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Indian Students Deported: Who is Responsible? Students vs Authorities

Reports of Students Deportation have calmed down in recent days. It’s not over, but Spring 2016 colleges have started, and volume of students entering the USA will pick up for Fall semester. I have to assume that, we may see more “denial of entries” at the U.S. Port entry this July and August months.

But, I have to ask this questions to readers: Who is responsible for Deportations: Authorities or Students Themselves?

Before we get into this discussion, I want to give few pointers

The goal of this article is to have an open and honest discussion. I spoke to few students who were denied entry into the USA at various Port of Entry.

Few students reached out to me via email, and I had a discussion with them as well.

Then, one reader wrote the following opinion about this entire SVU, NPU, Denial of Entry and he wanted to use Happy Schools Platform to create awareness of what’s going on.

A reader wrote contents between the two lines and edited for clarity and readability.


Well, we all now know how the American System works.

When I first came to the US, my initial assumption of the country and system was just like the concerns expressed by the girl who was denied entry into USA for SVU. But later on, I realized that I am not in India, and I can’t rant about ‘How can they do like that and How can they be like this and all those stuff.’

This is another country, and once we reach here, we forego our fundamental rights which constitution of India granted and we have to realize, and we are supposed to follow the law of the land (in the USA). This should answer most of the questions.

I m not being judgmental but in this case, but, after hearing the conversation, I see a strong reason CBP agent refused her entry. Don’t you think a person who has a Pharma background with work experience, realized that they would now need a Master’s degree in Computer Science to advance their careers and for this purpose, they have planned to join a university like SVU?

When the CBP agents asked her “Why only SVU?”.

Her reply was, “Being a small-sized university, I can have a closer interaction with professors”.

How many people reading this post are likely to agree are this answer?

Do we think this conversation adds up to the real motive of a student who has worked experience and now wants to complete Masters in Technology so that it adds to their professional skill set?

Would we be able to convince the CBP agents on this issue?

Will this conversation make us a good student?

Now, the bigger question arises.

If they don’t allow students entering the USA for NPU and SVU, why do they give visas?.

Before that, you decide to go to these schools, received your I-20 and then got your F1 visa. So, the loop is being started by the students by their choice. I have heard few students conversation and by their conversation, It has appeared to me that none of them did their research about American culture, lifestyle, neither about their career or future.

If the student has done enough research, they wouldn’t have opted for SVU and NPU in the first place. Agree or not, this is the reality. America has thousands of universities, By why only SVU and NPU?

Simple answer, we don’t need to stress our self, Don’t need to pay the fees on time, try to manage classes and exams and within sixteen months, and you can graduate with a degree in Computer Science. Now that was a stress-free education one could ever have. Do you think Will these qualities make you genuine students?

Back to square one, if we do not appear genuine, CBP will have every right to deny entry into U.S.A.

The very first step – University Selection is a major step in deciding your future and career, plus it shows your intentions. When the students are faulting at this very first step, showing aggression or blaming everything around except themselves won’t solve problems.

This Spring 2016, roughly 10,000 students entered into the USA. Almost 9700 students had safe passage, but 300 students had trouble. The Striking point is that nearly 200 of them are from NPU and SVU. These figures are suggesting a trend, a pattern.

Honest Suggestion:

To convince a CBP officer, you need to think. Then you need self-confidence.

If you have fake documents and wrong intentions, you can’t put up a bold face. You can’t convince a border agent about the serious intention to study in the USA, when you are going to universities like SVU or NPU. Any such act is just a lie, and we all know that.

And most importantly, I am shocked at the communication skills of few people who are coming to the USA. People who first came to the USA a decade back then entered with better communication skills than students coming now. Ten years later where we are supposed to be hundred times better at communicating in English, the graph only seems to be going down. Now, That supports the widespread assumption Indian students are High in Quantity but low in Quality.

What can you do next?

