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Are We Doing Something Wrong, by Choosing Not to Work in India?

Following experience  was shared by Abhilash.

not working indiaHello HSB Readers,

I had an interesting encounter, when I was traveling on an overnight train in India, during my last India trip.

I noticed an old man sitting opposite to me and he was getting phone calls very often.

I was thinking he might be a business man or sales guy. But when I happen to hear about some of the circuit terminologies and components such as resistors and capacitors, that caught my attention.

We happened to start talking for some reason and the conversation started pretty well.

I just wanted to mention: He was traveling alone and I was with my parents.

Even-though I don’t remember all the topics we touched up on nor the exact order of the conversation, I wanted to provide a gist of that conversation.

To begin with, we was very happy to see a son traveling with parents and how the interactions were going on within the family. Since I am an Engineer and my dad used to be a retired Engineer as well, we started to discuss some of the ideas which could be beneficial during new house constructions/Interiors.

This old man, was just listening to us and always had a smile on his face. He started a conversation by asking

“So you are discussing a house/ interior design” , that’s really nice. It’s nice to see a son and parents travelling together and having a discussion on something”

We said “Thank you sir” and my dad and him were busy with a conversation discussing how much work it is, to build a new house, work , workers, money and so many other details.

Then my dad introduced me to him, and then that was the time when he got to know that I did my MS in US and then currently working in United States.

I asked about him and he said , he is a professor at IIT and has his own company. (And I was like woooowwww ! ! OKAY ! ! !! )

He kinda changed since then. His tone and facial expression was different.

He started by saying…

“I was so happy to see you all together, it is so nice to see a family conversation and I was happy that a son is still with his parents but looks like you are similar to any other youngster” .

Then he went to ask me, questions like

  • Why do you want to work in USA?
  • Why can’t you find a job in India?
  • Why cant you contribute to India?
  • What is wrong with he youngsters?

I was liked stumped ! !

Just to mention, I have amazing respect for grads from top schools, and more respect for the professors from those kind of schools.

So I decided, lets hear him and I am going to answer only if i was asked a question and a answer is expected.

He started asking me, give me some good reasons why you would want to work in US and not in India.

Do you think, driving at 65 to 85 miles per hour miles/hour makes it attractive for you?

I starting talking to myself…

Sir… I don’t even have a car for God sake ! ! and if speed of driving was one of the reasons, i may have become a race car driver !!).

Then he continued, or it might be MONEY ! ! !… he went on to say … US is very good at fooling people by showing them money and make people work with their money power. I was like resisting myself , but I could not and spoke up.

That could be one of reasons …. I said …its not easy to get enough money and at the same time have some value for life and being treated as People and not like a dog. If US is making me work, they pay me money for it and I am kind of happy.

He was like. See.. youngsters are always behind money, if you show them a 5 figure number of dollars they are happy.

I went on to say “Money is just one aspect and there are many other aspects like quality of life, having a life by itself, for many people, Work life balance. For more important reasons like work profile by itself.

He said… Its all MONEY MONEY and MONEY nothing else.

I had to interrupt and say

Even-though MONEY could be a BIG reason, we work hard for earning, its not like we are doing nothing and getting free money.

He started saying. Speaking about money,  he was asking how much money a graduate would make?

I said, “it depends on work profile and location and amount of experience.”

He asked me give a number.

I said, ” it could be $55 K to anything in six figure range.”

He claimed that. I make 10 times more money that right now. I was like (Well.. good for you ! ! ).

But then I said, how many people in India could get in to IISc, IIT and IIMs or become Entrepreneurs?

He started saying,”you don’t need to be from IIT background to be so successful, it’s all about how much will power you have within you to contribute to your country.

I said, OKAY all that sounds very good but not practical for everyone.

Also, the guy has more than 30 yrs of experience as a professor at IIT and he runs his own company now, it took him so much time to get to this state.

He was never admitting it.

Then he started talking about the how IIT’s have become so degraded now.

