I’m Not Stupid, But I Fear GRE Exam

There are a few times when receive an email that is highly emotional like this one.

I am a student taking B.E. electronics. I am in my 8th semester right now and want to write my GRE in September / October 2010.

I have a few questions regarding my B.E. percentage:

  • I have 3 current back subjects in the 7th semester and 1 in my 6th semester. My aggregate may reach up to a maximum of 57%-58%. The low marks were due to some personal problems of mine. I am not a dull student, basically.
  • I am doing a project on robotics under DRDO. It is a high cost and a noted project.
  • I want to do an MS in VLSI or embedded systems. Many people are discouraging me to take up the GRE because of my low percentage.

My doubts are:

  1. Can I get a good college in the USA with my current performance assuming that I get a decent score in my GRE (around 1300-1400)? My first preference is for a PhD program.
  2. If I do an MTech in VLSI or embedded systems, and then take up GRE, can a good MTech performance mask my B.E. Performance?
  3. Do you have a separate premium membership to give information on general doubts like mine as it helps a lot for GRE takers?

Kindly reply and oblige.

Can I get into Good College in USA

Of course, you can get into good a college or university in the U.S. with your 58% academics in B.E. People who are discouraged from taking GRE Test have negative outlook towards life and have no clue about the U.S. education system.

Just ignore them and prove them otherwise by getting a high score in GRE and admission to PhD with scholarship.

If you look at top ranked students in Mumbai or Pune University, they will have academic percentages of around 60% or so.

Getting a high GRE score will overcome your low academic percentage and backlogs. Make sure you clear all your backlogs before applying for admission because that’s not a good move.

A project in DRDO will definitely have a significant positive impact on your resumé and PhD application. Highlight your projects and accomplishments when submitting applications.

Include abstracts and certificates along with your application materials. Talk to professors before you select universities for PhD.

GRE in Nov./Dec.

If you are going to take a GRE exam in November or December 2010, you can apply for the Fall 2011 semester.

If you are already in your 8th semester, why not clear all your papers first in your 8th semester. Once everything’s okay, then take the GRE by June or July 2010 and apply for Spring 2011 semester.

M.S. vs B.E.- Jobs

When you apply for jobs, your B.E. academic percentage hardly matters. In fact, students who graduated with a GPA of 3.0 (just an average grade) in their master’s are able to get high paying jobs.

To close, all the information you hear from friends are useless, so don’t pay any attention to them and reach for your dreams.

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  1. hi,

    I have just passed out my final year and going to appear for my GRE in July.My Engineering aggregate is 82.5% and also one of my research paper work has been selected and published in IEEE(which is very known). Will this help me in scholarships and financial aid? and how much will it help?! what is the amount of maximum scholarship that universities give and what does it depend on.. what are my chances , taking in consideration my profile . please help me sir….

    1. Hi Ankita,

      No max. no minimum….it depends on the University Financial Aid Dept. Some universities give scholarships to foreign students because they want foreign students on their campus, some don't. It depends also on your field of studies… if they have money or not….

      You need to see with an advisor at the university where you intend to study.

      You can also do some research on the internet about some scholarships given away by the Government,

      Hope this will help,

  2. Hi,

    I am BE Electronics 2008 pass out from Mumbai university.

    My academics are very low 10 th 64 %, Diploma 72.08 % and B.E 52.08 % aggregate. I was working in LIONBRIDGE technologies as technical support for seven months,I am also ORACLE & IBM Tivoli certified I am going to give my GRE in month of FEB and I am aiming for Fall 2010 intake.

    I am aiming for high GRE score i want to ask how much worth is to do MIS or MS from moderately repudiated universities like

    Lamar University.

    New York Institute of Technology.

    SUNY Institute of Technology.

    Arkansas Tech University, AR.

    California State University, Fullerton, CA.

    San Francisco State University, CA.

    Considering job prospects in future, because i don’t have any idea how good are these universities in terms of future prospe

      1. I guess HSB misunderstood my question..:(

        My question was more focusing on Universities then the MIS..

        Let me rephrase my question…..

        These are moderately repudiated universities, But is it worth to elect these universities for MIS,Considering job prospects in future, because i don’t have any idea how good are these universities in terms of future prospect.

