Minimum Requirements for Master’s Degree Admission?

If you are planning to apply for colleges and universities in the U.S., there are few things you have to understand:

  • The US education system is different than the system followed in India
  • There are so many universities and colleges and every school is unique
  • The application process at U.S. universities is not the same as the college admission process in India or in other countries.

The following comment very well suggests that this person is just starting to look into the US University admission process.

Can you tell me the minimum requirements for an MS in molecular pharmacology program, with funding?
What is the required academic percentage?
GRE, TOEFL, etc. scores?
Type of recommendation letters?

Minimum Requirements

Every school has its own set of requirements. There are U.S. universities that accept students with very low or no GRE scores, while others require scores above 1,400.

So stop looking for the general GRE cutoff score requirements and start learning how universities accept international students.

If you believe that all U.S. colleges and universities have an average GRE cutoff score, well you are very wrong.

Each school may or may not disclose their minimum GRE score required for admission. The same condition applies to academic percentage, GMAT score, etc.

Some universities have minimum TOEFL scores required for admission. If you don’t have the minimum TOEFL Score, you may still get conditional admission.

If one’s academic percentage is less that 60%, almost everyone believe that they cannot get into a good school. But what’s actually correct is that you only have to compare yourself with top ranked students in your batch.

For instance, if the top ranked student in your class has 65%, then your 60% is not a low academic percentage. The above pattern applies to all the departments, programs and majors, not just for pharmacology.

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  1. Hello sir,

    Looking for MS in CS
    I scored 301 in GRE and IELTS is 7 band.
    Academics is 58% and software development experience of 5+ years.
    Is there any chance in northeastern university, ASU and stony BROOK? If not, what are the other options available?

  2. Hi
    I am 65% in bachelor’s
    And if I get 280-290 between Gre score
    And having 2 interships and 1 research program
    Can i get an admission for masters in USA with funding?

  3. Hi,

    My BTech marks are 58% or 6.56 CGPA.
    I am having an experience of 3.5 years as a full stack software developer.
    Will I get an admission for MS in Computers Science in USA/Canada.
    If so, please let me know and the scores required in GRE and IELTS/TOEFL.

    1. You can get admission for GRE of 280 or 300 or 320. More the better choice of schools that you can study.

  4. i have a cgpa of 8.25 (which counts up to 75%) in my undergraduate academic performance in electronics and communications engineering degree. Will i get in to top 15 colleges abroad for doing my MS if I have a decent GRE score (300+)??

  5. I’m having 44.16% marks in bsc non medical from Punjabi university Pataila and having 4years gap. Can I get us student visa

  6. I am nepali student student, i have 45% in +2 , 48% in bachlor . can i apply to U.S study in geology or earth science in master

  7. hi,
    I have 55% in 12th education. I have experience in IT Industry. is it possible to join ms education.

  8. Hello… I have scored 55%in b. Sc non medical…. Can i get admission in m. Sc mathematics in new york america?

  9. Can i get into an MBA college of any country with 80% marks in 12th only 50% above marks in my ug course and without any work experience?
    Do i have to give any competitive exams like GRE GMAT TOEFL IELTS to get into an MBA college..If yes then ..How much do i have to score in all these exams?
    Reply ASAP.

  10. Hello,

    I have 64% in school, 56% in Pre-University and CGPA is 5.68 in BE Electrical.

    Will I be able to do my MS program in good universities in US???

    Kindly reply

  11. Hello Sir,
    I have completed B.Sc in EEE with CGPA of 3.7/4, GRE: 286 and TOEFL: 67. Is this acceptable for applying in Universities of USA for Masters in EEE? Please recommend some universities.

  12. Is the classification of degree( first or second) be a problem if I have a good cgpa( above 7.5) for applying MS in US?

  13. Hello,

    I have 78% in school, 56% in Pre-University and 62% in BE in IT.

    Will I be able to do my MS program in good universities in US???

    Kindly reply

  14. Sir,
    I have only 47% marks in Now I am doing MBA final year can I apply for the Newzealand university?
    Is this acceptable in Newzealand below 50% marks ?

