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Interview with Wahida from Bangladesh – Masters Degree Student – UT Permian Basin

Why did Wahida end up with her husband at the University of Texas Permian Basin for her Masters’ degree from Bangladesh?

When you decide to study abroad, one of the critical things that stress you out is your fees – International students pay higher fees. Therefore, we often look for options that can help us get scholarships and work opportunities that can help reduce our expenses while studying abroad. 

Quick Notes:

  • The application fee is waived for Fall 2022
  • GRE/GMAT is Waived
  • No English Language Proficiency for students from India and Singapore
  • The transcript Evaluation fee is Waived

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Interview with Wahida from Bangladesh

In this interview, Wahida, a master’s student at UTPB, walked us through her journey from Bangladesh to The University of Texas Permian Basin and why she chose UTPB for her education.

Wahida finished her graduation in Bangladesh, and she wanted to pursue her Master’s in the US as the country has one of the best education systems.

While searching for colleges, Wahida came across the interviews done by HappySchools with students and faculties of UTPB, which helped make the decision and picked UTPB for her graduate school. 

After getting an F1 visa and F2 visa for her husband, she moved to the USA in Dec 2021 to start college for the Spring 2022 semester. 

When Wahida decided to move to UTPB for the first time, she went through a great ordeal of finding the right transportation and accommodation to reach the campus. 

As Wahida joined UTPB, she was given various scholarships that helped her reduce her tuition fees. she was awarded Graduate Studies Scholarship, which lowered her International student fee to an In-State fee. 

She also works on the campus which gives her additional income to manage her expense. Wahida also gave us brief information about the course and assignments she has done so far.

As an international student, the shopping experience at a new place can be overwhelming, and it is always good to have someone to guide you as to where you can find groceries or other necessary items.

Wahida walked us through the first experience she had while shopping at Walmart; it took about 5 hours for her as she wasn’t aware of the app that she could have used while shopping to make the entire experience easy.

UTPB has a lot to offer to its students.

The scholarships and part-time jobs opportunities are excellent, and it helps you manage your expenses to a great extent. Plus, UTPB has a friendly environment, and the faculty is approachable. This allows the students to maintain enthusiasm throughout their course.

Graduate School Majors are offered at UTPB.

Are you interested in studying at UTPB? They offer the following Masters’s programs:


  • Teaching assistantship (fee remission and monthly stipends)
  • Research assistantship (fee remission and monthly stipends)
  • Graduate Research Experiences (hourly compensation)
  • Scholarship Opportunities (provided In-State Fees)

Want Application Fee Waiver?

UTPB offers an application fee ($45) and Transcript Fee Waiver for Happy Schools readers.

Do you want to get the Fee waivers? Would you please submit the questionnaire at the bottom of this page >>

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