He was saying, “IIT’s are not the premier univ anymore. Students from IITs jsut look for a bigger number in the package and get out of the country when they graduate. Hardly few students pay attention in the class. Many of them will be coming in late , won’t show up or doing other activities and pay no attention to the lectures”

I must say, I was Surprised to hear this.

Then came in the typical Indian mentality…… LOL…. .

I asked him, you said you make so much money, How much do you pay your Engineers, especially considering the fact that you have small amount of a talented youngsters?

He was like, “I agree, I don’t pay them much …. But the company turnover is SOOO MUCHHH.

After all this great philosophies, he finally admitted that,  not every worker in India can make enough money.

But he twisted the same to say that when you are young , you should not worry about money, work hard for so many years and then think about starting some new ventures and making money.

So many questions raised in my mind after that train journey.

  • Are we doing something really bad, by not staying in India for work and working in USA?
  • Are we doing something wrong by getting education in US and ending up settling here ?
  • Can everyone become Entrepreneurs?
  • Is it true that… IITs have lost their premier status in terms of quality of education ?
  • Is it true that you don’t need to have a background of an IITian, IIM or IISc or any other premier education institutions to become so successful in life?

I was of the thinking that…the only reason I would work in India, is to be closer to my parents, friends,  relatives. But in this modern world when nuclear families exist and we hardly get to visit our parents twice or thrice an year. Especially if you belong to any place other than Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune or Hyderabad … I think it really doesn’t matter if you live in India or outside India.

I know many people in USA, who are able to get their parents every year for up to 6 months to stay with them (which is better number than visiting them 3 times when you are working India).

My Personal Opinion

I think i am not doing anything wrong.

I think it would be a stupidity to leave an opportunity in US and go to India for working.

Rather than that, I think as long as possible I can work here and if I had to go back, I could always after getting as much experience as possible.

Yes, I do miss my family, but I’m pretty confident of making once an year trip to India to spend few dedicated weeks for them (which /I have been already doing).

I can definitely think of getting them here every year (if possible, and have them stay with me, which I am pretty sure many of them are already doing).

I just wanted to share this experience with you all and wanted to know your thoughts on all of these.

P.S: The Professor’s son was actually working and settled some where in USA. So looks like he was showing all the frustrations that he had on his son, on me.


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  1. money & quality of life matters but more than that how you are getting treated takes an edge over other 2 things. If it was like AUS then people would show less interest. Thank god it is USA

  2. Hi,
    That prof wasn’t totally wrong, to start with, but with little hypocrisy; inevitable. Worth mentioning is, students need not attend every class and be punctual to be worthwhile. It’s highly subjective. For instance, I never studied on a daily schedule during my education, but I’m a gold medalist both in my bachelors (RIE Mysore) as well as in my masters (Univ of Madras).
    Nevertheless, it’s true that ‘generally’, IIT/IIM students and many others from the creamy-layer who got benefited from the Govt. during their education, in terms of stipend/ sponsored exchange/ sponsored travel opportunities/ quality education/ funds or contingencies for research projects, etc. do not contribute back to their home land. After all it’s the tax-payers’ money they are allotted, and they are of course answerable to that. (Any objections to this premise?) BUT for others who were self-financing their education, which means they could not qualify for meritorious education in the premier institutes and universities of India, whether they are working in India or in the US, how does it matter? Anyways, it’s hard for them to get a decent job in India (based on a private collage academia and mediocre skills), moreover they would be more inclined to payback their loans and make more money, no wonder. But those few in the former category, no excuses, they shouldn’t be too selfish and avaricious, forgetting what India did to them, their intellect is identified, fostered and nurtured, only to get back from them to the developing subcontinent, isn’t it? They get much more in such citadels of education than what they actually pay as fee (in fact such fee is proportionally negligible). Higher education abroad is appreciable, we should never restrict ourselves from a source of better learning (“Nectar; where ever it is, suck it!” says Rig Veda). But coming back to contribute the shining India is what’s expected from them. Also it’s not tough for them to get good opportunities in India itself.
    So we cannot segregate absolute black and white in this matter.. Also it doesn’t mean that better opportunities should be ignored, which mostly no one does, when given a choise. And it’s just so theoretical speaking about it, because it only depends on the person who should decide, because we can never stop anyone flying transatlantic for a better or the only opportunity AND we can never catapult those who do not qualify for it OR those who do not ‘choose’ to do so 🙂

  3. Comparison is often made between two situations 1
    1) Making lot of money in USA
    2) Corrpution in India, leaving our Motherland, family.

