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H1B Visa 2015 – News, Start Date, Quota and Predictions

This is the main article for H1B Visa 2015.

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USCIS will start accepting H1B Visa 2015 applications from April of 2014, provided there is no change with a possible new immigration bill in USA.

In this blog post you find answers to the following questions about H1B Visa 2015 (FY 2014)

  • Proposed H1b Visa changes in Comprehensive Immigration Reform
  • When does H1B Visa Cap open?
  • Overview of  of H1B Visa Application Process
  • Available H1B Visa FY 2015 Cap Count
  • Approval  and processing time
  • Previous year H1B Visa statistics

  When does H1B Visa Cap open?

Only employers can apply for your H1B visa application.  H1B Visa FY 2015 Filing Date will be April 1, 2014. It’s too early to say what could happen with H1B Visa law changes, if the new immigration reform bill passes in the USA.

H1B Start Date

What is the H1B Visa 2015 start date?

USCIS will start accepting applications from April 1, 2014.

After H1B approval, the H1B start date will be from October 1, 2014  or later.

Application Process

h1b visa 2015
H1B Visa Approval Process

An above picture should give an overview about H1B Application to Approval Process.

  1. Department of Labor for getting LCA approval.
  2. Department of Homeland Security
    1. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
    2. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)
    3. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
  3. Department of State (for issuing visa)

During H1B approval process, your H1B Visa 2015 application will be handled by two departments

  • Department of Labor

H1B Application Processing Time

Following is what it would typically take for an Immigration attorney to file and prepare your H1B Visa 2015 application.

  • Day 1 to 5: Start the H-1B Visa Process – Collect documents and prepare LCA application.
  • Day 6 to 7 – File LCA (Takes About 7 days for approval)
  • Day 8 to 13: Preparing the H1B applications while the LCA is Pending
  • Day 13 to 15: File H1B Application based on LCA approval date.

The above steps will vary between attorneys, but you get an idea about how the entire process takes place.

Total H1B Cap

H1B Visa can be applied under 3 different Cap – General, Advanced and Cap-Exempt.

  • 65,000 – General H1B Cap (or Regular Cap)
    • 1,400 H1B1 visa numbers are available for Chileans
    • 5,400 are set aside for Singapore nationals.
  • 20,000 – Advanced Degree Cap (Masters and above degree from USA)
  • No Quota – Cap-Exempt Companies (Non-Profit Research Companies)

H1B Visa 2015 Predictions

Here’s official Happy Schools Blog’s H1B Visa 2015 Predictions for this year’s cap season.

Lottery Process

Watch the following video to learn about H1B Visa lottery selection process used by USCIS

H1B Visa – Approval Times

How long would it take for USCIS to approve the H1B Visa application?

Processing time for H-1B Visa application FY 2015 depends on type of processing.

  • Regular Processing
  • Premium Processing

When additional $1225 is paid, USCIS will expedite the H1b Visa approval process. It’s usually 15 days from the H1B application receipt date.

Regular H1B Visa processing can take 2 to 4 months. For this year (2013) receipt number will be issued till early June for applications filed in April, 2013. So, it depends on the volume of H1B applications.

H1B Visa Application : After Approval

After USCIS approves the H1B Visa petition, your employer will receive the I-797 Approval Notice with Start and Expiry Date of your H1B petition.

Typically, for applications submitted to USCIS on April 1, 2013, start date of H1B will be from October 1, 2013.

The maximum period for which H1B application can be approved – 3 Years.

USCIS has approved an application for just one year.

How to File H1B Visa 2015 application?

Who can file H1B Visa application? Can I self-file H1B Visa application to work in USA?

H1B visa must be sponsored by an employer who offered the job. It’s not possible to self-file H1B Visa application.

If you want to work on USA, then H1B Visa 2014 should be sponsored by an employer.

Questions About H1B Visa 2015?

Do you have any questions about applying for H1B Visa process, updates, applications, OPT, etc?

Post your questions below in the comments section.

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  1. Fantastic discussion . I learned a lot from the information – Does anyone know if my company might get access to a template USCIS I-539 document to use ?

  2. Hi Raghu, I have couple of questions.

    1) I had received RFE. My employer resubmitted documents and USCIS received it within the RFE response date. Still the status show it is under review, I am not sure what is the processing time in general.
    2) My H1B is filed by employer based in Seattle. My current employer Dell India wants to me to work for them in Austin. I think I can work as consultant initially and transfer H1B. Even when I work in consultant, is there any process that should be completed before I travel from India. MY H1B employer is OK to work with Dell in Austin. My question is there any time period I will have to stay in Seattle before I move to Austin or I can directly go to Austin and work with Dell.


    1. Hi Raghu,

      My Employer has replied to RFE on 02nd Sep 2015 from then till today the status is “Request For Evidence Was Received Our California Service Center office will begin working on your case again. We will mail you a decision or notify you if we need something from you. If you move, go to http://www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address”

      I am not sure still how long it will take for them to take a decision , either positive or Negative i am looking for some status.

      Will it really take this long ๐Ÿ™ please share some thoughts on this please

        1. Hi Raghu,

          Thank You So Much for the Advice.

          One more Query Please :

          Along with me Two of my colleagues have also got the RFE and the consultancy has replied for that in Nov 6 in which one case got approved on Dec 4.

          Only mine and one of my colleague case is still pending , we all have been shared the REF by our consultant in which i got 24 pages Query asking how can i be an IT professional being a BA graduate but in actually i have done my MBA Finance in 2008 and from then i am working in SAP (SAP FSCM Fuctional from past 7 years).

          One of my colleague whose case is also pending because he also got 20 pages RFE query stating being a Bcom graduate how can he be an IT professional , he is also in SAP (SAP FI Functional From past 8 Years) as he also did MBA Finance after his Bcom and got job in SAP.

          The one Who’s case got approved on 4th Dec is an Engineer working in SAP Basis , he got only 2 page Query as just some missing documents needs to be submitted from the consultancy its been done and his case got approved on Dec 4 (REF 06th Nov).

          Now the question in our mind is because of BA & BCom which we have done some 10 years back has an impact? have you seen any scenario of getting rejection because of this reason? kindly share your thoughts


          1. I can advise only on certain immigration questions and this is NOT my area.
            Only the USCIS adjudicator can answer your question ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. 1. RFE is gonna take sometime. Both service centers are really slow.
      2. Can you post Question #2 in Q&A page?

    3. Hi raghu

      My RFE was submitted on oct 2 2015 for the year 2015 H1b quota but still it is showing as RFE received on 2 nd oct 2015. Please let me know how much time it will take for the decision.

      1. Did your emnployer/attorney follow-up with USCIS. I have no way of knowing the details of your case. Only they can deal with this. Keep nagging them.

  3. Hello Raguram.

    I am a mechnical engineer I want to file H1 visa, but couldnot find any consultancy who helps for mechanical engg.

    1. I have few consultants listed within the H1B Visa 101 course. But, they ma not respond. That’s how consultants work.

  4. I am a health care worker from india. I have received 2 h1b selection letters from 2 different health care companies for this year. Now I have been approached by a non cap hospital employer willing to sponsor for non cap H1b under premier process and their pay is much better than the other 2 employers. now can I go ahead with this non cap employer and how can I say NO to the 2 employers who have successfully petitioned for me? Do I need to compensate them by money?

    1. Don’t go to Cap Exempt employer. Is will be pain to switch back unless both employers don’t revoke the petition. Don’t look at just your year one current Salary.

  5. Hi Raghu,
    I have got my H1B approved petition last year (2014) and i m yet to go for stamping due to project issues. Is there any way to transfer the petition to another employer ? My current company is not willing to reveal the receipt no/petition number to me. Any luck? Kindly help.


