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How to Name Your Resume and Impress Hiring Manager

If you think name of the resume file doesn’t matter, think again.

Always remember with resume – first impression counts. First things hiring manager look at is your resume. Utilize that opportunity to create an impressions.

Resume File Name

Lets look at few resume file names that I have received in the past (without file format extensions like .doc, .pdf and .docx).

Pay close attention to file names (small and large caps count)

  • Firstname Lastname.doc
  • Mechanical
  • firstname
  • Firstname
  • Resume_firstname
  • Resume_Firstname
  • Resume_Shortname (short form of first name)
  • Resume_firstname_lastname
  • firstname_tech(2)
  • FirstnameResume
  • Spring2010Resume-c
  • Resume_v3
  • Resume 2010
  • Resume_2009
  • Firstname Lastname_Intern
  • resume_Firstname_lastname_companyname

Above list can be extended to another 200 entries.  Lets explore few names used in the resume and explain what it speaks about the person.

  • Resume2010, Spring2010Resume-c – Don’t use this when you are in 2011. This shows your resume is outdated.
  • Resume_v3 –  – Does hiring manager need to know this is your 3rd version of your?

How to Name Resume File

Here are few tips to name your resume file

  • Show you are unique, it helps to create an impression.
  • Make it easy for someone to save the file without renaming it
  • Try to use .doc instead of .docx (not everyone would be using latest MS Word)
  • If your name is lengthy, then create an easy to remember short first name.

If you name is lengthy, while in USA, its good idea to create a short form of your name. That’s something you can use to name your resume file.

Try to avoid following 6 mistakes that can kill your resume. Always remember that resume is an evolving document and customize your resume for each job you apply. There is no one  size fits all resume.

Sample Resume File Names

  • Resume_Firstname_IT_Intern_Apple.doc
  • Resume_Firstname_Talented_Software_Engineer
  • Resume_Firstname_Masters_Fall2010

Over To you

What is the name of your resume file  and how do you plan to change it after reading above tips.

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  1. which kind of title give to my resume……..
    I’m a softwr engr. passout in 2012 from I.T. branch. my full name is MOHAMMAD ASIF

  2. When the stuff that is in resume should stand for you in impressing the employer, do the name of resume file really matter to be unique. I highly doubt that. If every employer expects uniqueness in such things I'm sure he would not make a good employer. Sorry if I'm against someone, I'm just posting my opinion.

    1. 1) When applying for jobs, you have to to look professional.
      2) Lets say you have Masters Degree in STEM field and your resume name looks resume_v3.doc shoes you don't pay much attention to detail.

      From employers and hiring managers perspective, if I receive such a resume, my expectations are bit lower even before opening the resume. That coupled with copied format and contents, typos, missing information means resume going to trash can.

  3. hello HSB,

    my resume filename is resume_lastname.pdf/doc. will the capitalization of the first letters matter?

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