  15. Hello Sir,
    I am a Btech 3rd year CSE student from YMCAUST,Faridabad. I have a low CGPA of around 6.0/10 constantly in every semester(till 4th semester) with 6 backlogs upto date(4 cleared).I will try to improve my grades in the upcoming semester but in the end I would be able to make upto 7.0/10 only. I wasn’t even involved in any of the projects and interships(which I am planning to do in next vacations). I am interested and also good at web development and have done a course in it. I haven’t yet started studying for GRE and TOEFL. But can I aim for the top universities for MS in US or which universities can I aim with such a poor profile? How much score(GRE and TOEFL) do top universities recquire?And how would I get a good LOR if I am not good in acedemics and not been involved in any projects. And regarding extra curriculars I am good at sketching so I help my club every year during fest. Nothing more than dat.What more should I do to improve my profile? I will really work hard this time and won’t loose confidence,Please help me out and be precise.

  16. I have completed bsc with 49 percent marks in physics and chemistry and completed my mba from symbiosis in operation management with 70%. I got 7 band in ielts. Is it possible to get admission in ms management information system. In any good university on this academics.if yes then please suggest me some universities where i can apply in usa

  17. Hi my name is srilakshmi gre284 ielts 6 could u pls give me some best universities for chemical engg masters program

  18. I got ielts 5 and gre 282 sir my btech in EEE with 60%.2015 passed out. Am planning for summer intake 2016 please for ms in EE .plse suggest me universities accepts full and conditional admissions.

  19. I have a B.Sc in microbiology with a G.P.A of 1.82 from a university in Nigeria. I am preparing IELTS and GRE examination.If I get good scores in GRE and IELTS, can I apply for a Masters programme in the USA.?
    And what other exams wilI i have to write to be able enroll

  20. Hi, I’ve got 3.14 GPA in undergrad (Bachelor in Information Management), 7 overall in IELTS and 293 in GRE (verbal- 148, quant- 145, AWA- 3.5). I am looking to pursue MS computer science or Management Information Systems. It is clear that my GRE score is pretty low and I was considering to retake the GRE once but it is costing me time, I want to begin the application for universities as soon as possible. Are there intakes for summer and should I proceed the application with these scores? Please help me on this.
    Thank you.

      1. I have 59% in, GRE: 306 (V-147, Q – 159), TOEFL: 92. My btech department is Electrical & Electronics Engineering. I want to do M.S in Computer Science. Suggest me some colleges please? Can I get San Jose University, California?

        1. Did u get any admission into M.S in Computer Science? I mean were u able to switch your domain after UG in EEE towards CS in M.S?

  21. I have B.A completed.I haven’t got good percentage. I am preparing IELTS and GRE examination.If I get good scores in GRE and IELTS, can I apply Master of science in USA.?

  22. I have completed graduated in B.A with 35% and school completed 42%.
    I want to go USA for Master degree.
    How much need gre or Ielts scores?.I want to know.

  23. i had lots of 12 back in academic but now i have cleared….i have 56% in…is it possible to do MS in us??if yes what may be d score should i get in GRE?

  24. I m frm bangladesh.I have complited my bba with cgpa 3 out of 4.and ielts 6 R-5,w-5.5 ,L-6and S gre or gmat….now i wanna get admission Ms to usa …is it possible

      1. Dear sir,I have very low academics 56% in btech and having backlogs.. will the good score in ielts nd gre help me to get admission in us universities…plzz reply

  25. iam a Mechanical Engineering student…and I have scored 6.4 cgpa …iam I eligible for studying MS in US…..???

  26. I am a student in industrial and production engineering from Bangladesh. My CGPA is 2.7. For this low cgpa can u suggest any us universities for masters.
    Thanks for helping….

  27. HI


  28. Dear Sir,

    I have completed my 4 year of diploma study & currently I am enrolled with B.E. part time program in which i have completed 2 years of study… A few days ago I came to know that the minimum criteria for selection in masters program in USA is 16 years of study.. i.e. 10 + 6 years of study…. Do you know something about it ? If you know please give me some detailed specification for the same………

  29. Hi,
    I am a working professional and i completed my bachelors through correspondence program from JNTU hyderabad. Am i eligible for masters in US.
    please help me .


  30. I’ve completed my graduation with CGPA 2.5 and my IELTS score is 6.o.
    Am i eligibleble for admission in masters????