  6. Hi,

    when will be the last date for applying H1B VISA of 2015 year.when they will take H1B lottery (date).
    how many they will take to inform us (whether we are selected or not)

    1. Hi Raghu,

      when will be the last date for applying H1B VISA of 2015 year.when they will take H1B lottery (date).
      how many they will take to inform us (whether we are selected or not)

  7. Hi,

    I have issue with my name. All my documents including my school certs,college degrees and other documents contains my First name only. My passport has only first name. My employer has filed for H1 B. As last name is mandatory for U.S. Will it be OK if I change my name in my passport only rather than changing it in all the documents.


  8. Hi,

    If your employer elects to do the premium processing and the USCIS accepts it, does the 15-day processing time mean that you can start working right away (after the 15 days, i.e. April 15/16)? Or does it still mean October 1st starting date?

    Thank you,

  9. Hi Raghuraman,
    I am planning to apply for H1B this year 2015. My question is if we apply from two employers for the visa and luckily, if both files got selected in lottery, can we withdraw any one application? and continue the other.

    Will the Employer with withdrawn application get the visa file, visa fee and other fees (if any)back?

    And if not then, will there be any compensation expected by employer whose application i might withdraw?

    I may have work agreement with the employer with compensation amount on breakage.
    So if I withdraw my application in above mentioned scenario, Is there any chance that the employer might demand the full compensation as written in the agreement?

    Plz advice me about this employer issue and compensation required.
    Thanks in Advance.

  10. Hi,
    If we do a premium processing and application is not picked up. do they return the additional amount paid for premium processing also ?

  11. Hello,

    We are Hiring !!

    We looking for candidate with all IT skills who are
    interested to file H1B for 2015. Please mail me on Leorecruit at gmail dot com


    1. Hi,
      I want to come and work in US but my employer is not filing my H1-B.
      I am interested to file H1-B for this year.

  12. Hi raghu,
    This yr my employer applying h1 visa on behalf of me.
    But there is a lottery system.
    Is there any prequiste for lottery system. By which my application select easyly.

  13. Hi Raghu,
    I am in US on H4 and my petition H1B is approved. But my consultancy
    is not ready to share me the receipt number and also they have not shared methe petition approval details. Is this fine?
    Will I have any problem if they are not ready to share me
    any details regarding me the application (in case if I need to change my
    And can you please tell me documents which I need to keep
    with me regarding my petition approval?

  14. Hi Raghu,
    I’m holding Indian passport and my petition got approved on June and I’m planning to take the H1B Interview in Sydney itself.

    Do you think, attending H1B interview here in Sydney is good idea or else from India.

    Couple of my friend are suggesting me to take an a interview from India itself .

    At presently I’m totally confused . Could you Please do the needful.


    Vijaykumar Kol

      1. I’m doing job in IT here and applied H1B on same job itself.

        Yes I have some plans to travel India before I start to USA.

        Please guide me !!!

          1. I’m working here as a contractor and my contact end here 31st March’15 & Travel to India for stamping in contract time means loss of pay & risk to my job contract because of this reason I’m avoiding to travel India.

            However, Please guide like what could be the difference attending interview from Sydney or India?

          2. I want to take the minimum risk in H1B interview, if really required to attend interview from India I’m ready for it but before doing that one even I want to know chances from here

          3. Your situation is like chicken and egg. And I don’t have an black and white answer. You should have given all this info when you first posted your question. From what I see, you have to go to India not on vacation, but breaking your contract just for stamping. So, if H1 is stuck in 221(g) or denied, you can’t go back to AU. Am I right?

            So, do you even have a choice now? Approval of H1 depends on your interview, employer, VO’s questions.

  15. To the H1B experts of this forum,

    Please let me know will there be any problem during interview if the passport photo is different to my present appearance ? The passport was issued 7 years back and there is a considerable change in my appearance(Weight decreased and face becomes lil small as well)

    Thanks in advance !

  16. Hi All,
    I am in US on H4 and my H1B is in initial
    review. I have to go back to India next week. So if my H1b gets approved while I
    am in India, should I go for visa stamping or can I come back in h4 itself. Will
    it make any difference if I travel before/after
    Oct 1st as H1B validity
    generally starts at that date.

    Could you please suggest?

      1. Thanks Raghu for your quick response.

        I have to go back to India since I have to
        join back work. Since my h1b is in initial review I am not able to decide
        whether I should quit from here itself or go back and join work and quit when my h1b
        gets approved(To be on safer side). Could you please suggest on this as well ?

        Just to confirm what I understood is
        correct, I can return anytime in H4 (no diff before/after Oct 1st)and I should
        go out of US to get h1b stamped and start working here when my h1b gets
        approved or else I can do the stamping and come back and start working directly.

        So Is this the case if I am not going back
        to India and H1b gets approved while I am here on H4? Should I go out of US and get h1b stamped ?

        1. After Oct 1 – You can come in H4 or Get H1B stamping and come in H1B.

          Before Oct 1 – Only in H4.

          Not Travelling : Your status will become H1 from Oct 1, provided your employer filed COS (which they should have). You don’t have to go to get stamping if H1b approved while you are in USA. You can get stamping when you plan your usual vacation/trip outside USA.


          1. yeah ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you.

            Please advise on the risk involved to quit my job in India while H1b is in initial review. Do you suggest that option?
            Sorry for shooting the question one after the other. Your suggestions would be very helpful.

          2. Thank you.

            My petition got approved. I have few questions about COS.

            If my employer has applied for COS, does it
            require a separate approval other than H1B

            Is that a separate process other than H1B approval.
            I mean COS application is consider only after H1B approval by a different team?

            How long it takes for COS approval?
            4. Safest period to travel to India?.

          3. You have to read about Change of Status process.

            COS is considered abandoned if you travel while application is pending.

            COS is done only for people who are applying while they are in USA (not from outside).

            Approval can sometimes come without COS. I have seen that even with COS application, but that’s rare.

        1. Your status will not change from H4 to H1 on Oct 1, if you leave the country.

          Traveling while COS/H1B is in process would be considered abandoned when you leaves the country. So, H1B will be approved, but now COS. So, you have to travel again, get stamping and enter USA.

          1. Thanks again!.
            Please advise on the risk involved to quit my job in India while H1b is in initial review. Do you suggest that option?

  17. Hi Raghuram,
    My husband has applied for H1B. He got selected in lottery and his petition also got approved. Still his VISA interview is not scheduled.
    I am working also working for an IT firm in AUTOMOTIVe domain. As there are some openings in U.S, in my company they are planning to apply L1 for me.
    Whether this will affect his H1B VISA approval? Please provide your response.
    Thank You

  18. Hi,
    Please help Me. I am cap exempt on 2010 and got an RFE, but my petition was denied(not rejected) in RFE stage.

    Now the new employer had filed a H1B petition for me and still there is not response from USCIS.

    Please let me know if a new employer can apply for H1B transfer for me in 2015.

    Please help.

  19. Hi Raghu,

    My husband has got his h1b petition approved. Currently i am also working in an IT company. I am not planning to resign and apply for H4 as we did not have any plans until his VISA gets stamped. Whether this will create any problem in his VISA interview?

    Please reply. Thanks in Advance.

    1. Hello Narayana,

      it doesn’t effect Husband VISA approval , if You are working in IT sector.
      And Once he got the stamping, you can resign and process you H4 visa. For the VISA guys, its matters less where your spouse works.

      So just hope your husband gets his VISA first ๐Ÿ™‚


    2. Hello Narayana,

      it doesn’t effect Husband VISA approval , if You are working in IT sector.
      Once he got the stamping, you can resign and process you H4 visa. For
      the Consulate guys, its hardly matters where his/her spouse works.