  • Improve your personal skills.
  • Improve communication skills.
  • Do not take advice from your friends or relatives.
  • Take recommendations from university officials. They are always here to help.

Do a lot of research, study a bit of about American culture. By doing so, it will vastly improve your self-confidence which makes you appear better.

It will help you all to opt for the right universities or courses and by researching, you will find answers to each and every question asked by CBP agents.

Do not depend on any questionnaires by consultancies or previous experiences of other students. Each case is a different case.

I believe these present issues about deportations are not because of administration or authoritarian decisions but purely because of attitude problem the present guys are coming with. And unless this approach changes, we can only expect to see the deportation rate going up and chance of improving the skill set diminishes.

I spoke to about ten guys who were deported from Newark in the first week of January and interestingly, none of them were into NPU or SVU but into state universities. After I spoke to them, I could realize the way these guys would have presented themselves at the port of entry. I feel sorry for them with their future cut short, but it might be a chance for others not to take short cuts.

If we have an open debate or discussion on Happy Schools, may be lot more people can pour in their views and maybe the students coming here can have better idea than what they actually get from their friends and consultancies.


Your thoughts:

What do you think about this opinion raised by a reader? Do you agree or disagree?

Do you think students going to attend SVU, NPU and other such universities are taking short-cuts?

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  1. It`s a sad occurrence. I agree with a lot of points you give. It is unfortunate that a lot of students do not work on their personal and especially communication skills, which are the most important thing you need to improve when you come to study to another country, not only the USA.

  2. Hye , Raghuram

    Darshak here… deported ( stamped : application for admission withdrawal )
    University: Cleveland state uni(first tier uni) ,
    score 304, 6.5 bands(which seemed low to DHS,CBP officers)

    I got deported on 13th of jan from EWR(newjercy) Airport, due to same reasons as ppl are saying , but i accept i fell short to convince CBP officer.
    they told us that ” if you have had paid your tuition fee, we would have let you go in.
    look at him(depicting other guy), he has paid his tuition so still after 4 hours inquiry, we are allowing him”.
    I said “I can pay it now”, they said “now it’s not possible to allow you.
    so withdraw your application which would be best in interest of justice.
    or we’ll ban/blacklist you for 5 years and wont be able to reapply without any waivers.”

    i was sanctioned loan of $33k from SBI, i show sanction letter.
    they said do you think we are gonna believe on this letter or on this kind of bank? you are lying”
    i asked them to cross check, and even i told ” let me talk with my university that i have provided docs supporting me as international students , you can cross verify it over there as well” but, they replied “don’t say anything until we ask you to reply , anything spoken or requested by you can go against you,so don’t utter until we ask you to speak”

    I have told everything what happened from the moment i got off the plane and got into line of immigration & customs, to my Uni., And at last, they gave me again admit for fall term after 1.5 months effort of requesting.

    University also said you had not to pay your tuition before arrival.

    So do i need to go with any waiver while going to next time for visa?
    is there any chances of getting visa again?

  3. Thank you, happy schools for providing knowledge for applying the process of visas and finding good universities in foreign countries your blogs gave me,to think in different ways…thanks

  4. Raghuram, Can you tell what might be the reason for the students who were deported from Newark. You said they were not into NPU and SVU…so what’s wrong with them

  5. Raghu, what is the source of information on number of students entering USA? You mentioned 10,000 in Spring 2016. As per data from Institute of International Education the numbers are much higher. What is the best source to find out number of students entering USA for higher education?

  6. US education and employment is a dream for many of us and we will try our best to come here. Ofcourse everyone of us who come to US will think of settling here. We cannot blame someone to have a dream / goal and that is perfectly fine. The only problem is our attitude and approach.

    I have seen students of all types and intention.

    Category One: People who work hard
    There are some people who really work hard and stick to plan of action and settle in US. I am one of them. I worked hard to complete my MBA in one year. (people who are here knows how hard it is to complete 52 credits in just one year). I followed the process of satisfying my GMAT scores, arranging for Fee and expenses (I took three loans just for this). Finally, Now I work for world’s #1 social network company earning $20K per month. You can be this.

