Life in USA After 2 Months : Stunning, Impressive and Overwhelming

Guest Post by HSB reader.

First of all, I want to extend my sincere thanks to Happy Schools Blog for sharing the experiences and providing the useful information.

I have been in US for 2 months now and the experience is overwhelming. I am here on dependent visa and pursuing my masters side by side.

US had been a dream always. Dream because of the Big Tag US has and the American sitcoms I watched during my college times.

I think, I just imagined US to be a great place then, without actually having much knowledge about the culture, the education and the people over here.

But now being here in person and actually knowing everything first hand, I can truly say US indeed is a great place be it in terms of people around, the courtesy and the culture, the opportunities, the lifestyle, the education, everything is world class.

First Days in USA

I can never forget my first day in US. It was more exciting than what I supposed it to be.

I was stunned and impressed by everything around me.

The professional Airport Personnel, the chilly winds and the bright sun, the very well mannered Taxi driver, the big wide clean roads with an emergency pathway on one side, the terrain and the widely spaced beautiful houses, the tall trees, everything looked heavenly and fascinating.

First Week in USA

For the first one week, I was all in awe of States and I still am.

People here are outstandingly mannered and well behaved.

No one tries to budge you when in a que, rather they would be standing apart a very comfortable distances all the times.

You ask somebody about the directions, and the person would make sure he attends to you fully.

Be at the School, or the restaurant, or the market places everyone seems to help in full measures.

There have been many a times when me and my husband struggle to snap ourselves on mobile phone camera and if not all, but most of the times people nearby offered to click a picture for us. At my college, unlike India the clerical staff is very helpful.

I have been pleasantly surprised a dozen times by the generosity and courtesy of the people here.

Education System in USA

Education system here is truly commendable. I had few problems in the beginning though because I had been used to rote learning all my life and here while taking my first quiz of the semester, I realized what an waste my hours and hours of studying was.

The test was based on understanding of the concept rather than checking me rattafying capabilities.

There is so much freedom of expression of speech and students do have great ideas and things to share.

The system is so well planned and organized, there are regular quizzes to make sure we read well before coming to classes, the assignments and discussions makes you rack your brains.

So far, things I have studied here, I can confidently state that I understand them, their implications and their use.

Learning is so much engaging and interesting and believe me, the whole experience is really exciting. I have started to develop such zeal for learning and exploring things that I never before experienced till my undergrad.

I would also like to add that my journey here has been colorful and pleasant considering the fact that I have my spouse with me, we have a fixed source of income and thankfully are not bothered much about the grocery and other bills.

This is of concern for F-1 students who come alone and don’t have a family here and are worried about the bills as there is no attractive source of income.  I read about using the clearance stock at walmart and target in one of the posts at HSB. [Shopping Tips]

Saying all the above, I do not intend to compare nor disgrace my own country and there have been times when I missed everything about India.

Dying to listen someone speak Hindi, eagerly waited to go to Indian store so that I see some familiar faces and thinking of the times when we would visit our country and I can feel the warmth and happiness of being there. I am just sharing my experience for people like me, who might get some help reading this write up.

Finally, I would like to say it all depends on one’s own priorities and expectations in life, the way they react to changes and how they stand by the decisions they make for themselves.

Lonely and unhappy hours would be there but then it all about overlooking them and reaching for your dreams. US is a place definitely worth your dreams [conditions apply :)].