      So just hope your husband gets his VISA first ๐Ÿ™‚


  20. Hello Raghuram Sukumar : This is janani here .. Trust you are doing good..My case is .. I have filed H1B with an Employer . He says he has not yet received an update .. . Amt also not yet debited neither he got back the papers . He says its very confusing ..
    What is the probability .. Any idea .. Kindly inform pls

    1. Same case for me.. They advised me to wait until USCIS return the filing amount. For few of my collegues they confirmed the petition was rejected. Please advice how long we need to wait.

      1. Hey have you recieved any updates recently.. Same is the case with me no updates on my application yet.

        1. Hi, pls let me know if you heard anything from your employer on your case..even I don’t know anything on my case..still waiting..

  21. Hi Raghu, I have a stamped visa with XYZ but not travelled and got expired which was initiated during 2011. If i apply for H1B with same XYZ will it come under cap exempt or not.
    Your reply will be much appreciated.

  22. Hi Raghu,

    My petition got approved on Jun 3 (Regular-Non AD) which was filed by Company A. I work for Company B in India and they are now willing to get my petition transferred to them and post me in their US location.

    Could you please clarify or point me the steps (risks if any) involved in this kind of transfer.

  23. Hi Raghu, I was picked in lottery of 2008 but due to market crash in US the employer had to close the business n I never came in US. I hav the scanned version of i797C, I applied dis year too but so far didnt got any news regarding packet acceptance /rejection in lottery… can I avail that i797 or the lottery result of 2008 as 6 years hav passed… ur guidance will be highly appreciated

  24. Hey Raghu bro!!

    Last year i was not selected. This year, thanks to got, my receipt no. is wac14143*****

    i just checked today that the person who is two no. less and who is two
    no. more than my no., have been approved yesterday. and many more near my number have been approved or given RFE.

    What does this mean?

    When will i get my approval. My status is still showing “Inital review”

    How are they approvingโ€ฆ is it random or based on company or name?

    is Approval process still not decoded till now by you or any expert ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Which post… Can you please specifically tell because I am not able to find any blog video where approval process is decoded.. Only thing mentioned is that regular it takes few months

      2. HI Raghu
        I got the update from my employer that they are still waiting for the lottery confirmation.
        Few of the team mebers have recived it.
        are there any chances to get additional acceptance ?

        1. @HMS- same here .. Even my employer says he is still waiting for the Lottery confirmation ..
          @Raghu – Do we still have some hope ?
          Janani Gopalan

  25. Hi Raghu,

    Can we transfer h1 during Cap-Gap to company B from A? Also can we start working with new company before October 1st?

  26. Got my receipt # from my employer today. I guess they got it earlier but gave it to me now. Receipt # WAC-14-140-51XXX. Regular/NonPP.
    Can anyone help me find out the actual date the receipt was generated?
    140 is equivalent to?

    1. I believe its 140 days starting Oct 1 2013 which does not include weekends & holidays. Is yours an Advanced Degree & which one is the processing center?

    1. Did you get receipt number or you got the information about check clearance from your employer?

  27. Was planning for H1 application many days, my employer was keep saying go for H1. on 29th of March just 2 days before my H1 application my employer / company and attorney told me it will be a very tough/hard call to go for h1 application as i have no work experience in this field ( though i send all my documents certificates CV payment in January ) I just passed my graduation in Business Information Technology (3yrs) from University Of Greenwich ,England. Now my question to you all people will they reject my application coz of my Graduation which is 3 yrs instead of 4 years and no experience in I.T field ? please reply me can’t sleep whole night !!

  28. @happyschools:disqus so do you think is there any HOPE left now to know if one is selected in lottery or not?

    1. Also, do i have to wait to get the H1 package back to apply for F1 visa OR i can apply for it right away (i have all documents available for student visa) ?

  29. My H-1B petition was filled on 1st april toward AD/RP in Vermont center. My work location as per application is Richmond VA and our company head quarter is in Chicago IL.

    Last week, USCIS sent my H-1B Cap Petition back, stating that it was reviewed for acceptability, but determined that a different Service Center had jurisdiction over the place of employment, and was therefore being rejected.

    My lawyer resubmitted my application back on Monday with the explanation that It was filled with correct USCIS center.

    I have following question….

    When USCIS say, they reviewed my petition for acceptability does that mean they reviewed my application to place it in the lottery and made a mistake or my application got selected in lottery and then during review they made an error ?

    If USCIS made an error and didn’t even considered my application toward lottery can I legally appeal USCIS as mistake was on their end ?

  30. Hi Raghu,

    I have got H4 and my employer had filled for a new H1B this year. My employer says that they are still expecting an update from USCIS if my petition got picked in lottery or not.

    My query – is there any way to convert h4 to h1 in case the lottery results doesn’t turn up in my favour?


  31. @happyschools:disqus I am currently on H-4 Visa and I had decided to apply for H1B this year but I found out from one of the consultancy that my H1B visa will not get approve as I have done my Masters (MBA) from a private institute in India which is not accredited and I have B.SC degree from Mumbai University but it is 3 yrs course so I am not eligible on the basis of Bachelors also. But no other consultancy provided me with this information. I wanted to know if this is true that “A person who has done his/her masters from non accredited institute is qualified for H1B ” and what all options do I have?

  32. Is USCIS sending the receipt number in alphabetical order? I am still waiting for the positive response.

    1. I am also waiting for the same. Not sure if receipts are coming with last name Alphabetical order.

    1. “Initial Review” means that your H1 petition got picked in lottery but decision whether to Approve or Deny your H1 is still under processing.

  33. My H1B Application got selected(Regular Quota) in lottery………All the best friends those who are waiting for lottery results…….

  34. Hi Raghu,
    I received and email from my wife’s employer saying that check for her H1-B package was cashed. This is good news, right?
    Please let me know.

      1. Congrates Rohit. A general question apart from you case to everyone. How employer know that check cleared is for specific employee? Are they filing for only 1 employee or they issue checks from different different accounts and keeping track of it? My question is for example if any employer files 30 H1-B and out of them 11 checks got cleared. How they will understand which 11 employees are selected until they get receipts??

  35. Hi,

    My H1 visa application(non AD/RP) was filed on apr 1st and I did not hear back from my employer.

    Few of my friends got the news regarding their H1 application. Is there a hope even now for me?

    Did any one of you guys got news on your applications after may 5th??

    I have read in this blog, that in 2013 applicants received notifications for applications filed in April in June 2013 also, could this be the case now as well???

  36. Hi Raghu, I got my Receipt number last week. I have one quetion for you. Right Now I am working on L1 B and I do have travel plans to India this month. Is any issues if I travel to India while H1 processing?

      1. hmm.. sorry for my ignorance, whats ad , non-ad.. did you mean advanced? yes i have a us phd … center is vermont

        1. Oh that’s great. Congratulations. Ad is advanced degree, non -ad is bachelors or equivalent degree. Thank u. Congrats again.

          1. thanks. and good luck to you! .. also thanks to Raghu for this wonderful blog

  37. [non-AD/non-PP] Now the frustration is building up, don’t know how long shall i wait. @happyschools:disqus this blog is definitely more sensible than others. it would be much better if posts are in chronological order, right now its all mixed up.

    1. That’s why I use Category. Each post has a specific category. You can find post by time in there.

      Can you explain what the job easier for you?

      I have H1B Page (root). then

      H1B Category – with posts based on publication date.

      If you can explain what you are expecting, I can learn and make changes.

  38. Y do they need such a long time for a lottery result.. We all have many things to decide after tis result.. Y is uscis frustrating everyone.. Just to say yes or no..processing can take months accept it..but the result is taking months..#frustrated to the core

  39. Firstly, congrats to all those who got their receipts and good luck to those who are still waiting. Don’t loose hope.
    My H1B status details
    Filed on 01/Apr/14
    Received receipt on 17/Apr/14
    Approved ( Post-Decision-Activity ) on 30/Apr/14
    So I would like to know if there are people whose H1B status is approved and are waiting for notice from USCIS?