    While applying for US visa I have not doubt about my future as I did my homework without depending on others. I maintained my honesty and respect for the law. So, my path was simple and guaranteed to sustain.

    Category 2: Cheat and cut short
    There are some other people who want to cut short and try to cheat the system. These people who just want to create fake documents, cheat the process and try and come here. the result will be that you are going to live in fear for your life. This is what could happen if you are trying to cheat the process. Assume that you pass each step… then you will fall into next risk.
    1. You may not be able to get accepted into a college with poor scores. (some schools do accept but you know what that means).
    2. Your visa may not be approved.
    3. You may be deported from CBP.
    4. (assuming you faked financial documents) you may not have enough money to survive.
    5. You may not land part-time jobs like your friends.
    6. You may get caught by immigration officials and deported.
    7. you may not be able to complete your MS because you are working hard ona part time illegal job and you have to go back with no real advantage of US.
    8. You may not land a job and joins a mean desi consultant.
    9. If you are lucky your consultant pays your regularly… otherwise you have to fight for your paycheck.
    10. Your desi consultant might not file for your H1B and your OPT might be expired.
    11. Your employer (desi consultant)will not give your H1B papers and you might get stuck here.
    12. If you travel to india with desi consultant employment, Visa officer may reject your H1B visa.
    13. When you come back to US with desi consultant employment you may be deported from port of entry.
    14. Green card problems
    15. constant fear of loosing jobs etc.,

    Look there is no law in the world without any loop holes. So when you want to take risk and choose to cheat, then don’t blame the system. Blame your intentions. Taking risk is fine but blaming it on others is not fine. When we saw the reasoning from students who are deported, we all know that their intention was wrong and they are trying to cheat the system. (like some student said that her dad will send money in 5 days, then why cant you travel with money in bank after 5 days?)

    Secondly its not just NPU or SVU. Almost all schools will have a student (maybe not from india) who will be deported from port of entry. And yes I am speaking about Harvard and MIT as well (I studied in Boston with one of worlds top rated B school and I know a Portuguese student deported three days after class began).

    Also just think about our own morals and values. Do you guys think cheating the same system you want to live is ethical?

    1. Very Well said and the points almost the same from another countries and friends experience, as in Brazil.
      But the real psychological human part( CB officer) want to know the truth and we may feel nervous and confuse but we should show the our trust.
      In Brazil right now, it has a tv show that you can watch in YouTube called BOARD OF SECURITY CANADA. But the work is similar the way as a USA and Brazil about port of entry.
      It is reality tv show with people traveling to there in any cases like students and questions about it where they do investigation of is truth.
      Very interesting and CBO explains why they do some questions. It just procedures.

  7. Excellent article. Thanks once again. I think a time has come when everybody should be vigilant till he / he achieves his /her goal.

  8. I agree the its the students fault to produce fake documents and have other intentions, but dont you think its a grand scheme to make a lot of money ? Come on, though the rules are different for visa offficers and CBP agents their motive is the same right ? so why not make the rules at the home country itself more stringent ?

    Anyway, My actually question is you mentioned that about 300 students were deported out of which 200 were from SVU and NYU, but what about the other 100 who got into state universities could you may be provide a clearer picture about their reasons for deportation ?

  9. I agree. The article is very well formulated. I would like to add just one more thing, The fraudulent intensions of the students should have been guessed by the consulate officers in Home country itself.

    By deporting the students at the port of entry, Do USA officers mean that the consulate officer in Home country was unable to perform his duty of verifying Student’s eligibility or intensions to travel to USA?

    Thus, the blame goes to both Students and the Consulate officers.

  10. Just an observation. I have been seriously following numbers at US universities for some time and this what I observed when I tried to put up these figures together.

