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I Failed in College, Love and Life. Here’s My Come Back Plan. It’s Working.

chasing dream in usa

Here’s another story that exemplifies survival of the fittest. This person asked not to reveal the identify had multiple backlogs (KT’s Arrear’s ) during his Engineering Degree in India.

As you read through this, you can actually feel the emotional roller coaster ride he has been through – joining a degree without interest, backlogs, girl friend, followed by breakup to success story.

You might wonder why this person doesn’t want to share his name. I can give a clue. He is still in love with the girl and chasing her  from India to USA.

Whiser : Let’s keep it quite. Let’s help him win his lady back. 🙂

Enter Mystery Guest…

I recently saw a post about a student who has been following your blog for the past four years ( link below)

I realized that my own story is somewhat similar to his, so I thought I would share my experience with you in the hope that it could also help others.

College :  Typical Dad

I am an average student who loves his parents and studies.

When I was in the 12th grade, I thought of taking a bachelors in electrical engineering since I’m very interested in and passionate about renewable energy.

I got good grades at school, even in my entrance exam, which should have been enough to get me accepted into my dream university for electrical engineering.

However, everything changed with my parents’ decision.

My dad wanted me to take electronics and I simply hated it.

Of course, as a respectful son, I had to consider and accept my dad’s decision.

He simply thought that electronics was a hot course and was a more desirable degree at the time.

Competition for electronics is stiffer than electrical engineering so I had to settle for a second grade college.

College : Engineering and Hate

After joining the college, I soon realized that both the college and my course were not my cup of tea.

I hated a lot of what was happening to me then but somehow I passed my first year subjects.

My second year in college was life-defining.

Everything changed at that point.

Until then I was under the impression that even though I hated that major, I could somehow complete it.

However, I found this assumption to be wrong when the core subjects were introduced and the real engineering aspects were exposed.

For the first time in my life I flunked some exams. My dad was shocked. He hadn’t expected this to happen to his son. In the third semester, I flunked again. This time my dad was not shocked because it was becoming habitual.

Life with a Girl Friend and Failing Grade

During this horrible situation I was committed to a girl, which added an extra burden onto me.

There was nothing wrong with the girl, but because I value commitments it further added to the injury during that time.

While I kept on flunking every semester that followed, my girl was clearing every semester with flying colors! She was able to perfectly balance her time and priorities while I sadly could not.

She was also taking her GRE and TOEFL and wanted me to take the same exams as well.

She always encouraged me and believed that I was a good student but in a bad system and that I could surely shine in my graduate studies.

A Dozen of Failed Courses

During my final year, my total backlogs were close to a dozen and I just don’t know what I was doing.

At the same time my girl was a campus placed and our relationship was at its lowest. She got admitted to one of the best universities in the U.S.A. I couldn’t finish my engineering on time so I was venting all my frustrations on her. Naturally, she couldn’t stand it anymore and we finally broke-up. After that, she flew to the States.

Raise to  the Top

My situation went from bad to worse. It took me close to one and half years to complete all my subjects.

This one and half years was the time when I could see the real world, when most of my friends had left me, including my girl, and the only people who were with me were my parents. They never stopped encouraging me.

After clearing all my engineering subjects, I immediately joined a postgraduate diploma program. The only reason I joined that course was to improve my academics. I did very well this time and passed with flying colors.

Love Blossoms Again

At the same time my love towards my masters and my girl came back.

I wrote my GRE and IELTS and got decent scores.

I applied to universities and in my SOP I wrote this entire story and how I adapted to my situation starting in my engineering days.

I got admitted to a university with a fee waiver in a program which I love. This time my dad was on my side; he just accepted whatever I was doing.

The big day had finally come. I went for my visa interview thinking that the last thing I wanted to hear from my VO was anything about my backlogs number.

Next – My emotional F1 Visa Interview at U.S. Consulate in Mumbai + Love Story Continued.

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