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Specialization in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Following major area are offered under Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

  1. Digital signal processing
  2. Embedded micro controllers
  3. Microprocessors
    1. Solid-State Devices
    2. Semiconductor Theory
    3. Microwave Devices and Circuits
    4. Analog Electronics.
  4. Systems and Controls:
    1. Control Systems
    2. Manufacturing,
    3. Discrete Event Control,
    4. Neural and Fuzzy Control,
    5. Nonlinear Modern Control,
    6. Biomedical Signal Processing and Instrumentation
  5. Electromagnetic Fields and Applications:
    1. Remote Sensing
    2. Electromagnetic Fields
    3. Microwave Systems.
  6. Digital Signal and Image Processing:
    1. Vision Systems,
    2. Neural Networks,
    3. Statistical Signal Processing,
    4. Nonlinear Image Processing,
    5. Virtual Prototyping,
    6. Virtual Environments.
  7. Telecommunications and Information Systems:
    1. Information Transmission and Communication Systems
  8. Power Systems and Industrial Power Electronics:
    1. Efficient Operation,
    2. Generation,
    3. Transmission,
    4. Distribution, Deregulation;
    5. Power Electronics Engineering.
  9. Optical Devices and Systems:
    1. Optics Electro-optics,
    2. Diffractive Optics,
    3. Nonlinear Optics,
    4. Lasers.
  10. Nanotechnology and MEMS – Materials and Devices:
    1. Quantum Electronic Devices,
    2. Semiconductor Surfaces and Interfaces,
    3. Single Electron Devices,
    4. Sensors and Detectors,
    5. Carbon Nanotube Devices,
    6. Noise and Reliability in Nano-Electronic Devices,
    7. Microactuators,
    8. RF MEMS,
    9. Polymer Electronics, and
    10. Nanophotonics
  11. Bioelectronics Engineering
  12. Nanoelectronics and Photonics

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  1. can a student from electronics and instrumentation take specialization in biomedical signal processing and instrumentation? If yes, what is it one has to do to get into one of the top universities and what are future careers after pursuing MS?

      1. @yk,

        couldnt get u …..aneways i have come across MSECE which is Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering,which is a new graduate study which is added to University of Minneosta under Electrical Engineering department ,i just wanna confirm with the various options for specialization.So what have you replied is totally muddling.Can you make it more appropriate?

  2. Thanks a lot HSB. I was searching this for the past two months,but i cannot get a well articulated one like.Its really helpful . Once again thanks a lot…

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