The Law of Averages : Money and Personal Life

Here is the biggest lesson nay one can learn about life and money based on Law of Averages by Jim Rohn.

Here is the Transcript ( not word to word) of the video

The sower was ambitious and had excellent seed. The first part of the seed falls by the wayside and the birds get it. Metaphorically, this is the prospect that doesn’t show up for the meeting.

You could talk to the person who talked your prospect out of going to the meeting. However, you would have to leave the “field” and this would be a distraction.

It’s just one of those things.  “Isn’t that interesting?

The sower kept on sowing. That was the secret of his success.

If you keep sowing, you can sow more than the birds can get. There aren’t that many birds.

The Law of Averages will work for you.

Jim’s mentor taught Jim there are only nine or ten really nasty people in the world. However, they move around a lot!

The seed falls on rocky ground where the soil is shallow. This is not of your making.

The seed starts to grow. However, it withers and dies on the first hot day.

The hot weather is going to get some. This is not of your making.
Say “Isn’t that interesting?”

What can you do? Nothing! Don’t try to change it.

Just let that happen. Don’t spend time on “why?”

Some don’t stay.  You can’t solve this. It’s like rearranging the seasons.

The sower kept on sowing. He had to discipline has disappointment.

Learn to discipline your disappointment.

Seed falls on thorny ground. The thorns choke it to death.

The thorns will get some. This is not of your making.

These are the ones with little cares and who build little issues.

People let little things cheat them out of big opportunities. Why? Don’t sign up for that class!

Finally, the seed falls on good ground. It always will.

The good ground yielded 30-100% increase. Why?

Who knows? Don’t sign up for that class!

You won’t get the 30% people to do 60%!

How do you get to the 100% people? Go through all these experiences!

Here’s the most important point:  The story of Sowing and Reaping is also the story of the Law of Averages.

Lessons Learned

The biggest lesson for me is Learn to discipline your disappointment.

There will be several situations in day to day life that you are going to be disappointed and you you don’t have control over the situations.

When you encounter such situations think about this line : Discipline your disappointment.

I listed to the audio/video atleast 5 times to understand each and every bit of the message.

Don’t you think Learn to discipline your disappointment is going to change the way you handle your disappointments?

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