be merged and would be given a second chance. What are the chances actually for applicants like me?

    1. Lottery has already been done U will get to know u r selected or not by april end from ur HR or attorney ask them!

  90. Do you think the new USCIS update implies that both premium and regular will get their receipts by April 28, but then PP will be processed sooner?
    Or does it mean that non-PP will have to wait until May to get their receipts?

  91. if x company has applied for 5 visas, on oher hand MNC applied for 95 visas,,,Lottery for 10 out of 100 has to be made….
    Mates look at the probability then.
    there is really nooooo chance for small companies to get in..
    correct me if m wrong

    1. Author

      Probability is higher for large firms with more applications.

      1. I’m not sure that’s accurate. There are MANY companies – literally MANY – who are trying to sponsor an international candidate first time and they are usually skeptical what they are getting into, they usually start by sponsoring one candidate for the first year – specially the newer smaller companies. I cannot imagine that contributing to the lottery in any way.

        1. Author

          Previous years data : Top 5 employers account for 37% of H1B visa used.

    2. I have also raised the same doubt on this blog last week. In my opinion uscis does takes this into consideration so that every firm has equal chances. Infact it sounds only logical if we file visa from small firms as it will provide more chances for winning lottery.

    3. Nah that only means you never taught proper math or you were lazy at school.
      Probability is the same it’s 40% per person to get in.
      Estimated number of accepted petitions however is 2 for the small company and 38 for the big one.

      1. edit> minor typos
        were taught
        and the estimates given for 100 people in current situation of the regular cap lottery

  92. Raghu,
    Do you think the new USCIS update implies that both premium and regular will get their receipts by or before April 28, but then PP will be processed sooner?
    Or does it mean that non-PP will have to wait until May to get their receipts?
    Same Question posted by Q earlier 🙂

  93. Any one got a receipt notice for PP today? Haven’t seen anyone posting on the forum today on the same…

  94. Author

    Would you guys attend an webinar/hangout about H1B. You can connect with others and learn about updates. What say? I will try to get an attorney, if not its will be just me and folks in this thread.
    What say?

    1. Sounds great!
      One suggestion: make it necessary for folks to email questions beforehand to maintain some structure.
      Thank you!

  95. I havent received any receipt yet…if i dont receive it by 28th april…does that mean i am not selected?

  96. Thanks God for helping me.
    Thank you all for sharing and supporting.
    Finally got the hard copy of reciept.
    Never got email to lawyer.
    notice date April 13
    Reciept : EAC14133xxxxx
    Again Thank you very much.

  97. Heard from people on other sites said they’ve received paper receipt AD/Non-PP/CA. I just checked with my hr and the check has not yet cashed.

  98. Guys,

    Can please anyone tell me the last date to recieve the AD/PP/CA reciept numbers if picked in lottery, i just asked my attorney, he said today is the last date and if we don’t get by today then it’s done ..

      1. Previous year my colleague got the receipt in the first week of may for AD/PP/CA.
        Don’t lose hopes.
        There are still many like us.

        1. Thanks SDV, Its giving hope! First week of May, does it mean he got receipt after USCIS has started PP visa processing? Is it possible?

  99. The whole thing is unnerving and my anxiety level is 35 on a scale of one to ten. (Okay, just needed to vent that. I feel better now.)

    1. Author

      Well said. You are in this situation for first time. I have been doing this since 2007 and covering H1B topics since then. I have seen so many such emotions and sleepless nights. You guys are awake to see the status and I’m awake to see if any new updates are out from USCIS.

  100. Hi Raghu,
    Thanks for this amazing website. It has been my sole comfort while waiting. Today my employer received a letter from Immigration services. It is a I-797C form with a receipt number. WAC-14-135-xxxxx. Is this the confirmation that I have been selected in the lottery? My application was Non AD, PP at the California Centre.

      1. Hi ANI, Congrats! so when did you receive today? Your case was PP and you did not notified by email, you got to know through letter?

    1. Getting a receipt doesn’t mean you are selected in the lottery. It means your file was accepted. Everybody whose application wasn’t rejected gets it.

      1. Author

        Uscis is issuing receipts only to applications selected in lottery. Now processing will being.

    2. Hi Ani,
      My application was Non- AD/PP/CA , But till now I didnt hear anything from my attorney ? does that mean I am not selected ?

  101. My friend got a receipt and law firm sent him this If USCIS implements a lottery AND YOUR CASE IS ACCEPTED IN THE LOTTERY, USCIS will issue a receipt notice for your filing on or after April 28th. Once we receive the receipt notice, we will enter the receipt number in your ImmSTAR® record.Beginning on May 1, please check your ImmSTAR® record periodically for real-time updates on your case. Once a receipt number is issued, you will be able to track the status of your case online by clicking the USCIS hyperlink in ImmSTAR®. If you receive a receipt, your case has been selected for processing (but does NOT mean that your case has been approved).

    If your case is rejected because it was not received in the lottery (if a lottery is required), we will receive a rejection notice at some point in the month of May, and your database entry in ImmSTAR® will NOT reflect a receipt notice. Again, beginning on May 1, please check your ImmSTAR® record periodically to see whether your case has been receipted by USCIS.

    1. It means selected in the lottery but review and approval is pending. That’s the processing that’s supposed to start on 28 par for PP.

  102. Hi Raghuram ,
    Please reply ASAP .
    i have applied by Premium processing general category . till now i have not received any updates or receipt numbers . So upto what date i can have hope . !!!!!!!!!!!