  40. Just now recieved my EAC Reciept number.. Long process awaiting …All the best for others to receive their acknowledgment reciept.

  41. Hi, I am AD/PP/Vermont, lost my hopes, but I heard that people are even getting receipts today even for PP applications from vermont center. I also heard the vermont center is so much screwed that today they sent Approval to candidates who haven’t received the Receipt number. Not sure how much accurate this info is, heard it from a friend. Any one heard any thing like this?

    1. Yes Pradeep. Even My employer said that my application is picked up in lottery and no Receipt is received till now

  42. hi all,
    I have applied my H1 on april 1st..still i did not get any responce from the employer. still how many days can i wait with hopes? can anyone please help

      1. Am waiting too.. I have my collegues who have received results on 25th APRIL.. I am the only one who is waiting since 15 days.. not sure now.. losing hope..

  43. Hello Everyone,

    I dont think many applications got selected for COS dependent Visa to H1, is this my assumption or is it true, please if someone has gotten a receipt or an approval for visa COS h4 to h1, L2 to h1, F2 to H1, please post their experience……..

  44. Raghu
    Non Ad/Rp
    as the update says that data entry has been completed fy2015..does it mean those who havent received receipts till now are out of it???

  45. My wife’s lawyer just sent her following email.

    USCIS announced today that data entry of all FY15 H-1B cap petitions has been completed. USCIS will now begin returning all H-1B cap petitions that were not selected in the lottery. Unfortunately, your case was not selected in the lottery and will not be considered this year.

    Is this the case with anyone else… ?
    I thought there was still a hope….. Its too soon for this.

  46. Finally got the receipt number today. Non AD/RP/California. Finally can breathe easy. Wish luck to all who are still waiting..Jai Ho

  47. Non-AD, Regular Processing, Vermont Center, attorney received receipt today. 5/2/2014

          1. hi, i m non-AD/non-Premium still waiting. how much reliable is the post for USCIS data entry completed. Do i still have some hopes? How long can i wait?

  48. H1B petition filed by lawyer under non-AD (bachelors) but PP processing. No receipt nummber received till now (May 1, 2014). Does it mean the HiB petition was not picked in the lottery? Please send your views/ share your experience. Thanks very much.

  49. Any idea when is the lottery result date for regular processing Diploma Computers degree? As my employer had filed for me but no updates received yet? till which date the results will be coming as my BE friends have recieved. really too much worried. Please Raghu Reply

  50. Hi guys,
    Bachelor and Regular fee here.
    I apple 10 applications and I got 7 receipt numbers from my consilting lawyers. I sill weight on the other tree. My questions is

    1. Since I will only work one h1b, can I transfer my others to my friends and sell them?
    2. When I can transfer my visa to my other boss? Do I file now or after I get to American.
    3. Do they ask technician questions in the visa interview? I have many job deceptions.

    Thanks guys! God bless! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. You applied for 10 ??? OMG.. what happen with the other 6? You are taking people opportunities for something that you are not even going to take! It would be more fair if this 6 extras receipts go to the next in the waitlist (and I hope it does).

    2. dude… do u know even what is H1??? one you killing opportunity for others and at the same time u wasting other receipts u got so far…. Coz, you cannot transfer (‘sell’ in your words) H1 to anyone. how sick this is… here genuine people are waiting for their luck and you are thinking of making money out of it?!?!

      1. I had 2 companies to sponsor , but applied for only 1 thinking it will be unfair to others but see people here they have applied for 10 application ridiculous.

    3. U r such an a###.. You have wasted 6 spots. I had 2 companies to sponsor , but applied for only 1 thinking it will be unfair to others and now I didn’t get the admit. I have to go back on CPT because of people like you. Seriously this is very disgusting and shameful act. You don’t deserve those 6 admits. And moreover you want to sell them. How ridiculous of you. Same on you d@#$$

  51. Hey hope you can help. If I haven’t received a receipt yet and my sevis record hasn’t changed then is that a confirmation that my packet wasn’t picked? Has the lottery ended?

    I hate the waiting.

  52. Hi Raghuram,I have a peculiar question in mind,here is my question.
    According to the H1B Quota almost all 85000 applications are filtered from lottery and are ready to process,say suppose if at-least .5% of the applications are denied in the process (say 425 or even less than that) what happens to that denied 425 vacant quota,will it be filled with other applicants(who are those applicants?) or will it be 85000-425 = 84575 filled for this year?
    I am just asking this with curiosity,please don’t mind if it is hurting any one..


    1. I am wondering what happen with people like Srini has done here. Applied for 10 and got 7 receipt. It would be so sad that these 6 extra spot not got to anyone.. it is really unfair.

      1. I think he(Srini) is kidding or trying to make us angry,his words say so,nothing to worry about these type of comments..

        1. I agree with your thoughts. He is just having fun seeing our plight and looking at reactions.

  53. Non AD / Regular processing receipt received dated 24 april….Got the email from employer yesterday……Thanks to the almighty….hope i get the visa too….Gud luck to all of you….

  54. I have applied through my employer and the current status is : Process started by the Attorney. What is mean by this? How do I know whether selected through lottery? Reply on this is appreciated.


  55. I applied in NON AD/PP. I am still waiting to hear from USCIS.
    I did not get picked up in lottery till now. Does anyone think do i still have chances?

    1. Hi,

      My petition too selected in lottery Non-AD/Regular/Vermont SC.

      Could you please let us know what is your case status now.


      1. Hi Ravi,

        My petition status shows ‘Initial Review’. What’s your petition status?


          1. Hi Joelson Roy J,

            Any status update? Still mine is in Initial Review state. If I am not wrong, our petition should be approved within 2 months from the date of receiving it.Right?

  56. hi raghu i applied h1b in dalls,texas so which center it come in a texas center or vermont center.

        1. hi.. i’m also from CSC. Got update on BAL site. my application got selected ๐Ÿ™‚ wat abt u?

          1. congrats…i have not got yet…when did u get…what date was the processing

  57. RP / Non AD / Vermont. No news yet! Sevis is not updated. I guess it’s game over… But Don’t forget the check the other lottery result online this Thursday at noon though! Finger crossed!

  58. Finally the wait is over!!!. My Petition is picked in the Lottery for NON AD/RP category. The reciept was sent to my attorney from Vermont..
    Good luck to all & don’t lose hope!!

  59. My employer has filed my H1 on April 1st through Premium process, I haven’t got any update if it is even picked in lottery or not till today. What does that mean? Do I still have chances of getting considered for processing?

  60. Is there a post where people who have been selected in the lottery can comment to keep each other updated on the results, approved, denied, rfe etc. ? if not, can there be one soon, as PP processing starts today and hopefully some of us will start seeing results or updates. Thanks.

  61. I have applied in premium processing advance degree and I haven’t heard anything back from the employer. My OPT is expiring in June. WHat are my options to keep working in US. What are the universities which provide 40 hrs CPT from 1st semester? Could anyone please list the universities in California (West) or in New York area (East coast)? Please help

  62. Any news about Vermont Service Center sending receipt numbers to Non – AD/RP/VSC ? and how long will it take? what are the chances?

  63. Hi Raghu,
    when would we get our regular processing receipt number? I haven’t got any update from my employer.

  64. Guys ,
    One of my colleague got his receipt no yesterday. RP/NON-AD/California.
    Both our cases were file together for California however I don’t have any update. Since he has got the receipt and I am still waiting does that mean game over for me

      1. Finally got my receipt dated 10th April today. Non-AD/RP/California. Finally breathing easy after tense days. Best of luck to the guys who are still waiting.

    1. Having said that both our cases were delivered at the same time on 1st of April through fedex. If USCIS gives a number to each petition for lottery then they will give it in the order of them arriving in the centers and will mail the receipts in increasing order.Correct me if I m wrong if anybody knows about the process?