    That was true in 1990s and upto 2005-2006.
    But nobody thinks that what happens when say an Indian Student/immigrant is not doing well in USA. Not getting jobs etc. issues with healthcare, huge debts. If you dont get good jobs in USA, then bad-mouthing India and corruption in india is ridiculous argument. Surviving in USA on debt (negative earning even after so many years in USA) is a failure. Some people think that just because they have I-phone or laptop or Toyota Camry even after debt of 20000 dollars are very successful in life.

  4. What the hell! People divided pieces of land according to their own wish and named them countries. And they think that since I was born on that part of the earth, I should be denied better opportunities. I don’t even believe like I belong to any particular country. Even more interesting is — some people think it’s a sin to go abroad and make a living. Do any of these people guarantee me a well paid job and a good living? At least my daily bread? So, according to them, “It’s your duty to sacrifice your life though we don’t even care if you are jobless or starve. If you don’t do that, it’s a sin”. Just count the number of jobless, poor, and beggars.

    1. please do not use your passport!
      Passport -its an identity and proof of nationality that this country gives you the right to move freely, that means that you owe something to the country and people .you can tell them what you said here to the visa officers!How can you get to any other country without your daily bread? so,according to you ,”i don’t have nothing to eat and want to get to another country and work”— is it logical?

      professor was talking about skilled workers,who are useful to the economy providing jobs to the jobless not about lazy shits like you ,who ask for bounties without working!

      opportunities just come by your way,nobody will deny them .you must be aware and awake to catch them!

  5. Current situation of our political class, law machinery, bureaucracy,payment patterns doesn’t leave us (hard working engineers and scientists in domain other that IT) with many options to prosper with dignity in our beloved country. So this is the dilemma faced by most of the middle class graduates, especially from state colleges (in which admission is secured beating caste prejudices). I believe It is our right to prosper and pursue happiness. Some of my friends have found it here living in India. Some have left for greener pastures, of-course after undergoing grueling admission process, visa tensions and rigorous studies, parents paying through their noses. Ours is so diverse and varied nation, with very good philosophy and religious talk, but when it comes to action, its every man for himself.(I am travelling in Mumbai local trains since high-school, believe me, pigs have a better life). I am only son and would love to be with my parents in their old age. But will I be financially capable enough to take care of them.(Thank god my parents are covered under CGHS scheme as a Govt Employee). I am in my mid 20’s. So the question comes straight to my face about my standing in life. Opinions expressed about low level companies here are true in every sense. In short, my mantra is,love your nation, its good for your heart. Embrace opportunity which comes your way as a result of persistent hard work. That’s logically correct.

    I have very high respect for HSB blog owner. Thank you for creating this platform. I appreciate your very sincere efforts. Also I apologize for being a parasite reader for past two years or so. I would actively share my constructive opinions once I get certain exposure. Currently I am in application stage.

  6. Hi
    “Are we doing something really bad, by not staying in India for work and working in USA?” Not at all ! There are so many people who are underpaid or not getting jobs so if you seek a job with a decent pay packet and salary in a different country there’s nothing wrong in it.
    “Are we doing something wrong by getting education in US and ending up settling here ?” Not at all again. It is not our personal responsibility to eradicate poverty or illiteracy or any other such problem.

    “Can everyone become Entrepreneurs?” Anyone can become an entrepreneur but everyone doesn’t.

    That old man has had a smooth ride. Well he’s a hypocrite. He doesn’t pay his own employees well and talks like conscientious person. And if youngsters shouldn’t make more money who should. Work efficiency is best at younger ages so why not go to place that values your hard work and pays you well. The sooner we all make money and retire the better it would be for younger generations to enter the job market. The professor has some distorted views. But nevertheless talking to such people does help us introspect ourselves.

