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Which Universities Does Google and Amazon Recruit at?

Have you ever wondered how companies like Amazon and Google comes up with great profits and products? It very simple. Recruit top talents from Top programs. After reading the recruiters interview about hiring MBA’s at Google and Amazon, I find one things in common. Recruit from Top Ranked B-Schools. Inside Look – How Top Business…

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Beyond the MBA Hype – Book Review

Beyond the MBA Hype – A guide to Understanding and Surviving B-Schools by Sameer Kamat. Take my word – Buy this book. It doesn’t matter whether you are applying for MBA or MS to UK or USA or any other countries. Concepts discussed in this book is Must Read for any Indian student thinking about…

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US Admission Consultants: India vs USA (expensive)

Do you know how much it costs to get help from Top MBA Admission consultants (educational agents)? Students applying to Graduate school in USA from India should have visited or heard about US admission consultants/agents. Their fees varies from Rs 5000 to Rs 75,000 (~$100 to $1500). Top MBA consultants, help to get into best…

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MBA – First Year in India and Second Year in USA

Recently there have been interest among students to study in joint programs for MBA.  University from India and USA create a joint partnership, where first year will be in India and second year will be in USA. MBA degree awarded will be from US University. Jyothi Asks Hello, I’m from life sciences background. In fact,…

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