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Pharmacy Degree Programs in US [ PharmD vs PhD vs MS]

Generally speaking students are bit fuzzy about Graduate Programs offered in US in the field of Pharmacy.

This article will give you an overview of pharmacy  degree programs offered in US Universities.

Pharmacy Degrees in US

Following degrees options are available in US

  • PharmD – The doctor of pharmacy is for those who want to become a pharmacist. The PharmD is a professional degree similar to the doctor of medicine (MD) for physicians or a doctor of dental surgery (DDS) for dentists.
    • 2 years of Pre-requesite courses and 4 years to complete PharmD
    • Complete Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT).
    • Must take licensure exam to be a Pharmasist
  • PhD in Pharmacy – The PhD in pharmaceutical sciences program prepares tomorrow’s scientists for basic or clinical research. Our PhD program has four multidisciplinary concentrations that reflect our collaborative approach to science.
  • MS in Pharmacy – master of science in health system pharmacy, which prepares pharmacists for leadership positions in health care.
  • Residency Program – Pharmacy Residency is education a pharmacist can pursue beyond a PharmD.

PharmD Dual Degree Programs

  • PharmD/PhD
  • PharmD/MS
  • Doctor of Pharmacy/Master of Public Health
  • PharmD/JD
  • PharmD/MBA


  • PharmD is a 4 year professional degree. If you are looking to get a job as Pharmacist after completing the degree and license exams.
  • You can work in retail pharmacy stores, hospital pharmacy, specialist pharmacy settings.
  • Admission to PharmD requires basic courses related to science.
  • PCAT is usually required.
  • Even if you have completed Bachelors degree, PharmD will take 4 years to complete.

PhD in Pharmacy

  • If you plan to work  in research scientist in pharmacy or like to teach then go for PhD.
  • Schools offer Pharmd and PhD Dual degree option.
  • GRE is required for admission.

Graduate Degrees in Pharmacy

For following are Masters program available in the filed of Pharmacy, you will be required to take GRE, TOEFL exams.

  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Neuroscience
  • Pharmacology and Toxicology [ 30 Universities for Masters in Pharmacology]
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Pharmacy Administration
  • Nuclear Pharmacy
  • Pharmacodynamics
  • Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy
    • Forensic Science Programs
    • Forensic Toxicology
    • Forensic Drug Chemistry MS
    • Forensic DNA & Serology MS
    • Forensic Science MS

Pharmacist are paid well in USA. If you have background in Pharmacy, you should consider completing Graduate degree, license from USA.

Entry level salary for Pharmacist is around 80,000 per year. You don’t get that kind of salary in any other fields (maybe Doctor, nursing, attorney)

Jobs for Pharmacists

After you complete graduate degree in pharmacy, you can apply for following jobs

  • Clinical Pharmacist
  • Pharmacist
  • Pharmacist in Charge
  • Hospital Staff Pharmacist
  • Hospital Pharmacy Director
  • Retail Staff Pharmacist

Companies like CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid pharmacy hire and sponsor H1B Visa.

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  1. Sir,
    i have a degree in pharmacy,and opted for pharm D,instead of M.Pharm. and if through NAPLEX, are you sure to get a job abroad? im really worried about the further scope,as PharmD scope is not that prevalent in India

  2. hello sir, i need to know where can i apply for MS/ mphil/ phD after my pharm d degree on scholarship basis.. ????

  3. hello sir, i need to know where can i apply for MS/ mphil/ phD after my pharm d degree on scholarship basis..

  4. I would like to get a pharmacy degree, but would also like to go abroad to get it. If I get a M.Sc. in Pharmacy in Europe would the be equivalent to a PharmD in the US?

  5. dear sir,
    is there any entrance for pharm.d in india.????is it a tough course???is it better to do pharm.d than b.pharm.??

  6. Hi,
    I am a b.pharm graduate.In couple of days am a moving to U.S.I have done certfication courses in clinical research and clinical data management.I want to do job there.As a fresher can i get job there.Are there any clinical satffing solutions to provide jobs for freshers.Please give some guidance.

  7. gud day sir,
    sir am doing ma 1st yr pharm d nw . i wan to know the scope of tis course in India and in abrd and also abt the future of tis course in India aftr 6 yrs… whether i hav to do 2 or 3 yrs more if i got to abrd? wil they acpt the pharm d completed in India?
    PLS RPLY……

  8. gud day sir,
    sir iam doing ma 1st yr pharm d nw. i wan to know abt the scope of pharm d in India and in abrd and the future of pharm d in India aftr 6 yrs. do i hav to do 2 or 3 yrs if iam getting to abrd? do they acpt pharmd dat hav been completed in India?
    PLS RPLY….

