How I got in Ivy League with 1170 GRE.

OK guys, for all of you I would like to share my experience which I hope would be helpful.

I apologize for not disclosing my details for personal reasons.

I was able to get an admit in an IVY League university with a 1170 GRE score.

This University is among the top 10 in America for every field and everyone knows the name, and it even raises american peoples eyes when I tell them where I am studying . I apologize for not disclosing my details for personal reasons.

Now comes the my real experience. I was in the same boat as most of you are in.

I had studied really hard for my GRE’s and had improved in every step after giving each test. Then came a time when i was scoring consistently between 1300’s and 1500’s. But eventually on the day of the exam things went wrong and I messed up big time.

I scored a 630 in Quant which for me was very shameful coming from a science background and a 530 in Verbal. I was very upset for a few day with this score and I had finals of my final year of college too which I had totally neglected bcoz of GRE’s.

So I gathered my bearings and decided that I am not going to go to America just to go to America. So I did not apply that year.

I prepared really hard for my Finals and scored well there. I had a project which I worked on which later converted in to a research paper and was published in an IEEE International Conference and later another paper in an ACM International conference.

After this I decided to apply with this shitty GRE Score and with my accomplishments. I refrained from applying to the low tier universities and applied only to the top 15 according to the USNews website.

I was able to get into most of the universities. I use to follow HappySchools blogs regularly at every step and it helped in everything starting from my GRE preps to my applications to my VISA.

Trust me, these blogs have a lot to offer. I am now here in the US in among the best universities and am willing to encourage every individual who wants to apply to the top ones.

Let me make something very clear to all of you that, dont come to America just to come to America. Come for what you really want to do.

GRE scores and top universities are not the end of the world. You will definitely be where your heart wants to be eventually only the path may be different from the path that you may have carved out for yourself.

I am telling you guys this because I am here and I can tell you what exactly is important to eventually be absolutely happy in life.

There are people who go to average uni’s and make it big in life and better than the ones in IVY’s.

Its not the branded university that defines you its your hard work which will eventually take you to places no matter from where you come from.

Kindly pardon me guys if it was too much of a lecture, but I wish all of you well and feel free to contact me (email removed)

PS: If you are unable to get the university you want don’t be upset, its not the end of the word.

Read the blogs there are many other options which are truly worthwhile venturing into and remember that India too is one of the emerging countries and the trend has now reversed. People are coming back to India as it is now offering the same opportunities as America offers, but most of us always think that the grass is always green on the other side.

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  1. first of all congrats MR. Buddhist and sorry for late comment……….
    i’m a electronics n communication engg. student,currently in 7th sem and want to pursue MS from us.
    i’ve given gre and got a score of 1140 with 340 in verbal and 800 in quant….i’ve presented 2 paper in national conference, published 3 articles in newspaper,1 internship,2 training and presently working on a research paper. i’ve also applied for assistance ship under a researcher(hope to get it).
    please tell weather this profile will help me in getting to 20 university? and what else should i do to get into ivy league ??????

    plz help me ……………….really need your help………….
    hope to here from you soon………………..

    1. Hi Ankit, Your quant score is gr8. Most of the eng schools focus a lot on the quant and hardly on verbal. You should make it into one of the good ones. Just apply and highlight more on your domain of expertise. Mention that you are more focused in the domain of your interest and market yourself well. Write your SOP in such a way, that you are able to express how passionate you really are about what you want to do. Don’t sound desperate but sound genuine. SOP’s hold a lot of weight for applications. Eng schools will look into your quant score and might neglect your Verbal. The only thing that could hinder you app is, if a particular school maintains a stringent cutoff for GRE scores in which case they might not review the application at all. But the former suggestion might work in case of some uni’s. So apply to around 15 of the good ones. That’s what I did and I had acceptances from a majority of them. Hope this helps and all the best.

  2. Getting admission in Ivy school is really great. In my GRE I got a score of 1330
    but I got only 700 in quans. I am from an electrical background but I want to do Ph.D in biomedical engineering. Is it possible to Ph.D without doing M.S?…

  3. The fact that you’re in an Ivy college is great. But could you give a few more details regarding the extent of funding and stuff?