  7. @DEV
    Dude ! you must be in some serious pickle!
    Education is the most powerful tool! At least you have to do what you capable to do!you dont have to depend on Govt, Do not fled away like cowards ! do your masters abroad,Earn till your ass gets fire , Enjoy your life and get back here ,start a company and pay well to your employes! i know many skilled people(probably better than you) who choose to stay here and contribute!

    Dude you dont have to be a Bolly/Hollywood Hero or a God ! you need just a common sense and the will to serve(you got nothing to with the Govt.)!

    So, do not think like Cowards!

      1. So,what that means when you told the story?

        what i think is practical ! what YOU think is impractical!

          1. what is “dat” “wat” “shud”?cant you type full sentence?
            i sensed when you told that story ,that you are in some pickle!
            go somewhere else!

          2. hahhaaa!! dats calld txting, but dat does not ruin d grammatical sense. AND U R NOBODY TO TELL ME WHERE TO GO, if U have a problem get UR ass outta here.

          3. n yeah just outta curiosity wat are u doin on HSB if u dont wana go out of India…??? A very fundamental question…

          4. LOL Harder!!! where in US?? If yes then please please lemme know when u r comin back…

          5. why ?curious george! do you want me to give you a job ?ah may be i’ll arrange something for you in a circus!

          6. u wont be able to afford me baby… its becoz u wud never come back… A saying in Hindi:” badal jo garajte hai baraste nahin..” in case u r ignorant of the language–“empty pots rattle the most”(just that badal means clouds…dat saying is on clouds that only thunder and dont shower).

          7. boy!i can read ,write and speak hindi!
            technically you cant say which one comes first!so your proverb is illogical!

            there’s a saying in Telugu “morige kukka karavadanta” since i bet u are ignorant of the language- “barking dogs cant bite anyone”!

          8. technically i said d right thng… and yeah i dunno telugu. but yeah m not a barking dog . u wont undrstand. I withdraw from dis would-be ugly convrsatn b4 u get hurt nymore by my words. Sorry bro, hve a good day… 🙂

          9. “cant you type full sentences?” OR “cant you type full a sentence?” Again your sentence is WRONG dear. U questioned my expertise right thats why I am behaving like dis. Sorry for that…I really am.

    1. Look at Boston bombing case, ALREADY ONE OF THE OFFENDER IS DEAD… DEAD…. DEAD not handcuffed!! dats Govt.

  8. Dear friends, all of your feel is good. I am very proud of your love with your parent and your home county. Particularly to remove the gap between the rich and poor. Yes its possible if you are a God what we belive from very long long ago or do vanish all type of politicians in single day. Pl. think is it possible

  9. for some girls here!
    who cares about recognition in another country! does that recognition will get you to moon? you are only seeing the glitters ,you will never see the ugly truth behind it!

    All you have to do is to make some money there, come here ,start a society ,make skill labor from poor by educating them and employ them and pay them their worth of work!

  10. Dear Friends!
    By glancing i can read only MONEY,US,UK,IIT
    does anyone think about contributing to Science (not coding)and humanity?
    does any boneheads here think about giving something to the country(people)?
    does anyone know what our poor young people do for a living?(not SC/ST or BC-Govt is there to take care )
    How can we improve the standards of living of our people? use our resources efficiently?
    How can tiny ,destroyed countries like japan and Germany be world leaders in technology and science?

    all we think about getting into US,UK even with high debts(even your bottom cant pay),work like an ass for money,enjoy a lonely life , flaunting in pictures with your friends here (anyways you cant do more than that) and when they kick you out ,you’ll be a weight on our economy(grabbing another’s man job) !

    the professor was right and wrong!
    his remarks about working here were right but, value of labor is unacceptable!

    but ,unfortunately we got more people like our Author than the professor!(like the commenter’s in this page who blame professor).