  65. did anybody from vermont nonAD/nonPP/Regular quota get receipt today?Is there any last date or deadline to get receipts?

  66. Raghu,

    my employer informed me last week friday that the check given in my application is being processed but we have not received the receipt number so for. My application is Non AD/PP . Does it mean im selected in lottery.

      1. Thanks finally got my receipt number non AD/PP/Vermont. But when I checked it in the site it is telling case not found. Any idea from when I would be able to check the status

  67. Got it !!! Non AD & Regular Procession WAC-14-XXX-XXXXX…Notice Date
    18th April..Got today afternoon !!! thanks to God and All the best to all of you !!!

    1. Even my employer has informed that my check got deducted last thursday but still i have not received the receipt number. He is 100% sure that i have got selected in lottery . Fingers crossed.

  68. Hi all,

    Non AD, general quota here.
    I have not received any info from USCIS, but if there has been no change in my SEVIS (I asked my DSO), does that mean I did not get the lottery?

  69. Raghu,

    Just wanted to check, if the H1 processing has been complete for some pp cases. I heard that USCIS will start processing H!-B for PP from April 28th. Has that changed, I see some receipt numbers in WAC have received approval, what does this mean?

  70. Hi Raghu
    My case is under Non-AD Regular Processing CA centre. Is the Result out for this category and start sending mails of receipt number or is there any date from when they will start sending.

      1. Hi raghuram,

        please let me know if u have any update ,by when will i come to know if i am selected /not selected in lottery(PP/Non AD/Vermont). I want to join college if i am not selected in lottery . College admission last date is May 5. I am confused to wait or go ahead with college.

  71. Need Help!!

    I received a paper from Department of Homeland Security with a receipt
    number. When i put it in the USCIS case status tracker i get โ€œIntial
    Reviewโ€. IS this being accepted in lottery? My HR doesnโ€™t believe so and
    thinks this is only receipt that they got my application. But she is
    fairly new. Can i accept this as good news?

  72. Hi Raghu!

    IS a letter from the Department of Homeland Security an indication of being picked in the lottery??

    1. In a day or two, since non-AD RP will be sent through regular mail so receipts will keep coming for 2 3 weeks.

      1. today got the good news. My application is selected. non Ad/ non PP California. Dated April 10. Good luck guys

        1. a Happy day…!! my application selected in the lottery. Non AD / regular processing/ general cap . All the best for all ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. Hi Renu,
            How did u come to know? did u got your reciept number?
            your Employer informed you about your selection?

    2. I got news from my employer, My application was picked in lottery. Non AD/RP. All the best guys..

  73. Just want to understand , did anybody got receipt number for Premium Processing in General cap today or PP in General Cap is all finished . did not here anything from Employer still … getting afraid

  74. Can you check semis through any website? I don’t think so, it will only tell you that if it is paid or not

  75. Regular Quota – Premium Processing – still waiting… Any chance for good news???

  76. I’m updating the commenting system. I know the timing is wrong, but to give a good experience for large number of comments, I had to make this change. All your old comments are safe and it’s being imported into this system. Sorry for the this switch. You will have much more features with this commenting system.

  77. I’m updating the commenting system. I know the timing is wrong, but to give a good experience for large number of comments, I had to make this change. All your old comments are safe and it’s being imported into this system. Sorry for the this switch. You will have much more features with this commenting system.

  78. I got the receipt today. Masters/Normal processing. Aab life mein ek cheez ke baare mein nahi sochna padega. Got through this bakwaas lottery system.

  79. Emailed my school international office – found out that my SEVIS has been extended till Oct 1, 2014. So happy! Thank god I was selected in the lottery – really relieved now.

    Should be receiving the physical receipt in the mail any day! Good luck to all those waiting – it’s a horrible feeling. Don’t lose heart; this is just the FIRST round of notifications to go out. There will be many more notifications for AD/RP going out. I think there may be notifications going out AD/RP all week this week and maybe even longer.

    Advanced Degree/Regular Processing
    California Center

      1. What happens if my OPT is valid until Jan 2015? Will my SEVIS be changed? Or the Sevis gets updated for the selected person in the lottery, only when they don’t have a valid status?

  80. Both the attorney and my employer received the receipt notice today. It says they received it at 10th and issued the receipt notice at 17th. Regular processing Advanced degree and Vermont service center.

    The EAC number shown on the receipt notice returns a “not found” on USCIS website.

    Check of processing fee for my wife’s status change has not been cashed yet.

    1. got noticed from my attorney with the form I-797C saying recieved on 10th and Noticed on 15th , and USCIS Web site(https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/Dashboard/ProcTimes.do) shown as “Your case can not be found at this time in My Case Status”.
      is there any other way to know my status?
      So how do i belive that my reciept number is correct or not?
      suggestions please!!!!

  81. filled under regular processing (Master’s quota). Just heard from my employer that it was selected for processing

  82. I have applied h1b in premium process and I have done masters in US. Legal team is saying they havent heard any update for my application. How do I find out whether my application has been selected in the lottery or not. Is the legal team hiding anything from me. Please help. All my friends who applied through premium and Advance degree has got the reciepts. I am tensed and dont know what is going on with my application.



    1. they already start sending mails to regular process so I dont think so we have any chance, still wait till tomorrow.

  83. Regular Quota – Premium Processing – still waiting to hear the news of getting picked in the lottery? Is there any chance left? My employer has asked me to wait until April end.

    1. Don’t panic. Receipts are still being sent out. Wait until end of April at least.

      You could also check with your school’s international office. Ask them to check your SEVIS record to see if your OPT has been extended to Oct 1, 2014 or not.

      Good luck – I know the horrible feeling of just waiting with no information.

      1. Raghu – I understand Notifications for RP is by snail mail and not an e-mail. Is the hard copy sent to the Attorney or HR or candidate?

    1. I see this in the other site.
      inally!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ April 18, 2014 at 6:36 pm

      Finally got picket up in the lottery.
      AD/ Non-Premiumโ€ฆ got regular mail to the lawyer.


      p April 18, 2014 at 7:09 pm

      Congrats! California or Vermont?


      Finally!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ April 18, 2014 at 7:12 pm

      Its California.

      All the best guys!

  84. Raghuram,
    My employer checked if the checks have been cashed and they were not cashed yet. Since I am regular/non-AD/VT, does this mean they might have still not started the process for regular/non-AD?

  85. I have lost the hope. But still is there any chances of expecting receipt for .. non AD/PP/Vermont?
    Congrats to all who got selected.

  86. I checked the status using receipt number provided. It says invalid!!! EAC1XXXXX. Could anyone check their status??? Why does it say invalid??

  87. Hello,

    I received the below response from my Attorney. What does that mean??

    “This year, because the demand far outweighed the supply, all cap-subject H-1B petitions received between April 1, 2014 and April 7, 2014 were placed into a computer-generated lottery system. At this time, we are very pleased to inform you that your petition was selected in the lottery and that your case will be processed in the coming weeks.”

      1. Raghuram, do you think it will delay only the processing for regulars, or also sending their receipts out? I was hoping that everybody would get at least the receipt by Apr 28, even the non-PP.

        Thank you!

  88. Hi,
    Still its long time to go,but curious any one got receipt number for Non AD,Regular Processing from California.

  89. Did anyone received the Receipt Number today (17 Apr ) Hoping that we are still receiving receipt number. Mine was filled in PP . but no answer yet.

    1. I m in the list Non AD /PP Still waiting. But I heard that receipts will be sent till last date. So still hoping to hear +ve. Fingers Crossed

  90. Has anyone who applied regular and Non-AD got a receipt? Last year I missed in the lottery. So this year is really imp for me ๐Ÿ™

    1. Hi Raul,

      Could you please share the way of staying in US and be on job after not getting selected in lottary?

