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Can an Average Student Apply at US Universities?

How is it to select and apply at U.S. universities with an average student’s profile?


I’m taking engineering in electronics, I’m in my 3rd year. I’m planning to take my GRE exam. Can you tell me the procedure, pattern, and colleges I can apply at? I consider myself as an average student.

Average Student

I’m not sure how do you define what an average student is, but for example let’s assume this as the profile of an average student:

  • Academics – 60% to 70% (where class topper is 85% and above)
  • GRE – 900 to 1,100
  • TOEFL – 79 to 80
  • Projects – Nothing extra than those covered in course requirements

Guide and Articles

  • Refer to articles in the GRE Page. That will help you to prepare for a GRE test. Improving your GRE score is very much possible, that is, if you spend a lot of time taking practice tests. It doesn’t matter if you are an average student; if you work hard, you can improve your score for sure.
  • Read some of the Frequently Asked Questions about US Graduate School Admission. That will help you understand how to select schools and get acquainted with the process.
  • Universities List

Note: If you spend more than 30 minutes studying the articles here at HSB, you can get to know about so many details. There are more than 400 articles related to US admissions and universities.

Don’t worry about being an average student. Have positive thoughts and see how much hard work you can put in during you GRE preparation.

If you think you are going to score less than 1,200, that’s the score you can get. Think big and think positive.

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  2. Hi,

    I am finding happyschoolsblog very interesting and informative.

    I am pursuing my M.Tech in CSE which will be completed in 2009.

    I feel that it was not worth while studying M.Tech here in a mediocre university and I am now very much keen on getting a M S degree from USA.

    1. What do you think about me getting an admission in US University despite of me having a Master degree from India?

    2. I see in lots of University websites about MS in Computer Science? How do I find what are the other different majors the school offers ? Usually, I look in CS departments for different majors, but most of them have MS in CS ?

    3. Do you think getting scholarship in India during M.Tech study and having one year internship experience, M.Tech average of 67% and with good GRE will help me get some sort of financial AID.

    4. What aggregate do US Universities consider ? As in my degree certificate of B.E it mentions about class considering only 5th to 8th sem (which makes my % less compared to 8 sems average) or will they consider all 8 semester aggregate? or the degree % and class mentioned in degree certificate is final?

  3. i got very less marks in both toefl and gre i.e in toefl 61 and in gre 710 .Is their any possibility for any university accepting it, and iam btech student with 62% can i apply for any university for M.S if so any university please mention those university

    1. U suck dude…..dont apply…u will not get admit in LOVELY UNIVERSITY in west punjab ……please dont apply..u r a disgrace

  4. hi, i'll be taking GRE exam in mid-october. Is it the appropriate time for the admission in the fall semester 2010?

    1. I suggest you to do it a bit before, You will have a better time to think about the universities. I took a long time for that so i suggested u. Don't completely take this idea for granted.

  5. This is Abhi here.I have gud toefl score(90).Gre score is avg(640 quant n 300 in verbal).I have backlogs(24).I writing gre again to get 1000+.Will gre n toefl help me to get visa

  6. i want to get admitted in one of the top pharmacy colleges in us.how much gre n toufl score should i gain?can i get admitted through ielts?

  7. I jus gave my gre and got a score of 1180( 480 verbal and 700 quant). I plan to do a phD in micro through interdisiplinary program.what are the chances of me getting into a good university with schorlarship?? I have an aggregate of 76.3% presently and my Toefl score is 85 in iBT Due to recession where not much funding is being accounted for the research works how competitive will be to get admission?

  8. Respected sir,

    I jus gave my gre and got a score of 1310( 560 verbal and 750 quant). I plan to do MS in genetics and plan to do a phD later….what are the chances of me getting into a good university with schorlarship?? I have an aggregate of 74.3% presently..n I am yet to give my Toefl…Also is it advisable to take up an integrated MS+phD course at this time?(in view of recession where not much funding is being accounted for the research works)?

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