  4. I agree with the monk 🙂
    I am now a PhD student at an ivy league too! But what I was doing 5 years ago was completely a different story! If I hadn’t made the switch I would have been making rotis at home.

    Another important note: Getting admitted into an ivy league is not the ultimate path to success/ good life. What you do is more important than where you do it from. Graduating from an ivy league is not a predictor of success, so don’t invest heavily in terms of time and money with that expectation- you may be disappointed and could get yourself into financial trouble. Before coming to U.S. explore work and voluntary opportunities in India, spend sometime grooming yourself professionally and academically and then come here. You will set yourself a class apart from the rest of the herd.

    My secret = Undergraduate research experience, voluntary work, freelance (open source projects for developers), create something!

    I came to U.S. on H4 (was qualified professional with a B.Com and post- graduate diploma) but was quite unhappy and depressed as many others who came to U.S in my visa status. For a while it seemed like my career is over with my 3-year degree and some work experience. I couldn’t get into a university for Masters because of the “one year gap” that engineering students luckily don’t have to deal with. After a couple of rejects and heartbreaks, I decided to do my Bachelors degree again, pursue something I enjoy, and that can connect my past work experience, and be positive.

    I started out with community college for 1 year of general education courses and then transferred to a state university to complete a bachelors in Cognitive Science. I completed my bachelors degree in 3 years time, but landed a 4 year degree in the end with tons of research experience, professional contacts, and recommendations. Now I was even with all the other 4 year undergraduates from all over the world- only difference (a) U.S bachelors degree + 3 years of undergraduate research experience + an independent research project.

    I took a break and one year later, took the GRE (1230- not a great score!) and applied to 2 universities only because of geographic limitations. One of the univs was an ivy league. I got admits into both and am now studying here at the ivy league with scholarship.

  5. hi

    Can you please suggest how did you submit International papers…like how to go through research how to get them published in any journals……whats the procedure like…

    I have experience of presenting many papers in different colleges but not IEEE papers..but my B-tech final yr priject was an IEEE one….

  6. Dear TheBudhhaNextDoor,

    I have one question for you. Did you get funding in the Ivy League Uni and how much did it cover. you did not really explain how you crossed the hurdles. what was your key to that entry? ur publication? or u just applied and for some reason they liked ur profile and u went?

  7. Congratulations man! I hope u succeed in all the endeavours of your life. See, I’m in 4th year of B.Tech. I am expecting to get a score of 1400 in GRE. My score in gradution till now is not very good. I expect to finish my degree at 60 percent. Can I still get in a good college?

  8. Hi Buddist,

    I am Rohan. I have given my 6th semester of computer engineering from Mumbai University.

    Here are my details.

    1. GRE score – 1060 (Quant- 770 & Verbal-290)
    2. TOEFL (Date is not yet taken)
    3. Engineering aggregate – 73% to 75%
    4. Final year diploma in computer technology – 87% (from msbte)
    5. SSC – 89%
    6. I was among the top 7% all over india of the applicants who appeared in NIIT aptitude test.
    7. Participated in various state and national level paper presentations.
    8. Won 1st prize in paper presentation at intra collegiate level.

    What are my chances to get admission in US for MS in computer science? I belong to a middle class family. My budget is 20 lakhs which i’ll be taking a loan from the bank.

    Thank you.

  9. I am planning to do MS in US in the field of electricals. I am planning for Jan 2012 intake. I am applying with gre score of 1170 (400v+770q awa 3.0), toefl 98, cgpa 7.51. can u kindly suggest me universities fitting my profile for Jan 2012?

  10. Hi Buddha,

    Congrats! I am in a dilema…can you help me plz..
    Gave Gre in old pattern and my score is 1080..should i go for new patern…???If i apply to univs in November Decembr is there still a chance to get through fall 2012?
    Or shud i give new gre and wait for fall 2013…???
    I have 3 yrs working experience…academic 75% and undergrad too 70% no back logs.
    Please help me…also let me know when exactly to apply in univs(which month) for fall ?

