Name in The New Passport is Different From I-20

Question from MS in USA Fall 2012 Facebook Group.

I have a query about my name on the I-20. I had an old passport without my surname inclusion in it, so i had applied for the reissue of my passport and received it recently.
The name on my I-20 is as per the name in the old passport. Can i attend the visa interview with this I-20. Below are the names as per my old passport, I-20 and new passport.

Name as per Old passport:

  • Surname: – BLANK
  • Given name: Sxx Jxx Axx
  • Name as per I-20: Sxx Jxx Axx

Name as per new passport:

  • Surname: Sxx
  • Given name: Jxx Axx

Name Mismatch Passport and I-20

First, you did the right thing by changing your name in the passport (adding surname).

To attend Visa interview, name in the I-20 should match the name in the Passport.

  • Send a copy of new passport to the university and explain that you have new passport with different name.
  • They will issue you new I-20.
  • Attend F1 Visa interview with your new I-20 (Sample I-20 Form).




  1. Albus Severus on June 8, 2012 at 2:31 PM

    I had a similar issue – No surname in passport. The university authority told me that they cannot issue I-20 with a blank surname. So, my surname was entered as the second word of my given name. Now, I have bifurcated my name in my passport to match that in my I-20.
    My question is that if the VO asks me why I felt the need to bifurcate my name (so close to the visa interview), should I just say that I had heard from seniors that having a blank surname could cause some problems when I get to US (FNU, problem in obtaining DL, SSN). Or should I not mention anything about US and just say that I wanted to include a surname, as simple as that. Could they misinterpret the real purpose of name bifurcation and link it to immigration tendency?

    • najaf on June 9, 2012 at 5:04 AM

      I also have a same query. My name is Md Najaf bin manawar but in my passport the first name reads binmanawar mohammed and surname reads najaf. Najaf is my first name. I am plannin to apply for fall 2013. And give GRE in sep 2012. Will I have problem due to this in givin gre and applying next year?

      • pratik bhatt on June 23, 2012 at 3:20 PM

        my father’s name in the passport is rajan instead of ranjan, however my name is absolutely correct. will there be any problem? please reply soon.

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