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F1 Visa for Community College Approved – Karachi Consulate

f1 visa community college approvedFollowing F1 Visa Approved for Community College experience at US Consulate in  Karachi is shared by Majid Farooqui.

  • Attempt: 1st
  • Type of Institution: Community College
  • Consulate: Karachi Consulate, Pakistan
  • Visa interview: 25th June at 8:45 Am
  • TOEFL: 85
  • Academics: A’Levels

First of all let me brief you guys something regarding myself. I didn’t even complete my High School here in Karachi which is equivalent to 13 Years and cleared only 12th year of high school education ( USA institutes require only 12 years of high School Education).

I started off my application process with the college. I was bit nervous regarding what to choose ”Community college vs 4 year University”.

I then switched my mood towards Community College and started Application Process. On June 18, I received my I-20 from college along with all other necessary documents.

It was relief for me, however my financial Documents was a bit concerning thing for me.

Initially I asked my Aunt who lives in States to sponsor me but some Angel told me not to do that and go for Pakistani Sponsor.

I did the same and asked my Father’s Sister to sponsor me. So yeah, I got Bank statement and Bank Transaction Letter from my sponsor. I was frisked to see the Transaction Letter as It clearly Stated that my Aunt recently deposited a hefty amount in Bank.

I was bit nervous as if what may happen if VO asks me regarding that. Trust me I left everything to ALLAH Almighty.

As soon as all documents were been occupied, I went to American Express Office and got my Interview Scheduled.  One Important thing! Don’t go mischievous Consultants who only hunt for money from students.
I myself completed to whole DS-160 form without taking help from any consultants. I mentioned everything truthfully. Guess what?? I mentioned my relatives living in USA in DS-160.

I trusted GOD throughout and I knew that Truth always keeps you on safer side. If you throw even 1 lie in front of VO, you’ll have to protect it through the interview and any single chances of getting caught by the VO might make you permanently ineligible to enter US.
I was afraid by the quotes that most of the internet Savvy’s give out i.e. ‘No Visa for community College students’.

Trust me guys, that is all MYTH. If you are a genuine student, you will get you F1 Visa to USA.

F1 Visa for Community College Approved

ME: Assalam-u_Alikum Sir ( I thought to try something different)
VO: No Response

VO: ** Looking desperately towards my I-20** I need to ask you couple of questions
ME: **I was totally stunned by his response** Yes Sir Go on.

VO: Tell me what you will be doing in 5 years in USA?
ME: **Couldn’t understand** You mean Why I chose Community college over University? (I know a made a huge Blunder.. GOD save me)

VO: No! What are you plans in US within upcoming 5 years?
Ans: Sir first of all I’ll go and join my college and then I’ll earn an Associate degree. Afterwards I’ll transfer my credits into a 4 year university and earn Bachelors Degree. However, If I get a chance to do OPT, I may do it only if that is relevant to my field.

VO: Typing Continuously. For 2 to 3 mins.
VO: Do you have any Relatives in US?
ME: Oh yeah my Mom’s younger sister lives near by the community college. ( I mumbled a lot while giving this answer As I was bit nervous to face this question)

VO: So you will be staying with her?
ME: well sir apparently I have applied for on campus accommodation. However if my aunt allows me to stay at her house, I would definitely stay over there to save my housing expense.

VO: **Nodded his head** what does your father do?
ME: Sir he died in 2008.

VO: Oh I’m sorry
ME: NP sir.

VO: What about your mother?
ME: My mom is a home maker

VO:** He got really pissed off by my answer, he thought that sponsorship might be a problem for me and I might be a potential Immigrant** So whose going to bear you expenses?
ME: My father’s sister. She has been helping my family financially since last 5 years and she will be bearing my 5 year expense of US too.

VO: what does your aunt do?
ME: She is a retired bank manager but currently running her transport business for school pick and drop for students.

VO: ** He was totally satisfied by my answer** How may siblings?
ME: I have 1 younger and 1 elder sister.

VO: No brother?
ME: No sir.

VO: Tell me about your both sisters?
ME: The elder one is doing her Physiotherapy Degree and Younger sister has just entered her high school.
VO: OK. At this moment he started typing on computer. Here i feared of my visa being rejected due to weak case. I thought to try something different!

ME: Sir I have a question.
VO: without listening to my question he suddenly handed over my documents to me and kept my Passport and then the Golden words ” Your visa has been Approved..I’m keeping your Passport and you will receive it in couple of days from American express.

VO: Now you may ask you question 🙂 **with smile**
ME: Asked
VO: Answered

ME: Sir I wish there was no glass in between us so that I could thank you!
VO: Oh no Not a problem. Have great day
ME: Thanks a lot sir!

I kept all my documents in my folder and walked towards the exit. Most of the people were wondering because In front of my eyes, 2 students who applied for 4 year university got rejected.

Some Important F1 Visa Interview Tips

  1. Always fill up your DS-160 Truthfully.
  2. Do all your hard work on your own. God never let goes anyone hardships. He gives you blessings in return.
  3.  No matter which Religion you follow, Always trust your God and Pray.
  4.  Miracles do happen.
  5.  Be confident (it may sound common but trust this plays 60% role in your visa issuance. I myself was very confident throughout my interview)
  6.  Maintain an eye contact. (My VO was not looking in my eyes all the time, but i kept an eye contact thorough out)
  7.  Be truthful No matter what happens. (In my case, I mentioned each and everything truthfully and had supporting documents for that for e.g. my father’s Death Certificate)
  8.  Reach Consulate as soon as possible. By staying much longer at this place gives you enough confidence.
  9.  Don’t go for myths placed all over internet. Just trust yourself!
  10.  The VO’s are not corrupt. They have a job to fulfill so you must cooperate with them.

In the End I would personally Thank Mr. Raghu. This platform will Insha Allah help all the F1 applicants throughout the world. I personally read all the F1 interview experience thrice. Trust me guys, It gives you more then what you need to appear for an interview. I would personally recommend my entire fellow Pakistani’s to try for USA visa and share the experience  blog here!


It is possible to get F1 Visa for Community College approved, provided you have a plan to move to 4 years traditional college or university. Spending 2 years in community college will save you lot of money in tuition fees.

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  1. Hello there.
    This is Kamran Shah, typing from Pakistan and I have a question regarding the sponsorship over a F1 visa.
    Can I have an American friend sponsoring me for educational expenses?

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  2. I applied for Pierce College at Fort Steilacoom. I got Strong answers and i spoke with confidence and eye contact but still i got rejected twice!! Any suggestions, i already scheduled for my third try!

  3. please is the university you applied to the same with the university with you asked the ETS to sent your GRE scores to ie if you ask the ets to send your scores to four universities, is it the same as applying to four universities?

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