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30 Questionts to Ask Before Choosing a Study Abroad Program

study in europeJust like how Foreign students come to USA and other countries to get higher education and degree, students in USA travel to other countries.

The benefits of study abroad are enormous. In a well-designed study abroad programs, you learn about the history, geography, culture, language, institutions and people of the country in which you are living. It is an experience that helps students meet academic, career and personal goals.

There are so many countries, colleges, universities that offer study abroad programs with partnership with your current schools.

Students plan to take part in study abroad programs between  1 quarter to 1 year.

How to Choose Study Abroad Programs

So how do you choose a study abroad program which is the best fit for you?

First, you need to ask yourself the following questions, identify answers.

Language of Instruction:

  1. Are classes offered in English or host  language?
  2. Are you willing to learn the new language?
  3. What are the language requirements for applicants?

Duration of the program:

  1. Is this a 1 year program?
  2. Can you  enroll for a single semester?
  3. If a summer program, how many weeks is it?
  4. How long can you be away from the home campus?
  5. Can you take break between semesters?

Fees and Expenses:

  1. What do the fees cover? (The cost of tuition, books, housing, meals, special excursions, and airfare may or may not be included.)
  2. Are there any additional expenses you should take into account?
  3. Are there scholarships, financial aid available?

Course Credits:

  1. How many credits can a student expect to earn on the program?
  2. How many study abroad credits will your department accept?

Level of immersion in the host culture:

  1. Is there a Resident Director, or any staff who deal solely with this group of students?
  2. Would you enroll directly in classes at a foreign university, or is there a separate center for the program?
  3. Are there special classes at the center? If so, in what subjects, and who teaches them?
  4. Do you want a high level of support and structure in your program or do you desire to be as independent as possible?

Living arrangements:

  1. Do students live with host families, in apartments, or in dormitories?
  2. How far is the housing from the university?
  3. How much privacy/personal independence does the housing offer?
  4. Who would arrange the housing and could you switch if it were not satisfactory?
  5. Are meals included?
  6. Can the program accommodate students with special dietary needs (e.g. food allergies)?

Eligibility requirements and number of participants:

  1. Is there a minimum GPA for the program?
  2. Are there prerequisites and do you meet them?
  3. Is the program limited to degree-seeking university students?
  4. Is the group large, small, or medium, and do you feel comfortable with the group size?
  5. How selective is the program?
  6. Will you need to apply to a back-up program?

Once you have all the answers, it will be easy to make decision on which study abroad program to choose.

Check with your university to see if they have partner study abroad programs. It would be easy to pick and apply for a program offered within your university/college.

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