    Starting with Bay Area, CA : There are presently about 8,000 active students pursuing MS in the two prominent universities. Three intakes each year roughly 300-500 per batch in each university across 5-6 streams and transfers from other universities are also in similar number. Counting all together, there are about 8,000 students in a rough estimate. Upon inquiry with few present and past students, On a popular contrary, These universities are not really cheap as it is believed. Students spend about $20,000 for MS and a pathetic life style to make it through the university. 10-12 students live in a two bed room apartment. 4 people in each bedroom..and at least two in the living room. Most students do know about these situations and they still choose this place for a simple reason to finish MS with ease and no other reason as it thought it was cheaper.

    There are many states in US where you can still get cheaper MS with a better quality of lifestyle. Wyoming, Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, Michigan, Alabama to name a few. Most universities still offer MS for $25,000. At least assured of some quality education and chance to get a better part time job on campus or some kind of scholarship or assistance in some other form. I would say At least 5-6 students out 10 can get some kind of help. Just imagine spending two years at a large university where are students whom we can interact and develop a good working culture and a chance to improve our skills and or the least communication skills. You would be surrounded by entirely new set of people across various cultures and everyone’s prime intention is only to compete and complete their education and nothing else. It would give Indian students a chance to learn soft skills which we couldn’t in India. Just imagine if we are surrounded by 1000’s of Indian students only and when our medium of communication is mother tongue than English and the only conversation that we have is how to find out get a job and only debate is to join which consultancy, What is the use of spending few thousand dollars for MS ?

    Eventually the final intention is to find a job and there is no doubt that and that’s what we all are here for. But getting education from MS Mills, you are only wasting time and money. Think if you have two years in hand to utilize the time properly in improving the skills, getting the basic rights, learning computer skills, start off with SQL or basics of Java, try to analyse the market, create your own assumptions on how the market is responding and finally when you are done with MS, You actually have a lot of answers for thousands of questions rather than following the advises of consultancies or seniors or relatives. At least it would help you decide whats good for you. But if we are surrounded by 1000’s of fellow Indian students, the only discussions that happen would be surrounded by our final intentions and easy short cuts and how to master these short cuts and loop holes.

    Better guide to go to US universities :

    With good GRE and TOEFL scores, better grades and good preparation, Will get you into a better university here. Rather than waiting till final semester, Start applying from third year itself. Be ready with your scores, Try to apply at least 10-12 months or when ever the universities start accepting applications. You might have heard about 200-300 universities but trust me there are thousands more universities which you never even heard of before only because none of your friends or relatives haven’t been to those universities but trust me , there are thousands of universities.

    Try to develop a guide for your self. Try to inquire about the cost of living. In some states, You can have a very decent living for as little as $400/month where you can have a room for yourself which is a luxury. Try to go through the universities rankings and figure out a bunch of universities with in your budget.

    Be ready with all these things before you are done with third year. Now, when the university starts applications, send all your documents and spend some quality time writing your resume and state of purpose. This step will decide your future. If you write STATEMENT OF PURPOSE on your own, trust me it would imply your serious intentions. This is the very first step to start faking things and try not to copy paste this step.

    Try to apply 4-6 universities based on your profile and making sure you would get at least two admits and good chances to get admits from others too.

    At this step, You are 2-4 months away from expecting I-20, at least 8-10 months away from your Visa Interview and at least an year from expected date of travel to United States.

    Try to contact your course administrators or concerned persons at the universities and try to be in touch with them and if possible, Try to reach out with the international students department on all the queries you have no matter how silly they are. The international department is specially created in each university to help people like you and me to find out about the university and explore possibilities and they are here to help us and they try their best to provide with the most exact and accurate information. Do not hesitate to contact them and no matter how silly the questions are, They are always pleasant to help you out. By doing so, It would create a seriousness in yourself first and try to find out a lot about the courses and structure and it creates a good impression among the university officials too which would add up as additional qualification to your application. Just in case if we are just okay with the scores, these things will help you seal the admission if you fall short of scores. Trust me, It works .