    1. HAVE u heard of Sa*yabr*t(cant spell the whole name I love my life)??? he was an civil engineer in B*har. He was into a bridge construction site where he noticed havoc corruption and the authorities were swallowing all the allotted money for the project and providing lowest quality raw materials which would cause the bridge to collapse. So what he did was he WROTE A LETTER TO THE THEN PM “Shri” At*l V**ar* Ba*p*yi(home u get it) narrating everything and requesting not to reveal his name!!! U KNOW WHAT HAPPENED ??? HE WAS MURDERED!!!!! WHO DID IT –NOT SOLVED. This is what u get when u want to work and help(public here). There are numerous instances!!!

      Here when u plan for a startup u have to take into account the bribes as ur capital too. and yeah there is NO ONE to complian about these malpractices!! and bro we are not bollywood heroes that we can fight ten men without even a knife when they come to kill you.

      And now u will say how did Japan and Germany succeed right?? ok tell me if this happens in these countries:
      >> minor girl gets raped and when her mther goes bersek at the police station due their inaction, she is THRASHED… JUST IMAGINE who is being thrashed (yahoo news)
      >>a barber takes money from a woman(yes they know each other) and when she asks for the money he hires goons to beat her up etc etc etc etc the list will not end.

      I am sorry for such a deviated comment but a system is too strong for a man to change unless there is an uprising like independence struggle but alas thats not feasible for everyone,especially if u want a job(LOL).


  11. Hi, Dear all
    1)Its all about our mentality what we think
    2) Like when someone not able to reach there .they said there is nothing, what the meaning to leave our parents who care for us brought up and we left them here for some extra bucks.. OR even its a big part of reality
    3)That mentality come from the place where and which situation we brought up , because it holds our leg.

    …………Personally we should not miss that chance . At least we can spend few years there then can come back again..

    1. I completly agree with you because the professor like people are self obsessed. They are frustated with their own life. There are so many reasons behind to worked in abroad and it varies according to people like for higher studies, quality research, good life, etc. second things which is always pinch the youngs of India is cheap politics and caste reservation. Atleast in abroad you earn good amount of money and good position if you worked hard but in India it doesn’t matter how potential you are? Only become an IITian, IIM is not a criteria for success. Even professor is also interested in making money instead of making good student. So the people who are not satisfied with own life they always criticize the others that why don’t think about such a fool person and do what do u want.

  12. I think the Professor is just frustrated with his son’s attitude/behaviour in not sharing his views. The youngsters in India are as patriotic as their elders. They go to US, not only for the money but for the quality of life. In India, unless you have a lot of money or power your life is made miserable even for the smallest of things. And not to forget the bullying by the authorities for each and every aspect of your needs.

  13. Hi All,

    In which country you will have less stress – Getting Married … having 2 children … educating them for 24 years and then taking care of yourself (retired life after age 60). Consider not calling your in-laws or your parents to avoid Day care center payment or asking your wife to start working at $55 per hour within 30 days of delivering a child!

  14. I completely agree with him. The demarkations between countries are all man-made. It doesn’t matter whether we work in USA or any other country and not in India. Where does the world unity goes?

  15. People like the professor are hypocrites. He talks about the deteriorating quality standard of Engineer but isn’t he responsible for it also as he is the professor. Probably he was much interested in his own company rather than his students.

    Also it is typical Indian mentality about if one leaves his parents and settle down abroad, he is labeled as someone who doesn’t care about his parents. It is not true, how many people back in India are treating their parents well,if that was the case then there would have been no old age homes in India. Aren’t our parents entitle to live with dignity. Just because we stay abroad doesn’t mean that we don’t know our priority. Tomorrow if required, I am sure responsible children will leave everything and be there for their parents.

    Also regarding our responsibility for our country, less said is better. Just out of curiosity, how many of the educated people staying back in India actually vote. Very few, that explains the reason for corrupt politicians ruling our country. Also people like the professor are there only for the purpose of exploitation. Pay less taxes to the government and poor salary to the employee. Wonder with good profits what kind of Corporate Social Responsibility activity has his company taken. I am sure none.