        Lamar University.
        New York Institute of Technology.
        SUNY Institute of Technology.
        Arkansas Tech University, AR.
        California State University, Fullerton, CA.
        San Francisco State University, CA.

  3. Hi……..

    My name is sindhu,doing my final year.i want to appear for gre.i want to go to u.s in the month of january tat is can u please tell me wen v hav appear for the gre test

  4. Hi All,

    I just finished my GRE with 1390 score . I just have one tip for all -solve as many sample questions as you can , even if u dont know the answer just try to remember your mistakes and you will definately rock in finals !!!


  5. nadiya… You should check out this site called…

    It really is a gr8 site for GRE prep. Continuously solve question papers to assess yourself and gain confidence over a period of time. This will not happen over night. So, u need to start working on question papers from the beginning itself.

    All the best and Good luck.

  6. hi thz z nadiya……..

    i too want 2 take GRE within two months, so friends…..kindly suggest me some guidelines 2 accomplish a grand score.i also had some frustation dat i hav only 65% in my present due 2 some problems my per was diminished.But i hav 2 prove myself in getting gud score(around(1200-1300).so plz friends if any suggestions in preparation of gre…………plz guide me……….

    THANK U………

  7. hi,
    nice article..even i’m in same B.E. % is 65..currently working on project related to display sysytem for aircrafts(embedded sys..) under DRDO..
    even i have the chance of getting admission to good universities right?

  8. Hi HSB,

    I'd like to wish you a very happy new year ahead. I do truly appreciate your unwavering support. Your website has been of immense if not the only resource I make use of to get all I need for GRE.

    I'm replying to the message you sent regarding the admission details

    Sir, I have a little different issue, I haven't written the GRE or TOEFL but intend to by the end of January. I'm also aspiring to get some form of assistance as well.

    I'm from Nigeria and I would like to know what my chances are to get an admission for fall 2010 frankly are.

    I want to study to attain a masters in mechanical engineering and I would also like if you could suggest some schools that would best suite my situation considering i get a GRE score of 1100.

    Thank you for your response.


  9. Hi HSB,

    I am sure your new project for grad school admission will be awesome.

    I am already excited about it. Waiting to learn what it is.



  10. Hello Everyone,

    First of all thanks to Happy Schools Blog for responding to my query. It is a great relief for me. My parents and I had almost lost hopes on MS, but this response is reassuring. Now, with this increase in motivation, I can try to score well in my 8th semester and will definitely clear all my backs this semester itself. I Have already started studying my back subjects. Thanks to all for your support. I will definitely come back to share my progress.

  11. Buddy your gonna ROCK gre! Trust me on that. Work hard for it, which am sure you will and it wouldnt be long before you prove them wrong! and when you do that do get back on this and share your experience with us!

    Regards and All the very best


  12. Hey,
    dont worry about ur friends, i think they must be envy over ur project….. Im more or less like u buddy, its a great morale booster for students like me…….thank for such a post,,,, and all the best for ur future….bye

  13. great relief after reading this post …..even i was going through the same situation but now i'm relieved….

    thanks dude for asking out such question

  14. i'm currently doing my in bioinformatics and i wan't to knw can i pursue my masters in business management and other streams of business.

  15. Hi…

    I'm sure you will do well in your GRE given the level of confidence you have in yourself. Pls don't lose hope and try hard. You will definitely succeed. And when u apply to Universities, you can always explain the reason for your low academic percentage in your essay.

    All the best to you.

    1. Thanq sowmya..

      These days we rarely find the people like you, who will support and increase the confident levels. Anyways keep going with this attitude, will definitely increae your fans.



    2. I am sure u can do it. i will give u a simple example, my brother who was a genius in school got 89 % in cbse, but in his college he had 7 backs got only 58% he studied in GOVT COLLEGE OF ENGG THRISSUR. he took GRE and got 1380. and that too he did not study hard. do u know GRE is a exam that shows what u really are if u r a genius then u will get very good score. now my brother is doing phd. so do not worry the other people will not help u. grad school will see both gre and gpa if u have very good gre u will get through main factor is since ACCORDING TO MY OPINION they will trust gre more than ur gpa since it is given by them that too u r rated internationally. so best of luck.

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