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Top 7 Q&A About Studying in America as an International Student

Answers by Manish Sharma to questions from Vinnu in comments about Studying in America as an International Student.

  1. About How much Bank balance is needed (please tell me all the total money i need).
  2. Minimum GRE score and any other exams I need to give.
  3. How to know the list of universities compatible within my percentage.
  4. How to apply to those universities.
  5. What are the set of documents i need.
  6. Can I get a loan from any bank with my academic year percentage.
  7. Give me all the details about money needed to…(important).

 Approximate Expenses for Studying in America

Firstly, let me tell you one thing, the costs encountered when studying in America are pretty much high.

So, if you are from “poor” background, it will be tough for you to arrange for the money to study in America every year. But yes, it is not impossible!

I can give you an approximate (minimum) expenditures:

  • Annual Tuition Fees: $17400
  • Living + Food: $300 x 12= $3600 (lowest)
  • Visa Fees + First Time Ticket Expenses: $400+$900=$1300

These are the minimum expenses. Your expenditures will be along these figures depending upon the cost of living in your city. (The one given above are the costs in my university/city).

Except these, there will be some expenditures in application submission, TOEFL and GRE.

Test Score Requirements

There aren’t any minimum score criterion. However, some good universities like Purdue University or MIT demands for good scores.

The exact figure can be obtained from their website. Generally a score above 1200 is fine. But if you score much above it, you will be appreciated, of-course!

One more thing, low score doesn’t mean that your application will be rejected.

If you have a lower score, just apply in the universities that doesn’t impose any “minimum score” criterion.

In my case, I had a low score, but my GPA and the recommendation was very good. My friends however had scores even in 1400, but I got the scholarship and they didn’t.

So, the officials actually see your overall performance. And, scoring high will always be helpful to you.

For US universities, GRE and TOEFL (or IELTS) scores are necessary. However, please do confirm this thing on university’s website. As far as my knowledge is concerned, GRE and TOEFL are essential for considering your application.

Universities vs My Profile

The best way is to know the universities in America is through your seniors and faculty members.

Also, you can go to the departmental website of the medium ranked universities and drop a mail to the graduate students studying there (especially if you think they belong to your country).

Google, seniors and faculties are the best sources!

How to Apply for Universities

After giving your GRE and TOEFL, just make a list of universities of your interest.

The application and some of your document are submitted online (offline through posts/couriers in some cases).

The application fee can range from $50-$100 for each university. Every university provide the exact details on their website.

They generally consider applications after October (for next Fall semester). Meaning, if you want to take admission in August 2013 (called Fall-2013), you will have to apply somewhere in between Oct 2012  to May 2013.

The exact deadlines are provided on their online portal.

Required Documents for College Admission

They generally ask for

Checklist of Applying to US Universities

Student Loan

I do not have any idea in this “loan” aspect. Because I was already funded by the department.

What About Money

Money needed to… what? I am sorry, I did not understand the question.

But yes, the while studying in America as an International student, you are allowed to work part time job and get paid internship.

And of course, if you get any scholarship, the less money will be  required (depending on the scholarship).

I hope I have answered your queries. I have a suggestion, please put your best in everything you do.

Whatever you do today will decide your tomorrow.

If you think your family is poor and cannot support you, and neither you can make it through loans etc. etc., there are still a lot of exams and institutes in India that are very well-known around the world.