    To conclude I feel it is quality over quantity. In this era of globalization, it doesn’t matter whether it is India or aboard, if your priorities are set.

  16. Well well well.
    With full and due respect, the last line sums it all up, isn’t it?
    ”’P.S: The Professor’s son was actually working and settled some where in USA. So looks like he was showing all the frustrations that he had on his son, on me.”’

    Let’s face it. I am Indian, 26 Male. Got a B.Tech degree from India, worked in India for 1year. Took a risk to study in UK for MS [2010-11] when this country was not out of the recession yet. Like most of Indian youngsters going abroad for studies, I too had dreams of working abroad. Oh boy I am leaving in that dream for past 1 and half years now.

    Having worked both in India and UK IT industry, I would say few things from my experience.

    Sure, it’s £,$ than INR what we are earning. Sure we are having better quality of life. But what people like this professor [again, with all due respect] don’t get is

    1. We are paying high rate of tax too. So all the £,$ we are earning, we are paying taxes in £,$ as well. Not in INRs.
    2. We are leaving our beloved family behind. We are missing mom’s love, father’s guidance and sis-bro’s. Missing those golden moments when we hang out with friends.
    3. Most importantly to me, we are missing that corruption in India, and the rude behavior people do when they have any or some power.
    For example, I work in a field of IT which lacks people and are really in buzz these days. While I am happily employed by a large British multinational in London, an Indian company , say ‘W’ [did you get it?hope you do] contacted me over LinkedIn and said they have this XYZ role based in Bangalore and offering 1.5 million INR per year for it. They felt my profile is suitable for it, and asked for a completed application form and CV. I was interested, did all the paperwork, spent my 1 hr and sent it. Voila!! magic..it went like it went into a blackhole. After 1 week of no response, I sent an email about asking the status. Went into a blackhole with no reply. Sent another after 2 weeks. No reply and it’s after 2 months, no reply at all.

    In UK, if you apply for a cleaner role, you get a reply even if you’re rejected. You get a feedback why you were rejected say 50% of the time. And then my friends from engineering every day says the internal politics they face in these so called CMMI level 5 companies.

    Nope. I just wish I don’t have to go to India for working in these technology companies. I don’t wish to be an NRI bad mouthing Indians [which most of NRIs do] but again, sad but true.

  17. >> In India the STAMP called IIT works, the talent does not. My friend got into a new IIT , thanks to quota system and trust me he does not even know how to interface a relay to a micro controller, but now see he is in a premier electronics company blah blah!
    >>Secondly, who says that MONEY is the only thing for US-aspirations. Atleast for me its the satisfaction that you get acknowledged for your work.
    >>Next,the professor (I respect him though) does not pay much to his employees even though hid TURNOVER is high, WHY THE HELL DOES HE DO THAT and that is actually why we dont want to work here, MONEY is not always money its APPRECIATION also.

  18. Hi,

    I would very much support your views. The old man has been working for a 5 digit Indian salary for many years, but we work for a 5 digit USD salary, which is way better. He says he earns 10 times more than you and has a great company turnover, but dosent pay his employees properly. Why the hell he then says money is not important. He says work hard for many years, but he does not even pay his own employees well. He speaks about quality, but he is now the owner of a company and he keeps his mouth in front of a phone for hours. What values he speaks about? He cant even explain his values to his own son.
    Finally, its difficult to start a company, but its not that easy to graduate from US and work with a good salary.