    1. Hi
      I’m Sonam Pelki and I am from Bhutan.
      I am done with my 12 examination last year 2014 and I got 60%
      Can I get any collage scholarship with this percentage?

  31. i had got 287 in gre and 6.5 in ielts can i get good colleges and would there be any problem for vissa and my academic percntage is 74% and if possible can u suggest me some colleges

  32. i m studying b.e(mechanical engg.) i have want to know the minimum percentage required for studying ms in us ….and have came know thats khans are not allowed to study in us ……is there any such kind of regulations ?

    1. Hi Rizwan, There is nothing like a minimum undergraduate percentage you need to study in USA. US Universities consider many credentials simultaneously before offering admission. But yes as per Indian education system if you aggregate has been above 60%, you will not find much issue at the time of admissions.
      Also there is nothing like students belonging to a particular cast o religion are not admitted. Have faith in the admissions process. Each applicant gets a fair chance to get admitted to a desired University.

      All the Best!

    1. Prospective graduate students who wish to pursue Masters in the US are expected to have gone through a four your degree program such as BE, BTech, BS etc. As you will be getting a three year degree (and not a four year one), you will likely need to go for an M.Sc. back home in India before you are eligible to apply for a Masters program in the US.

      1. Hi Mr. Amar , I have a low CPI of 5.99 and my GRE and IELTS scores were 306 and 7. Am I likely to get an admit to any good US universities ??

      2. Can any one please let me know that can I take admission in MS electrical engineering in US or Australia or canada after Btech hons degree. If anyone have contact details of any accredited institute then kindly share.

    1. A lot many things, in addition to your gpa/grade/%age in degree, are considered when a university here considers a prospective graduate student’s application. Such as your GRE and TOEFL scores, your resume’ – including experience, the SOP that you put together and the recommendations that you get.

      By ‘second class’ I assume you mean <60%. If that is the case, you will have a hard time convincing the 'graduate school' of the university that you apply to. But, if your performance in GRE and TOEFL is stellar and your resume' proves you are a catch, then may be you can make a case for admission inspite of your less than grand performance in your undergrad.

      You will also have to be really smart about the schools that you chose to apply to.

  33. i’m pursuing my B.E in electronics and communiation…im in my second year of….may i know what all i should study to do my MS in US..????

    1. For admissions in USA, you will be taking up GRE and TOEFL tests while in fourth year of your undergard program. As of now maintain a good academic standing and complete your projects with due diligence. This will help in admissions process.

    2. You are certainly in the right place. But, I’d suggest you explore this forum – the HSB blog, a bit more on your own before asking such as open ended question.

      If you still have questions after that, we are here to answer those.

      All the best.

  34. i am pursuing my B.E. in electronics&commn.. in banglore, karnataka… i have a doubt that can i do masters in automobile design or in gaming in foriegn countries

  35. I have a cgpa of 7.337/10 along with a GRE of 320/340 ( Quant- 170 , Verbal – 150 ) & My A.W is 5.0 .
    I have 2 Research journals and many projects under my name. I am a Sun certified Java programmer(SCJP) having 2 years of work experience in a software major.

    Please suggest the names of some universities where I can get a SCHOLARSHIP( FELLOWSHIP/TA/RA/FEE WAIVER) and a campus job along with ADMISSION.

    I really need some good FUNDING & a campus job ‘cos I am not in a position of spending more than $25000 on my Masters.

    Please help !!

    1. Kanika,

      You will have to do some “legwork” on your own when it comes to finding and subsequently choosing universities and programs that suit your requirements and that you wish to apply to. But you can use various ‘US University Ranking Guides’ that are available out there.

      Visit a few universities’ and program’s websites to familiarize yourself with what sort of work is going on in the field of your interest. The more you research, the more aware you will become of your options. Your choice of school and program will slowly begin to crystallize as well.

      Before doing all that you will need to answer a couple of important questions for yourself:
      1. What do I wish to do? MS in what – CSE, CS, Information Sciences … what?
      2. What sort of work I want to do once here? What do I want to specialize in?