  11. Hi Buddist,

    I had given Gre last year. I had scored 1140 last yr n 1100 this yr. Its getting difficult to prepare when I am working. I am planning to go to masters (Comp Sc) in fall 2012. I really want to get into top 10 universities. I have a very good score (top 1%) right from my school, 10+2 and in engineering. Also I have quite a bit of research experience in engineering. I had done an internship in US durin my undergrad. I have possibility of publishing 2 papers(if everythin goes well). I have booked the dates for toefl on 24th September 2011 (As the dates before I wanted were not available). My question is:

    1) Should I try the new pattern of GRE (will the old score cause any problem to get into that top 10 bracket, even the kind of resume I have)?

    2) If I have to try the new pattern, what should be the ideal time to give?(looking @ my toefl dates)

    3) Does a good toefl score (110+) help my low gre english score ? (I had got quant: 800 + verbal : 340 . AWA: 4.0)

    4) Or shd I chuck the idea of giving gre again and focus all my energy on papers in pipeline n sops n lors?
    I am seriously unable to decide. Counting heavily on you.
    Please reply at the earliest

    1. Hi Rameshkrishna Ranery, Since you have done an internship in the US it will definitely boost you application. Published papers in International Conferences and journals always are a plus. With a good academic background, good SOP’s, LOR’s, internships and published papers, all of this should make a strong application.

      Best of Luck.

      1. Thanx Buddhist, for you reply. I got your point. Just one quick clarification, for my question 4. ie, shall I apply for the univs with the present gre score itself(1140 and 1100) / shd I try giving the new one (this is difficult as I am not finding enough time after my wrk). This is the big bug tats eating my head.
        Thanx in advance.

  12. I have done some research on my own and I am planning to publish it, or present it in an international conference at the very least.
    I wanted to ask you 4 questions:
    1. How difficult is it to get a paper published in a national or international journal if a B.E. student is the sole author of the paper without any professor helping him?
    2. Which is better paper presentation or publishing it?
    3. How long does the process take for a paper to be accepted by the organisation?
    4. If I apply to a university in US while my paper is still under processing, does it have much value?
    I have 2 internships during my B.E. both in reputed organisations, but a slightly low GPA of 7.0 (college,NIT, Jaipur), I hope to get a GRE score of about 1350-1400 (giving it in July itself). Would my low GPA be balanced out by the research papers if they get published?
    I know there are too many questions, but I’m in a quandary. Help me out.

    1. 1 – It is not difficult to Publish if it is a good paper. It does not depend on the authors. But to publish it in a good journal, you need to have a very good research paper regardless of who your co author is (If any). It is easier to publish the paper in international conferences, but they need a registration fee (Which may go up to $600). If there is no Prof. to sponsor the paper, you need to give the money from your own pocket. Also there are a number of reputed Profs in very reputed universities who are unable to pay the registration fee but can arrange for sponsorship in the exchange for co-authorship.
      2 – It is always better to publish a paper than present it, provided the quality of the journal is fair (does not need to be very good).
      3 – Depends upon the journal/conference. A very good journal can take more than a year to undergo revisions and accept the paper. On the other hand, conferences generally notify the authors about acceptance within 3-5 months, but in rare cases I have seen notification of acceptance within 1 month.
      4 – If the paper is accepted and yet to be published, they hold some value. I even seen some students to list unfinished papers under “To be submitted” label. (HSB can add this to your post “2 Ways Students Hide the Facts During F1 Visa and Admission”)
      5 – From my experience, it is hard to balance GPA although you have a relatively high number of good publications. It is almost impossible for 1 or 2 research papers to balance your bad GPA. But these opinion may vary.

      I would suggest you to carefully arrange your SOP, LOR etc as well as your university selection and department selection should be good. Excellence all other fields can be useful to suppress your low GPA.

      1. Thanks a lot. Your post was very helpful.
        I am a chemical engineering graduate and have done both of my internships in the industry and not in a research oriented field but I would like to opt for a thesis subject in masters. Would an LOR from the industry be suited for a thesis subject or should I get them from my professors only, or is 1-1 the safest bet.