        1. I was in USA till last year on L1B and my stay was maxed out ( 5 years ).So my employer filed h1b for COS from L1B to H1B but I had to come back to India as my h1b was not picked last year:-(. Hoping this year it will be picked.

  91. I got an email that my case was selected. Thanks god ๐Ÿ™‚
    Case # WACxxxxxxxxxxxxx from CSC
    AD PP. Receive date: today morning, 4/16/2014
    Bless all other people who are still waiting. I know how stressful it is, because that’s what I experienced. Thanks all the posts that helped me here.

      1. Congrats.. It does help others and myself (AD/PP/CA) here too , as candidates are still receiving their Receipts (some of them mentioned its all completed for AD/PP ) and they will atleast till the specified date (April 28th for PP)..

        1. It seems that if you don’t have got any information till date (after 7 days) , which means that you are not selected . I was filled in PP but have not got any information till date . Can anybody confirm ?

  92. Is there any way of knowing how many undergrad or masters people applied? Also, will all the lottery results be announced by the 28th of April?

    1. Yes.. still Waiting and just going with the USCIS message that they will process PP latest by April 28th .. So, we do have some time to look for the receipts to come in atleast till April 25th for AD or Regular Processing till April 25th . I hope they would have scheduled that way as once they send out the receipt then it actually means that they need to get the processing for PP within the next 15 days of the receipt . So, they will be having a schedule on how many receipts to forward that could be taken care keeping their capacity of processing it in that time.. So,, lets hope..

  93. Hello Guys,
    Anybody received returned package with filling fees, which shows not selected in lottery?

  94. Glory be to the Lord. I just received email from the lawyer that my application is picked up in the lottery. I was so desperate since this is the last chance to apply. This site has been so helpful to get updates and a lot of information. Thanks every one and I wish you good luck.

  95. Still waiting for PP AD. This is my second year and am not sure what the result will now be. Is there still a chance for AD PP ?

  96. My petition was filed under AD & PP to the vermont center. I haven’t got the recepit number. Its already 15th. should I expect that its over? Or there is still chance to hear back till 28th? Has such happened in past for AD, PP.

  97. Hi Raghu,

    we received this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER, and mailed you a notice describing how we will process your case. Please follow any instructions on this notice

  98. Hi everybody;
    Has anyone under AD regular heard from his employer/attorney regarding the receipt or rejection?

    1. I haven’t heard yet. AD/PP here.

      I think they’re notifying all the PP cases first .This would make sense too – Data entry for PP happens first before the RP. Once the data is entered, then a receipt # is sent out. Since all the PP data is being entered right now, it seems only PP receipts are being sent out. After this, the RP receipts will start coming out. It’ll be interested to know when the data entry for RP will start; some people are saying the earliest it will start is next week. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope we hear something by the 25th of April. My entire life is on hold right now because of this. =/

  99. Hi Raghu,

    What are the chances of getting through the Lottery, if applied for H4 to H1 cos?

    Thanks & Regards,

      1. For PP/Non US masters/VT center, approximately how long it should take to receive e-mail to attorney if case is selected..? any judgement…?

        1. Keep your hopes up until you hear back from USCIS. There is no fixed time mentioned anywhere on USCIS website for them to reply.

  100. Hi Raghu,

    I did not receive anything till now. Mine was AD/PP. I am assuming its all over else I should have received something till now. I spoke to Attorneys and they have not received anything upto now. I understand Non-AD/PP have been going out now. Is there anything still left that could happen ?


      1. My husband just got his receipt number from his employer around 5 pm today (15th), so there’s still a chance. Best luck to everyone.

  101. RG/AD with PP only will get all the receipts in this year Lottery, no scope for the ones without PP, right?

    1. Hey Rohith, Was your application under Masters degree + Regular Quota? How did you get the confirmation… E-Mail from attorney or Post Mail from attorney. Your reply is greatly appreciated.

  102. Just received my receipt number via regular mail (no email for some reason).
    Premium processing / Regular quota / California Center

    Good luck to all of you guys, I know how terrible it is to wait without knowing.

  103. Hello Everyone:
    I have not yet received a receipt number on my case. I am AD/PP.
    Should I give hope or is there any hope left yet?

  104. Wben will the employer get to know the receipt number for premium H1B? Is there a way to know the receipt number myself?

  105. Hi Raghu,
    How can I be sure that my employer has filed my H1B? Because the receipt number is generated only after the document is picked in lottery. Correct me if my understanding is wrong.

  106. Hi Raghu
    I have filed my h1 b via employer through regular procesing…let me know when i would get to know my results..
    Thanks in advance

  107. Hi,

    I am pp/ad still didn’t get receipt. Should I hope to receive it on Saturday too or it’s holiday ?

  108. Hi Raghu,
    My employer filed my application in advanced degree/ Premium Processing, I haven’t heard back anything. Is there a deadline that USCIS has for sending notifications for applications that were selected in Random Selection.

      1. Hi Raghu,
        Will they be sending everyday a specific amount of PP applications selected on AD through email on daily basis for another week or 2 (or atleast before 28th April) .. do they do it just to make sure that PP applications has to be processed from the day of receipt (within 15 days)..

      2. Thanks for your reply Raghu, I guess what I am trying to find out is when should I start making other plans???

  109. Will all the applicants who had applied on PP based on AD/Masters should get an email in any specific time or it is usually they send it out in once the lottery is conducted – within 2 days or a weeks time ..

  110. Hi Raghu,

    My petetion was filed as AD Premium. I did not hear back anything till now. Also, as of yesterda my SEVIS was not updated with anything. Does this imply anything or am I checking this too early ?

    Please help.

      1. Thanks Raghu. I believe thats a ray of hope still left. Till yesterday, I thought it gets updated. I got this understanding from this article: –


        Not sure if SEVIS takes time for any updates.

        1. That’s not an reliable way when USCIS is handling so many applications. USCIS informs SEVIS and they will update it. USCIS can’t update SEVIS directly. Why disturb your IO office when you should be getting updates from your employer.

    1. Yes. My employed filed for premium processing.
      But, when I enter my receipt number in USCIS website, I get the following message.
      Your case can not be found at this time in My Case Status. Please check your receipt number and try again. If you need further assistance, please call the National Customer Service Center at 1.800.375.5283

      1. dont worry will take 1-2 days to get updated in system .comgrats though ..I have applied in master quota regular so keeping fingers crossed

    1. Hi raghu
      A quick question. I checked with my college and my sevis record was not updated until yesterday. Does that imply anything or did I check too early ?

  111. Hi Raghu,

    Now that USCIS have announced that they are completed with random application selection for this year through lottory, when can i expect whether my application is selected in lottory ?


  112. Hi Raghu,

    As the lottery has been conducted on April 10th, my employer applied for regular processing, by when we get the confirmation about If I got selected in the lottery or not.

    Please suggest.


  113. Hi Raghu,

    As per the news the H1 B capp is full now….I just wanted to ask if i resign from my company or in any other case….Will the company be able to change their h1 b request…can it be transferred one employee to another…????

  114. Hi , raghu i read in a forum that lottery is in such a way that every employer gets chance and some of the application gets selected. My employer has 2 new h1 including mine . Is this true ? If so i am thinking only 50-50 chance for me and another guy

  115. Hi Raghu,

    H1B visa filing done on 1st April 2014. When can i expect the lottery results. Please let me know.


  116. Hi,
    I have a query.
    Is there any chance that big established companies can influence the selection of H1B’s. If their employees get rejected in the lottery, it will affect their requirements for the whole year…rite? Most of the companies recruits new employees for some new upcoming projects. I heard that there is a filtering before the lottery and some big companies application will be selected even before the lottery. Is this true?