    If your research is good and if you have applied to universities based on your profile, You would have received at least one I-20 by now and you are about 8 months away from scheduling your Visa appointment.
    This is the phase where you should plan things carefully. As you have 8 months in hand, Ask your family members to open an account in your name or create a joint account and make a deposit of at least $10,000 which is about 7 Lakhs on average balance. I know its not easy but try to maintain an amount which is good enough to pay for at least a semester. Just to have a transaction record on your bank statement. Its always good to maintain an amount which is in tune with our expected expenses in US.

    Now, when ever the consulate opens the slots, try to book the slot at the earliest. Its always good to make an early attempt than till wait to the last minute.

    The biggest part, Preparing for the Visa Interview. If you have done these steps on your own, You wouldn’t need any preparation. For financial documentation, As you have been maintaining good balances in saving deposit and having as many as six months time in hand, Your family would help you pass this phase easily and having so much time in hand, You can make a good financial statement. Rather than completely depending on bank loan letter, Try to create a financial profile where you can show enough finds to cover for at least one year and use bank loan as a back up. This way, You can put up a good weight from your side on financial concern.

    Now, The BIG DAY. The visa interview.

    Unknowingly, You have learned a lot on your own the moment you started to plan MS in USA. You now have answers for any kind of question Visa Officer might ask you. Most importantly, You have enough confidence to face as you have been doing enough research on what you want to do why only this university. Remember, You have SOP written with your own words and intentions and having so much time in hand, You have gathered good information about university, course,course structure, fees, accommodation, etc. When it comes to financial matters, You can face the VO without fear as you have been maintaining good balances. The way you present yourself, with a confidence face and kind of university, your scores will make your case appear most genuine and chances for a good positive result.

    Now, most important part. Arriving at the Port of Entry and just imagine you have been pulled over by the CBP officials. Do not panic. You have all the answers.

    Try to carry Travellers cheques and decent amount of cash. You have answers if they ask you why only this university as you have been doing good research about this university for almost an year now . If they ask to show your financial statement, Remember you can put up a brave face. If you have access, Try to pull up the online banking statement and try to match it with the statement you have. Show them the proof of money loaded on travellers card. Traveller’s cheques are lot better as they provide solid proof. I mean, no matter which ever way they ask you to show about the financials, You can in fact provide them with all the financials needed to cover your cost including your expenses and provide them with solid evidence.

    Remember, CBP officials are very well trained to read your faces while answering. They can easily make it out if you are lying or answering with confidence. They don’t even need proof. You can’t lie to CBP. If they believe you lied, They will get down to the maximum depth possible to prove it is a lie and deport you. If you start with a lie, you have to cover it up with another lie and CBP officials will literally drill down to such an extent where you can’t lie anymore. The only way is to tell truth and appear smarter and confident. If you have a profile which consists of fake documents and make up things, You can’t answer with confidence even you are number one con man of your days.

    If you guys have observed, By following this guide, There are better chances of avoiding all possible negative situations. This way, you can ensure yourself may not necessarily guaranty entry into US, at least it makes your case strong and genuine. I would say, at least 95% efficient method to enter USA.

    By not following these steps, You are only reducing your chances to get to US smoothly. I can even pinpoint each and every step.

    If you do not plan and prepare well in advance, You will depend on consultancies for last minute who promise you an admit within days. Nothing happens in days. A normal procedure will take weeks to months, How can a consultant get things done in just few days ? Unless he has a tie up or some kind of understanding or mill universities. Now, you do not have time to gather financial evidence, You would depend on consultant to gather financial statements. Another fake step. Now the consultant got you admission and have your visa schedule with the next few weeks and you have no idea what kind of univ is that and what is its present status. Desperateness to get to US succumbs you to take all needed steps no matter what they are to attend Visa interview. You will prepare very well but with half knowledge, You can’t put up a brave face taking risk. If you are lucky, Again you have to face CBP official. Now with an admit from not so good university, You are again taking a risk and with made up financial documents, you are only making things worse. Lucky if you could cross through the border, but going to crap universities is like repeating final year engineering two times and nothing much you would learn.