        I know there are mostly computer science students here but if anyone knows what kind of an overall profile is needed to crack into the top chemical engg. departments for masters (UMinnesota TwinCities, UWisconsin Madison, UTexas Austin, CMU, GeorgiaTech, UPenn these are in my ambitious list and above these I dare not name) please tell me what sort of GPA, GRE, experience etc. is required.

        HSB and fans please solve my predicament. Thank you in advance

  13. Why should there be any secrecy in your name or the university you got admitted to.You didn’t use any unfair means.Your were just lucky,that’s all

  14. I have very low GRE scores, (math is not too bad) since I left the school like 6 years ago. I have a MS in Microbiology with Honors, 3 publications (Science, Veterinary Research and Genome Research) I am a first author in one of them and I have been working in academia as RA for 4 years now. Guess what? I have been applying since 2007 to different PhD programs and big NO NO for every University. I am international student but I live legally in US. So it seem at the end GRE scores are the only thing they care. by the way, math section was 640 and it was 55% above the average.
    PS: LOR from BIG people in the area.

    1. I can totally understand your situation. Things might not be always the way you plan. There has to be something something… wrong with the way you are applying. You really must be missing something out. Phd compared to masters is tougher as it requires funding. It may sound weird but try doing research under a Prof for free for a sem and prove him your credibility. He might give you a Phd. I know guys who have done that and have impressed their profs and have been offered a Phd. I also know that its tough without money to live in the states but its totally your call.

  15. heyy im a student.i got 920 in gre and my aggregate is 69%..could u plss suggest me some universities for masters in pharmacy..

  16. I want to ask about what happens in a reverse situation like you get a really good gre score (>1450) but your academics are average at best ???
    Im saying this because i have a very average academic CPI and im trying to score well in GRE which i’ll be taking in september this month. I have some good recommendations though alongwith internships . What do u feel will be my chances even if i get a good GRE score of something above 1450?

    1. Hi I got in Cornell with 1110 GRE, I had good academics 93.4% and internships etc.
      Basically it was just a 9 months masters M.Eng Master of Engineering program.
      Tution fee is 20 lakhs (40k$)
      If your profile is ok and you are willing to pay 40k $ in 9 months you can get in Ivy. They dont offer any kind of financial aid.
      Carnegie Mello also offers such programs

      1. Dear Shefali

        Cornell’s one of my option for the Fall 2012 term. I’m currently a final year UG student.

        Apart from the GRE scores, is it possible to post up your profile – especially how many internships you did? That’s the part that worries me the most.

        Appreciate it. Thanks

  17. Hi,
    I’m preparing for my GRE and cannot understand how to convert my CGPA which is on a scale of 10 to the one USA universities require on a scale of 4. My CGPA is 8.59, please help me out.

  18. I am not sure whether your post is intended to be motivational or just self-congratulatory. It sounds confused for sure! Since on the one hand you advocate “not going to go to America just to go to America” – presumably indicating that one of the Ivies is the only place to be in. Yet on the other hand you also say “GRE scores and top universities are not the end of the world” Wonder what is the message that you are trying to give! Anyway, if at all you did achieve the impossible, and get into an Ivy with a GRE <1200, the least you can do is to list of details of all that you did. Or are you saying that just the 2 research papers did the trick?

    1. Hi I got in Cornell with 1110 GRE, I had good academics 93.4% and internships etc.
      Basically it was just a 9 months masters M.Eng Master of Engineering program.
      Tution fee is 20 lakhs (40k$)
      If your profile is ok and you are willing to pay 40k $ in 9 months you can get in Ivy. Carnegie Mello also offers such programs

  19. Hi All,

    here are my details

    * GRE Score – 1040(730Q + 310V)

    * TOEFL Score – yet to Take on Dec 2011, hope to get >90

    * Class 10th – 69.05%

    * Class 12th – 73.52%

    * Engineering Aggregate – 72.5% (up to III year and 2 sem left and with 4 backlogs)

    * Semester Planning to Apply – fall 2012

    * Department and Major – Electronics&Communication, planning to go for MIS/MS in VLSI or EMBEDDED SYSTEM or TELECOMMUNICATIONS

    * Work Experience – NIL

    please let me know the good Univs which I can apply for my score.also please suggset me more universities since i would like to do my major in electrical engineering and with full financial aid low cost of living and job facilities. and I am adaptable to any climate

    Also looking for a budget which is not more then 20 lakhs. In a state to take bank loan

    Thanks in advance.