  117. hi raghu,
    ques 1. when my employer pays the H1B fee.
    ques 2. If i have summited my document to my employeer for visa and signed a contract, can i ask dem to withdraw my application.
    ques 3. whne the lottery result will come.

  118. Hi,

    Mine H1b is filled on April 1st so can you tell me how long it will take to get the receipt number from USCIS.


  119. This was awasome article to the begineers like me and really gained lot of info.

    Thanking You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  120. Hello Raghu,
    I am really thankfull to post your answers for all queries asked from people like me.
    I have 12+ yrs of exp in IT and my employer applied for the H 1 B for the cap 2014-15 on this april 2014
    I was there in USA from Oct2011-Feb2012( about 5 Months) On B1 Visa as My company forced me to stay for 5 months as i had my I-94 issued for 6 Months.
    I so my I-94 was valid from 2nd Oct2011-1april2012.(6 months). and i returned to india after staying there for around 5 months.
    In May2012, I attended the L1B Visa Interview at Chennai and asked about usual questions & abt 5 months stay on B1. i gave a logical answer which my company told me to explain but my visa L1 got rejected. and also consulate cancelled my existing B1 Visa as they are cancelling B1 visas whoever goes for L1 from my Company. Consulate asked me to apply again.
    (I guessed My B1 cancelled because of 5 months stay on B1 even though i had 6 Months I-94.Later i collected a letter from company to keep with me stating why my stay extended ..!!! . It is just for my future in case required)
    So now my worry is that does it be a problem for me for my H1B ??.I am tensed too much.. Please help me.

    Ms Archana Patil

    1. H1B approval and B1 and L1 rejections are not related. But, during your H1b Visa interview, they might bring-up this same issues. There’s nothing you can do about that now. Hope for the best.

    2. Hi Archana
      I am in a similar case.
      Let’s wait the lottery first and worry about the interview later, step by step.
      Good luck

  121. I have filed H1 petition on April1, 2015. When will be i get message weather my application is pick in lottery or not?

  122. Hi Raghu,
    My question is regarding validity of contract with employer. My employer asked me to sign 4 years of contract that says if I leave the company before above mentioned period, I may have to pay 25000$. The date on which I signed the contract, I was not employee since I am on H4 and can be eligible to work from October 1st, 2014 only. The contract says that this amount will recover that damage due to confidential nature of my job and also will recover my training investments. Do you think it is legal? Since the contract talks about employee-employer but I was not employee on the date of signing. Moreover they have not given me any written offer as they say we have offered you verbally. If after getting H1, I transfer with another employer, can they file case against me? The contract was simple one page word document sent to me on email with no stamp or logo of the company. Please guide me.

  123. HI Team,

    Appreciate for your updates on H1B. I have some queries. Please clarify.

    My LCA for 2015 is done. after filing H1B, If i get a new project with another client before lottery, will that be a problem. or lets say i am selected in lottery and stamping also done. in this case, if i switch the company, is that a problem??

    WAiting for your reply.


  124. Hi Rahu,
    In the current Company i am working, my employer has offered me for H1-B. Have submitted all my educational & Company Documents. I have recieved a LCA form & have signed it. What is the Next step & tentative time to know about H1-B approval.

  125. Hi i want to know that educational certificates will be verified for H1B visa .. please give me detail reply

  126. In fact, I did not know that multiple employers can file H1B for the same person. I’m filing only thru’ a single consultancy this time ๐Ÿ™

    I can smell the heavy demand this time – My friends & I were able to get a handful of consultancies (desi ones based in the US plus pure foreign ones) who were ready to sponsor H1B without charging even a single penny. No fees asked from us; No contract/bond and no original certificates asked.

    I feel I should’ve done more research and gone thru’ this website much earlier… no worries, next year is always there!

    1. Ram – Yes, multiple employers can file for same person. If you scan through the comments, you will notice number of people filing via multiple employers. Single employer multiple petition = Rejection and no filing fees returned for all applications.

      1. The probability to getting selected in the lottery is same for a guy applying one H1 compared to a guy applying for 2 H1โ€ฒs from different employers?

  127. Hi Raghu,
    I am coming to US on H4 in May. When will be the next deadline for H1? Further what are chances of H4 to H1 conversion?

    1. Neha – Next year deadline will be April of 2015. Instead of H4 to H1, I advise to take H4 to F1 to H1B.

      1. I too feel the same ,i approached many consultancies and no one is willing to do h4 to h1 i don’t know the reason .I already have masters again am planning to convert f1.

        1. I am in the same situation. Which field are you both in ? I have also done my masters from India in Finance and just completed CPA. All I know is all consultancies want IT people.

          Does that means people from finance have zero chance?

          Is anybody in same situation??

          1. It’s tough to get H1B via direct employers for non-IT field unless you switch from OPT to H1B. Best route is ti get Masters, Then OPT, then job and company will file for H1.

  128. If a person get’s rejected in the final chance for H1B, what are the options available and how much time available from the date of rejection.

  129. HI ,
    I have a question i am applying H1-B from different employers is it legal to do that can i cancel one if both applications got picked in lottery any help is highly appreciated.


    1. Your employer have to withdraw the application. I’m not sure if that will give opportunity for one more person.

  130. Hi Raghu,
    I wish every candidate filing for H1 B this year, a GOOD LUCK….
    My Questions:
    When we can expect the lottery results for this year after successful H1 B filing.. ?
    Whats your predication on this…?

  131. Did anyone here know about guys who applied for multiple H1โ€ฒs last yearโ€ฆ out of which one got selected in lottery and the second one isnโ€™t?

  132. My manager asked my profile details and said, he is sending my name to H1B lottery. my question is, he has not yet asked for any documents from my side. so without any docs, can he send my name to H1B lottery process which is opening on April 1, 2014.

    1. I think he passes your info to HR or attorney. Ask him to move the process faster. You don’t have lot of time left.

  133. Hi,

    I am currently on H4 visa, I have applied for MBA school in USA and I will get a decision around April 15th. I want to do my MBA but in case I am denied the admit to the school on April 15th H1B filing would have been already done, so I want the consultancy to file my H1b to be on safer side.

    So my question in case I get an admit from School I will file my F1 and at the same time my employer would have already filed for my h1b , will it be an issue.


    1. There is something called last action rule. Which petition gets approved last will hold. So you have to be careful about timeline. I would start school in H4 and convert to f1 after a semester to be sure.

  134. Common Guys,
    Please post some news/updates which you got it from employer or attorney to bring the awareness to candidates who are applying this year. We have only 2 more weeks ahead.

  135. hi!
    Could you please tell about requirement for advocate for H1b visa.I am currently Practice in Pakistan as an advocate.


    1. Being an advocate I thought you should be able to figure this law. This page gives all the info you need.

  136. Hi Raghu,
    I had applied for my H1B last year and my petition wasn’t selected in the lottery. This year my attorney’s are applying for my H1b again but with the same LCA used last year. This means I will get a 2 year H1B when approved. My basic question is: Is it ok to apply with the old LCA ?


  137. Hello Raghu,

    I was educating myself with H1b Visa process and came across this website,You have beautifully explained the whole process and made it simple to understand.

    If you can please help me to analyse my situation,it would be really appreciable.I am in USA on H4 visa,have done my Masters in Management in India and recently completed Certified Public Accountant(CPA) exams in USA.

    I am looking for job opportunities in accounting/finance industries,Now I know that majority of IT/computer jobs have upper hand.

    But is it really possible for me to find a job sponsorship? Lot of people have told me its very difficult and not possible.But I really want to try to get a job and since I am so near the H1b deadline,why not try harder.

    Any inputs/advice that you would like to share,Also anyone who knows that are there any possibilities.