      You said that you are not in a position to spend >$25K on your Masters. I’d go so far to say that that amount should be more than sufficient for at least the first two long semesters of your Masters … may be even three semesters. Even if you don’t get “funding” i.e. RA/TA-ship before coming over here, once you have spent a semester semester-and-a-half here, you will know of ways to get some sort of support for the rest of your Masters.

      In other words, focus on choosing a school and a program first. From what you’ve mentioned about your profile, your worry about the cost of it all is almost secondary.

      All the best.

  36. hii….i cmpltd my btech biotech in dis year agrgate score interested in ms genetics in usa..plz suggest me .those course unversties tell me?

  37. i completed my B.E with 6.0 cgpa. But i have a good score on gre. will i able to get my expected universities. Will my cgpa affects the grade of university im getting

    1. yes , your cgpa will effect both your admissions and your scholarships , you might get admission in some 100-200th ranked university but your scholarship chances will be extremely dull

  38. I graduated wit a third class from a nigerian university what are the requirement to proceed for a masters degree in the usa

  39. i am a bangladshi i am in final year of in textile engineering from a private dream to in U.s.a.can you tell me how can i get chance to admission any University of U.s.a or university list to admission.

  40. I have completed my B.Tech with a CGPA of 6.8. so can i apply for MS in US? and if yes then am i eligible for the good universities or will i have to do with the average ones?? and please suggest some universities that will be best for me.

    1. City university of new york
      University of Nevada
      University of Florida
      university of kansas…..and many more universities …these universities are low cost universities and affordable…

  41. i did my MCA in IGNOU in India. I am interested to do MS in computer science in USA. Is my IGNOU degree eligible for admission in US universities?

  42. my 10th, inter nd btec % are 84,82 nd 58 am planing to do ms in us..what is the minimum gre nd tofel score to get into good universities and i want to know the fee structures..
    am also willing to do ms in australia..what is the minimum ielts score for good universites depending my percentages mentioned above..i do also want to know the fee structure..
    i need your help by replying me by providing the details..

  43. I am in Indian student doing in BOTANY from under CALCUTTA UNIVERSITY my marks percentage in tenth boards is 80% with 90% in science group,I have studied pure science with physics,chemistry,maths and biology and have got 65% marks in aggregate with 80% in both ENGLISH and BIOLOGY.Am I eligible to apply for an M.SC degree in AMERICA with 75% marks in can provide recommendation letters and a bright background of extra curricular activities.What is the fee structure if I want to study in GENETICS/BIO TECHNOLOGY?MOLECULAR BIOLOGY/PLANT CYTOLOGY?

  44. m a engg my acedamic percentage is less in degree as well as in 10th … what should i do to get admission in good colleges of USA .. how much GRE score or toelf score can serve the purpose…
    does job also plays a role in admissions ???

  45. I am from Nigeria and want to do my masters in USA in agriculture. Please can some one tell me the Universities that offer agricultural courses in USA and their entry requirements Thanks

  46. I have fininished MBA student from Bangladesh. How can I can apply for Master in business adminitradion in US? What are the minimum requirements for Master in business adminitradion in US?
    Can any one please reply to my question.

  47. Pls does any one knows universities in USA that accepts a 3rd class degree, for M.Sc . Thanks in anticipation

  48. I am a BSc student from India. Can a BSc student from India apply for MS in US? What are the minimum requirements for MS in US?

    Can any one please reply to my question.

  49. I am a BSc student from India. Can a BSc student from India apply for MS in US? What are the minimum requirements for MS in US?

    Can any one please reply to my question.

    Thanks in advance.

  50. I am a BSc student from India. Can a BSc student from apply for MS in US? What are the minimum requirements for MS in US?

    Can any one please reply to my question.

    Thanks in advance.

  51. i am a 3rd year BE aeronautical engineering student.i hav got 10 back papers at the moment but i hav got a dream to do MS in aeronautics in the united what should i do now in order to get into a gud university from here! can i make it through GRE and TOEFEL and makeup for my poor academic performance???

  52. i did my dairy from ndri.i got 1400 in gre.toefl score awaited.i want to pursue ms in food biotechnology or food microbiology..plzz gimme a list of gud colleges in us having this course and in which colleges i can expect full graduation cgpa is 7.7

  53. hi

    i completed my bsc biotech in i m in usa,is there any possiblity to continue my higher studies in california?