  20. heya…..after reading i feel you are so lucky ,well congrats for your success.
    right now I ‘m in final year in computers,i wanted to give GRE with old pattern but couldn’t,so now i have to give GRE with new pattern,i have some confusion with new GRE many people say it will be hard to score in New GRE,which scares me alot.
    I know our study matters alot no matter whether it is old or new.our study matters alot,so i wanna know that which strategy i should use to start thinking for the next GRE,because i keep cursing myself that i wasted my time!!!
    why i didn’t gave GRE with old pattern.please help me to come out from this dilemma…!!!

  21. Congratulations to ‘The Buddha Next Door’.

    Without being cynical, it has to be said that getting into an IVY league school with a GRE score of anything < 1350 or even 1400 has to be highly improbable, if not entirely a fluke. Goes without saying that with if one is able to get into an IVY league school with a GRE score of <1200, the rest of the record i.e. undergraduate school, academic scores, the rest of the resume', publications, extracurricular activities etc. must be stellar, and that he must have been able to put together very impressive SOP and gotten very good recommendations.
    The message that F1 aspirants should take from this post should be the following:
    1. Do the best that you can during your undergrad. Do not limit yourself to just scoring well during undergrad, but try to get as much experience in your field under your belt as you can via internships, research projects, conference presentations, publications etc.
    2. Give the GRE your best shot, but do not lose heart if you haven't scored what you think should have.
    3. Be smart about the way you go about choosing universities that you apply to. Find some top schools, find some middle rung schools, and a few where you can be certain of an acceptance. The work on your SOP as much as you can, and hope that you get very good recommendations.

    – aman

  22. Please do not post misleading post just to woo students. It is absolutely disappointing from a site like HSB. Ivy leagues never even touch a profile with quant less than 700. Please don’t do this again HSB. You are spoiling your own reputation!

      1. Maddy, I think you are under a big misconception that Ivy leagues don’t even look at profiles with quant less than 700. I did my masters from an Ivy league and let me tell you that my quant was slightly less than 700. Schools don’t just look for high scores to take you in. There are other factors which are taken into account to consider an applicant. Your educational background, your professional background and how relevant is the program that you are applying for, your SOP (most important) and of course recommendations. It is the whole package that is considered and not just the scores. So, I don’t think HSB is misleading students!

  23. One of the most elusive posts here! How does this post help anyone looking to apply? Waste of 60 seconds!

    1. Simple. Do you have any ideas that can be published as international paper? If so it will increase your chance of getting aid or admission is better school.

      1. Hey HSB,
        International paper does not help a lot. I have 12 international papers (7 from top class ieee conference) with 1350 in GRE and 109 in TOEFL. But this profile did not help me getting admission in any Ivy college. I got stuck in University of Florida with just 50% tution waiver for MS (Didn’t even get admission to any PhD except an unfunded PhD in OSU).

          1. 3 of The papers in the IEEE conferences won the best paper award, like in World Congress of Computational Intelligence. They also attracted considerable Citation.

          2. Also they are in the same field (AI) that Mr. Buddhist claims to have pursued research in.

        1. You might wanna work on the way you applied. I would say you need to work on your SOP, Application package and small nitty gritties that make up a complete application. Look up on the uni website and see whether the research that you did would boost the research that is being carried out at the university to which you are applying to. Also funding is something that depends on the Professors who are doing similar research. Get in touch with professors through their emails on the uni websites and express you publications and research interest to them. Be very crisp in your e-mail but essence should come out, as people out here hate long e-mails and sometimes disregard it. If they like your profile they might encourage you to apply and give you an admit with full fee waiver and a stipend. All the best.

