10 Reason Why You Are Not Getting Hired

need jobOne of the frustrating things about job hunting is when you are not getting hired. This can be caused by a number of reasons.

The most common ones include:

1. You have only one job search method

There are various job search techniques available. Which is the ideal method to use?

The answer is to use all the available methods.

If you limit your search to any single technique, you severely restrict your chances for success.

All in all, an effectual job search campaign is perhaps the one which utilizes all the available techniques from LinkedIn, Professional connections, professors’s industry contacts, job search sites, college career resources, networking events, etc.

2. Your resume sucks

If your resume is not presentable enough, then you are shooting the target with the wrong gun.

A good resume is necessary because it leads to interviews; and we all know interviews lead to job offers.

The resume is supposed to tell the employer what you can offer. Therefore, if you have not presented your skills in the rightful manner, then you will get eliminated as a result.

3. Assume that resume you have is the best without getting reviewed

What you have in your resume should be able sell you to your potential employer effectively.

Don’t assume the employer is dump not to look at your resume; therefore, get your priorities right.

Don’t leave them hanging; package your content well and pitch yourself appropriately for the job opening and not just stuff that the company wants.

4.  You don’t have a LinkedIn profile

Linked In is the most famous professional networking website presently.

Nowadays, hiring managers review these profiles and contact job seekers via them.

Therefore, since Linked In is playing an active role in crucial steps of job search, it’s vital to ensure your profile is complete and accurate, looks appealing to hiring managers, and can even get you noticed by recruiters.

5.     LinkedIn Connections are your close friends

Many people believe having just a profile is enough and employers will simply find your profile.

It’s recommended to join groups or field that share personal interests with you.

You can also follow companies that you would love working for as when they have an opportunity, they can always reach you.

Therefore, if your Linked In profile is not connected to recruiters and hiring managers, then you have a long way to go.

6.     You don’t have a twitter account

By utilizing your twitter, you can promote yourself to potential recruiters. Using twitter, you can include a link to your online C.V for the hiring managers to see.

This is a good online platform where you can also establish yourself as an expert in a particular field. Those in Twitter will be interested, and chances are, you will be contacted.

7.     Your twitter account has few tweets about what you are

Your twitter profile should have enough content that describe who you are and what you are capable of.

It’s good to have a profile that portrays the skills you have. Even if you are good at preparing tea for instance, present it in a way that will stand out in a unique way.

This will make anybody interested, feel motivated to call you.

8.     Twitter Account profile has ZERO followers

What does your twitter profile reflect to the viewers?

If you have 0 followers, what does this portray to   hiring managers?

The number of people you follow and who follow you tells your influence.

If your friends don’t like connecting with you, then it means you can’t interact well with your employees and colleagues.

9.     Facebook profile contains status updates that contain only viral videos and articles shared.

What content appears when somebody visits your Facebook wall?

If your profile contains unimportant updates about how you like beer, viral videos or shared messages about others, then this will leave a lot to be desired.

Now suppose, that viewer was a potential employer; do you think your character will have impressed him?

10.  Assuming that consulting companies will get you job

Never depend on a search firm to get you a job.

Search companies fill a small part in job openings.

Consequently, the probability of a recruiter trying to match your background with that of the employer needs is really slim. Therefore, never assume recruiters will fully help you find a job when you submit a resume to them.

Do you agree with the reasons listed above for not getting hired for a job even if you think you are a qualified candidate?

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  1. That is a huge work. I got the post at the right time as I am looking for a job.

    But, should I have to maintain professionalism even in Facebook. I think that is too prohibitive and hard on me. I just feel why shouldn’t I be free in Facebook, because it is the only social networking site I can show myself cool.

    1. I’ve notice a very unusual fascination with US academia, science and culture. True be told, its not as great over here as we depict it in our blockbuster movies. Just, open your horizons beyond the USA.

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