I am Rahul from Hyd.  I want to Go for FALL 2013 MS after ECE.


  • B.Tech [Electronics and Communications Engg.] — 65% 7 Backlogs
  • GRE – 300 [Q-158 , V-142]
  • IELTS – Yet to be Taken
  • 20 + Merit Positions at all Tech fest at Project Presentations and Robotics which Includes IITs, IIIT, NIT, BITs

Doing and did some Courses [CS] on Platforms like Coursera, Udacity [Un-Proctored exams]

I want the best University with LOW Tuition Fee and all Possible Funding options and pursue MS-CS and get settled at S/w Tech Jobs.

  1. But many are saying VISA will be prob. if we wish to change your Course being from ECE.
  2. Do I need to do some Pre-requisite Courses to be able to do Master CS, If so how many courses do i need to complete.

As I want to keep the expenses LOW, I want to avoid the Pre-Req’s , which I believe would Increase my Tuition fee from the normal ones.

In such a case I would go for EE only. I have the Same Interest for EE also, but ultimately I want work as S/W Guy. Please help me and suggest Universities for my Profile – both for EE n CS

MS After ECE

As you have mentioned about your intent to switch to CS field for your higher education, you will not find any trouble with the admissions and visa process provided you are firm with your decision.

Bring in all facts to justify the reason behind making this change.

As far as expenses are concerned, it is possible to choose Universities which are cost effective and lie within your budget. For this check the below post link. You will be able to decide better on making right choice for the Universities.

For further suggestions you can always get back to us!

You can apply for MS in CS till April of 2013. Longer you delay, lower number of universities will have admission deadlines open.

You will have few Pre-requisite Courses ( 3+) depending on your university where you get admission and your BE courses.


  1. Sonal on October 29, 2018 at 5:26 PM

    Interested in MS in CS.
    Gre:- 314(164 quant, 150 verbal)
    TOEFL- results awaited(expect 100+)
    CGPA:- 8.88
    B.Tech. in ECE from NIT, Nagpur
    Work Experience (at Oracle): 27 months(CS)
    1 Internship at IIT Delhi
    2 Projects at IIT Bombay( in partially related fields to CS)
    1 IEEE research paper on above project (Published)
    2-3 Projects in NIT,Nagpur
    Plenty of extracurricular activities and management experience in school and college level.
    LORs:- One from IIT Bombay, 2 from Oracle, 1 from NIT Nagpur(if required)
    Please suggest ambitious, moderate and safe universities for my profile.
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Sanket on November 12, 2013 at 8:07 AM

    My gre score is 320, Toefl is 98 and my BE aggre is 64% and currently i am working in Capgemini.ind.pvt.ltd as a software engineer. I did my Bachelors in electronics and wish to switch to CS or MIS so that i have an advantage for my experience here, provided i didn’t develop a substantial interest EE during my graduation. Can u please help me on the dilemma between CS/MIS/ECE. And suggest me some univs for applying for fall-14.

    • Krishna on June 19, 2020 at 7:32 AM

      Hi Sanket

      I am Krishna from Hyderabad, I wanted to know how are you now in 2020 as my situation is same like you I studied ECE in btech passed out 2019 and wanted to do ms in Computer science. Even I started working in Capgemini since 2019.

      Can you help me.


  3. lateef on January 3, 2013 at 8:36 AM

    Am a graduate of physics with electronics,and I have been having problem choosing the course I sshould go for in msce,I actually have geophysics in mind,pls.I need suggestions.

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