          1. hey can u send me the sop and resume which u have used for applying to the universities so they will help me also as i also have low score
            please thanks in advance

          2. BTW My research area is also AI as well many of my friend’s research area who went to USA. So I have a rather good idea on these thing to say that it was completely a fluke.

        2. Even I tried in [email protected] Tulsa, but they were not offering any kind of funding. Who will go for PhD without funding? I think no one. I am having good profile, 7 reserach papers, various awards in national and international conferences. When I communicated with prof. they were ready to accept me because of my profile. Atlast I asked them about funding, they said there is no funding as of now. Although those faculties were applying for project then only they will tell about funding. That is what their reply.

          That is why I left the option of OSU.

  24. I got into Cornell (An Ivy) two years back
    GRE 1110
    Toefl 96
    Acads 9.34
    Strong academic background, several internships, good recommendations, strong cv and sop
    GRE score is not the sole criteria for admission to an Ivy
    Though it does not matter since US is facing economic slowdown and it is equally hard to find the job , companies dont even look at CV of international students. Its true your hardwork that takes you ahead of others and not graduate degree from an Ivy.

  25. Hello!
    Good one and throws a sliver of hope for me!
    I got 1350: 570 in verbal and 780 in quant. Can i get in too? And by “get in” i mean is there a chance for me to get in with a scholarship? I have numerous research publications, in IEEE conferences as well as some international journals. What do u think? Should I apply with this or take the new GRE again?

    1. I am the author of this post. I think you should definitely go for it. Be very meticulous with your SOP and the way to send you applications via post. Good recos always help. Market yourself really well. Provide an index in the material you post and also send your research papers along with all your certificates. Also IVY’s look for extracurricular stuff too… All the best !!

  26. If he is true or not is not the question. The question is he did not explain even a single factor more than the published work. Well I agree research work and your academics play a very crucial role. But where is the point? If I have a 1200 GRE and 75% academics can I get into any program of an Ivy university? Where are the LORs, SOP, CV etc etc ? ?I’m not against the author of this article, but I’m against the portrait used to post this. .

    1. Its not only the scores IVY’s focus on. They focus on many factors. They do understand the fact that students can screw up in GRE’s and if you have substantial amount of backup with other expertise in the domain you are applying then they might consider. They just want to know that you are a capable enough candidate although you not might have a great GRE through your entire application package. GRE might be a 20% consideration factor in your entire application. It takes a lot more like SOP’s, LOR’s, CV’s, previous academic history, research publications, extracurriculars certificates etc.. They want all rounders not just book worms.

  27. bro can u please tell me what did u do in the one yr gap whn u didn’t apply…. u must have applied after completing ur degree right and would hv gone next yr…. wat did u do in the gap yr….. ??????????

    1. I did research in AI and published 2 research papers. I also taught AI in the mean time. All of this helped to boost my application.

  28. bro can u please tell me what did u do in the one yr gap whn u didn’t apply…. u must have applied after completing ur degree right and would hv gone next yr…. wat did u do in the gap yr….. ??????????

  29. super dude..
    was upset with my rejects..i got 1310 bt i got rejects from UFL,UCD,etc etc
    feeling better now

  30. Well without college details and everything it’s really hard to comment. But congratulations? We’d love to know which school you got into though, if I got into an IVY school, I’d certainly tell everyone.

  31. Para 4, line 3: Peoples?
    Line 5: And raises eyes or eyebrows? :/
    Between, you mean to say, the only thing helped you getting into IVY L (other than your hard work) is that IEEE research paper of yours, right?

      1. Well guys pardon me for the roughed up english in this post. It was written in a real haste since it was so big and I certainly wasn’t appearing for a GRE verbal exam out here. The intention of this post is to encourage others through the experience. There are many people who get demotivated bcoz of poor GRE scores in their lives and feel that it is the end of the world for them. This post is for all of them who have similar problems in their lives, be it any exam, application or job, Period.

  32. 😀 quite inspiring !!!

    but india’s edu system is not as same as america! that sucxxs a lott!!!!