  19. That guy was just of old mentality … May be his son is in US and is not able to visit him thats why he was so pissed off … And yes money is almost everything …

  20. Hi,
    I do not think you are making any mistake staying in USA. I wouldnt have answers to all question but I can definitely say this. It affects you if you aren’t from IIT or NIT. I’v had 3 years experience in Software field and trying for new job, all the major product companies send the job mails with this important tag line “Apply only if from IIT or NIT”. I am from one of the best colleges in my state and it sickens me, my marks and my degree is like useless.And in an Indian software services company they work you like a dog, so whether its USA or India , no matter work will be there. At least there you get a better quality of life. Bangalore – the silicon valley of India has a lot of issues, water, land , pollution, traffic. May be in 10 years we may see a difference, but as long as the dollar – rupee exchange rate stays high, enjoy life there, travel once a while. Cos NRI’s are always welcome in India 😉 like if you go to any bank NRI branch is always welcoming.
    My family is settled in Singapore and I can tell you they help the poor here more than my fellow software developers who are concerned about their house loans and car loans. If you need a decent house here, its starting at 50lakhs, if your willing to travel to outskirts of bangalore 30lakhs.

  21. Firstly, I would like to answer your questions and later I will let you know why I feel so.

    Are we doing something really bad, by not staying in India for work and working in USA? Yes
    Are we doing something wrong by getting education in US and ending up settling here ? Yes
    Can everyone become Entrepreneurs? Yes
    Is it true that… IITs have lost their premier status in terms of quality of education ? I will skip this because, I am not sure on this.
    Is it true that you don’t need to have a background of an IITian, IIM or IISc or any other premier education institutions to become so successful in life? Yes.

    Now, coming to the explanation part, I did my masters in a university in texas. It was a decent university and I came 2.5 yrs back.. After doing my Masters, I really wanted to go back to India and do something for my country. I feel its totally selfish of us, to work here only for money. I feel myself as a slave working in US, slave who is paid a loot of money to contribute his entire brain to the development of US. I feel when lakhs of people are dying in India due to poverty, and middle class people going to lower middle class, it wouldn’t be right for me to work in the US and later get an house in India and visit is once in few years, there by raising another persons land value. Since, I am from US, i could pay well enough and the land owners would eventually increase the price, because he finds few people who could afford it.

    I have been trying for job for sometime now and I didn’t get one.
    Well you could argue, just because, I didn’t get one, i am speaking the above. Well in reality, I always wanted to get back to India and I want to decrease the gap between poor and rich. Myself staying in US, couldn’t decrease the gap. Moreover, I feel satisfied working for myself and implementing my thoughts rather than implementing others(unless we have the same thinking)

    1. well… Everyone who moves to US like you feel’s same. Everyone thinks of coming back to INDIA after working there for few years. But many won’t turn-up , because they are habituated for that life style..

    2. You are talking about a noble cause to decrease gap between poor and rich. You said that you can’t do that if you live in US, but how are you going to do that by living in India? Also us said you don’t want to be slave of US (i.e development of US) but dude in India every another person is working for MNC which is indirectly developing another country. Also we are paying taxes for development of India which obviously is going in ****** pockets what else do want to do for development??
      Why you went to US for further studies when you could learn same over here? Is your knowledge going to be applicable in India? Will you be valued? Is you knowledge acquired from US for developement of India.
      I feel totally helpless while working in INDIA where I get low wage(since I dont have IIT/NIT tag) and barely could have a good life.
      Sortout yourself dude!

    3. Emotions like patriotism, poor people suffering and other things like we would develop a working governing system in India, will let you no where to go forward in life. Here I am working as an Engineer since 4 years and still striving for promotion as “Line Manager” however I got another promotion. In due course people 2 years juniors than me became 2 years senior to me in “Line Manager”. Also here gender biasing is another disastrous thing. Here I am observing that if you are willing to play cheap politics like take credits for other’s jobs, flirting with your section heads, do your boss’s home work etc, only after that you will be promoted in outstanding case, otherwise you will go lower than below normal. I am sure, these situations will let you no where to go forward in your life. Here your talent does not have any meaning until and unless you have a corrupt mind. These situations are suffocating me. I think, if you have to achieve something better in life, then surely you have to pay it’s price. Whether this price is paid by “converting yourself into well corrupt brain and sell your soul” or “by leaving your family to go to abroad”.

  22. I think that you have to make your own way in life. While I do think that owning your own business is a great goal, you have to get the business experience for a lot of things in the meantime, and why not do it where you’d rather be?

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