    I have dreams,I want to work to turn them into reality by taking Action ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi i am also in the same situation.I am in J1 visa status right now.If you came across any consultancies or so please let me know.
      Al the best.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Lot of Indian students do this mistake -concentrating only in school not on personality dev or job search or resume. You need to do the ground work to find a job. Looking for a job 10 days before h1 cap start date is not right approach.

      1. Hey Raghu,
        Thanks for replying back.Yes the lesson well learnt to start the process so late.I was really now aware of all the process.

        Well can you atleast tell me some ways to approach for H1b.I am not losing hope here,if not now then next time.Sobbing for not trying hard wont get me a job,Will try my best to update myself for all H1b job application.

        The only hitch I am facing is there are not many companies out there who are willing to sponsor H1b esp my field which is Accounting/Finance.The other way is going through consultancy firms but there are none that i know.
        Will keep trying.

  138. hi, iam an engineer with 8+ years of expereince in IT industry and i dont have any sponser, please guide me as to how to aplly for h1b visa

  139. Hi, my employer received approval in May 2013 for my 2014 H1B petition from Dallas. This is my first H1B petition. My employer has registered and working office in San Jose in addition to office in Dallas. My employer will in March 2014 apply for H1B transfer from Dallas to San Jose. Employer is saying both Dallas & San Jose addresses will be added in H1B transfer documents.
    My question : Is it possible to declare both Dallas & San Jose addresses & with these both addresses, can H1B possible to transfer to San Jose. Do you think, i could face any problem during stamping of H1B in India.

    1. Of-course, I will do a predictions. But this time I’m taking a different approach ๐Ÿ™‚

  140. Currently i reside in United States in J1 visa status. Can i transfer it ti H1b directly? (Section 212(e) does not apply).

    1. Yes, as long as your J-1 status does not expire before Sept. 30. The H-1B, when filing through the cap, only becomes active on Oct. 1st which means your status must be maintained until Sept. 30.

  141. Hi sir,
    I completed my B.Tech in mechanical in 2002 from then i worked as a asst prof in private engineering college. Later i completed my M.Tech in 2010 in computer science and continued the as associae prof. Now i want to apply for H1B visa. Is it possible to get it or not.

  142. can multiple H1 B be file for different employer.

    Is there any rejection if lottery process for 2015 is applicable or even not applicable

  143. Hello,
    I applied H1B through a friend’s company in USA. They have already have H1B approvals in past. My question is would visa interviewer at consulate investigate this fact, as the job offer is via personal relation so there might not have been any attempt to recruit a local US worker. Would that create an issue, my friend and me had stayed together in US for multiple years and paid taxes from the same address.

    Appreciate any inputs in this regard.



    1. Shouldn’t be an issue if the company has less than 15% employees on H1B. Otherwise do not volunteer information as interview and you would have to mention seomthing like you posted CV on known company’s carrier page and approached by them and interviewed.

    2. Let me see if I understand your question – Are you planning to attend visa interview with previously approved H1B Visa?

        1. You shouldn’t have any problem if you are able to answer the questions asked. If H1B is already approved by USCIS, then Visa Officers are looking to see if you satisfy the requirement to get the visa. Good Luck. Let me know if you have more questions.

        2. Thanks Raghu. I think you are right, the job-offers validity etc would be part petition approval process and wouldn’t be left until visa interview. So I would answers all questions to the point. If they decide it’s wrong then I would be ok with it.


  144. I just started my preparation to file for H1B through a consultant. Is the one month enough to file. Is it anything like labor approval before filing on April 1, 2014.

    Can someone tell me the necessary documents that i need to get it ready.


    1. Mohamed it will be a favor if you can you tell me which consulting firm do u refer on my email address

  145. Hi,
    I am applying H1B through three employers. Will my name be considered three times in lottery? or just once. Please let me know.

    1. 3 Employers? Are you paying for all 3 employers? USCIS considers 2 application from same employer as duplicate.

      1. I have been selected by 3 different companies for H1B. Is that legal? I know that same employer can not file for same employee but in my case 3 different employers are filing. If it is legal will my name be considered 3 times for lottery or only once?

          1. That post was very interesting. Just wondering ..what did Raju do? has he filed multiple petitions? and what wast the outcome?

        1. Hi Raghu,
          In case I apply through multiple employers and in lottery if my applications get selected for multiple employers, do I get an option to select an employer?

          1. Didn’t I answer the same question to you earlier or is it different Jatin. Search the comments.

      2. Hi Raghu,
        My earlier question was whether applying through multiple employers is legal or not. As this is legal what if multiple application gets selected in lottery. Do I get a chance to select an employer as I can not work with more than one employer or USCIS will decide on that. Please let me know.

  146. Dear Raghu
    My 6th. Year of H1B expired on Oct 10,2014
    My employer filed Labor only in July 2013
    They filed H1B extension Oct 08,2013 saying by the time RFE will come your labor will be approved
    RFE came on Oct 26,2013 to reply in 87 days
    RFE replied saying company thought Labor will approved
    Feb 06 Denial came
    What can I do ,I have Family ,House and Car in US
    My employer now says get F1 and CPT
    I am still working at client place
    Can I get CPT and stay in US till labor approval
    My I-94 expired on Oct 10,2013

    1. Buying a House is risky and unadvisable on Visa. Wait for Green Card first before buying a House. Have you already applied for Green card? EB-2 or EB-3?? Joining University for F-1 and then getting CPT in first semester is not that easy.

      1. Buying house is not risky. It’s completely depended on one willingness to take risk. I got my home when I was 25 and before marriage.

  147. hi,
    I’m applying for H1B visa 2015.Graduated in 2007. In 2010, I got job in software field. Those (2007-10) 3 years I didn’t do any job, I was preparing for some competitive exams & learning software courses.

    my question is : while applying visa, are the 3 years (2007-10) Idle time create any problem ? Can I leave as is while filling the form?
    I learned from someone/where it is not good to have Idle time.

    1. Ideal time is not an issue with H1B Visa applications or H1B Lottery selection. God luck with your H1B application for this year.

  148. Hello Sir,
    I am a MCA graduate with 2 years of work exp(.NET) in India. I want to apply for companies or consultancies in USA to get job and visa sponsorship from them. Please tell the list of genuine consultants/employers in USA who will employ candidate from India in IT sector.

  149. Hello Sir,
    I am a MCA graduate with 2 year of work exp(.NET) in India. I want to apply for companies or consultancies in USA to get job and visa sponsorship from them. Please tell the list of guanine consultants/employers in USA who will employ candidate from India.

  150. Hi Sir,
    My h1b filing application is in process from employer end. I am concern about my last name misspelled in certificate. I understand that you have already posted on this issue in your blog but would be thankful if you go through the situation below and provide you valuable input.
    my name in passport, 10th, 12th & Bsc degree/ certificate is : sanjeev kumar
    But my name in MCA degree/ certificate is : sanjeev kuamr
    So it’s kuamr instead of kumar
    Would there be any problem?
    Do I need to really get my name corrected in MCA documents? Or any affidavit need to produce
    Please help me with this information

  151. Dear Raghuram,
    Please send me H1B VISA application form with the list of required documents with time schedule.
    Whether the premium rejction applications will be added to general?

  152. Hi, I’m currently on L1B VISA valid till May 2014 and I94 valid till Feb 2015.

    My employer is filing for H1.

    In this case, can I continue to stay in USA after my VISA expiry based on I94 and then continue working in H1 from Feb 2015.

    Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

  153. Hi

    I am on H4 with 3.5 years experience in business objects
    Could you mail me genuine consultancies to file my H1 as whoever I speak to demands very high fee.

        1. Pay them by check Ask them to Give a
          do not give on any different company name or personal check or cash

  154. HI,

    I have completed my BBA and doing my Masters in MBA in distance.Currently I am working as an Admin in an MNC in chennai.How can I personnaly apply work Visa.Am I eligible to get a Visa.