  9. hi
    i have B.sC in pharmacy from egypt and i want to prerpare pharma D in clinical pharmacology,, what is the conditions for admission ? and what is the college that will accept me?

    1. i have a bsc in pharmacy from egypt too and i want to prepare Ph.D in pharmacetical science
      i want to know which school is easier to accept me ??

  10. hi, i had completed my dpharm and b pharm from india it took 5 years as my husband is american citizen i have to move to usa so in which universities my degree are valid or else what is best option for further study n bright future…………….Is any examination such gre,ilets,tofel,pcat, required which exam required………………..please reply me

    1. Hi,

      I would like to inform you that your Dpharm and Bpharm together will be counted as a five year degree in pharmacy. Check FPGEC website and send both degrees to them, they might accept your degrees as to a qualified pharmacist and make you eligible for their exams. if they accept you have to pass fpgec , take toefl, then NAPLEX and MPGE to become licensed pharmacist in USA.

      Best of Luck!

  11. i am a pharm.d student………are you eligible to master of surgery or master of science in pharmacy plz tell me sir…….?

  12. am a b.pharm graduate in india.i hve done my clinical data management course in india.is this course is valid in usa.bcoz my husband is moving to u.s.

    1. @ usha
      i think it does not get valid here…but if have any experience working in any labs…it may be useful for you in getting a good job as your hubby lives here

  13. hi. i am a B. pharm final year student…from india ….plus…. i am an US immigrant… i want to do pharm D in US. what options do i have…. heard about international pharm d in NOVA… which is a three year program …… is this the shortest program after b.pharm….or else what options do i have other than pharm d….can i write NAPLEX after doing MS…. and work as a pharmacist…

  14. I have completed M.PHARM course from Bangladesh . Now i want to take a PHD DEGREE about Pharmacy subject . Please inform me about the admission procedure of PHD DEGREE.

  15. i am doing Pharmd in india .can i know the procedure to get admission to MD Anesthesiology in US .what is the criteria .kindly reply

  16. I am Arti Deore, M.Pharm (medicinal chemistry 2 Years) +B.Pharm (4 years) with GRE score 980, and i wanted to know about Phd Programmes and Funding available for the same,i have 1 year Teaching (Pharmaceutics)experience in Diploma Pharmcy college in mumbai and also did one innovative project of formulation (Potential for patent) overall i have first class with distinction in entire my academics
    Please reply

    1. hi arti,
      i m Gaurav Sharma from agra. About you my friend got admission in PhD in mayami univ. USA. with $ 20,000 financial help frm the univ.
      her GRE was 1200+ and rest was same.
      for you u should improve your CV
      also go for some publications if not international go for national level. do some seminars (poster presentations) most of the indian univ. are sponsoring them.
      hope u will like the comment
      plz tell me where u hv decided to apply
      thanks in advance

  17. am studying in psg college in coimbatore for pharm D…..

    when i joined here everyone said its a degree course and after completing this we will get a docterate ……i want to know!!!!! is it true?????

  18. Hi I just wanted to knw the qualifications in India related to pharmacy including pre-requisities because I study in U.S and I dont have an idea of how it works over there if any body can help me I will appreciate it. And do pray for me that I get into a doctrate of pharmacy since I applied to the school and I have an interview tommorrow.

  19. hello

    i am persuing b.pharm 4th year in India. i got admission in Northeastern University Boston in the field of regulatory affairs…

    wat is the scope of reg. aff. in US for international students….plz reply

  20. Hi friends,

    My f1 visa had been rejected in 2007. Now i am about to complete my M.pharmacy here in india. Now i am thinking to try for Masters again. Can any one please tell me the impact of SEVIS details when i appear for VISA in the consulate. Also suggest me whether it is good to proceed for Mastetrs?

  21. hi niha….the course time may be for 4 yrs or 5 yrs…it would be nice but the chances for visa stamping will be less…the unis may be like rutgers univ..and many other unis will offer integrated phd too

  22. hi rakesh.. thanq for answering my queries.. could you pls tell me the duration of that masters integrated ph.d prog?

  23. niha::::::with b pharm you cannot do phd directly..you can admit to masters and intergrated phd in some reputed unis…for these you shuld have high gre scores more than 1300…look for funding and GA giving unis as the cost of study is expensive…and more over look for state unis

  24. hi devaki…at first you have to write gre…score must be in between 1150 and above…and toefl too…you shuld have a very good project work. and good academis..with these you can apply for a phd program..look for good unis that would give funding..

    1. Hi, i want to know details about pharm-D (DOCTOR OF PHARMACY)in US not Ph.d, as i had M.pharmacy ,the duration for pursuing pharm.D i need,kindly reply me

  25. i am doing M.pharm pharmaceutical analysis, i want to do doctor of pharmacy in US ,what is the procedure ,course duration,what all the exams i need to attend,please reply me .

