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Degree Programs

Flowchart – Masters Degree Timeline and Milestone

Before selecting a university to attend in USA, you need to know the Masters degree timeline. When you make a degree plan flowchart for all the schools, you can compare the degree plan visually. Following flowchart from Texas Tech University gives an overview about Masters degree Milestone and Timeline. <click on the image to expand>…

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Considering a PSM degree? Comparing it with a PhD or MBA?

Guest Post by Daniel Chatham – Former Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at the Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences and Director of Admission and Recruitment for the University of California’s Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies. He blogs about Higher Education at Lots of information is available for PhD…

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How to Become a Physcial Therapist in USA

Question – How to become a physical therapist in USA? What are the college course and degree requirements? Is there additional licensing exam requirements? How to become a physical therapist in USA (this post) Average GRE Scores Required for Physical Therapy Schools How to Become a Physical Therapist Here is a quick overview of steps…

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Is Online College Degree Right for Me?

The term online college degrees refers to college degrees that can be earned by studying, taking courses through Internet. Its not required to attend colleges and visit campus. Improvements in technology and the increasing use of the Internet worldwide have led to a rapid growth of online colleges. Bachelors, Masters, PhD degrees can be obtained…

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