7 Steps in Job Search Cycle

Today I wanted to give an insight into job search cycle. When someone is searching for a job, where does the search process starts and where does it end? Try to avoid typical job search mistakes, when amount of time you have in OPT to find a jobs is just 90 days.

In this post you will learn typical mistakes every job seekers make, job search strategies and how to avoid mistakes.

Job Search Cycle

  1. Create a Resume (assuming thats the best resume)
  2. Start applying for jobs
  3. Get few interview calls (in person or phone)
  4. Start preparing for interviews (100% of time)
  5. Spend less time on networking, applying for jobs, polishing resume, ..
  6. After interview – No positive response
  7. Start all over again (with sad feeling)

If interview process goes on for 1 to 3 weeks, then you have wasted/lost few weeks of your valuable time.

If you are in OPT, then 3 weeks is lot of time, when you have only 90 days to find a job. You have to give your best effort for the interview, but don’t spend 100% of your time and energy on single interview process. Allocate couple of hours for building your network and applying for job.

So, just in case, you don’t get the job, you will have other job leads.

If you are not getting any positive leads after applying to several hundred jobs, then you have to re-evaluate your job search strategy.

There are several strategies that can be employed during job search process.  But, if you don’t know different strategies, you are stuck with what you know. If you are in Active Job search phase, then you better have several strategies lined up [ 2 Job Search Phases ]

Even before you start Step 1 –  Writing Resume, add another parallel step – Learn about Job Search process and various strategies.

Job Search Methods

Next, you will wonder, what different methods are available and where to get additional information. I strongly recommend 2 books.

What job search method are you following/followed when you were applying for internship or full time jobs? Which method worked for you. Share you thoughts as comments below.

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  1. Do anyone have idea on business analyst certification from University?
    How is the job scope after BA certification?

  2. Finding the right job can be very time consuming and frustrating as I'm sure we all know. Staying prepared and positive always helps, but the most important thing is finding a career that you are passionate about and fits your skills, interests and personality.

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