    And the loop closes here.

    I know its a really long essay to read. But when it comes to taking the blame, Don’t you think we all should start the blame game from the very first point where it starts or we should think ourselves as very hard working productive and innocent who were rejected visas or rejected entry into USA when we start making so many short cuts just to make ourselves lazy enough ?

    This was my prime intention to script such a long essay. Roughly 8000 students are in a pathetic condition if not all but mostly affording expensive housing and living costs in Bay area and attending colleges which are producing MS graduates from its assembly lines. These students would have avoided such a life and there was every opportunity for each and every student to make way to a much better university but taking things for granted and ultimate social pressure to go to US has made these guys prefer these universities . Now, who is to be blamed ? CBP officials, US universities, Air India ? CBP and Air India are the receiving end we are making life tough for these people and we are forcing these people to dig deeper into our profile to prove a point that we are lying.

    Now, what about a student who wants to go to US, starts a fake resume, copy pastes a SOP and recommendation letters, rather than applying themselves, depend on consultancies who provide all these services at premium and often misleading about the universities and make up of financial profile, we practice with the questionnaire given by consultant and start preparing for visa interview, This is the most ridiculous part, I have personally seen FAQ’s of Visa interview where it was supposed to be a random questions to be asked by VO and finally after all these steps, At the port of entry, When border officials reject our entry, The blame game starts. We complain about making us wait for 20 hours, 30 hours…no food, no water, air india , they did not lsiten to us, they were rude, they were harsh, they abused us…blah blah….!

    How can you expect good treatment from CBP ? As per American Law, everyone except american citizens and permanent residents are treated as ALIENS. So, till you clear the border, You are an alien to USA . What do we expect CBP to do when they are facing aliens ? Do we expect them to offer coffee and doughnuts, extend a red carpet welcome with a flower bouquet ?

    A popular politician and a responsible political party has staged Dharna outside Hyderabad consultancy, News channels have conducted debate and invited professionals to ask about their views. I wonder what kind of professionals would TV channels invite to their studio about this issue. Some have demanded Ministry of External Affairs to intervene and sort this issue. Just imagine if Sushma Swaraj personally took this issue with US and the kind of report she would receive of different kind of violations we do to come and stay here.

    Even I took couple of short cuts to make a life here in USA but it was long back when things were favorable. The present day needs are changing rapidly. We have to be more genuine and more attractive with better skill set and efficiency. Or else, The American Dream would cut short even before we start of dreaming.

    When something unfavorable happens, Please do not start the blame game from the end point. If you have to play the game, Start the blame game from where it all starts.

    Now, People who took time to head until here must be wondering as to where it started off with an observation and ending with a blame game. Just trying to differentiate between a genuine effort and short cut. If we are lucky at short cut, the life is nothing less than pathetic conditions if not for all but for most. A honest and genuine hard work all by your own can help you avoid many situations and help you learn lot of new things and eventually lead to better things in life.

    Thanks for your patience. I have written this essay with a hope of students avoid taking short cuts to reach USA and if they took short cuts and denied entry, At least they would stop blaming on everything except themselves.

    I had American Dream too but it wasn’t easy for me. I will present my story in next series just in case it might help anyone not to loose hope. When I present my case, Its nothing less than an emotional drama, the things I have lost, things I always wanted to do but couldn’t, In fact, Sacrificed all my interests only to find way to here and after I am here, It wasn’t easier either.

  11. Yes do agree with your point, but when there is a pressure using Visa in Quota method there is should same pressure as well in welcoming students in to states which is not happening now . It very similar like ,So when there is no strict rule saying that driver not cross on red people do not follow the rules same case here is with students, Also yes as per US rules visa and port of entry rules isn’t the same . But when embassy is fulfilling their quota requirements successfully then why students who are travelling for 24 hours should face the pain at a place where he/she knows none and starving.

