How to Optimize Linkedin Profile with Karalyn Brown (Video)

Have you ever wondered how to optimize LinkedIn profile or do you have a LinkedIn Profile which is sitting ideal, not active and probably only connections you have are you  close friends? Maybe, you login in once in a while,when you get connection requests?

Or maybe you want to improve your profile and add more powerful connection, but not sure how to get started?

Well, that’s exactly what we are going to talk about in this interview with Karalyn Brown – Founder at InterviewIQ Former HR and recruitment consultant and careers journalist. She is the most connected Australian woman on LinkedIn and has pioneered the use of social media to help people find jobs Karalyn has featured on Sky News in The Daily Telegraph, The Age,  Anthill Online,Voyeur Magazine, and Latte Magazine. She has also co-authored a book: “What do employers really want?” and regularly talks jobs and how to find one on ABC radio with Tony Delroy.

Watch the Full Program Here

Summary : How to Optimize Linked Profile

Here is a quick overview about the tips we discussed about optimizing your Linkedin Profile for students.

  • Head Shot Photo Specification
  • Name and Short Summary
  • Activity to attract connections
  • Importance of Recommendations
  • How to strategically use Keywords (not stuffing)
  • How to get sent introduction request.
  • How not to send connection requests
  • How to Building Connections who can help
  • How to add connections and start building your network
  • How to establish your presence via LinkedIn Groups
  • What kind of contents to share on your Status updates in LinkedIn Profile.
  • Job Interview Tips
  • Mistakes to avoid during the job interviews

LinkedIn Optimization Check

Now go look at your LinkedIn profile and see if you its optimized enough to be found in the search results.

Try searching your name in Google and see how your LinkedIn profile look for public view.

Action Item

Share the link to the the blog post with your LinkedIn connections by updating your status. That’s one way to get started with LinkedIn right?

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  1. Thank you very much for the info. We usually get overwhelmed by the Do’s and Dont’s, but this is the most amazing and informative video.


  2. Great video !!
    There were some elements missing in my LinkedIn Profile, and now I’ll surely improve upon it !!

    Thanks Raghu ..

  3. Hi Raghu,

    This is the best video to understand how recruiters think about the profiles we have in Linkedin.Great job

    Keep it up!!

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