      1. but as i have applied in premium processing so it has to be cleared before they start for regular processing application . So i think there should be any time frame . and premium processing will start by Apr 28 . So is it if i am not getting any updates by Apr 28 then NO hopes ……..

  103. Raghu,

    When are the checks cashed for the people who are selected ? Is it done the same day as the lottery or as and when the receipt is sent out to them ?

  104. Hi Raghu,

    I never travelled to US. Even I do not have any Business Visa. My petition is pickedup in the lottery through premium processing. but I am little bit concerned about visa stamping. because I applied this visa from the small consultancy. During interview, if they ask any tough questions I might not able to answer. Can you tell me is there any way to bi pass the visa stamping?

    1. Author

      Why did you apply for H1B visa then? You know that you have to attend visa interview to come to USA. If you are scared, then you shouldn’t have applied.

      1. Is there any way to bi pass visa interview by travelling to US on B1 or B2?

        1. Author

          Nope. Even ifyou get married to an American Citizen, you have to attend the interview. Other option, that I know is to go in Diplomat Visa.

        2. Siva…u know what?u can sell the H1b to someone else..You will get not less than 5 to 10 laks. If you are ready to sell it to me, please let me know. That way u can bi-pass interview and make gud money as well without working hard..
          Admin please publish ..

    2. Hey Dude. No need to worry as long as the information provided by you including your work experience, education details and other relevant certificate are true then nothing to worry. Interview is not tough , I am just guessing I hope you are not scared of English conversation , even in that case don’t worry, interview mostly focus on your petition details. So just be sure about whatever is mentioned in your petition at least. What questions they ask and how to answer you can visit http://www.immihelp.com , you will find lot of examples here on h1 or l1 interview. If you have more doubt the let us know what “tough” questions you have in your mind, may be then people on forum can help you out. Interview by pass not possible , if you are scared of visa interview then dude how will you face job interviews there is US, I think that is really tough 🙂 .

    3. I don’t think the interview is hard. You have good amount of time to prepare. There is good amount of information available on different websites and blogs.
      So don’t worry.

    4. This is why the system sucks. Because people like you who have never even set a foot in this country can get a visa over people who have been studying and working here for years. You shouldn’t have applied.

  105. Does anybody has company wise success rate for H1b over the years.

    Infi: applied 5000, Selected in Lottery: 4000, Success Rate: 80%
    IBM: applied 2500, Selected in Lottery: 2200, Success Rate: 88%

    1. Author

      That info can only be obtained via freedom if information act from USCIS.

  106. As we all know that this time more petitions are Premium. Assume that out of 85 k , Minimum 30 k are belong to Premium category. I wonder, how the USCIS can finish the processing for all these petitions in the 10 working days.

    1)Will they start Exactly at 28th April or before itself?
    2)Will they throw Simply RFE to make the calender delay for the petition?
    3)What is the success rate for the premium applications?

    Really not sure how they plan and execute it.

  107. Hello Raghu,
    I am currently working in Automotive domain with over 6.5 years of experience. I chose the US employer through an advertisement in TIMES ASCENT. He conducted the interview at Chennai. The US employer has applied my H1B visa through regular processing. When can we expect the employer being notified about the lottery results. Also, is there any preference of Engineering domain over IT jobs during the approval process of H1B petition. I have done my Masters ( Research) at IIT Madras.

    Raghu Rajan

    1. Dear,
      I am in same boat, but there is no preference to highly qualified people in lottery. Result will be known somewhere by mid may.

      1. When?
        Is it vermont? when was the notifications received? Was it by mail or email?

  108. how long are non-AD/PP applicants suggested to wait before they give up their hopes.

  109. Hi Raghu,

    Is there any other way to check the status other than uscis website? Because I have seen people complaining that uscis generally doesn’t update it regularly to track the receipt. There are few people where last year receipt number is still in initial review even after approval. Please anyone tell me where to track receipt number. Jai hanuman…

  110. Hi all,

    Is there any update on RP????
    Have USCIS started sending reciepts to RP applicants??


  111. Hi ,
    Please let me know anyone received receipt for Regular Non Ad.

    Thanks in advance.

  112. Hi Raghu
    can u please tell when can we expect regular/advance degree receipt no’s.I have applied through a small company in IT.So any hopes………….:)

  113. Hi Raghu
    can u please tell when can we expect regular/advance degree receipt no’s.I have applied through a small company in IT.So any hopes………….:).Really worried

  114. Is there such a thing as too much tension? If there is then it is inside me at the moment & it’s killing my sleep!!!

    1. you and me both. I don’t think i’ve been able to sleep peacefully even once in the last 2-3 weeks. At this point, i just want to know!

  115. I’m not sure QUANT’s assumptions are correct.
    Hi guess “PP 56,667” CAN NOT AT ALL BE CORRECT.
    Also, he says that on April 10th, 1000 applications notified is his guess/assumption.
    And also on 11th April, 2700 are notified.
    How can we say that all 2700 are PP only.
    It can be the case like among 2700 only PP applicants are sent email notifications/receipts.
    Also, not sure if they work on weekends !!
    We can’t just look at the count at the end of the day and assume all are as PPs.

    Correct me if i’m wrong.

    Raghu, whats your take on this !!


  116. Are applicants in PP still receiving notification of being selected? I had no news yet and, of course, already thinking of the worst. In my case I guess the attorney presented it in a California (or closest) USCIS office which I guess is where most work is.

    Any insight on this?


    1. My attorney also sent my H1-B application – AD/PP to California. I haven’t heard anything yet … Really worried..

      1. Mine is non-AD and this is getting me mad… I wish they’d release the selected/non-selected once and all together