  54. dear sir, this is neelam from rajasthan, india….and i m looking for M.S. program in computer science, but the only problem is i m not a B.Tech student, i m a B.Sc student…..will i ug course affect my admission

  55. hi,
    i have completed my BBA with 41% and then completed my MCA with 55%.I want to do one year diploma course in programming language.I m plannning to give GRE and TOEFL by November.Am I eligible to study in the US.please kindly reply in this regard.

  56. hai….iam Nithin….trying to get admission in US universities…i have scored 930 in GRE… 79%….)….can i get admission in US universities and i which university …please kindly reply

  57. sir, i am studying 3rd year b-tech in ECE stream after complrting my b-tech i want to do ms in london plz give me the requirements and suggestions for me about any tests,universities,tests etc.

  58. i had lots of back in academic but now i have cleared….i have 56% in B E…is it possible to do MS in us??if yes what may be d score should i get in gre??

  59. dear sir, I have an undergraduate cgpa of 6.67/10 from nit silchar and a gre score of 1200(v.520, Q750,AW.3), will i be able to get into a good university for my phd(electrical engineering). i have a work exp of 6 months in a manufacturing firm and I have been teaching in nit since the last 6 months. please advise.

  60. I have completed Bsc engg cgpa 2.70 and gre score 1210 am i eligible to do Ms and scholership in usa university?

  61. hi, am Gayatri, i staying in minneapolis, MN with my husband. I am searching for jobs.even though am having 4years of exp as it is recession time am not able to find a job. so i thought of doing MS in electrical engg.i have got just 50% in my Bachelor in EEE. i wanted to know am i eligible to study MS in electrical engg in US universities or community colleges in minneapolis, MN. i will be giving GRE in how much score i should score to get an admission in University or community colleges as i dont have a good percentage in btech.Please kindly reply….the minimum requirements for MS.

  62. I am planning to study MS In USA but my toefl score is very low ist only 75..Now what do i do? will i get admission in top universities with such a low score?

  63. i have complted my BSC in computer science with 60% marks.what is the total procedure to get into UK universities.???

  64. Hiiii….. I am Mehul Patel and planning to do MS in USA. So just wanted to the list of college which prefer admission without GRE or TOFEL… Plzzz hlp me out of these ane rply me as soon as possible….

  65. i’ll complete my in electronic & communication in july 2010. i want join a master degree in this field and my cgpa is 5.30 so,can i join a program based on this cpga?

  66. please i have finished a BSc degree in ICT and want to do ma MSc in Computer Systems and Information Security in the US.Am planning to write the GRE exam this year in order to aid me get a scholarship for my masters degree.please advice me

  67. I want to take the whole exam by october Please send to me the sample of the examination befor September.

  68. hi…….m name is Madan .. i hv got just 49% in 2nd puc and m doing my final year BCA now and my aggregate is around 75% and i my planning to do MBA in uk & my clarification is that since i have got less % in 2nd puc ..will that affect me to get into good university in uk regardless of my TOEFLE marks…….if any one could help me in this it would be very helpfull

  69. Hi , Iam a Bcom graduate and have finished my MBA program in april09. I wish to goahead wd MS Industrial engg wd logistics/scm . wanted to know if my educational background is suitable for the course i want to do(i mean do univs in Us accept Bcom students for the course i mentioned above ?) I'll be giving my gre in oct 09. please do help n suggest if i need anyother prerequisites for d course.

  70. hi, i'll be taking GRE exam in mid-october. Is it the appropriate time for the admission in the fall semester 2010?

  71. i have a low gre score of 860 and i looking for MIS score…do u think i can get into a decent university?

  72. hey thid is krishna i just wanna know that can i apply for US universities with only toefl score to get in good universities over there and will that affect me in anyway in getting visa please help me know this……….

  73. hai….iam bhanu….trying to get admission in US universities…i have scored 1050 in GRE…79 in 76%….i applied for 2 texas universities ( corpus christi, north texas )….in march….i came to know that i had low TOEFL score…..can i get CONDITIONAL I20….. if so at what time do i get .I have not informed with any informaton regarding this…please kindly reply

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