MBA in Top Business School After MS in USA – Is it a Good Idea?

Question from reader in USA who is contemplating to study MBA after completing MS in USA.


I came to US in 2008 for my MS in Electrical Engineering in USA and i graduated in 2010 and having been working since then.

When i came to USA, i came here with a dream of getting in to a Job profile which i really wanted to get in to or if in case that was not possible, i had a plan B.

As you all might know, for a an average Student, from a Average university in USA, its not that easy to crack a Job in Electrical Engineering especially when your degree was a theoretical one with out any research experience involved.

Currently I am working in a Big Corporation with a FT job but, again not exactly in the Profile i would have wished to work in.

Now, i am thinking of my Plan B which is to do an MBA from a top School (if i get an admission) and then pursue my dreams and reach the top in Management.

There are many things running in my mind right now.

  • Is it a good idea and is it worth it ?
  • What are the odds of me cracking a MBA admission from a Top B school in USA ?
  • What happens to my Visa Status ? I will be on H1 by the end of this year and woudl have used up all of my 12+17 months OPT as well. So if i decide to do an MBA, should i convert back to F1 and in that case will i get more OPT ?
  • Is it a possibility that, i could continue at my current job and then pursue my MBA on H1 itself ?

I just want to get views/opinions from HSB and its followers.

Odds of Admission in Top B-School

That depends on your effort and desire. Top schools might not be accessible for students right after Bachelors degree.

But, with MS from USA and couple of years of work experience, you get admit in Top Business Schools in USA.

Looks like you will have over 2 years work experience when you apply for MBA.

Typically B-Schools look for students with atleast 2 years work experience.

H1B to F1 COS

You can convert your visa status back to F1  when you get admission for MBA. That wouldn’t be a problem. Check with school’s DSO.

Part Time MBA

Part Time is certainly possible. But, you might have to handle travel, based on where you are located.

If you can get admission in top B-School near your place, then you can do MBA while working in H1B. It can take upto 3 years to complete MBA.

If your employer is sponsoring the program, then after MBA, you might have to work with them for next 2 years (usually) or pay back the money they paid for your education.

Hope this helps.

Lets see what others professionals who have similar plans have to say about your questions.