Q&A with Dr.John Talburt – University of Arkansas, Little Rock

Q&A session with Dr.John Talburt – Chair of Information Quality at University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

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After we published information the article University Vs Program – The Most Intelligent Decision I Made, I reached out to Dr.Talburt to provide additional information about the New Masters in Information Quality program.

Here are the answers for the questions that give additional insight about the Information Quality degree program.

1) What was the reasoning behind creating this new Graduate Program in Information Quality?

Inspiration of Dr. Rich Wang at MIT.  MIT has professional training program in IQ but not graduate program.  He wanted to see one started in US, also my former employer Acxiom Corp was willing to help support program startup.

2) What advise would you give to students applying to this program to make their application stronger?

Students need to show balance between technical skills and soft skills.

There is more paper writing than program writing in our program.  In our experience, students with very low GRE verbal and analytical writing skills have not done well.

Professional experience is also a big plus for our program.

3) Computer science students are used to programming based projects.  What kind of projects do students work as part coursework. How much of the course work is based on programming?

Less than 50% of our program is technical.

On the other had student must complete either a project or a thesis to finish the program.  Students with good programming skills are have an advantage in finding project a project sponsor.

4) Can students from different Engineering background apply for this program. If they don’t have required courses, would they be considered for admission.

IQ is inter-disciplinary, we accept student from all backgrounds provided they have some course work or work experience with statistics, programming, and database systems.

5) Since this program is new, International students might be bit hesitant to apply for a program without knowing the career opportunities. What kind of companies hire IQ students and what would be their job role?

So far employment for our graduates has not been a problem.

All of our MS graduates have either found a job or gone on to more graduate studies.  They are often hired as data quality analysts or just data analysts.

Recent graduates have been hired by McKesson in Dallas, CitiGroup in Boston, Kohl’s Dept Stores in Atlanta, also many local companies such as Acxiom Corp, HP, Arkansas Dept of Info Services, Ark Dept of Education, and others.

Do you have any more questions for Dr.Talburt?