  26. hello can any1 pls tell me about the Ph.D program for
    pharmacy in usa.. m doin my final year b.pharm…i also wana know
    the decent universities offering the prog and the minimum gre score
    2 get in2 them..

  27. assalam alaikum, hi m b pharmacy student and now m 6 sem,i dont know wat to do in near future…so m request to my guidence so that i should be a good..stake holder of my job….

  28. hi ,can anyone give information regarding pharm.d/ph.d dual programme and its admission for spring if available and any other requirements if necessary

  29. Sir,i completed my bpharm in India.Now i would like to seek admission in pharmaD in USA.Whether i should go for 6 yrs course or is there any 3 yr program for those who already completed their bpharm.Please give me the information regarding the universities offering pharmaD ,their fees structure and the chance to obtain aid.Will be very grateful for ur reply.Thank u

  30. Hi…. am about to complete my b.pharmacy i wnt to knw how i can be a pharmD and which is the best choice universities to do a master?and is it possible to get a scholarship?please provide me with fees and course details. will be grateful.


    am in fifth year final sem. >>>sudan

  31. i wanna go for Ph D in pharmacology directly after my B.Pharamcy….m aggrgte is abt 72% n hv got sm research wrk as well…m going 2 tk my GRE on 7dec….

  32. Sir,

    I would like to do Pharm D from India. Which university will be good for me? How can I admit there? Please give me all information.

    I have already completed my M. Pharm and now I am working as a hospital pharmacist in United Hospital Ltd.

    Thank you

    1. here in india we have pharmd which is of 6yr duration.
      JSS univeristy,Sri Ramachandra university are preferrable

  33. i have a diploma in pharmacy, certified by kenya national examination council. i would like to pursue degree in pharmacy ( Doctor of pharmacy) in USA. please assist me with contacts of one of the university that offer this course.

  34. im persuing m.pharm in final yr in pharm.biotech,wat is scope for doin Phd abroad,and i want to knw abt the procedure for the same..thank u……..

  35. I want to pursue my PhD in Pharmaceutics in USA with full funding and fee waiver

    My profile:

    Jatin Patel

    B.Pharm – Gujarat Uni. (63%)

    M.Pharm – Pune uni. (64%)

    Teaching experience – 1.5 year as visiting faculty for GATE guidance programme

    Research experience – 1 year in R&D (Rubicon), Mumbai.

    GRE – 1150

    AWA – 3.0

    TOEFL – 75

    Kinly give me list of 6-7 uni for application

  36. i m pharmD final year student from karachi university. plz anyone can suggest whats i should do further.if MS then in which field?

    why the website owners not replying to any of the questions asked above

  37. Good day Sir, i am from india doing master degree in pharmacology. I wanna do Phd in usa. it will be greatfull to me if you provide complete details regarding phd . can you please guide me in required scores, top universities, fees,funding etc… thnking you.,

  38. hai i have done b-pharmacy.am i eligible to do ph-D after b-pharmacy in U.S. what is the procedure can u help me please?

  39. hi, I want to know. How could we go for PharmD or Intergrated PharmD and Phd in USA from INDIA. What is the procedure and requirements.

    Thanks in adv.

  40. i want to know what is scope of ms in fields of pharmaceutics and drug regulatory affairs

    how much do these(ms) earn annually ?

    can i get some kind of hospital job job from these courses in usa?

  41. hiii..i am rakesh from india..can i get information about pharm d and m s in pharmacy plzz…i have done b pharmacy..how to proceed further..

  42. M doing Pharm D from UnivErsity of Karachi Pakistan… i also want some knowledge regarding if i can also able to proceed surgeries… is that possible for the pharmacist???

  43. i am already completing my first degree programm in pharmacy in ethiopia.i want to proceed wth my second dgree or doctor of pharmacy programm in united states.i want to get contact with one of universitis in united state.

  44. give me the detail of phd in pharmaceutics subject..and in this how much score required for that in gre and toefl.give me the name of some univercity of this field..plsss

  45. I wsh to be informed on addmission procedues for a masters in pharmacy. i am a bsc holder in Microbiology

  46. Good day Sir, i will be a BSc,(HONS) in Applied chemistry.Please Sir, can i pursue an MSc/MPhil in Pharmacy or PharmD.If possible,with what Class(first,Second upper).Thank you.

  47. this has been a great help to me. I am seeking admission in MS in Pharmacy programs. SO, this piece of information is so helpful to people like me.
    thanks HSB

  48. I am a B.sc holder in microbiology and i will like to know if i can take a masters degree in PharmD

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