    1. India also has many good schools for undergrad but for Masters not many. What i meant to say was that many people from America are coming back to India as there seems to be more opportunities equivalent to America. Of course America offers one of the best education in the world. But think about the money and time you will invest in America and eventually to recover that money. Its your personal choice.

      1. Thanks Buddist, for such an elaborate and inspiring post.i want to ask you something- I have just completed my Msc biotech n want to do PhD in US. I have done many internships and projects, my academics are also good. i am going to take GRE in new pattern. So what will be the minimum score required according to new scoring method to get full funding n getting PhD in IVY school?

        1. I too did an MSc in Computer Science, so I came for another MS in Computer Science out here in the US. I am not too sure about the new GRE pattern and about the scores, but try to get a good percentile on that, it always helps. Wherever you are applying kindly go through the universities websites to figure out that they are carrying out research in the same domains as your project otherwise it will be a waste of your application. Then market yourself well in your SOP , CV’s and good LOR’s from your mentors. Good acads are always a boost. Ideally Phd’s are accepted with full funding but still depends many a times for certain universities whether they have sufficient funds for funding you. Also in the meantime while you are preparing for your GRE’s build a profile by doing some extra stuff based on the research work that is being carried out at the universities that you really want to get into.

  33. I got a score of 1080. As you told you had two research papers but i don’t have even a single paper.So, what should i do..??
    Apply for fall 2012 with this score, or
    give the gre exam once again
    as i hav just completed my 3rd year of btech.

  34. Was this a joke? No name, email ID, University name, major name and paper names. Even the sum of 630 + 530 is shown as 1170. This certainly seems to be a boring, not funny joke-cum-lecture!

    1. @anand : great joke dude..!! We have to laugh,that’s what HSB expects from us…posting some specious shit
      630 + 530 = 1170??? new formula or what!!!

      1. Well guys pardon me for the roughed up English and the miss calculation or typo of the scores in this post. Quant was 640. It was written in a real haste since it was so big and I certainly wasn’t appearing for a GRE verbal exam out here. The intention of this post is to encourage others through the experience. There are many people who get demotivated bcoz of poor GRE scores in their lives and feel that it is the end of the world for them. This post is for all of them who have similar problems in their lives, be it any exam, application or job, Period.

        1. btw which uni? and ur profile please…..if u really intend to motivate others,then share ur profile

          1. Hi Chevilo Califlower. Here is my profile.
            GRE: 1170
            TOEFL: 99
            Distinction in MSc Computer Science in India. Topper in my project and my transcript reflected that.
            First Class & Distinction all through out Bachelors in Computer Science.
            2 International Publications in IEEE and ACM
            Tons of extracurricular: Such as statelevel sports: handball and skating, Trinity College of London for English with distinction, dramatics, NGO work and much more.
            I taught too for a year while i was doing research and had appreciation letters from my mentors.

            BTW: Let me graduate in Dec and then I would love to share the IVY uni. Shefali has shared her uni which is Cornell.

            I hope this helps you.

            Best of Luck.

          2. Also bcoz of low TOEFL score I was made to take an english test in my univ with others too from different countries to be qualified for graduation. There are certain benchmarks which some unis have that if not achieved through GRE and TOEFL, you have to clear certain exams at the uni when your course starts. Also as there were many students who took this english test with me, they too are given an admit with the low TOEFL or GRE score. If you are applying for Engineering/Sciences then English might not be of supreme consideration. I would also like to mention that there are others too with me in my Department with average GRE scores in the same range as me who have been given admits, but they are excellent at what they do. They beat the guys who were given admits with GRE scores in the range of 1400’s and 1500’s too. Also they all had an awesome profile to back them up.

    1. Congrats Shefali on the admit to the IVY. It would be great if you can share you experience with others. You will be able to encourage so many people. Thanks.

      1. Sounds very Strange and shameful, but wonder why Buddhist is so scared to tell University Name.
        Harvard, MIT, Stanford…….

        Anyhow Congrats and keep your secret until you join university and finish your degree. Sounds very Funny though.

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