    So I think now its the government should step in and request embassy or US government to restrict at embassy level, which would save Money, eliminate Pain , Stress ,Panic, Embarrassing to students.

  12. It’s 50 -50% contribution should be allotted in case of deportation :

    1. First and foremost thing is not to blame everything on students, all recent undergrad’s aren’t aware of the situation here in Us, here it could be a friend reference (who will get 300 $ in NPU and 500 $ SVU for referring new students).So everyone know how critical and pathetic situation for students here in Cali, high rental costs to be precise high cost of living when compared to rest of states. So to afford these (people i saw ) works like cutting meat in few grocery stores for 5$ per hour however this is the worst case , to pay rent almost 10-12 average share 2 bed bedroom which costs around 3000 $ pm on average. So getting 300 bucks by referring is gift. I am not that pretty sure students here in Us explain this movie troubles (cinema kastalu ) to new students. So student should think coming to these duo universities which we been in news since couple of months. Here 50 % student mistake is need to get decent GRE and Language tests to get in good universities agreed majority of people from middle class and even i am so try for schools in central like Minnesota , Illinois where good/ decent school have very low tuition fee with low cost of living 600 $ for double bed room on average.

    2. Rest 50 % : another major mistake is Us embassy, i passed out in 2011 ( its a time where success rate of visa was very less they were very keen on GRE and language scores less score candidates visa rate was very low. So they stopped right away at embassy not issuing visa’s .People might have heard about Gundu boss (Visa officer at Hyd consulate ) who is expert in rejecting visa’s and expert in checking financial documents as well. So that time it was very tight and perfect screening i dint even think of NPU or SVU similar kindoff schools , I tired visa with low Gre Score twice in 2011 and straight away got rejected. I gave gre for 5 times to get a decent score and later appeared for visa after 2 years of work exp. (Earned money in this two years and saved for tuition fee ) try BPO jobs like Amazon, Google where they pay you much i worked for Amazon earned like crazy doing Ot’s . So it wasn’t a problem and comfortable arrival to USA in 2013.

    My suggestions :
    1. Embassy scrutiny back home need to tight and make sure that once visa is granted there should not be any issues at POE.
    2. Don’t choice easy route – one may have to suffer later may be getting OPT extension and H-1 will be tough a head.
    3.Good schools – American companies to consider you and hire as an full time few of my friends doing full time who got graduated from Northern Illinois and IIT chicago,
    4. Desi Consultancy– Suck your blood will enter in to market as 8-10 years experience earn more money on you give less for what you work with great amount of stress – one must have great luck or else would be out of office the very next hour you join. So people commonly say Ms lite ra manodu consultancy undi Masters certificate has no value only for H-1 . Yes sadly, Master’s has lost its value. One thing need to be remembered no one in Us is sweet every one behaves sweet only when if you are useful to them.If they chala galiz ga chustharu bhaya .
    5. Try again for getting good scores come like king to Us and get something official in schools or join goods schools which is affordable.
    6. Finally VISA approval isn’t the final step , it is the law to satisfy CBP officer regarding with your entry to US so one should have some fear, respect towards them and obeying them never loose your temper or control towards which may restrict your travel . Answer like a Master’s Seeking level student with confidence. Make sure every thing is perfect .No one will stop

    1. Thanks Ravi.

      I wrote another article about the extent to which visa Officers go to find fraudulent applications. Also, I learned that there’s pressure to approve visa’s ( as per a Quora thread written by a CO who issued lots of visas in India).

      Remember Consulates and CBP are two separate departments and visa doesn’t guaranty Entry into USA. But, this denials should have given fear among students taking short cuts.

  13. Be honest, don’ t try to cheat , show real intention of studying in USA. Please don’t consider F1 visa as and opportunity to enter USA to get a job.

    Above are some stuff that South Indian Parents should tell their children as they grow up.

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