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11% Increase in International Graduate Applications to USA

Applications from International students for Graduate Schools in US increased 11% this year.

Survey was published by Council of Graduate Schools.

11% increase in application is the the largest percentage increase since 2006.

Last year the gain was 3% and the year before there was a 1% drop.

The highest increase in number of admitted applicants are for students from China.

  • Number of students from China increased by 23%
  • Number of Students from India increased by 8%

Change in Graduate School Applications

Following table shows the change in Graduate School applications for last few years.

graduate school applications
Graduate School Applications to USA

Summary of the Survey Report

  • Applications to U.S. graduate schools from prospective international  students increased 11% between 2010 and 2011.
  • The rate of increase for fall 2011 outpaced that of the last four years
  • Applications from prospective graduate students from India increased 8%
  • Applications from South Korea increased 2% in 2011
  • Largest Programs
    • Physical and earth sciences (up 15%)
    • Engineering (up 14%).
  • Smallest increase in international applications in 2011 occurred in social sciences & psychology (5%).
  • China have increased by 11% to 21% each year for the past six years.

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